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12:00 AM
@TimStone oh, wizardry!
@jmac to say "yay, 93 left" :D
Guys, bug that need more attention
Q: Can't login using Stack Exchange OpenID with Firefox

AlexeyI cannot login to the Meta with Firefox. This is the login form: When I click Log in using Stack Exchange I get the following: Neither Email no Password field has a focus. When I click one of these fields to set the focus, the Log in using Stack Exchange section closes, and I get the follo...

One of the rare cases where jQuery fails to be cross browser :(
12:29 AM
Other than the first podcast, is there somewhere that Jeff and Joel discuss the 'concept' of StackOverflow in detail?
@ShadowWizard it's answered now, but you wanna post that as an answer on this question?
1:08 AM
I just failed a review audit for the first time.
@Ryan Join the club. :P
What one?
First posts
It was sort of borderline
Oh, hinty hinty, when you get to Suggested Edits the audits are so obvious.
I noticed already
@Shog9 I had a question for you about the Stack Exchange Swag request
1:10 AM
@Ryan Can you linky it?
the audit?
I'll try to find it
It should be in your review history.
It isn't
1:12 AM
Me isn't finding it here either stackoverflow.com/users/2846923/…
Hmm... I almost want to say that you had a nightmare and go back to sleep. :P But I believe you.
1:15 AM
I'm trying to find it with a query
Look in \review -> First Posts -> History.
Why isn't that shown in your Profile?
1:20 AM
Me thinks the "answer" wasn't really too good, but whatever. I don't know, kind of borderline like you said. If the user gave more information, it would have been good.
You'd hate to see the audits I failed, one that was code-only.
What the heck?
A: SSL certificate in Directadmin not working

TuyreThe OP has already purchased a Comodo SLL. The GlobalSign OneClickSSL plugin only works for their service, since it asks for one of their own vouchers to start off. Do you work for GlobalSign by any chance?

I'm so confused by that answer.
Ohhhhhhhh! I just realized why this is the only answer showing up in my query to find that answer
The answer I'm looking for is deleted :P
I made a query to find the answer for the audit I failed: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/160177/…
Ah. :P
@scrblnrd3 ?
1:33 AM
@Shog9 Are failed reviews not shown in the public review profile page?
@hichris123 depends
a lot of failed reviews are connected to deleted posts. Those aren't usually listed anywhere.
jquery is a cruel mistress. So deceptively simple to use. So complex when the people who wrote the source code to the site made a mess of it.
@Shog9 The subject came up when me and chris couldn't find this in here.
So apparently it was because that answer was deleted
It doesn't show to me as deleted answer, and I'm under 10K (on the review page). @Shog9 It's a First Post, if that makes a difference.
Q: In a competitive LAN competition can you get disqualified for using a drug or something, almost like the olympics?

RenGoIf I take some crack, cocaine, meth, pcp, etc. before I head over to dreamhack and win 500 grand and they find a crack pipe on me can I get disqualified?

Question of the week.
1:44 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about drug usage. — GnomeSlice 1 min ago
Another good one:
The first thing you must consider: even if you don't get disqualified from your competition, you will most likely be arrested, and probably convicted, for usage and possession of illegal narcotics. — Yuki 1 min ago
1:59 AM
What's with SE?
I'm getting offline for maintenence messages.
Meta says This site is currently in read-only mode; we’ll return with full functionality soon.
I was just trying to edit tags, I swear!
@GnomeSlice I clicked on the retagging priviledge that doesn't exist...
Service Unavailable
Rouge server?
I'm back in...
@GnomeSlice It's actually a decent question I'd love to know the answer to. What is the stance of competitive gaming on performance-enhancing drugs (legal or otherwise). Someone who has actually seen whatever contracts are signed by the participants would have to be the one to answer, and most of us don't have access to those
2:04 AM
@jmac Yeah, there's an interesting question buried in there somewhere, but it's definitely not that as it's currently been asked.
There's arguably an interesting question to be asked about PED's and competitive gaming. This is not that question. — LessPop_MoreFizz 17 mins ago
That's what edit was made for...
Well, I guess it is Yay, I stopped a spammer but really person who made the edit?
Twitter moved my cheese!
@TimStone Are you okay?
Sorry if I pinged anyone else... :P
2:17 AM
you can see the review because you reviewed it.
We did that so you could maybe learn from your mistakes
@hichris123 For definitions of okay.
@Shog9 Not my audit; someone else's. Unless I actually did review that post...
@TimStone How did Twitter move your cheese? Are you okay = are you sure you're not insane.
then either I'm wrong, or it's broken
Facebook == a device for cheese moving
Twitter == a device for sprinkling Kraft Day-glo-orange Cheeze(tm) Powder
@hichris123 Oh, I got the new design.
Yeah, like here (non-audit) I see answer not found.
@TimStone Oh...
Yeah, I can see all failed review audits @Shog9. Like here.
2:55 AM
hi all
whats new?
way to ruin the zen-like silence of the Tavern guys.
lol, at least this time, I am wearing pants
@jmac Heh. We're working, actually. Though @Pops may have a differing opinion on that...
2:58 AM
Hey hey.
Met @pekka today.
In person? You mean he's not just 1's and 0's?
Yep. He had a counterfeit Gucci bag.
spoiler, we're all not human. we are a computer.
and there is no spoon
I choose to disbelieve.
3:03 AM
Choose what you will, we had a good time.
@jmac you disbelieve the disbelief bout spoons?
My question has been answered. I must say, this community is absolutely awesome. So glad I finally joined than just lurking from google search results. — user3200730 6 mins ago
Figured that doesn't generally get brought to meta's attention enough
@Glenn Doesn't that just make your day? Knowing that you helped to solve someone's problem?
that is very cool!
It was great to know that a person was helped, maybe learned and that the rep of SO has grown, so yes
3:18 AM
also, what a great attitude that new member has!
why can't new members upvote answers to their questions?
@GlennTeitelbaum Because then they could create sockpuppets to answer their own questions for rep.
15 rep isn't a lot. Just upvote his post a couple times.
@GnomeSlice makes sense - and I did upvote it, not high enough rep for multiple upvotes :)
@GlennTeitelbaum Yeah, it's basically just enough to prevent abuse.
Thats suprising: 1) create sockpuppet to ask simple question, 2) answer question, 3) sockpuppet selects +15 rep --- so I'm guessing most newcomers haven't figured that out
3:48 AM
oh, wow, I did not know that there would be some notification if you mostly vote on answers.
"Questions need votes, too!"
@GlennTeitelbaum A sockpuppet has to ask a question for each 15 rep it wants to give, and if it keeps awarding the 15 to the same user, it probably pops up tons of warnings for the mod team. On the other hand, if they could upvote, they could just lurk and upvote all sorts of stuff which looks like a legitimate voting pattern, but heavily upvote a specific user's posts which is far harder to detect. Therefore the 15 rep requirement I'd assume.
It seems to be working :)
And if that weren't the case, it'd be even more impossible to be an unsung hero.
Looking to buy: one brain with knowledge of SQL and jquery
Offering: one kidney, lightly used
wow, I have got -20 rep by downvoting stuff in the "flagging queue". :-)
4:01 AM
4:35 AM
@BenCollins Is the tiger in your avatar a vegetarian? ... it looks too friendly to be a predator
it's hobbes - he's a stuffed animal - so not a vegetarian
5:09 AM
Tuna's the thing:
5:22 AM
woot! paper no. 5 just got accepted for publication
@Amaterasu Grats
thank you muchly
> This is a test to see if I can make it look like I'm oneboxing a comment and put words in someone else's mouth — Bob 33 mins ago
1 min ago, by Amaterasu
thank you muchly
That's not a comment.
The first thing you must consider: even if you don't get disqualified from your competition, you will most likely be arrested, and probably convicted, for usage and possession of illegal narcotics. — Yuki 4 hours ago
^ A one boxed comment.
5:31 AM
> ok --- me now
Only one right-pointy thingy.
You have to use the right dash and hyperlink the user and timestamp for it to look perfect.
actually if you misquote a comment - you can link the orig comment, nobody will notice your edit -- comments should be boxed like chat messages
or can you spoof them too?
6:03 AM
Data.SE offline for maintenance, anyone know for how long?
> Don't worry about me announcing potential exploits. I'm a Quality Assurance Professional. I know what I'm doing. — Undo 30 seconds ago
6:30 AM
huh. i think i set a new personal record yesterday for daily rep
6:55 AM
Crap day for rep; banner day for comments where i didn't get selected or even have the highest votes:
Lovely. Thanks Glenn — doctordoder 4 mins ago
7:06 AM
Data.SE still down -- been over an hour. Nothing on the status blog. I think we can safely blame @TimPost, no?
(or was it @TimStone? I always get confused)
It's always Tim Stone's fault.
The wheel is telling me to blame C#
Thus we should blame Tim Stone's C# skills. Should I roll for the IDE?
Please do.
7:35 AM
Data.SE continues to be broken. It has been at least 90 minutes. I am saddened and dismayed at the depths that Tim Stone's C# skills must have plummeted to to reach this state. And still no info on the status blog which is supposed to inform us of extended outages. The humanity! Can I make this an Eeeeeek! event yet?
8:20 AM
8:51 AM
@Flyk No, you are there
@Shog9 not really, I just posted a workaround the bug is still there (unless dev fixed that? let me check)
Still there. @m0sa you here?
indeed I am
Got Firefox at your disposal?
cool! Care to go to the login page with Firefox and click "Log in using Stack Exchange"? :)
I suppose you mean the new login on meta?
8:56 AM
Yep, the new login. Then just click inside one of the textboxes to enter email or password and see what happens.
... and then the servers exploded
@Bart yup
anyway I'm leaving for now @m0sa if you have some time for bug fixing, it's reported here already
Q: Can't login using Stack Exchange OpenID with Firefox

AlexeyI cannot login to Meta with Firefox. This is the login form: When I click Log in using Stack Exchange I get the following: Neither Email nor Password field has focus. When I click one of these fields to set the focus, the Log in using Stack Exchange section closes, and I get the following ...

9:19 AM
as it just happens I'm still on bug duty this week ;)
so keep 'em commin'
@m0sa with pleasure! Careers too? :)
no, Careers is a separate team
Too broad or unclear?
Q: Secure Video in Android application

Gopal RathodI am developing Android app which has Video in app. I want to secure the videos, please help me some solution. Videos will be already with in the app and there are many videos which are from 20MB to 50 MB. There will be many such videos in the app. I have tried Encrypt-decrypt of videos but as si...

Certainly unclear. And once it's no longer unclear, too broad.
9:32 AM
@m0sa Juice?
Is data.stackexchange.com in maintenance to get the help page fixed?
When did you notice it's down, @rene?
Uhhhh, when I posted the message? 10 minutes ago?
I checked because Tim Stone answered my question stating that it waited for a redeploy.
Wow, I had no idea I could @notify the editor of a question. Excellent!
9:50 AM
mmm cake
Hello, what's going on with german.stackexchange.com (including chat) and others redirecting to KingHost, a Spanish-language web hoster?
@Flyk I can have a big piece the doctor said...
@OregonGhost works for me
@rene It's not down for me, it redirects to a KingHost page saying that german.stackexchange.com is under construction...
Is is not redirectiing either for me. It just shows the german so beta site
Are you in a corperate setting?
Yes, but it's just a proxy and everything else works. I'm located in Europe, maybe that makes a difference. stackexchange.com itself seems to work again now, chat.stackexchange.com and german.stackexchange.com not. Maybe it'll heal itself in a few minutes.
9:58 AM
This is my tracert from NL
5 18 ms 19 ms 16 ms er1.ams1.nl.above.net []
6 17 ms 58 ms 17 ms ae3.cr1.ams5.nl.above.net []
7 98 ms 97 ms 97 ms xe-0-2-0.cr2.lga5.us.above.net []
8 106 ms 105 ms 104 ms ae3.er4.lga5.us.above.net []
9 98 ms 98 ms 98 ms []
10 98 ms 98 ms 100 ms border1.po1-20g-bbnet1.nym008.pnap.net []
11 98 ms 98 ms 98 ms stackexchange-1.border1.nym008.pnap.net []
@OregonGhost most likely malware, or your ISP
@OregonGhost works on mine
Just checked over mobile, works there too. I suspect the ISP, but I'll check for malware ;)
10:30 AM
Chance to try out my new close reason
This question appears to be off-topic because the asker demands a solution rather than help. — Jan Dvorak 32 secs ago
@JanDvorak Hmmm, not at all convinced by (a) The premise of such a close reason, and (b) It's applicability to that question.
@ShadowWizard does your answer on the @ replies implies that you can send anybody a notification from chat? I assumed based on this the user needs at least to be involved?
data.se continues to be down...
@Duncan (a) has been blessed by a user that has 10k rep on meta and three upvotes, and (b) appears to be undisputable here.
10:32 AM
@jmac Yeah! I'm sorry, I only asked for the help page to be fixed...\
They just added beta sites. Such is the way of the sadness...
@rene no, I was wrong and deleted the answer :)
@jmac maybe time for bug report on Meta?
Nah. We'll just blame whichever @Tim gets pinged, and make him feel embarrassed
But Tim said he's changing to @Tom! :D
ping both the Tims
cc @ShadowWizard
10:41 AM
what's the URL for the timeline, again?
but also change to /posts/[id] first
what he said
@Flyk Hmm... bringing my sock want to see it for myself
oh. Thanks - tried that, but I didn't erase the question title.
10:43 AM
Hello world!
Yup, working!
that's what he said
The vote numbers indicate the votes it gained during the revision?
10:45 AM
@ShadowWizard I love pinging a bunch of people at once while being as ambiguous as possible
the guys in the DMZ now all have random characters that look like "o" in their name in place of "o"
@Flyk oh so you're a ping troll!!
I don't troll
yes to do ;)
nuh uh
I am an angel, see the avatar
and Telkitty is your queen :D
oh, what happened to your unicorn?!
10:48 AM
I've never had a unicorn as my avatar
@JanDvorak the numbers are the daily votes, not related to revisions
rainbow dash is a pegasus pony
@Flyk sure? hmm... so what did you have?
@rene Thanks for your help, it seems that the DNS we're using has a wrong entry. I guess it will be fixed when it expires. Bye.
Thanks. Is there a more precise timing for the votes available?
(10k only is fine)
10:51 AM
2 mins ago, by Flyk
rainbow dash is a pegasus pony
@JanDvorak nope, only daily. It's on purpose so we can't guess who voted.
thanks. Per-revision would be nice, however
@JanDvorak might be worth a feature request :)
ok, thanks.
Q: See the effect of edits on votes

Toon KrijtheI often like to see the effect of edits on the votes of a post. This can be useful when reviewing, but it can also be an interesting statistic. Besides it is cool to see the effect of your edit on a below average post. A way to do this, is to is to preserve the amount of up and downvotes of a r...

11:06 AM
@Shadow, awesome post. Bountied. That deserves more attention
not my own, just found it :)
this question just popped up in the reopen queue. It is off-topic for SO but could it be on-topic for programmers.se?
It would go as a software architecture thingy I guess...
11:25 AM
An SO questino has just linked to this, which is outrageously awesome: reddit.com/r/playitforward/comments/1v6jfh/…
spam flag requied
A: Search/browse my own questions easily

alexanderbthere is an app, that easily allows to collect, index and perform search on your favorited questions: https://likeastore.com

@ShadowWizard flagged
Hope we reach 6 before he deletes it (or a mod) so he'll get -100 penalty
-100 isn't given in case of mod deletion?
@JanDvorak nope. Only 6 spam flags.
I was wondering for long time if it's really working, now it's a great chance to check :)
11:31 AM
Good to hear
also, I hope spam deletion has very strong effects in the q-ban algorithm
How does it appear in the rep history?
@JanDvorak it doesn't. Bug report is due, you want the honor?
Not even in one's own rep history?
@JanDvorak oh, this only the spamer can tell
11:34 AM
I don't want to try, for obvious reasons.
Screenshot that can be used in the bug report:
for now, it looks like he lost all his rep on downvotes
which is impossible given he has no visible posts
You could post it as a riddle :-)
11:57 AM
@ShadowWizard would you say this is a better edit for that question?
....JavaScript. A language whose error message are so clear that they have an alpha channel value of 0. Cannot get any clearer.
Yes @Flyk kudos for the edit! Made it more clear, and correct. :)
Just love the dumb diff: "added 1 characters in body" when you totally changed the post
@SPArchaeologist your pearl of wisdom? ;)
major win for auditing
@ShadowWizard - nothing specific. Just spent 10' trying to understand why SignalR wasn't returning one of the expected value.... only to discover that the value name had an error in it.
@ShadowWizard - I --really-- want to see the day the browser will implement EcmaScript Harmony with all the specified standards and behaviors.
JavaScript with classes. Probably I will retire before they actually implement that.
12:18 PM
JavaScript is only a scripting language after all, no real complication, no strong typing... guess those are the symptoms of this
12:50 PM
Is it appropriate to flag as 'other' if you want a question protected?
Or would a kind mod with Godly powers care to save The Workplace from the Network Hot Questions list?
@jmac it's something any 20K user can do so just ask in chat
what you mean "save from hot questions list"?
@ShadowWizard Protecting questions is normally a 15k priv.
@jmac Hmm, I have no idea why it's down.
@jmac not my fault
@Tim you two are twins? :D
1:04 PM
jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/82/embedded/result suggests Jeff is to blame.
Any time that wheel suggests that you blame something on anyone other than @balpha, keep spinning it until it does.
@jmac Fixed.
@jmac if you see it again, ping me ASAP. It happened 7 hours ago, and being in Oregon which is in flux with other errors being thrown as we move the dev instances there, I only have 6:40 minutes of logs with that volume happening...likely recent changes throw an error in some edge case we just need to handle
Holy cow, I love that wheel, because I'm not on it :)
Sure you are, right there! "It's Tim Stone's fault" ...wait.
1:25 PM
We need to remove the surname from that entry.
@NickCraver how can we ping you directly? You mean here in chat?
@NickCraver cool! while you're here can I bother you with a mystery? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/216355/four-points-for-editing
Is this really temporary database hiccup?
Samo is looking into it now, strange data thus far, still digging
looks like 2 approvers approved the same thing to create differing revisions, possible narrow race, but time stamps are identical so not sure
1:42 PM
@NickCraver thanks, wish him good luck! :)
1:55 PM
@TimStone Thanks!
@NickCraver Will be sure to do in the future.
Q: Reorder questions picked for hot list based on adjusted hotness score (discard some answers by voting evidence)

gnatExecutive Summary The 100 questions are selected for the "Hot Network Questions" list displayed in the sidebar of each site. These questions are designed to showcase other sites in the Stack Exchange network. Those questions should act as ambassadors from that site to the Stack Exchange Network...

hello! where can i find an SO dev? there seems to be no chat room for them.. thanks!
@reikyoushin Some of them are often seen in this room
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