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9:03 PM
@MichaelMrozek well, that sounds like a good extension, but, what version are you using, I have seen it included with the last few releases
@badp well - a little hidden - I didn't even know about the plugin page!...
@Wil Food was great. And as I suspected, MSG free! :-)
lol, mind you, been reading MSG isn't bad for you at all... and it is meant to make most things taste better - if I see it, I want to buy to try it
I've eaten at places that do use MSG and I'm still here, so it's not as deadly as some say :-)
Yeah, what I read is that some people just feel ill after Gluten, doesn't matter if it is natural (seaweed, parmesan Cheese or other)... and it is just known as a "bad" thing... nothing special about MSG itself
@Wil MSG =/= Gluten
9:12 PM
just people who feel bad after eating the natural stuff will feel much worse with MSG as it is a super strong source of it - people who can eat gluten fine will have no problems!
MSG = Mono Sodium Glutamate, which is the 5th taste recently identified
ok - not gluten, glutamate then... was a while ago I read!
Gluten comes in wheat and a Ceoliac is someone who can't digest it - coeliac.org.uk/coeliac-disease
Umami, also referred to as savoriness, has been proposed as one of the basic tastes sensed by specialized receptor cells present on the human and animal tongue. is a loanword from Japanese meaning "good flavor" or "good taste" (noun). In English, however, "brothy", "meaty", or "savory" have been proposed as alternative translations. Inasmuch as it describes the flavor common to savory products such as meat, cheese, and mushrooms, umami is similar to Brillat-Savarin's concept of osmazome, an early attempt to describe the main flavoring component of meat as extracted in the process of maki...
yeah - no problem... can't edit above comment - thanks. well, that is why I have 0 rep on the cooking site :)
I think it's a common mistake - what with the names being similar and all
9:15 PM
Interesting article
So - not that clear from that article but, is it like salt/pepper - you have to add a tiny bit and you can actually taste it, or is it tasteless as such on its own and you can use as much as you want?
@ChrisF "From 1909 to the mid-1960s, MSG was prepared by the hydrolysis of wheat gluten" (Wikipedia) so kind of related. Some natural foods have high amounts of MSG too
@PiersMyers - I never knew that
Uh... shouldn't it be "The Tavern of Sundayness"?
Or is it Tuesday everywhere else?
@ChrisF there were some programs on BBC2 recently about E numbers, very interesting, may still catch them on iPlayer
I saw them advertised. I was concerned that it would another "E numbers bad" programme - despite an E number just being a classification system. So things like Vitamin C also have e numbers - E300 to E305
E numbers are number codes for food additives that have been assessed for use within the European Union (the "E" prefix stands for "Europe"). They are commonly found on food labels throughout the European Union. Safety assessment and approval are the responsibility of the European Food Safety Authority. The numbering scheme follows that of the International Numbering System (INS) as determined by the Codex Alimentarius committee though only a subset of the INS additives are approved for use in the European Union. E numbers are also encountered on food labelling in other jurisdictions, ...
9:23 PM
I only caught the last episode of the series, it was very good
yeah - gets on my nerves people who say "E numbers are bad" etc. granted there are a few that affect a few people, but for the average person, they are just alternate names for proven safe ingredients and chemicals.
@Wil there are a lot the are totally natural. You can even make some from parts of humans (as he did in one of the programs)
evening all
yeah... saw a clip of that... made me feel rather ill...
@rchern Hi
@rchern Evening
rchern: Evening?!?!?
Not in my timezone!
9:28 PM
ok maybe not quite evening, but i'm tired
Happy late afternoon?
I'm exhausted... I just completed 22 feature requests on Meta with one app:
Q: Stack2RSS - A JSON to RSS Conversion Service

George Edison About Stack2RSS is a small service that when given an API query, generates an RSS feed that you can then subscribe to in your RSS reader. The inspiration for this application came from all of the feature-requests on Meta that I saw. All of the following are now solved by using Stack2RSS: (a l...

Nope - definitely evening
yes, i've seen
I even listed all of them in the app description.
My fingers are tired!
You and everybody else seem to have global flair now too >_<
9:29 PM
Mine supports Area51 :)
Of course, you have to supply your Area51 ID.
Your was first, though - you're a pioneer.
^------ example.
I've seen it. I've seen yours and the one in Stack Users.
Nothing beats this though...
yesterday, by rchern
Yours has badges... another advantage for you.
and glitter :P
9:33 PM
@rchern :O
How comes my picture doesn't come out!
there's no image extension on that
i'm publishing that update soon :P
You need an extension.
Stick &ext=.jpg to the end of it.
There we go.
How comes your first picture had higher rep? :S
If you have any ideas for themes, post 'em! github.com/rchern/StackFlair/issues
9:35 PM
'Cuz mine includes Area51 rep.
the order of the sites are different too...
@rchern don't know what else to suggest - it shows what I want, it works! well done!
@rchern: Mine does it right-to-left :)
Hey! If I push the up key, it edits my last post. That's stupid!
@GeorgeEdison why?
I'm used to IRC :)
My client just takes a copy of the last post I made.
It doesn't edit it.
@rchern: Hey, if you want to include Area51 rep. in yours, feel free.
Use this: http://area51.stackexchange.com/users/flair/ {ID} .json
9:39 PM
Eh, if it becomes a highly voted on issue, I might. I've got some other features I want to do first.
I hereby give this issue one vote :P
Votes must be posted on github to be official :P
Is bandwidth a problem for your flair yet?
Or are you doing what I did and compressing them alot?
I've since relaxed on the compression a bit.
I've discovered that with the free hosting plan I have, I can't monitor bandwidth hosting. Sent them a support issue asking them about that.
Would you ever consider paid hosting?
¿ʎɐʍ ƃuoɹʍ ǝɥʇ sıɥʇ ʇɐ ƃuıʞool I ɯɐ ɹO
9:44 PM
Yeah, I would. In a roundabout way I actually kind of hope I need to upgrade. Means people like and are actively using StackFlair. (:
I hope lots of people use it... in fact I hope all our apps get used a lot :)
Means I need to get a VPS :)
Not yet, of course, but sooner or later.
@rchern I'm filing a formal complaint about your backwards smiley nonsense
I see "(:" and I think "wait, ( means sad, but it seems like that should've been a happy statement....oh there's the : , I get it now
I give up, I played around in the sandbox... how do you get the tags to display?
like what i just did?
9:55 PM
I'm baffled.
Didn't we just talk about this yesterday?
Uh... only mod tags work?
That's weird.
9:58 PM
Oh, it was ChrisF last time
6 hours ago, by ChrisF
Can someone point me at the codes needed to do the [status-bywhatever] posts - you know the one's with the meta tag background?
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