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12:10 AM
We finally have a scope! -- meta.Chess, after 4+ years in existence. And I thought this was an easy subject to define...
Playing chess on a boat: on-topic or off-topic?
on-topic at LifeHacks; how do I get the chess pieces not to fall off the board
Joel retweeted this just now:
> @StackOverflow @spolsky Let us know if u r lukng frwd to buy this premium domain of ur site - stackoverflow.codes #SEO #domainsforsale -- Classifiedwale at 11:23 AM - 18 Jun 2016
Ugh, domain sniping, surely there must be better professions
also brb selling stackoverflow.com.au to Joel
also lukng but not #domains4sale, someone is bad at Twittering
12:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Mostly non-Latin body, mostly non-Latin title: စိတ်ကြိုက် Software နဲ့ Ubuntu by Phyoe Mg Mg Latt on askubuntu.com (@kos)
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2:06 AM
Sometimes I wonder how exact duplicates can become HNQ. e.g. stackoverflow.com/questions/37901094/…
To be fair, it is "interesting". But it's also very much a beginner question.
@hichris123 hivemind knows not duplication, only curiosity
Indeed. But I would've expected at least some people to notice, especially considering the dupe target I picked is linked in one of the answers...
2:36 AM
> Not enough of you are applying for this job. [SO Chief of Staff] I'll sweeten the deal: you'll be able to hang out with Taco regularly.stackoverflow.com/company/work-here/233631?gh_jid=233631 … -- Joel Spolsky at 10:30 AM - 15 Jun 2016
@spolsky wow! Sounds like you'll have to find an executive assistant that managed to get into a vat of tmnt mutagen or a Kryptonian.
probably because everyone has this idealistic thought that a true superhero with perfect qualifications will apply and little old them with programming experience will get rejected
@soup Is Taco... a dog?
which is probably true, but how many superheros are there, really
@hichris123 how do you not know who Taco is
Apparently I'm missing out...
@TacoTrello, New York, NY
I'm the mascot of @Trello
399 tweets, 21.7k followers, following 26 users
goddamn query strings
2:41 AM
Oh. I don't use Trello much so...
Seems like Jason might want to apply for that job. But he's not pingable. :(
@hichris123 Winterbash 2015 had a hat Research Assistant based on Taco.
Oh, that's what the hat was supposed to be.
Let's do a deconstruction on LRiO to explain why he behaves the way he does. First, he was trained the follow rules like most of us do, that's why he follows the rules and thinks following the rules is the right way to go. He also wants to be like and loved. But what drives him to do all those 'annoying' things is that his desire to be seen ... or attention seeking.
that just my humble opinion
2:48 AM
@Quill LRiO
3:01 AM
@soup I remember that - that raccoon looking like thing ...
Oo internet ...
1 0
0 1
congratulations, you scored 100%!
@John hisssssssssss
3:16 AM
@bjb568isnotapebble also ... identity matrix
3:49 AM
"PayPal" <[email protected]> <-- fake email, yes?
no, PayPal is owned by ebay
4:01 AM
yes, but paypal is paypal, ebay is ebay, why
"PayPal" <[email protected]>?
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Hashcash, is this really used? by Filmy Inc on security.stackexchange.com
4:42 AM
pretty tied after spending the past 18 hours troubleshooting these computer issues! gonna relax with a nice bath 😊 https://t.co/oNVrI7hjdW
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5:53 AM
Q: How do I sell stackoverflow.codes premium domain

ClassifiedwaleHow do I sell stackoverflow.codes premium domain. I have this premium domain. Let me know how I can sell it online. Reply - [email protected]

They didn't stop at tweeting Joel (who undid the retweet, it seems).
Well, tough luck if he bought the domain just to sell it to SO ^^.
.codes domains were like $99 last time I checked
6:22 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Why pick Maxtropin? There are different motivations by Meate1947 on arduino.stackexchange.com
6:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Where can I borrow money for investing? by Joan cluxton on money.stackexchange.com
7:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: Maxtropin: Advance natural ingredients and amazing Notices by Maxtropin on engineering.stackexchange.com
7:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Make your Muscle Strong with Force Factor VolcaNO by johkashopp on askubuntu.com (@kos)
8:06 AM
@soup Joel's trolling skills need improving, should just ask them to wait until IPO, rofl
ONLINE ONLY: 100 dresses for $100ea + more great deals
department store is trolling the mass
9:00 AM
I heard that area51 statistics are not useful or obsolete. Is it right?
9:18 AM
@Pandya They are useful, and not obsolete. But they're not enough, and people always tend to think they are.
@TIPS ok; Is there any meta post to improve it?
@Pandya 1) I haven't checked. 2) Even if you start writing a post, it's unlikely to happen, since more severe issues about Area51 go unsolved.
Which is mainly due to the fact that Area51 is ancient and devs can't decipher ancient code.
Accidentally, I found a funny bug which allows me to dismiss any comment flags on my post as helpful...
9:22 AM
@nicael Area51?
@TIPS On Meta, there.
Q: If you flag a comment to your post and then remove the post, the comment flag is automatically deemed helpful

nicaelI've flagged a comment to one of my answers and then deleted the answer. Then I went to my flagging summary and was surprised to see that my flag has been marked as helpful. Went back to the post and seen that the comment was still here. Ok. To check my assumptions, I've flagged the comment agai...

Oh whoops. I accidentally rejected this: meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/44753
Someone go approve it.
9:37 AM
@nicael oh! I think comments are auto-deleted on deleted answers!
but comments are not deleted right @nicael @TIPS ?
Nope, comments aren't deleted.
@nicael What?
@TIPS On the comment, not the post. — nicael 14 secs ago
I've flagged the comment with a custom flag.
Then deleted my answer.
OK I was just saying that custom-flags on post maybe don't get auto-helpfulled, so the behavior should be consistent.
The comment's still here, the flag marked helpful.
9:42 AM
@nicael What? Really?
@nicael yes, I've checked ^^ you're right
@Pandya DAMN, I should've flagged a comment too.
@TIPS Yep, mentioned in my question.
@TIPS absolutely I've flagged @nicael 's comment on my recent answer
9:43 AM
@nicael No, I mean how can the comment be there if the answer is deleted?
Are you saying a comment under a deleted answer is visible?
@nicael Screenshot or it never happened.
Not to you, but for 10k users and the post owner.
What's confusing in it?
9:46 AM
@nicael Because you meant mods not deleting the comment, but I meant comment being non-deleted while the answer being deleted.
The comments are still visible, though your flags are helpful.
Come on d00d, I gotta save my confusion for biochemistry.
@nicael Technically, they're not visible. You can see invisible things in pink since you have the powarz. Now get what I'm saying and what I thought you were saying and what you were really saying?
I said that the comments weren't deleted.
Nothing else, visible, not visible, etc...
That's you who were trying to confuse me :P
Excited to announce that I'll be joining @StackOverflow as a Full-Stack Web Developer on Monday. \o/
@nicael is right +1
btw, I want to know the cases of auto-deleting comment @nicael
9:54 AM
Auto-deleting? But that's another topic.
E.g. when you flag comment containing some offensive words, it's immediately nuked.
I mean can you provide link of related meta post for chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/5015132#5015132
But why would you think it's that easy to find it?..
may be because of your experience on MSE!
I'm not experienced. I just suddenly got a lot of points and dunno what to do with them.
@Pandya There is no auto-deleting.
Just that sometimes deleting is easier.
It still would involve at least one human.
10:02 AM
I thought @Pandya mean when the comments are deleted with a single flag.
Mod flags on comments are the closest you'll get. Most mods are basically robots anyway
Or wait, auto-deleting? "possible dupe" comments are auto-deleted when the post is closed.
@nicael btw, your title on question say If you remove your post. I think the flag is deemed helpful if the parent Q or A (on which it is hanging) is deleted. (it is not necessary that should be yours)
@Pandya That's a fair point.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Want to Increase your muscle Power use Alpha Boost Pro by kartermillir on arduino.stackexchange.com
10:04 AM
@nicael That is not automated, still.
I would think he's talking about the 6 spam/rude flags.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: File deletion very slow in Sharepoint 2010 by rejohn on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user: Crawling deep file paths - long URL - Sharepoint 2010 by rejohn on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
@Quill Who is that?
Any news on how to flag Long Path Tool? I mean, it might be unobvious to some mods.
Also, morning
It had to be flagged as spam a few months ago, and as far as I know that hasn't changed.
@nicael the latest Full Stack Web Dev
10:16 AM
@JanDvorak On SU and SO, flag right away. On other sites, comment and flag right away.
Thanks. Two more down then.
How have y'all been doing without me?
@JanDvorak Bored
@Pandya The known rules for auto-deleting comments after one flag are collected at What is the SE version of Seven Dirty Words?
Nice stats
Do stats matter? If so you should try to recruit LRiO, rofl :p
A: Found a lizard in my car, I have not driven it for 20 or more days

MeeI have a lizard in my car and that's how I even came to read this! And I drive it EVERYDAY! I am terrified everyday when I drive. I see it's droppings on the dash and seat sometimes. I have only seen it once when I disappeared into my AC vent. I have no idea how to get rid of it. I even gave my c...

@Telkitty Oh the horror
I've made a new version of my chat colorization script, BTW
10:46 AM
it's a lizard, not a dragon ...
@TIPS Speaking of whom, LRiO would actually make a decent senior software developer/engineer. He's really into that mentoring the kids kind of stuff, makes him a ok person to be on your team.
@Telkitty He's worse than the kids
sometimes, yes, I agree
Can someone ping me in Shadow's Den, please?
10:51 AM
OK, WTF is that policy? "We'll give you a dowload link to this free tool, but we'll also post on behalf of you on Facebook. You may delete it afterwards. Alternatively, we may send the link to your email, to which we promise to not send any other spam".
Alternatively, could anyone prove/disprove this?
Because I've seen it was the case somewhere...
I had redback spiders in my backyard, which is the 2nd most venomous type of spider in the world. There were also some funnel webs in my backyard, which is the most venomous spider in the world. I have also run into plenty of really poisonous snakes when I did bushwalking. None of those deterred me from doing what I wanted to do. People need to realise that most of the animals are more afraid of humans than we are of them ...
@nicael That kind of answer would never fly on skeptics.se
@nicael No objections except staying in the chat has some reasons I dunno.
But it's not not clicking 'leave'.
@soup mvc + webapi... nice
This guy totally is too lazy to even read his own code stackoverflow.com/questions/37906476/… (cv-pls typo and downmob-pls)
@JanDvorak I left a delete vote on that ...
@TIPS Ok, so it works.
11:04 AM
someone spray painted the mute sign over donald trump's star 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 https://t.co/JY4bLADZcy
@Quill I can get why he's not popular
I've just realised Rachel was asking about vivus.js, not virus.js.
Which is apparently a real thing, and the results look pretty cool
that's like instead of saying "this way requires toll", you are telling people "this way requires troll"
11:22 AM
Is this a rec-tool question? stackoverflow.com/questions/37906670/…
11:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title, link at end of body: supplementpurehealth.66ghz.com/WeightWorld/ by j18979 on arduino.stackexchange.com
With "The spam! The spam!" in the sidebar, nice...
12:57 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Shortened URL in body: Visual Composer plugin Speed problem by asad app on wordpress.stackexchange.com
1:21 PM
@soup I am glad that you and meatball's avatars are not very appetising, otherwise I would have put on weight ...
I love food, and yet I am not turned on by your avatar
so ... yeah ...
@Telkitty <_<
don't worry, soup always pretends to be professional on this chat, so no response expected
although I am not sure food pictures look very professional as avatars ...
1:31 PM
I think we can all count ourselves as professionals when we're not devolving to graffitiing chat, the site, or blatantly shitposting
1:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: How do I exit a toxic auto-loan with the least personal damage? by David Kean on money.stackexchange.com
Update on internship: Us interns have our own project, totally directed by us (us = mostly me), so don't blame me if the company's other projects suck.
any other decent programmers among the interns?
2:13 PM
@Quill eh, a RoR guy, then there's another coming next week
Interestingly, there are six interns, three guys, three programmers, and three guy programmers.
Interestingly also, one of the girls, whose programming experience was limited to AP CS, tried to make the argument to a certain 14 year old male full-stack web dev with 7 years of experience and a passion, that in aggregate makes don't have a proclivity for certain fields such as programming. That certain 14 year old male full-stack web dev shut her up with some Chomsky-esque arguments.
I'm certain either one of two things is true: A) Node is messed up B) Manishearth somehow magically made ChatExchange work
B is it then, why?
I wrote some code that logs into SE and then connects to chat. I tried (literal copy paste) this code into Electron (like a native app thing for JS) and it doesn't work.
2:24 PM
@soup Thanks for linking
add another two weeks of smashing my head against the same wall, and here we are
It this site still alive?
Everything is all modified by community...
@Unix lol, no votes.....
Some questions have one vote each.
Well, that site is as dead as any site can ever be. But doubt SE will close it.
2:30 PM
it has a design, which means it'll live forever
No traffic. No new questions. No active users.
Writing something on Area51
Dunno what killed it, maybe worth looking into.
4 questions per day
Help me watch for UFOs
2:32 PM
do you have a really powerful telescopes and some awesome pattern matching programs?
the highest rep change for the year is 704 rep
Compositing superlong image
Let me know when your question is posted
@Quill Maybe depends on node version.
I doubt it ;-;
Working version: send Login POST -> GET home page (knows I'm logged in)
Broken version:  send Login POST -> GET home page (thinks I'm not logged in)
2:44 PM
I use the same cookie jar for all my requests
Are you sure?
stealing a cookie
@JanDvorak yeah, it's a global
Are you sure they're not being reset each time?
2:47 PM
I don't know how the values are being used as that's handled by the request package, but I know they're not being reinitialised
I guess expression engine isn't all that relevant anymore?
What should I say in my question?
Or just the picture and saying that it's dead is good
Funny that you could login to the stacks which have been shut down.
It's dead, Jim
2:59 PM
@Unix What do you expect your post to accomplish? (also, shouldn't meta.expressionengine be a better place?)
I'll post it, anyone who wants to improve it do so
@hichris123 Actually true
But will anyone see it?
If the main site is dead meta would be even deader right?
Q: Should ExpressionEngine be closed down?

UniKittyI visited ExpressionEngine.SE and it seems kinda dead... Almost everything on that page was bumped by Community, and no one is active. Even chat is dead: I think it should be taken down as no one actually uses it.

Why not meta.se?
meta.se is about the whole SE
3:02 PM
Front page is not necessarily what people look at. Answerers look for newest questions. Visitors search.
If I asked there it would be closed as pertaining to a specific site on the network
@soup Apparently there aren't too many answerers: expressionengine.stackexchange.com/….
All that has been established is that people don't want to think about EE on weekends.
I don't blame them.
3:05 PM
The level of activity during weekdays is reasonable.
They need a few active voters to reduce the backlog of unvoted answers.
Can't we just delete the unvoted answers?
They are not that bad. Nobody votes on anything there.
30% of the answers have 0 score
3:09 PM
What's that ratio for SO?
Around 38%
Since when does it show it?
Huh nuice
How did the general discussion room get frozen?
3:15 PM
A: Is it possible to find out how many times a certain question has been bumped by Community?

Shog9As of about a week ago, there's a new PostHistory record added when Community bumps a post:

@hichris123 Only the most active chat room that belongs to a site, doesn't get frozen. At the time that the general discussion room was inactive for 2 weeks, there was another room that still had more recent messages, thus considered the 'most active' room, and the general discussion room could get frozen. (same thing has happened for chess.SE).
Ah. That's weird.
There is nothing special about the initially created chat room.
in ExpressionEngine on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Sep 4 '13 at 21:05, by Tim FitzGerald
Hello (echo) Hello... (echo) Hello.........
3:20 PM
At least it's better than a room created for a discussion a year ago...
The community should have a smarter limit for bumping, relative tip site's activity.
For example, don't bump if the previous activity on the site was community bump.
Q: Community ♦ seems to be bumping new questions more frequently than usual

ManishearthOn Chemistry.SE: These are all Community ♦ bumps, separated by exactly one hour (They occur on hour:38:16 UTC). Could the bot be sedated please? We're a 4-questions-per-day site; a bump an hour is not good for business. We used to have one bump per day. This is evident if you scroll down on t...

The bumping is beneficial in small doses, but taking over the front page isn't good for anyone.
Although you could argue that it's a symptom of a larger problem: little/no voting.
Currently, for the year, @soup is in first place for votes with 117. Runner up has 40. expressionengine.stackexchange.com/…
3:40 PM
Ultimately, the real problem is that humans just suck.
Image are suck.
You know, I'm kinda tempted...
/me waves pitchfork and chants "to the trash"
Oh, right, I can do that now. Forgot all about that.
4:07 PM
LOL github linked to xkcd in it's password protection post
4:20 PM
Hey, I noticed that here on meta there is a "participate in the meta" privilege (separate from "create posts") awarded at 5 rep, but it seems unnecessary, given that my 3 rep sock can post questions and answers. Does this privilege have any meaning, or is it useless?
this is a different meta, that privilege is for per-site Metas
It just means you'll be able to post to meta.meta.se once it exists.
But meta.meta.se doesn't exist, and meta.se is it's own meta.
The privileges page lists every privilege possible, some of which are obviously not applicable to the site.
> Where is meta?

There is a link to meta in the footer of every page. The link also appears in the Stack Exchange site switcher (top left in the header) and under the "help" menu (top right in the header).

Our meta naming convention is standard across all sites. The meta site for this site resides at:

4:31 PM
But is that privilege actually necessary? and what @hichris123 just said is wrong, because the beta sites' privilege page does not have the "see less ads" privilege.
my 3 rep sock doesn't need 5 rep to participate in this meta.
Nobody care enough to fix it.
Maybe no one noticed before.
Let's see. @Shog9 have noticed the issue above before?
Yes, it's been mentioned multiple times.
Q: Remove Meta Privilege for MSE (only)

PythonMasterWhat I am asking here is to please remove the privilege to participate in Meta for MSE. This privilege is literally useless. You can't really have a meta site for a meta site. There's no Meta.Meta.SE here or any other SE site out there: Meta.SE covers for every site in SE, including itself. ...

Q: Meta Meta Privilege

joshua-andersonI just took a look at meta today and noticed something weird in the meta privileges. If you look at the meta privilege list, you can see that at 5 rep you can participate in meta. I know that there is no meta for meta, and the link they give you in the privilege page leads you to meta.stackoverfl...

Q: Participate in Meta privilege on Meta S.E

Anders AbelThe privileges page for Meta.Stackexchange.com (MSE) lists "Participate In Meta" as a privilege. I think that it should be removed as a privilege on MSE (unless we get a meta.meta.stackexchange.com per site child meta, which would be awesome ;-).

4:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: [[+18]]Watch Now You See Me 2 Full HDTS online movie by dcdcd on 3dprinting.stackexchange.com
sd k
I love how easy it is nowadays to join a community.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps answer, few unique characters in answer, offensive answer detected: Betrayal at House on the Hill characters: Strength and Weaknesses? by user17544 on boardgames.stackexchange.com
@soup so @jmac actually got this implemented for Japanese a while back: Community won't bump if more than N questions of the last M active were Community bumped (where N=1 and M=5 on JASO, but are site-configurable). This isn't turned on anywhere else currently, but the logic exists.
We should probably do some analysis of the efficacy of these bumps now that we've collected some data on them.
sd k
5:03 PM
@John get in the habit of searching meta for stuff like this... ;-)
My working theory is that @Pekka웃 is a very sophisticated sock puppet operated by several thousand new-ish users. — meagar ♦ 25 mins ago
5:23 PM
Who is that?
What is this kitten (in)famous for?
He is jon skeet's puppet if I remember right
I doubt.
It's also an older user.
(He's really not a puppet)
Trashing a vagrant box
5:47 PM
@nicael The biggest headache of the early SO, if that question is serious.
Troll, misguided troll, whatever you call him.
I'm pretty sure there's a meta post out there.
6:32 PM
What does "rep from bonuses" in the bottom of /reputation includes?
Not only assoc?
Only association
Then why do I have 260 there, @Unix? Surely I haven't got 260 assoc :D
@nicael I have no idea.
Says someone who's bought the premium edition that contains in-game perks
@nicael I only have 100
Then again I'm not exactly high in rep
Rep from bounties?
6:34 PM
Hm, maybe.
Though no.
My RFB is also 100.
I have 1275 from bounties on MSE.
I don't see it on gaming, where I got a bounty
Well, what would a bonus indicate?
6:35 PM
On SO, got 291.
Also... I think I lost 200 reps
It can't be rep from accepts.
Curses mods on arqade
But on Lifehacks, just 100.
@Unix This isn't a fair fight.
6:36 PM
And I somehow reached 34k people
Should I get some Arqade mods here?
@TIPS Runs
@nicael Well... you kinda did have some encounters with the rep system...
And now trying to remember what it was. Nevermind though...
Interesting, will that /rep page lag for Jon Skeet? Or it's eventually shortened?
Me almost trashing computer
7:01 PM
Q: Jobs company page spam

Chris CireficeIt seems that spammers are using Stack Overflow Jobs company pages to make SEO-optimized clickbait. Here's an example (don't ask me how I found it). There's no option for users to flag these pages - so how do we stop the spam when we see it?

7:17 PM
Actually, nevermind. There's not even any employee review to create a a company page it looks like...
Hmm, can you delete a company page? I don't want to break anything but I can't tell if it's really this easy.
> Do I have to have active job listings to create a Company Page?

Nope. You can create a free Company Page without job listings. However, to promote your page to more developers through Company Page ads, you will need to have active job listings running.
7:32 PM
Is that... related to Shadow's posted link regarding raw company search?
Jun 4 at 5:45, by Shadow Wizard
that's interesting... http://stackoverflow.com/search/company?q=google&limit=10
I didn't know that existed...
Grrmbl ... extend Smoke Detector to company pages ...... — rene 27 mins ago
@rene Hilariously, Smokey would catch a lot of that spam.
There's also some other "companies" that are very very spammy, like stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/fortune-innovations-dallas.
Also, there's companies that look legitimate but aren't looking for workers - they're looking for clients. Seems like those should be removed too.
@hichris123 yeah, that one matches I think any regex Smokey currently has ;)
@rene Yeah, most match. Some don't though.
Ugh, some company pages are literally advertisements. "Hire a Web Developer at $10 per hour"
7:52 PM
@hichris123 yeah, my client pays $60, I keep $50. Great business model ... for me ...
@nicael why is your answer in the formatting sandbox flagged for VLQ?
I mean, it is ... but ... did you flag it yourself?
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