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12:03 AM
Y'know how gnat keeps harping on about the hot network questions?. Yeah. They break small sites. See the top network question that is on The Workplace, we got 10k views on that single question, which is our regular volume of hits per day across the site. I was quick enough to get it protected before it destroyed us all, but...
Really, it'd be nice if we could get that fixed sometime in the near future. Keeping up with that many visitors is really hard for a beta site. Or at least having someone from the community team keep an eye on any small site that has a question pop up there, or...
@jmac sorry, but can you explain what is so horrible in lots of views? Why can it destroy a site?
Site get attention; some of the visitors stick around to become active users; this can be only good as far as I can see.
12:25 AM
@ShadowWizard Basically, smaller sites have very little capability to moderate such huge volumes. Without a moderator on at the time, you can't effectively protect questions, and the sheer volume of new users means there is a lot of effort that needs to be used explaining how the site works to people who aren't familiar with it
@ShadowWizard In addition to the moderation issues, a lot of these questions are not the greatest examples of what sorts of questions are good for the site, and give a lot of people the wrong impression of what our site is about. That question has 19 answers (3 deleted), and starts to look more like a forum thread than an SE question
@ShadowWizard It also runs in to a lot of trouble because the volume of new/inexperienced users trump the number of experienced users, and community decisions about what we expect in an answer, or what sorts of answers are acceptable get blown out of the water by people thinking, "I like that" and upvoting answers a-la-reddit or the like.
Well, such question can be temporary locked then with proper message. I saw it in action on Stack Overflow once with a question about a goat in iOS which got TONS of attention leading to tons of useless answers.
But such a lock can't be done by smaller communities unless a moderator is around, and while I can come in here and ask (as I did this time) for it to be protected, that solution is less than ideal and doesn't lend itself to steady community participation/growth/moderation.
As for users getting wrong impression, the lock should make it clear.
@jmac nothing wrong in summoning a CM here or even via email in such case. :)
The question itself isn't necessarily bad, but it certainly isn't as great as the amount of attention it got. Looking at high-view questions, it's about 50-50 on The Workplace between 'popular' questions and actually 'useful' questions -- and that's not a good ratio in my view.
Here is a good question: How Should I Indicate Language Proficiency on my Resume? (full disclosure: I wrote it). It is one of three questions on the site with over 50k views. Most of those are coming from google I'd assume because it gives great advice on how to tackle something practical that many people face
On the other hand this is our #1 viewed question. That is decidedly just a flash in the pan. Not so good.
@ShadowWizard I disagree with the statement 'nothing wrong' -- ideally communities should be self-moderating, and should not have to go around the available tools to handle something we don't necessarily want or need (a hot network question). Either fixing the formula to have less of an impact, auto-protecting, or having community managers be 'on-call' in the site's chat when something like this happens would all be far preferable.
Sorry, this is a bit of a rant I s'pose, and I'll try to put it all in a feature request sometime today. These hot questions really do add a burden to community moderation, and I really would prefer being excluded entirely (or being allowed to select which questions are eligible for the hot network questions with a special tag or somesuch for trusted users).
12:44 AM
OK, you convinced me. Excluding specific questions from the hot list was mentioned and declined in my "Trolls in the Halls" post, assume you saw it?
I didn't see it actually
Q: Trolls in our Halls

Shadow WizardIn Stack Exchange portal, it says: Stack Exchange is a fast-growing network of 112 question and answer sites on diverse topics from software programming to cooking to photography and gaming. We build libraries of high-quality questions and answers, focused on the most important topics in each...

Other direction, same root problem I guess
And yeah, gnat did all he could in there to promote his agenda as well :)
I think your view on the issue is strongly related to which sites you hang out on
SO and MSO are very very very quick to moderate themselves because of the number of high-rep users and active moderators from various time zones. When you get to smaller sites (like The Workplace) you have very geographically similar user bases, two moderators in virtually the same time zone, and far fewer active users at many parts of the day. That can cause issues.
Agreed. Same in bitcoin site and it caused sock puppet ring to grow and exist for nearly two days.
> This proposal has reached 100% commitment. We are preparing for its launch and expect to create it soon.

Proposed Q&A site for beer aficionados and collectors

Currently in commitment.

Beer, anyone? :-)
1:19 AM
@Shadow, do you know SQL?
1:47 AM
Somehow I managed to create a query. I am ecstatic.
@jmac Yay! :P
You have no idea how horrible I am at understand SQL. Concepts? No problem. I get what I want to do. But I totally lack any feel for the language or how to turn concepts in to working syntax.
@Gnome Hey.
@hichris123 Howdy.
What's going on?
2:04 AM
@hichris123 Why what? Why can't I figure out SQL you mean? Because I'm not a developer or a programmer, professional or enthusiast. I learn by fiddling.
@jmac Ah. It's not that hard, just look at someone elses query and try and pick up on stuff.
@GnomeSlice Not too much, did you post a Today's Listening today? I haven't been around much today.
Nope, first time I've been in today
I can if you like.
Why not? Sure.
Today's Listening ^
Youtube? Don't you usually do something not on Youtube?
2:09 AM
Yeah, sometimes.
Soundcloud or bandcamp
Does Youtube not work?
No, just wondered.
Me was curious.
Analysing your every move... :P
I see.
Well good luck with that, because I make no sense.
I don't know about that...
2:27 AM
@hichris123 That's what I do, but it's not as easy as you'd think when you're starting from scratch. Most of the queries on data.se are either: (a) super-simple, (b) super-advanced, and there are few queries that you can find that allow you to bridge the gaps to create a new type of data (you can only create derivatives of existing tables mostly)
Is there any way to download numerical data from the quantcast stats normal folk have access to?
I have this great chart but I can't see any way to get data without hovering point by point even after checking the source.
@jmac I'm pulling it up, what's it data of?
It's the visits to SE sites. So you can see the flow of traffic.
Huh, interesting.
With my query above I can get up/downvotes, as well as questions and answers per day. It would be interesting to match that with traffic.
Since views aren't stored with a timestamp, there is no way to go backwards and see what people are looking at, but if you have a list of visitors, you can see which questions were getting the most votes and sort of guesstimate backwards
or at least do a bit of analysis on what is causing spikes of traffic.
but in order to do that, I can't use a graph (I mean, I can eyeball it and then fiddle around), but I would much rather have the data so that I can do all sorts of statistical-sounding tests with fancy names that I can ooh and awe folks with
Hmm... not sure how you can get the data.
2:38 AM
So, going back to my query, I can get the 'most voted' post for each day, and then toss that in there to guesstimate.
@hichris123 Well, I can theoretically take the SVG data from the graph, and then write some sort of algorithm to detect the height compared to the baseline, and then scale that according to the scale on the right using the data from one day as a baseline to scale the rest against. It'd probably be pretty accurate, but it'd be a lot of work since I'd have to learn SVG syntax first.
Concept is simple. Execution is well above my knowledge level.
@jmac Don't have the page up, but couldn't you parse the graph with the thingys & numbers? Or is that dynamically loaded and not HTML?
It's an SVG graph. Here is the top line:
<path style="stroke-width: 2px;" fill="#2771a4" class="area" d="M0,258.856L1.054263565891473,258.375L2.108527131782946,258.765L3.162790697674‌​4184,258.9795L ...
Oh. I've not come into contact with those.
so I'd have to figure out what the heck that thing parses to in X/Y coordinates or the like, and then parse through that
the only SVG I know is from so I have a general grasp of what a lot of it means. Basically I think that each of those commas is separating a point on the line, but since it's an area chart it likely loops back later on
So I'd have to somehow parse through each of those coordinates to get the X/Y, and then figure out how those images relate to the larger size of the graph.
Interesting. Sounds pretty hard though.
2:52 AM
The hard for me isn't actually in doing the math, it's in writing code to actually do what I would need it to. I need a siamese programming twin or something.
What I would probably do is dump the data in to MS Word, use the regex expressions to split it up, move that in to Excel, and then figure out the outliers (the peaks on the graph) and try to guesstimate what it's saying, throw together a guesstimate algorithm, and then check it against the data manually for a few points
3:03 AM
@TimStone Excellent idea =)
@hichris123 That is excessively trivializing the difficulty of learning / understanding SQL. Especially for someone who doesn't use programming / math concepts all the time.
In other news.
@jadarnel27 For simple queries, like Select Count(*) from Posts, it should be pretty-self explainitory. But for others, you're right.
Heh, you need to include the protocol (http://)
@hichris123 Followed link. Worth it.
Oh... :P
@michaelb958 For sure. Thank @Undo. :P
@Undo I approve of your brown.
3:18 AM
@hichris123 I disagree, but I imagine we have wildly different experiences with seeing people learn / try to learn to code.
@jadarnel27 I've never seen others code, and I'm a teen who self-taught himself Java, SQL and a little PHP, so... you're completly right.
Since when did the Chrome scroll bars start looking all...weird and different?
I was told that change hit stable a week or so ago, but I've had it that way for months.
It's to unify the interface across all environments (i.e. make it the same as ChromeOS)
@TimStone You use dev channel?
3:25 AM
Same here.
@TimStone Oh! Gotcha.
It says something about me, I think, that I didn't notice the change for, like, a week.
I kind of like it. Looks all sleek and junk.
And now...I have to install Firefox :o
3:45 AM
@jadarnel27 What's wrong with Firefox?
I'm just a diehard Chrome person. Well, Chrome and IE8. But mostly Chrome.
@jadarnel27 Why are you installing Firefox?
Because I'm a terrible web developer.
Er, rather, a client reported a Firefox-specific bug, so I'm trying to reproduce it.
That'll teach me to not test things in all major browsers.
If someone uses Firefox, they don't deserve to have their bug fixed.
@hichris123 Philistine.
3:50 AM
Honestly, who uses Firefox?
Though it's just jQuery. So I would kind of expect it to be pretty decently cross-browser.
@hichris123 Lots and lots of people?
@jadarnel27 Remember: jQuery + silly code = silly code
@michaelb958 Ouch. But that's a good point.
"You can't fix stupid. Not even with jQuery."
Eh, I guess 18% of market share is Firefox.
I take my earlier statements back.
4:29 AM
Aaaaaand it works in Firefox. Now I'm going to have to figure out what version of Firefox she's running. Although I'm starting to be concerned there is something wrong with her PC that might interfering.
4:51 AM
Man, y'all went break dancing in my inbox after I went to bed? A'ite, I see how it's gonna be.
You must have a really big inbox. Do you have an entire mail room just for you?
5:05 AM
you know what ALL CAPS means
...business socks.
5:51 AM
hello @ShadowWizard!!
6:02 AM
:o I've just been serially upvoted on SO! Oh no!
Will you flag for your attention? :-)
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
Why does the SO main page URL display the blog instead?
@JanDvorak Doesn't for me.
it does so even after a hard refresh
7:34 AM
Great. Now it shows "no data has been received"
To avoid any confusion, what exact URL are you visiting?
the domain root, stackoverflow.com
@JanDvorak Hmmm, maybe a localised problem then. For me in the UK, that goes straight to the question list as normal.
Czech Republic here
when it showed the blog, seemingly all SO URL lead to SE blog 404s
:1748758 the IP gives me "site not found"
Yeah, same here. Whoops.
I hate having low rep on some of my accounts. This edit of mine was refused, despite being completely valid. They probably thought "Tusk, 100 rep user trying to deface this question".
7:40 AM
@Duncan I agree with the rejection
it's good to keep the answers updated
@JanDvorak That was a question not an answer.
The OP thought he'd do everyone a favour by including a summary of the answer in his question. Classic SE no-no.
oh. But then the edit summary should have been different
"removed answer summary from the question"
@JanDvorak Yes, that probably would have got it approved. Curse my overly eloquent English!
Ok, I've tried again with your suggested wording :-)
can someone spam-flag this, please? I can't access the URL.
@JanDvorak Done
... and it's deleted.
That was quick :-)
8:06 AM
@JanDvorak Your wording succeeded :-)
Superuser only needs two edit approvers, it seems. Odd.
*two ?
Only SO needs three
I thought that was the limit for the whole trilogy, but apparently it's for SO only.
Can someone tell me where the Hot Network Questions live, so I can go over and beat it up?
Really, I mean, in what universe should a question with 4 close votes be on that list.
@jmac I can only see it's +7
err... +8/-1
Yes. Because we have another question on the top of the hot list bringing people in with nutty concepts of value.
8:16 AM
> Tell me... in what alternate universe would I care about something like that?
We got 13k views on this question yesterday. We get 10k views on your average day. This is bringing in lots of people...
you've got another view, now!
@jmac Excellent answer by the way. You silver-tongued diplomat you..
As far as upvote-to-quality ratio is concerned, that answer is absolute rubbish.
FWIW, I think the OP is an entitled idiot. But hey-ho..
8:28 AM
I am far more proud of this question I asked which has over 50k views because it helps people who are googling that exact question.
Anyone can answer soft questions. And soft questions about soft skills for (soft?) programmers are useful to a large segment of SE, but are not a long-term way to create value. So I really hope that the hot questions bug gets fixed so that we can focus on questions that matter rather than ones involving programmers with a lack of diplomacy.
(and man, that question is going to be at the top of the hot questions list for quite a while due to the quantity of votes and the fact we're going in to the weekend. Oh dear.)
I keep being tempted to write a semi-rant answer that highlights why I think he's got a mistaken view of the world, but I keep having to remind myself that it won't answer the question.
@Duncan agreed
that question basically reads to me... "I'm contracted to work X hours and I currently only bother being in the office for Y hours but now my manager has pointed it out. How do I tell him to shove it without losing my job?"
Yes. With an added dose of "Doesn't he realise I slipped gently and smoothly from the rectum of God and landed in his company, the lucky so-and-so?".
Rectum? God? This room is getting weird.
8:42 AM
The Workplace was mentioned on a podcast: "Joel says it’s a self-help group for commiserating. Jay disagrees!"
I really want it to have harder questions for HR professionals beyond the software industry, but a lot of the questions are from disgruntled software engineers.
Ah, and anyone who wants to show sympathy for my issue with hot questions is cordially invited to read this and upvote it hopefully.
"This question is protected to prevent "thanks!", "me too!", or spam answers by new users. To answer it, you must have earned at least 10 reputation on this site." Ha! That's odd. I assumed my 101 starting rep would solve that problem, but it doesn't.
How frustrating.
Nope, the on this site is key there.
Hmmm, I'm not convinced by that policy. Are there really that many users with 200+ rep on another site who will stupidly write thanks, or "me too" or write spam?
8:59 AM
@Bart 100 > 10, it's confusing
Sure @Flyk. It has come up in meta questions before.
Q: Improve "Protected Question" message with regard to rep gained through Association Bonus

zzzzBovI recently started an account on Android Enthusiasts, and went to add an answer to a question which was protected. I have enough rep on other sites that I have the "Association Bonus", so I was confused as to why I wasn't being allowed to answer the question. This question is protected to pre...

I know, I nearly asked it again the other day
/me ponders making 5 edits in order to unleash on our favourite hot question...
1 hour later…
10:04 AM
You know what I had for breakfast today?
cake is the only correct answer
Brown pancakes.
You know what I had for breakfast today?
cake is still the only correct answer
Argh, damn it, braindead internet connection. Those messages are in the wrong order!!
No, wait, one of them's actually duplicated.
Argh, damn it, braindead internet connection. Those messages are in the wrong order!!
They're also duplicating
Stack Overflow not loading at all fixed by flushing the DNS. Now it loads the blog page again.
10:18 AM
This is what happens when your connection sucks.
@michaelb958 I think it says more about the protocol than the connection quality.
@Duncan If the connection didn't suck, the retry links wouldn't appear, and I wouldn't have to keep reloading. It's the interaction of those two.
Should SE chat feature deduplication tokens for crappy connections?
Any ideas how I can get more attention to my SU question? I think it's on topic, but I'm surprised a Tomcat guru hasn't already commented/answered it already. Am I just used to the speed of response on SO?
Q: OpenGrok home page not refreshing when index updated

DuncanI followed this tutorial to install OpenGrok on an Ubuntu server using Tomcat 7. I have created a cron job that will trigger OpenGrok to update its indexes overnight. If I browse my source tree, by visiting http://mysite/opengrok/xref/, the contents displayed are up-to-date. So the indexing clea...

I could bounty it I suppose, although that would take me beneath the pleasant 101 reputation boundary.
Actually, screw it. Losing 50 rep points wouldn't actually take away any interesting privileges.
@Duncan have a check again on that question...
Did you bounty it?
10:31 AM
I just bountied it.
I tried the same :-)
Awww, well thanks.
It went through all the dialogs nicely and said: done!
I had concluded that a drop down to 62 rep was bearable, since I can still comment everywhere.
then just noticing that it had a bounty on your name... I assumed for a moment I achieved reducing your rep by putting bounties on questions...
10:33 AM
10:47 AM
can we get this guy nuked, please?
I created an account purely to flag that as spam.
I also created an account and flagged as spam
Now lets see where patents is about...
He's got live spam on astronomy and magento, too
@JanDvorak Maybe create a meta post?
this guy has been around for quite some time
you can't just post on meta "please flag these three messages", and an IP ban will be declined
11:00 AM
Who normally nukes such a user? Is a normal site moderator able to do that?
I doubt so
They can nuke the site account, but that's it.
Hmmm. Well, that was part of the reason behind my suggestion to post something on (this) meta - perhaps the people who can wade in would read it an act upon it.
flagged both (on magento I already had an account for spam flagging)
It seems the SU users are rather stingy on question up-votes. I've asked a couple of (I think) well worded questions on there and only ever received on up-vote. Scanning the question list, there's not a single up-voted question on the first page. Bunch of Grinches!
93% of all questions have a zero score.
Very quality centered. They don't want to become like SO :-)
11:06 AM
Wait, that math is broken.
Upvoting is disabled on SU?
@rene No, it's enabled :-)
A: Wicket session stored in database

Jakub KulhanIt seems nobody in Java world care even if it sucks...

eh ^^^
@LaszloPapp did you flag that as naa or worse?
No, I have not done anything with it because it is a selected answer. They can only be deleted by mods, no?
11:16 AM
I flagged as NAA.
I am not sure... so more experienced people here will handle it.
flagged as NAA but the wording is on the edge...
11:31 AM
@rene On the edge?
Hmm is that not well understood english? I'm not a native speaker...
There words in that answer that I find offensive.
Your wording is valid... but I'm wondering what you are referring to. You think that answer might not be a valid NAA?
Oh, right, ok.
I could have flagged for offensive
which was my initial thought
Probably wouldn't have been a good choice. It's not particular offensive, in my mind. That should probably be reserved for racism, swearing, etc.
Ok, As I said, not being a native speaker makes me hold back in those cases which seems the right thing to do.
I had a declined flag a while back where i flagged offensive but a mod explained it was a joke. Still didn't get it...
12:00 PM
@Duncan - then my flag must have been the trigger for autodeletion. Or maybe a mod just passed by. Anyway, that answer is no more.
@SPArchaeologist It was deleted by Bill the Lizard. My flag was marked helpful, which suggests he took the action based our collective flags.
@Duncan -yep, just noticed that. Simply too tired to think to look at the flag results before.
at the moment I just want to take an hammer and drop it on this rgbw light led that stands on the table in front of me, laughing at me and keeping repeating "No more"
1:00 PM
Q: I am broken: reputation graph oddities and rendering issues?

FlykI am broken! Well, maybe not me specifically, but I don't see this issue when looking at other people's reputation pages/graphs, so this isn't something specific to the browser I am using. This issue only seems to occur in Google Chrome 31 and 32 only (the main browser I use). I tested it in Fi...

can anybody repro that in your browsers?
well that stayed open for a long time
such closure, much quick
The surprising part was that I wasn't the first one to vote to close it...I blame being distracted by getting coffee.
I'm not surprised by this revelation
you weren't even second or third
I know, for shame.
might as well just delete your account
1:20 PM
@Duncan I suppose you now want me to upvote that answer?
@rene My meta answer where I quote you?
I'm very polite
Well... if you wish. There is no requirement for you to do so!
I just thought your comment might get lost in the noise and I thought it was a good way to phrase it.
I tend to crack on and answer meta questions. There's too many answers appearing in the comments these days...
@Duncan Thanks for that. You've got my vote. I didn't want to provide an answer. I'm not confident enough in hitting the correct tone of voice in that type of questions
1:51 PM
Just a reminder: this piece of spam is still alive after four hours of having been posted
@JanDvorak Thanks, incinerated.
thank you :-)
seeing the latest question on meta I assume something broke down...
I add my report: Stack Overflow was showing the blog website instead this morning
Maybe Marc Gravell should start kicking more servers meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/216513/…
2:04 PM
Chrome seems to have added some kind of anti-aliasing to text last update...
exhibits on Ask Ubuntu in the closing dialog
Oh, it's back now
I knew you had something to do with it
I felt it in the force
The Y on the right looks like it has broken some bones
2:16 PM
@3ventic community bulletins on the right are moving faster
IE11 vs. Chrome
@3ventic both have terrible keming
The whole site is in need of a redesign..
2:37 PM
@JanDvorak I want to flag that as offensive so badly
@Bart expect it to be swiftly counterflagged
Don't make me take out my smiting stick
(also, I wouldn't mind 90 minutes off ATVM)
I take it these flags don't incur rep penalty?
I still don't get how it offends you?
keming ....
just kidding though
3:12 PM
I feel like this might be really obvious, but my rep indicator in the top bar currently says "+8", and I can't figure out why.
I got an upvotes (+10) but I don't see where the -2 is coming from.
I haven't downvoted any answers today.
You were down voted, though
The rep thinger just doesn't like to be the bearer of bad news.
Well that was silly.
Thanks, @TimStone. I hadn't clicked on the achievement dropdown yet, because I wanted to keep the indicator there.
It actually does show the downvote on MSO.
Oh, okay. I couldn't remember if it did or not.
3:14 PM
I was looking at my rep tab on SO.
Ahh, heh
Why in the world you got a random down vote on that question now, I have no idea.
I had this happen a few days ago, but there was no downvote in the achievement dropdown. So I though I had repeated the problem =)
Haha, I asked that because I was trying to get one of the Meta badges on SO =P
@TimStone I wonder if it's related to the excessively negative comment on left on someone's question last night.
I don't really know why I did that. Question got under my skin for some reason.
Tim Posts answer actually kind of summarizes why that question bugged me so much.
Does anyone here have any explanation for this graph?
@Undo Natural fluctuation? That's a fairly small time range to look at. How does it compare to this time last year?
@Duncan Site hasn't been around for a year.
But it's possible
3:25 PM
Oh, ok. How about comparing the shape of the graph to other sites?
What site is it?
@Bart Space
Maybe people are busy on the lead up to Christmas, then life quietens down and they start to poke SE sites.
And I don't have data on any other sites, unfortunately.
Myeah, seems on coincide with Christmas. Can you check the number of users?
Its progress
3:26 PM
Yeah, just a minute
Q: What do our historical statistics look like?

UndoAs an active, non-moderator user, I'd like to be able to see some graphs of our statistics. Is there any way for me to acquire these visualizations of data?

When did it get out of beta btw?
@Bart It didn't
Not yet
Ah, was on their Meta site. Didn't see a beta there.
Yeah, that can be a little confusing
That, and I'm an idiot
3:28 PM
^ Total answers
^ Total questions
I don't see anything weird there.
Maybe the chart-generator is borked :P
Nope, doesn't look borked to me
Those community-self-evaluation thingies are once every ninety days, right?
I know 90 days is the minimum length for the beta stage. But as far as self-evaluation I'm not certain
3:44 PM
A: "Community Evaluation" on established sites

Anna LearThis is new. Now that we no longer have to run site evaluations manually ourselves, we figured we would expand them to graduated sites. Tim Stone hit the nail on the head in his comment: Maintaining quality over time is just as important as starting off on the right foot. Now, this is so...

^^^ @Undo
" In the meantime, the queue should pop up for a week every 90 days."
@Bart Hmm... we're at 183 days. Maybe it's every ninety days starting at public-beta start?
I would not be surprised if that's the case.
BTW, who's going through Meta flagging old answers as NAA?
Seems like it @Undo. The Blender beta went public by the end of May. Its evaluations were in August and November
Ok, sounds right.
4:04 PM
Anyone ever hear of a toolbar / add-on in Firefox causing JavaScript not to work properly?
No, because I use Chrome
No, because Firefox breaks most of the javascript I use
Huh. Weird. Oh well.
The client asked me why a made some of the text on the web pages into green links that go to Career Builder.
What would I see in the close review queue if a question was VTC using a non-existing close reason? Does it show the old text, but obviously I need to pick a new reason? Just wondering...
Because he has the career builder toolbar installed @jadarnel27?
I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of those shitty "Ooh, I recognize this as a keyword, so I'll make it a link" deals.
4:23 PM
Yeah, @Bart. I think that's what's going on. And I'm wondering if it's messing with my attempt to attach event handlers to dynamically generated anchor tags.
Install the toolbar and see? :p
(Good luck cleaning that mess up)
Haha, I like you @Bart. That's actually a pretty good idea =)
Though I really don't know what specific toolbar she has. She said it installed automatically when she updated Firefox.
I'll just have her try it from another computer in her office. If it works there, she can work out getting her PC working.
"Contact your local IT department"
I'm thinking that's what they want me to be. They don't actually have one. It's a rather small company.
@Duncan You'll see the count off off-topic on the first page but in the detail page it will be gone.
4:36 PM
@rene Ah, ok.
In the queue I'm now handling close votes from november so they all have that issue...
@GnomeSlice sounds like C64 game soundtrack from 1984...
Not quite, but it's Chiptune, yes.
One of the most interesting releases recently, in my opinion.
Lots of different styles.
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