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8:06 AM
Huh, tag wikis can also be suggest edited
Except... it seems like there's no way for this edit to be ever approved
8:18 AM
> When you ask for help writing database queries, you must tag the question with your RDBMS
User proceeds to tag his question "RDBMS".
Q: using actionscripts on iphone

SwastikHi! I have an html file that uses an xml.Basically, this html has some flash content.What all I have with me is a html file,.xml file, .swf fle & .js file.How can I use this html file on ipad.

What the hell is he trying to say? And why is it tagged [html5]!?
HTML5 is magic that turns Flash movies into HTML!
@DanGrossman \o/
It's easy to be fooled into believing that. Most HTML5 demos look like old Flash sites.
The ones the Internet Explorer 9 site features are the worst.
I am going to use images in my answers from now on
A: help with exec command via PHP

Dan GrossmanWhat's in your exec call is not the same as what's in your comment as the command. You got rid of the sets of quotes around the command and its argument. They may have been important.

@DanGrossman Freehand circles! reaches for upvote button
8:25 AM
Does a laptop touchpad count as freehand
@DanGrossman Those are more "freehand spirals", but I'll allow it
Cool, I just got 2 reps for a tag wiki edit
8:43 AM
@YiJiang Tag wiki edits can be contributed too? Nice!
@badp Although for rarer tag wikis you're going to have to wait for mod approval
I'm soon going to be suggesting that tag wikis be made more obvious to new users
Hehe, @Tim, blue suits you nicely :)
And I see Mr B has changed his gravatar too :)
@Benjol I just did a double take, my wife's name is actually Blue
Hey, let's play the moderation game!!
Q: PHP syntax, what does '=>' mean other than array assignment?

yossi Possible Duplicate: What does “=>” mean in PHP? Possible Duplicates: What does “=>” mean in PHP? Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP? Check this: var $hasAndBelongsToMany => array('Member' => 'User'); What does the sign => m...

This question was voted to close by 5 people, then voted to reopen by 5 people, now voted to close by 3 more people
Want to finish it off and repeat?
8:46 AM
@TimPost :) I'm good, but not that good :)
You're fast! It's closed again, even though it's NOT an exact duplicate! Congrats!
Now we must reopen it to be responsible.
I was beginning to think @Benjol was a program running in the AI lab at MIT
@Dan, It's close enough - I wish they'd take 'exact' out of the reasoning
@Tim, eh, you just have to check out some of my questions (and probably answers) to see that I'm not on a rack next to JonSkeet
Oh, I was wondering why I was getting notifications. :P
@TimStone, oops, sorry :(
8:48 AM
@DanGrossman I actually think there might be an exact duplicate of that one. O_o
@TimStone If people used tab completion, we wouldn't have that problem :P
congrats @TimPost btw. :)
@OctavianDamiean Thanks :)
Anyway, @badp using that templating script you could easily transform any chat message you want to quote into any arbitrary format
8:50 AM
@YiJiang er, I think I saw the sceenshot
@badp You know, instead of using the tumblr page
but to be honest we never needed an external tool to place the blame onto @rebecca, so I don't really see the use...
@YiJiang eh, one of the points is being able to search the text of those messages
replacing 90 pages of funny pictures with 90 pages of pictures of funny pictures doesn't help me there
Eh... it takes chat messages and apply a template to it. When did I say it turns them into images?
@YiJiang I see, I'll look into it (hint: that's a generic term to mean I'm not too bothered by the status quo and unless you poke me again I'll forget about it; I have quite the busy February, or at least, I'm supposed to)
setInterval(pokeBadp, 30000);
8:55 AM
@Benjol Heheh, it's OK
@TimPost Indeed ;)
The flags ... the FLAGS .. they never stop coming!!!
@TimPost, have fun with your new-found powers :)
poke @badp
hmm, my rep just went down twice, who's dinging me for something ;)
so when do we mortals get easier access to pending edits?
9:07 AM
@DanGrossman some dawg saw you like dynamic images, so he put a dynamic image in your answers so you can rep recalc while you vanity search.
@Benjol at 10k reps
^ I was at 7578 at some point tonight, so it's gone down
@badp, ok. I'm falling out of love with the /review page. There's no way to say "this is ok, I don't want to see it again". And I don't like the feeling of having to review stuff that others have already done the work for :(
Ooh, I got 10 upvotes on an answer in 5 minutes, that's never happened before
@DanGrossman Huh, which one?
Another 'nice answer' badge :)
A: php: why php does NOT clear memory after leaving loops?

Dan GrossmanThis isn't about garbage collection, it's about scope. In PHP, for loops do not create their own scope. $i is created in the same scope as the loop, so it still exists after the loop ends. It's not going to be garbage collected any more than a variable you declare on the line before the loop wou...

9:14 AM
@DanGrossman Well earned :)
upvotes the "PHP is not Java" comment
@Benjol "this is ok, I don't want to see it again" was my first reaction to be honest :)
@badp :)
I'd be getting mad rep from from that answer if I wasn't over the rep cap before posting it...
@Dan One of your answers to a question was migrated to webmasters SE
9:17 AM
Oh :( Thanks for lettin' me know
Q: Google analytics goal funnel visualization issues

This is the goal funnel for checkout. Does anyone have any idea where the "/" is coming from? The cart page is at site: game on glove dot com (I don't want this stackoverflow page being indexed in google particularly well). Go to the site, click on the order button, make your selection, and cl...

I should sign up so it shows my profile there
@DanGrossman Webmasters SE is a fun site, lots of interesting questions.
John Conde is there, so I know it's already well taken care of
there was a time we were both moderating and answering on SitePoint Forums instead of StackExchange sites
i've got over 20k posts there answering webmaster and programming questions
@DanGrossman Yes, it's well maintained. I was also a mod there (pro-tem)
@TimPost How do I post Questions like that? Is it just to post a link?
...in the chat.
@Jonas Paste a link to any SE question and it'll be turned into a preview automatically... there has to be nothing in your message but the link
@DanGrossman Ah, cool.
@Jonas, and other things too (they call it 'oneboxing', if you want to search in meta)
@Jonas Chat will automatically box a link that you post. Try a random link on Wikipedia, for instance
9:24 AM
There's the sandbox if you want to play:
@balpha I found a tiny Markdown bug, do you want to hear about it here, or should I write up a MSO post?
Firecane refers to a hypothetical confluence of meteorological and man-made disasters, whereby a hurricane crossing an oil-laden expanse of water generates lightning which ignites the flammable fossil fuel, creating a vortex of fire. A fearful imagining born of recent cataclysms in the Gulf of Mexico, the term has gained currency in New Orleans, the city inundated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and which in 2010 was near the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Lightning strikes from thunderstorms may cause isolated fires, as happened on a drill ship near the spill. Another proposed sc...
@TimStone hit me
9:27 AM
@balpha _autolinkBare on the server-side and its equivalent regex on the client side (couldn't find it in the source) are missing $ as an acceptable character in URLs.
> Thus, only alphanumerics, the special characters "$-_.+!*'(),", and reserved characters used for their reserved purposes may be used unencoded within a URL. ietf.org/rfc/rfc1738.txt
The link is generated client-side, just stripped out as part of the post-processing (Much to Popular Demand's dismay).
I have found out that it's much easier to write good questions on SO than it is to write good SO-change suggestions on MSO. I posted a suggestion to a change. It is upvoted many times but has no answers, so I actually don't know if people agree with my or if they just like that I bring up the problem.
@Jonas, if they disagreed, you'd get downvoted. Multiple times :) If they're not answering, that implies that there's nothing to add to what you've said (or they don't care about it enough to bother)
@Jonas it may be both
9:32 AM
@Benjol well, it got one downvote so far.
Q: Change [osx] to [mac-os-x]

JonasI suggest that the tag osx is changed to mac-os-x. The problem is now that many questions are about Mac OS X but when the author starts writing the tags with mac there is only a tag mac but the osx tag would be more appropriate in most cases for developers on StackOverflow, and there is no mac-o...

@Jonas, you've got a comment :)
@Benjol true...
Q: Dollar sign in URL breaks link

tvanfossonI've seen a number of reports of special characters breaking links, some of which seem to get fixes, others seem to be tagged "status-by-design". I didn't see any indicating that the $ sign wasn't working so I thought I'd report it. I tried to link to: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki$?VirtualPairPro...

I have also tried a few times to write it as a question, and then make the suggested solution as an answer. Then someone else post an answer. But my feeling in this cases is that people mostly don't upvote people that answer their own questions.
All this non-counted rep is making me depressed, gotta get off the screen for a few minutes! /afk
9:36 AM
@balpha Oh, whoops...I should have checked first, sorry. Jeff just hates dollar signs, I guess? :P
Maybe he hates dollars.
@balpha how about braces?
as seen in http://api.stackoverflow.com/1.0/help/method?method=answers/{id}
I downvoted @Jeff for hating dollar signs.
yeah, I know, who the hell would put braces in a URL
9:40 AM
@balpha Tell him that he can give them all to you, then.
9:51 AM
How is it working when you post change-suggestions on MSO. Do the admins scan MSO for such suggestions and then discuss them in another place? and maybe later implement the change?
@Jonas AFAIK there is a mod-only chat room, but what goes on there we dare not even think about
@tombull89 hehe, I see. it makes sense. So the problem is to make them notice your question :)
@Jonas, discussing it here is a good way, you've got two mods in here right now :) That aside, devs are more likely to check out the bug and feature-request tags than discussion. But I think your question is more mod-related than dev-related anyway.
twitch just downloaded a menu sheet for a website I'll be working on, no tables and all spaces, no tabs.
@Benjol yes, I think it could be solved in different ways.... re-tagging [osx] to [mac-os-x] or just change the way how tag-suggestions work when writing a question.
10:05 AM
Well done Fox News. Managed to put Egypt on the wrong continent! http://yfrog.com/hs6iwuj
@badp They uh... replaced Iraq with Egypt... wow
That image is from several years ago
10:26 AM
@Dan, blocked here, what is it?
A brawl which takes a hilarious turn.
Hi! :)
Maybe I should solve some support tickets
10:47 AM
@YiJiang Found another problem, although this time around it's not on your side.
Q: You can gain reputation from edits to tag wikis, although they are not accessible through the API.

badpReputation gain from edits to tag wikis appear through the API; the API reports them as answers, but fetching them via the /answers route does not work. Case in point: My accepted edit (+2 rep) My reputation report via the API: { "user_id": 23, "post_id": 15885, "post_type": "answer", ...

In other news I have absolutely no idea of why SO Live doesn't notify reps for accepted edits.
Q: Is it possible to save your code from hosting thieves?

heyLet's suppose I choose bad hosting and they steal my all code. Is it possible to prevent that? Can I encode my code somehow? It is written in PHP. Thank you.

Good luck with that :)
Q: Is StackExchange sites provided with any aspect of Artificial Intelligence?

LordCoverHi I was typing a question on http://stackoverflow.com, after I typed the title, as you know, many questions pop up to show me the related/same ones depending on the title to prevent replication, but today, a new red warning popped up saying "This question seems to be subjective and might be clo...

> I mean, this is not simple keyword lookup, right?
Funny that mentions that...
11:07 AM
I think this question is stupid.
Q: PHP: whitespaces that do matter

mateuszaWhitespaces are generally ignored in PHP syntax, but there are several places where you cannot put them without affecting the sense (and the result). One example is: $a = 5.5; // five and a half (float) $b = 5 . 5; // "55" (string) Do you know of any other examples?

11:39 AM
Q: Is there a possible way to improve performance of my website?

Prateek Rajhi everyone, i was doing an application using extjs.. but then i realized my site is not performing good enough. in order to load it i have to refresh it twice or thrice..... but eventually it's being loaded but that's not desirable right? can any one please check it out and tell me why isn'...

:shrug: Votes to close: not generally applicable to the worldwide audience of the internet
His site fails to load entirely because he's using backslashes in his URLs, causing them to return 404
Is he? Chrome seems to have ignored that. You should write that as an answer.
Presumably Chrome is smart enough to try replacing backslashes with slashes, knowing that there will be morons writing codes like that...
@DanGrossman Doesn't answers his question, which is asking about poor performance, rather than the fact that his site fails to load at all
You should still tell him... you could make it a comment
11:52 AM
@DanGrossman Flagged to close as NARQ. "Real questions have answers, not items."
Sorry for that comment, it's BS. Ruby uses _, not space.
I didn't get to read what you wrote
It was BS anyway.
I think I did a bad job formatting that time...
12:09 PM
@DanGrossman Image not found?
@YiJiang Must be the Singapore CDN again?
@DanGrossman Hmm, I can see it again
7 questions, 0 accepted answers, 0 upvotes, he has only 1 reputation still
hope some filter catches him
I wonder why stackoverflow.com/reputation does not give the same number as SO displays in the header
@DanGrossman Because downvoting a 1 rep user has no effect on his rep?
12:21 PM
@DanGrossman the /reputation link calculates your actual reputation, whereas the rep shown in the header and to others is a cached tally
:kicks the cache:
@Dan the main difference is deletion. The cached number isn't updated when votes are deleted (either because the post that was voted was deleted, or because the user that casted the vote was deleted).
I can't quite believe that the Evan on atheists is the same one people go on about here...
@Benjol Have you seen his meta.physics.se trolling?
Does he ask about philosophy there and claim he didn't see the dot?
12:31 PM
@badp :)
@YiJiang looking now...
Evan is one of the driving forces behind that site.
Q: Questions about suppliers for basic mechanical parts off limits?

Evan CarrollIs it off limits to ask where you can get a Tapered Roller Bearing capable of turning a whole 25,000 vehicle?

I like the poor tagging job from a user that must have 20k network reputation
The question itself is pretty nonsensical, but the self answer... man... shakes head
@YiJiang, weird, he must really care about not getting kicked off of atheists, I guess
12:34 PM
Q: how can i when change inputs in html run javascript function

mamrezohi im trying to make a website when user inserts username and goes to insert password when change the username input to password's run username function to check if this username has already exist or not. i know how this function doing. and tried <input type="text" onkeyup="check_user(this.va...

I thought that athiests SE would have seen some more momentum than it has
@Timpost, I just read (can't find link) "the most interesting questions are the subjective ones"
Doesn't mix great with StackExchange...
@Benjol Yes. The site is quite interesting, even to people who have strong religious convictions.
@TimPost, I think its survival is touch-and-go at the moment. There are quite a lot of hurdles/things that could go wrong. The subjective thing I mentioned; the potential for trolling/flamewars on a pretty sensitive subject; the fact that - I'd say - atheism is actually a pretty narrow subject area, but adjacent to lots of enormous ones.
Probably religion.SE would be too wide
...but atheism.SE is kind of narrow indeed.
12:41 PM
My predictions about the new sites have been dead wrong a few times. I thought the 'gadgets' site would take off like wild fire
@badp, yeah, then you've got philosophy, science, skepticism...
It also gives off that aura of elitism. "We're atheists. We're smart. We're rational. We have our own StackExchange."
Or, maybe this proves that atheists prefer Quora :) [ DUCKS ]
whereas, well, an SE about religion would be much more interesting -- because, well, you can talk about that religion, its texts, its beliefs, not just the lack thereof.
There is something to do kind-of-objective discussion upon.
Then again I might be misinformed or whatnot and atheism may have its widely accepted reference texts. I don't know. I'm not sure I care too much either.
@badp The aura won't look too good if it dies though, I guess...
12:46 PM
Good morning everyone
@Benjol Then it's obviously the fault of SE.
Funnily enough, some of the arguments against religious site proposals is that they will be too subjective :)
It sounds like you guys are having an interesting discussion, I wish I weren't so sleepy so I could add something intelligent!
@The, make the most of having sleepiness as an excuse ;)
@Benjol oh you know I will ;-)
I take any excuse for avoiding serious discussions in this room :-D
12:48 PM
In other news, Geoffrey Chetwood goes out of the penalty box in less than 48 hours
@badp, fingers on downvote button ;)
@badp yes, this was one thing I didn't understand either (if I am understanding what you're saying :-)
That is to say: there actually exists a whole topic of atheism? I kinda thought it was, "is there a God? No? Okay! End of discussion"
I guess the difference between an atheists site and a religious site is that one is subjective discussion about a rational philosophy, and the other is rational discussion about a subjective philosophy :)
But, I should check out the site for myself
@TheRenamedException Eh, saw my GM script?
12:51 PM
@YiJiang I'm not seeing much until after I get some coffee :-)
but no, I missed it, link me?
6 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
user image
@TheRenamedException I guess the discussion continues "But how can a God not exist?" "But how can a god exist?" " I asked first! " "No fair!"
@TheRenamedException <struck>did</struck> do you actually sleep??
@Trufa Yes. I find it helps me code better!
@YiJiang this looks very nice
@TheRenamedException no! that is a myth!
12:56 PM
@Trufa I have heard, @TimStone has been saying that for a while!
@TheRenamedException yep, completely overrated!
<strike>is this striked?</strike>
how the hell was that markup
is crying into his lunch after being asked to set up a VHS casette player for one of the PE teachers
@Trufa doesn't work in chat
@TheRenamedException mmmmm :( @Trufa not happy
Sleep is for the insufficiently caffeinated. -Wyldkarde (nobody you'd know.)
1:00 PM
So @YiJiang I saw the screenshot. Which lacked FCH by the way, so, -1...
But, what does it all mean?
I.E. plz send teh codes so I can play with it, or, explain how it could be used in conjunction with @MichaelMrozek's meta post idea?
also, minor chuckle at the person who posted superuser.com/questions/241207/how-to-fast-my-window-7, link to his webs.com site at hardikthummar.webs.com and bills himself as "professional hacker"
5 hours ago, by badp
@TheRenamedException I got that twice the first time I tried it :°D
@badp I was not notified of this
btw 20kers now can edit any and all tag wikis
oh shit it's garbage day brb!
1:08 PM
@YiJiang what is this?
@Trufa Templating tool for reformatting chat messages for archiving purposes
@YiJiang :) nice! when will SOIS hire you?
I assume that SE counts keystrokes in order to determine the characters counts, right?
@GeorgeMarian where? in the comments?
@Trufa Yeah, I guess there aren't any other places where it does that, huh?
1:20 PM
@YiJiang this is amazing
Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because:

* Your edit summary must be at least 10 characters
really nice work @YiJiang!!!
@GeorgeMarian nope, I guess not
/headdesk /headwall /computerwindow /selfwindow
I just noticed that if you correct a spelling error, using the suggestions provided by the browser, the character counts will be wrong. (Assuming that the number of characters changed.)
1:21 PM
@TheRenamedException Before you get too carried away, I suggest you look at api.jquery.com/category/plugins/templates/template-tags first ;)
@TheRenamedException Eh? What is it?
@GeorgeMarian Hmmm, interesting. They count the number of chars in the textarea, of course, but the event is probably only triggered by keydown
12 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@Trufa Templating tool for reformatting chat messages for archiving purposes
@YiJiang Well, those are two slightly different situations.
@YiJiang oh, I assumes you were using a templating library, Prototype has one very similar. What I meant was the ability to click a message, the pop-in functionality, that you thought to make it minimizable, you did a really nice job!
@TheRenamedException I am, it's the beta version of the jQuery template plugin
1:23 PM
(George Marian)[chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/492120#492120]: @TheRenamedException Eh? What is it?
They could count the number characters in the content itself, instead of keystrokes. Though, that would have its issues.
@TheRenamedException ${content.plain} - use ${} for variables
@TheRenamedException You got yer brackets mixed up. :)
@GeorgeMarian wha? wait, I am sleepy and confused
You also need {{html content.html}} for HTML strings, if not the variables will be inserted as plain text
1:25 PM
I really thought I knew how to do links...
@TheRenamedException If you were trying to create a link, it's square brackets around the text, and parens around the link itself.
Yah, I do that sometimes as well.
To the sandbox!
@GeorgeMarian it's the bold text
Candidate Yi Jiang answered: 12 mins ago, by Yi Jiang @Trufa Templating tool for reformatting chat messages for archiving purposes
1:29 PM
OMG @YiJiang this will make Town Hall Digests so much easier!!!!!!!
But, what does "Save" do?
This makes it possible to easily do the digests as a meta post. It's awesome
@TheRenamedException Saves the template
@YiJiang saves it where?
i.e. how do I get at them? Or is it like to save between page reloads?
@TheRenamedException localStorage, same variable, so it's shared between all rooms on a single site, and there's only one save state
You get it restored when you reload the page
@YiJiang gotcha
1:33 PM
(I added it because it was too frustrating copy pasting the template to a notepad when testing)
Since GM scripts will only update when you reload
@badp LOL
@YiJiang yeah it's a good feature
I like this strip particularly because it has a moral, unlike other recent ones.
Good Morning
@YiJiang, so there's no button 'post' yet? :)
@Benjol Well, it's intended to be a HTML templating tool, but it's trivial to add one
1:36 PM
@Fosco Hey there
@YiJiang, I just thought that if Josh is going to continue pushing digests into rooms...
@Benjol No, now I can easily copy and paste into a meta question:
Offtopic, but this is interesting from Robert Cartaino:
Candidate Benjol answered: @YiJiang, I just thought that if Josh is going to continue pushing digests into rooms...
A: What will it take for Firearms to get off the ground?

Robert CartainoThis isn't a direct answer to the "Firearms question", but the concept is important to consider: The days of successfully creating sites solely from existing audience that frequents Area 51 are just about over. The original Stack Overflow-driven crowd is all but tapped out of interests; that is ...

1:38 PM
vertical lift.
critical mass just got harder...
Good morning @Rebecca
@YiJiang has a really nice new script to make gathering information out of chats (like Town Halls) much easier!!!
@TheRenamedException when I click on Benjol I expect to go to the user, not to the post. Maybe link to the post on the "answered" word.
@badp that's what I was thinking
But really
your frustration in making digests mainly shows the power in having this Q&A engine :P
1:43 PM
Candidate badp answered : @TheRenamedException when I click on Benjol I expect to go to the user, not to the post. Maybe link to the post on the "answered" word.
@badp :-D
...which we conveniently forget to use for this purpose!
@badp not so much frustration, juts a desire to make it easier, specifically, a better way than a second chat room
Now, we can easily post the digest in a meta post like @MichaelMrozek suggested
Hello, world! :)
The primary reason I was using a second chat room was that it would onebox, making the work much easier than copy, paste, refoemat, blah blah blah
With this script, it's actually faster than before and it generates markdown for an answer!
(In case you can't tell, I am excited :-)
@Nyuszika7H hey there
13 hours ago, by Michael Mrozek
@TheRenamedException It might be easier to come up with a meta template or a custom solution for digests, instead of using chat; chat doesn't seem like it works very well
12 hours ago, by Michael Mrozek
@Josh Here's my attempt at a meta template for doing digests
@TheRenamedException Hmmm, there's a mistake in the template there, the badp link is incorrect
1:57 PM
@YiJiang yes sorry, my bad
Hang on, lemme check if it's a problem with the script
your script doesn't insert the protocol (or the domain name for profile) links
so I manually typed it, and mistyped it
Ah, I see. Will add that then
**Candidate [${user.name}](http://http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/${user.chatProfile})
so, user error clearly :-)
Candidate Yi Jiang answered : @TheRenamedException Hmmm, there's a mistake in the template there, the badp link is incorrect
much better
but actually, I could probably formulate the link to your parent user too, huh?
yeah, much better!
**Candidate [${user.name}](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/${user.id}) [answered](http://${permalink}) :** ${content.plain}
@TheRenamedException Well, the problem is that that would only work for MSO and SO chat, where the main and chat site share ids
2:01 PM
@YiJiang bah! Of course you are correct
Well everyone should know who the candidates are, so, linking to the chat profile should be no big deal
it's easy enough to click through from there to the parent user
the permalink is what's important
because I firmly believe that while the digest may be easier to read, you need to be able to return to the source and read it yourself, to make sure you get the real info and I'm not being biased
and that would have been a major pain to create each time without your script!
54 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@Trufa Templating tool for reformatting chat messages for archiving purposes
1 hour ago, by Yi Jiang
@TheRenamedException http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1722364/Stack%20Overflow/chat_formatter.user.js
@Nyuszika7H You need to use @YiJiang's script ^^^ :-D
Ok. Worktime for me, I really need to catch up on stuff today!
@RebeccaChernoff and @MichaelMrozek I would love to discuss ideas for better Town Hall Digests whenever you guys are available, I think Yi Jiang's script is a real game changer here!
and THANKS @YiJiang!!!!!!
@TheRenamedException Erhm... sure, no problem :)
@YiJiang How does it work?
Candidate Yi Jiang answered : @TheRenamedException Erhm... sure, no problem :)
@Nyuszika7H It uses the jQuery template plugin: github.com/jquery/jquery-tmpl
Ah, it needs a template then selecting a message.
2:10 PM
@Nyuszika7H did you attend any of the Town Halls?
@TheRenamedException Huh?
Did you vote in any of the moderator elections?
@TheRenamedException Only in SO's (I don't have enough rep on other sites).
@badp this is fantastic thank you!
37 mins ago, by badp
user image
@badp are you there?
@Nyuszika7H Did you see the Town hall chat? Where the candidates answered questions?
2:11 PM
@TheRenamedException nope
It's over now (obviously)
but, it got kinda crazy with so many people talking
> This room is frozen; new messages cannot be added.
32 secs ago, by The Renamed Exception
It's over now (obviously)
So, I tried to make a "digest" version of it, which would be easier to read:
This is all in the past now @Nyuszika7H...
@Trufa kinda
The point of @YiJiang's script is to assist in making these digests easier. Or any applictaion where you have to extract information out of chat, really
So, that's the story here @Nyuszika7H :-)
@Nyuszika7H, the only postings in the digest room were supposed to be quotes from the candidates. Contact me in here if you want to talk
2:17 PM
any .net people here? you may be interested in this:
> "I once saw a nature special in which some insect or other dragged some other dead insect somewhere then turned around and dug a whole for it to bury it but the researchers moved the dead insect a bit while it was digging so it had to drag it back but while it did they filled in the hole and back and forth this insect went indefinitely until a PETA sniper took out the researchers."[3]
2:58 PM
Urgh...so many meetings....so tired. yawns

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