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@hichris123 I have already done
I'm almost out of close votes.
I'm out
@hichris123 One of those answers is also link-only.
5:02 PM
OK still I can close 29..
Someone should close some of the questions so I can close some tabs. :P
@TGMCians I think I have 9 left.
Somebody should vote up all my great answers so I can cast delete votes.
Be careful of serial voting
Be careful of cereal voting
5:04 PM
Is mister cereal voting again?!
Link only answer is not a good idea here now. — TGMCians 45 secs ago
Be careful of surreal voting
Ah, I'm out of daily post votes, comment votes and flags.
Oh! Because my flags are helpful I'm getting more flags! Yay!
@Unihedron Yup. When I figured out that I can VLQ almost anything, I gained like 10 flags that day :D
@bjb568 Remember this discussion? Don't VLQ questions.
^^ Helpful! Yay! I included enough links.
@hichris123 If there's a button, I'll push it. 'Nuf said.
Ah, I haven't attempted to game the system for a while, but I think it's better to use off-topic rather than VLQ.
5:08 PM
@bjb568 Not agreeing with that one.
@Unihedron Use both. And downvote. And post to chat.
@bjb568 $(".leave").click();
Room.asName("Tavern on the Meta").connect();
@Sumurai8 Unclear. What input is expected?
@bjb568 A file containing whatever is in the first code block; the first code block has some pattern in it
5:09 PM
hia @Jamal :)
@Sumurai8 Describe the pattern, and the output. Else print('the literal output') is the answer. Asks us to do work, so too broad anyway (needs a nice long tutorial to know what he's doing).
@Jamal flagged
5:12 PM
@bjb568 The file contains lines with <text>:<number>:<text>. Each line with a <number> between 51 and 53 inclusive should be written to the output, the rest should be ignored.
I have comment flags left… I'll make a SEDE query…
Oh! It's late here, I gotta sleep since I have a function tomorrow to attend. Goodbye Meta!
@Sumurai8 But we have to assume that. And we can't.
@Unihedron Bai!
@bjb568 What are you saying? I have to assume you are speaking English, but because you haven't explicitly stated this in assembly first, I cannot assume you are speaking English. Therefore you are not talking English. I have to ignore the giant yellow duck that quacks in the room, since it is not explicitly called a duck, and therefore have to assume it can equally likely be an elephant, swan or snake instead.
@Sumurai8 SO is an english site. Dictionaries define english. English is well-defined and obvious. But why would you assume something by pattern-analizing?
5:17 PM
pokes @Santa Hey, have any close votes left?
@hichris123 yaaaaaassss
SELECT Id AS [Comment Link] FROM Comments WHERE Text LIKE '%jQuery%' ORDER BY CreationDate DESC Did I do it right? It's taking forever…
Because we are humans, cats, unicorns, or other sentient beings and are capable of observing this pattern.
@Sumurai8 Yes, and we are capable of producing these patterns and expect them. But the idiots who right questions are unpredictable apart from the fact that they are idiots.
5:18 PM
@hichris123 I closed few more there.., now all seems ok to me
@TGMCians Thanks! :)
@hichris123 Done. Where are those from?
How am I not out of downvotes yet?
29 mins ago, by hichris123
tl;dr: [laptop]
@hichris123 Nice.
@hichris123 no problem :)
Did anyone ever figure out the "4 active closevotes" query?
@hichris123 Already voted on that one...
@hichris123 Done.
@SantaClaus Oh, okay.
5:22 PM
@hichris123 It only had 3 :\
Thanks. :)
Every time you CV a 4-CV'd question, another one of my flags get's approved :)
@bjb568 Why flag when you can close vote?
@bjb568 The question is answerable like this. You are presuming essential information is hidden, instead of assuming OP did actually strip down his/her question to the bare bones and this is exactly what they want. If answers on this question don't help OP, then that means OP is dumb. If OP alters their question in a way that invalidates the answers, you simply rollback.
@SantaClaus Why not do both when you can do both? It improves the visibility of the questions, showing them in the LQRQ.
@Sumurai8 OP is dumb. That's a given.
5:25 PM
@bjb568 They would be closed anyway... and that's not what the flag is meant for.
@bjb568 Ugh, I rest my case.
28 mins ago, by Unihedron
Really, see:
Q: It shouldn’t be possible to flag questions as Very Low Quality

minitechThe “very low quality” flag, on questions, is vague. It means “do something”, and that’s not helpful. I think it’s pretty well covered by the variety of flaggable close reasons/an actual close vote, and “other”. It’s rarely helpful when a question “needs” to be closed faster, but an edit dismisse...

@bjb568 Done
I find plenty of questions that should be deleted immediately. The flag is useful. The system works. I'm using the system as it is intended. And I get higher flag weight! <3
stackoverflow.com/q/25100983/3890059 No idea what OP is talking about.
5:28 PM
@bjb568 done
Custom Close Reason: "You're on the naughty list"
@bjb568 Well, OP is somehow expecting that if you stitch together two json strings with duct tape you can read it at the other side without problems.
@Sumurai8 Ah… Well, I don't know what kind of duct tape, so unclear.
5:34 PM
@Sumurai8 [tour] loads the tour page, SO placed it there for us
I didn't notice it was coloured :'(
It's ok, I leave the tour advice when I see users with 0 badges
@Jamal One more close vote.
@Stijn I agree with that personally but the agencies I work for request dutch translations.... it is like Bart's suggestion gedeelde smart...
Hey welcome back @rene!
5:38 PM
Hey @rene!
@Jamal boom
Beautiful. All my 27 casted flags in this event are rated helpful. Cheers :)
@Unihedron I have a 40-flag streak (too lazy to actually count)
Streaks are overrated ;)
5:41 PM
Define streak :P
I have 71 waiting for review for a long time, so I don't count.
@Undo Helpful flags in a row.
@Undo Poop where it shouldn't be.
Hmm I probably have 200 or so in a row...
I only have five or so declined flags ever
5:43 PM
Although it depends on how you are counting disputed flags
Yeah, I probably have a 500+ streak in there somewhere.
@Undo How many flags do you have?
I have 1k now, but some were lost in the merge :(
@SantaClaus Overall? Fifty-five. Hundred.
5:44 PM
You all are grandmasters, I've only been on SE for two months, still learning. :)
@Undo Thats nice.
Free flags!
A: activing bluetooth for laptop

Alex van den HoogenDid you check your hardware switch, if your laptop has any? Can you find a bluetooth radio in Device Manager? What would you like to do with bluetooth? Because it may be possible that you have to install additional software for some applications.

I'm approaching 400...needless to say, I don't use all my flags very often. I don't look for questions to flag all the time.
@Unihedron I'd upvote you to 2k if I had up/dn votes left.
I never run out of up/down votes...
5:46 PM
I'm out of CV U/DV, and only 25 flags left.
@Unihedron I threw 2 upvotes at you.
@SantaClaus Nom! Thank you kind sir!
@Unihedron You have more answers than I do...
@Oded nice, thanks! If you have some spare time there are bunch of other answers with broken images :)
I really do want 10k. goes to answer some questions
Hammer this poor guy back to 1 rep! stackoverflow.com/q/25082539/3890059
@hichris123 Canonical dups and controversial meta-effect answers seem to be the best for rep.
@hichris123 I am near to it.. it is 9,762 right now.
@bjb568 Dup of another of that questions stackoverflow.com/questions/23873927/…
I am just half-way there
@TGMCians Ooh. Congrats! :)
thanks :)
@SantaClaus DV both and CV!
can someone read this for 3 minutes and tell me why I'm confused?
@Sumurai8 [tag:cv-pls]
stackoverflow.com/questions/25067635/… (the comment, not the answer :P)
6:00 PM
@bjb568 Done! That was a precise comment :)
Out of close votes.
@hichris123 Switch your ammunition to flags!
@Unihedron I do have 100 flags to use today. :P
@SantaClaus If these don't get closed, remind me to close vote them at midnight UTC.
@hichris123 Eh, how about midnight EST?
6:03 PM
anyone see something harsh with my way of expressing myself? meta.askubuntu.com/a/11691/169736
@hichris123 I'll try for UTC though
@SantaClaus Midnight UTC == 8 PM EDT.
@Braiam Rephrase: "I attempted to resist my urges not to be rude, but this may be important:"
@SantaClaus :P
6:05 PM
@SantaClaus done
select p.Id AS [Post Link], p.body
from posts as p
inner join [users] as u on u.id = p.owneruserid
where posttypeid = 2
and (body like '%how can%' or
body like '%same problem%' or
body like '%thank%' or
body like '%please%' or
body like '%plz%' or
body like '%pls%')
order by LEN(p.Body)
Ugh! My finger slipped! Don't blame me! stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5470759
6:22 PM
There should be a "change your review to reject as vandalism" button.
SEDE: "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding." Hm…
@bjb568 There are too much rows in the posts table...
Add a date range
or a top 100
Anyone want to burn a tag with me? stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/sonatype
6:37 PM
@hichris123 Is it sponsered?
@hichris123 yeah why not :D
@rene Yes, but it's a company. [nexus] is the correct tag.
I think.
@hichris123 let me check that first,...
A: Clean up the [sony] tag: Is it useful at all, or should we re-tag and clean up?

Shog9This is surprisingly complicated... "Company tags" like microsoft or the now-defunct google were clearly useless or wrong in most situations: tag sets like [javascript google chart] and [vba microsoft excel] were classic examples of someone trying to type out a product name complete with spaces ...

@Bart Hmm... I'm not sure now. It seems like a crappy tag, but not all questions are about [nexus].. maybe.
6:45 PM
Yeah, that's why I linked it @hichris123. The con-shog-sus seems to be "meh". And I can kinda see why.
@hichris123 I'll go over it but I don't expect it to be burinated at the end...
6:57 PM
@Unihedron wut? where do you read "rude"?
In latest news:
Defragmenting (37%)
Remaining time: >1 day
@JanDvorak Are you still on FAT?
@JanDvorak Y U DEFRAG?
NTFS, big and slow
Talking about me again?
7:01 PM
meh, I use mydefrag, is faster than other tools
Ah no, NTFS. Nevermind.
@JanDvorak Which OS? It should run always in the background....
And here's a decent question flagging query: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/214799/opinions (I ultimately failed in my attempt to get accurate close vote counts).
@rene I run it in the background but the builtin scheduled one didn't seem to achieve much
@JanDvorak And what are you using now?
7:03 PM
Hey guys, do you think I should have posted these as a single answer?
@rene defraggler
I'm having a hard time deciding.
@rene mydefrag
7:04 PM
Good news, everyone! The new Moderators Stack Exchange site is now open to the public. Congratulations, and welcome to your new site!
@Cupcake IMO, no. They're different, and they're both fairly long and complete, and different enough that vote up/down is independent. I can't think of any reason not to leave them separate.
@JasonC I see a few MSE posts that say that.
Jeff himself disagreed though. I'm trying to find the post for that.
@Cupcake Jeff's had a bunch of bad ideas...
7:06 PM
Here it is:
only if they are radically and totally different answers, and even then I am not sure I agree. — Jeff Atwood ♦ Oct 8 '09 at 22:36
just a comment? meeeh
Meh, I've got upvotes on both of them, I'll just leave them.
They really are two completely different answers.
wait... Have you just upvoted Jeff Atwood???
@Cupcake I agree, they should be separate.
Auto comment "Stack Overflow is not a code writing service. Write your code yourself. If you encounter a problem that you can't solve while writing it, you may ask a question."
7:27 PM
@SantaClaus pong
Takes some time for those pongs to reach the North Pole...
@rene Nah, all the pongs in the world go through me first anyways.
@SantaClaus even beer pongs do?
7:33 PM
Why does the VLQ flag reason only appear on some answers?
@SantaClaus upvoted answers are never that low quality
according to the devs, that is
> please, do install. no problems.
Tell me thats not low quality?
it's not an answer
@JanDvorak Well its kinda both, but NAA works fine, I was just wondering why...
@bjb568 Thats awesome
And I've now used all my flags thanks to data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/215129/… via @bjb568
The LQ queue has 52 posts. Similarly, I just flagged around 50 posts as VLQ or NAA.
> Daily close vote limit reached; please try again in 4 hours
I still have flags (which is strange).
@Jamal data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/215129/… is awesome for NAA flags if you have some to waste
I have plenty to waste!

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