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10:07 PM
Q: creating dictionary from text file

user3457401How would one create a dictionary from a text file This is what the text file consists of: Von Neumann architecture describes a general framework, or structure, that a computer's hardware, programming, and data should follow. Although other structures for computing have b...

^ They used all of the required tags! :P
10:19 PM
Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone!
10:47 PM
Q: How to implement slice_after (or group certain elements with certain subsequent ones) in Ruby?

DoorknobThe Enumerable#slice_before method is quite useful, and it does exactly what it says on the tin - slice an array before an element if a certain condition on the element is met. For example, I am using it to group certain numbers to the following ones. In my case, the IDs 0xF0 to 0xFB should be g...

^ for any Rubyists in here ;)
Stack Exchange is not a game. — Doorknob 4 hours ago
@LowerClassOverflowian ???
@Doorknob Lol. In a way , SE is kind of a game, and I think that's why it got 0 upvotes.
@LowerClassOverflowian implying that every correct comment should be upvoted? :P
It's not only a game.
Stack Exchange is serious business.
10:57 PM
You call it serious when you have cats at work and break things "accidentally" @Anna?
Yeah, we're all so serio- hey @animuson! slaps with cheese stick -us around here.
Sure. "Accidentally".
2 days ago, by Bart
Can't we simply synonymize and ?
^ see, serious!
Hmmm. If my speakers are acting "skippy" (like it freezes more fractions of a second pretty consistently), is it more likely to jut be the speakers, or the on-board sound? My motherboard has Realtek ALC1150 for audio, so I'm thinking my speakers might just be crap.
Or maybe it's Windows Media Player? Could that cause that?
It's probably your brain's fault.
11:00 PM
huh, I didn't know sites onebox
Q: I need an aspx.vb login form? MySQL Connector

user3457014I am currently stuck on producing a log in form in ASP.NET VB due to lack of understanding because coding is not my strongest area. I am using a MySQL Connector to connect to my DB. I have tried to produce one but I just keep failing at it and I urgently need a working log in form for my college...

> I urgently need a working log in form for my college hand it date which is tomorrow
Sucks for him!
Every office should have one of these newsfeed.time.com/2012/05/12/…
No, we're not doing your homework for you. What have you tried? — Doorknob 10 secs ago
@animuson do you have a spare set of speakers? :)
@LowerClassOverflowian Yes please!
@animuson sorry but I interpret "sound freeze" as "it keeps playing the same tune for a while"
"I have tried to produce one but I just keep failing" seems like you have something done, show it to us... — Braiam 32 secs ago
11:03 PM
@Stijn No. But I tried plugging in my headphones to the front jack and it plays perfectly fine. So I guess it's the speakers. :/
@animuson try the back one?
gtg to eat
Don't the front and back use the same sound?
Food sounds so good right now. So hungry. Can't eat for 20 minutes yet.
11:04 PM
@animuson Mind joining this room so you can clean up SO's trash?

 Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break thing...
Ah I see. Couldn't figure out why the rear jack wasn't working. Apparently it can't detect that they're headphones and not speakers...
@hichris123 I still got 48 flags waiting to be reviewed, same as like last week : )
@LowerClassOverflowian Then join & flag away! :P
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 14 secs ago, by Blaze
[Blaze] answer flagged: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19835754/how-to-make-text-fit-to-screen-text-‌​wrap-in-webview-with-kitkat/22622486#22622486
^ Like that.
11:22 PM
A: beginner python on mac osx 10.8

JoanCrawford'sManWait, what's this 'mac' nonsense I keep hearing about? I thought this was a thread about snakes. Back in my day, we didn't have none of this darn-diggly computer nonsense.

You're a bit late to the party. :P
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Blaze
[Blaze] answer flagged: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11787182/beginner-python-on-mac-osx-10-8/2262‌​2540#22622540
@hichris123 That's where I stole it from :) , I just didn't login since I'm getting tired of SE not automatically logging me in to stuff
Login! :P
11:45 PM
@animuson Y u no in Charcoal HQ? :P
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