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9:00 PM
Propane cylinders shouldn't have all-fitting hoses...
@hichris123 It's obviously under construction, with features being debated over as the thing is being built.
@redredwine True, but it's still quite hard to figure out information about Docs besides the tour which looks pretty but tells you very little.
Although... I suppose the people who want lots of information are few and far between.
You open the Documentation tab, there are tags you can choose, topics you can click and textboxes you can fill. Isn't that enough?
To the people Docs wants to attract, probably. To people who actually want to know about the system...
A proposed area on Stack Exchange for questions about digital service acquisition in the Federal Government: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/99212/government-digital-service-acquisition?phase=definition&conf=1
If Jett Atwood tweets an area51 link, does that mean it goes straight into grad mode?
9:12 PM
> You are now following this proposal
No, I'm not...
Yes, the popup is shown even in incognito mode. :/
Robert (or another member of the Area51 janitorial service) is yet to clean up the answers there too
[bug] MathOverflow election is not recorded on SE Elections page. @TimStone
Is there an MO election happening currently?
No, but they had one in 2013 (after migrating to SE 2.0 platform) and it's not among the completed elections.
9:39 PM
@redredwine I'll check if the data was ever backfilled that far and add it if it's an odd one out
Thanks. The GameDev election of June 2013 is in there, elections.stackexchange.com/#gamedev.stackexchange (MO was September 2013).
Hmm, amazing: looks like review bans have become much more arbitrary for suggested edits (e.g. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/330361/…).
And I thought "too minor" was retired...
@hichris123 where is "too minor"?
Given the situation, it seems you were manually banned by a moderator for approving an edit (or maybe many edits) that shouldn't have been approved. The post in question is a good example of a worthless edit. It didn't make the post worse, but really didn't make it better either and added some unnecessary noise (e.g. "Any suggestions?"). Flipping through your recent suggested edit reviews, you have a number of very borderline edits (such as stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/13190514) that probably shouldn't have been approved. I'm guessing the mod felt the same way. — psubsee2003 22 hours ago
I guess stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/13190514 is considered "too minor"... but fixing that formatting is really nice to me and is a major improvement.
@hichris123 there's a "no improvement"
9:50 PM
That is an improvement though...
@hichris123 actually, it also fixed a comment
and added closing } and )
Yep, that too.
I sure hope that wasn't why a mod banned the user...
Otherwise, I may be banned soon for approving these improving but slightly minor edits.
at this point I think we all are doing blind guessing
maybe the mod pasted the wrong link, who knows?
True. Although I've seen more of these crop up recently so I'm starting to doubt they're random errors...
9:54 PM
That's a song, right?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Tenant wants to pay rent with EFT by Robert Scott on money.stackexchange.com
Curious bug... Open any page of a localized SO site, for example pt.stackoverflow.com/questions Choose "view source". The favicon changes to the regular SO icon, at least in Chrome.
Don't see why the favicon should ever be different in view-source mode.
not for me
10:13 PM
Because the browser requests the base domain's favicon iirc
But on the actual page the favicon is provided via one of the head elements
Built the scraper for election turnouts. I was totally wrong about lowest-ever turnouts... Biology (55) is a modern-day record (post 2011), but a bunch of 2011 elections had less.
Bottom 10: diy (25), webmasters (36), bicycles (38), android (43), dba (48), apple (51), security (54), unix (54), electronics (54), biology (55).
I don't even see any announcement of 2011 election results on meta.diy
That's a good name for that tab.
Questions | Tips & Tricks | Users ...
@redredwine we didn't used to do those. The /election page itself announces the winners. But... Folks kept asking for it.
Still a manual process. I have a little script to fill in the template, but that's it.
Sadly, no meta announcement means no OPA link... Of course there is a ballot for download. But it has 24 ballots instead of 25 advertised...
Ballot file contains 24 non-empty ballots.

Counting votes for Home Improvement Stack Exchange Moderator Election 2016 using Meek STV.
4 candidates running for 3 seats.

 R|Jeff Widme|ChrisF    |BMitch    |Vebjorn Lj|Exhausted |Surplus   |Threshold
  |r         |          |          |osa       |          |          |
 1| 13.000000|  7.000000|  2.000000|  2.000000|  0.000000|  7.999998|  6.000001
11:17 PM
Yeah, the ballots are not archived, so they can change as people leave.
And it has 2016 instead of 2011 in the ballot file.
OPA was a late addition even after we started doing announcements. I just started throwing 'em in because I liked the report.
And hopefully those are stable?
Because ballots being removed from old elections, potentially changing the outcome, kind of defeats the purpose of archiving.
11:19 PM
The only bit in any of this that was explicitly created to be a permanent record is that little bit of text that appears on /election when elections aren't running (and on /election/n)
I have archives of some of the election results, but I'm not exactly diligent about it
No, OPA's not stable. The link in 2012 Community Moderator Election Results by Shog9 on meta.diy.stackexchange.com is dead.
whelp, so much for that
Now that I think about it, Jeff O'Neill was a little bit surprised we were using them that way
the product was intended more as a turnkey system (formerly API) for folks who needed to run an election, not an archive.
but, that little bit of text w/ # of voters and winners... That should be immutable.
(unless one of us edits it manually)
immutable, but no longer auditable if the ballot file changes
tl;dr those who care about permanent record of elections should print something out.
11:33 PM
Highest-ever % turnout: 44.2%, Mathematics 2010
Highest turnout in the last two years: 33.3%, Magento 2015
Lowest-ever turnout: 3.3%, Server Fault 2012
Lowest turnout in the last two years: 5.7%, Server Fault 2015
Is highest turnout SO or does Mathematics beat out SO?
(turnout as in raw people)
Of course SO wins in raw numbers
27321 voted in the most recent SO election. The nearest competitor is SU with 1501 voters in 2015.
11:48 PM
Math had 1425 in 2014, their most recent.
Oh, huh. I thought more would be eligible on Math.
11408 were eligible on Math, less than SU, SF, and AU.
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