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12:19 AM
@michaelb958 I believe that's to avoid the British Police searching for them after their daring theft:
> "Police are appealing for information, especially about anyone trying to sell large quantities of Heinz baked beans in suspicious circumstances," a force spokesman said.
5 hours later…
4:50 AM
stackoverflow.com/a/11713549/908879 in the comments, the last 3 ones are a bit too chatty basically saying how 'awesome' that site is
i am sad, i really wanted to see my github project traffic without using a 1px image hosted on a weird site...
3 hours later…
7:57 AM
Q: fizzbuzz review

SammyI'm newbie to Java and was trying out this FizzBuzz problem: Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzB...

Please migrate it between this both sites. It's ontopic on the other :P
8:19 AM
Any thoughts on this one? It's an effort at a self-answered Q&A, but the answer has been placed into the question itself. Even if that error is corrected, I'm not sure the question would be on-topic for this site. Because the question would need to be "Can someone post me code that solves this problem."
Q: How to encrypt/decrypt with phpseclib, gen random pass phrases, sign and verify

VinceI don't have any quests regarding this topic but I do feel like a more complete/easy to read example was seriously needed because the documentation and all of the online examples/references I've read upto this point made me want to open my skull and scratch my brain I was so confused. So here go...

8:42 AM
Let's slightly nudge him in a proper direction @Duncan. Maybe he can revise it in a decent way. I'll leave a comment
I'm trying to be gentle here, because he means well. But I'm not sure this can be edited into an on-topic question. I wonder if a nudge towards codereview might be better.
Consider him nudged... Let's see
Good nudge.
Ah, feels better to be a 3k user on meta now. Always seems strange not having the close option as you browse about.
8:58 AM
I should really get to 10k on SO though. Really bugs me that I can't vote to delete like I can on Meta.
I actually find the lesser permissions more irritating when I don't have them. Like the up/down votes or at least seeing whether close votes are underway.
9:24 AM
i take it that there's no good way to do a rollback on a closed question without it ending up in the reopen queue?
Not sure if it puts it in there on a rollback actually.
But does it matter if it does?
Which question is it? I'm intrigued by the benefits of rolling back a question but not wanting it to be on the queue.
Q: Check value returned from a library function

user1935430I write function to init lirc: static int fd = -1; int my_lirc_init(void) { if ((fd = lirc_init ("myapp", 0)) <= 0 ) { perror("lirc_init"); return 0; } if (lirc_readconfig (NULL, &config, NULL) != 0) { perror("lirc_readconfig"); config = NULL; ...

basically someone had posted a comment, poster updated code, question is closed as off-topic
ideally rollback to before that edit, but not waste time in the reopen queue
(though it wouldn't be the end of the world if we had to just suck it up)
9:46 AM
What would be the purpose? If the question is closed and the change would not bring it closer to be re-opened, would this achieve anything?
Also, to be clear, which revision number would you be considering?
10:15 AM
@Duncan .... futile nudge it seems. Voted to close.
10:35 AM
Hmm, @Oded, can a 1-rep meta user come to the Tavern?
I think they can see the room, but can't participate.
Hmm, okay. I was considering to pull this OP into here, assuming actual confusion on his behalf. But that won't work then.
The privilege is Talk in chat
Geez, how did I not see that one
10:51 AM
Waste of time I think. He's just on a rant mission and even if he could come in here, it would just fill up with his detritus.
Geez, that guy has a bee in his bonnet...
Hmm, a quick Google reveals that I'm wasting my time indeed. His online presence is..... yeah, I'm wasting my time.
Who's upvoting all his comments on that question anyway?
/me is looking at @Oded
Actually trying to figure out how to respond to him. Not sure why he thinks we care about him posting that on a consumer website, when he didn't pay for anything.
10:56 AM
Meh, I think he's not in a listening mood all that much. Responding at all seems rather futile.
A rebuttal from michaelb958 will be appearing for the public record as soon as the site's caches clear (which they say could be a few hours).
I'd almost wish for our EE-Expert to come back and redirect him there.
Interestingly, that same consumer website hosts an earlier complaint about SO/SE from someone else who wasn't happy about having his questions "flagged and closed".
They should ask for their money back.
11:15 AM
Damn. Closed before I could post my answer :/
@Oded I think your can fix that, if desired.
@Bart exactly. I still don't get why he would post that rant on a consumer site, seeing as he didn't pay a thing.
@michaelb958 I could reopen, answer and close, but won't.
Any place that will let your rant with their explicit guarantee they won't delete it will do I guess @Oded.
I guess. I love that he thinks that it is a threat.
I wouldn't be so dismissive about that @Oded. Your job might be at risk here.
11:24 AM
And to think that but for one misposted programming question none of this would have happened...
@Oded What I don't understand is why he thinks that will do anything except as use for flamebait.
@Qantas94Heavy Well, that was part of my answer...
1 hour later…
12:32 PM
aw who deleted my actual real rude comment
@Kev the best approach is to actually go rant about that on Meta. I might even leave a rude comment.
@Oded that Karl bloke who's raising a stink on meta just now, pretty sure I've seen him before when I was a mod
and he did the same thing last time
@Bart then I'll post a thing on the rest of the internet about how I was censored...fuck-yeah!
Rant away my son. Make us all proud. /me wipes tear from eye
@Bart I don't know why people are pussy footing around that guy, if anything we're being far too nice instead of cutting off his air supply.
I'm entirely tempted to vote for deletion again. The thread is pointless and going nowhere. The guy has one goal ....
12:45 PM
@Bart if I still had my diamond I'd have deleted by now and stuck him in the cooler for a couple of days.
@Kev The tone is familiar. As is the use of that site.
Poor Richard .... but yeah, I'm not convinced that even with his edits the question would have gone anywhere.
But I just edited it into some semblence of sanity
As much as I appreciate the effort @RichardTingle, I'm not sure it would have lead anywhere. You could reopen it, answer it, but then the OP would have still ranted and raved.
@Oded his name rings a bell from around two years ago
12:54 PM
@RichardTingle Sorry. But it was going nowhere. Fast.
@RichardTingle good effort, but sadly his bozo bit was permanently flipped, like an annoying stuck pixel.
1:37 PM
Language tags are often first in the list of tags for a question. What triggers that - do they need a prettify association for it to work?
I ask, because some questions about obscure languages don't follow that pattern. E.g.
Q: convert string to aesthetics for aes_string

user2964795I have the following problem. I want to turn a string e.g > a<-paste('x=col1,y=col2,fill=col3') into a form that aes_string accepts like this: x='col1',y='col2',fill='col3' this is part of a function: >fun<-function(data,aes.string=''){ aes_mapping <- aes_string(aes.string) p <- ggplot(df....

Note that "r" is not first in the list of tags.
Perhaps we should simply invalidate the votes of users asking about this strange "rep cap" phenomenon on Meta, as soon as they ask the question. It seems to be a pretty decent vote fraud indicator.
Are they sorted at all @Duncan?
I thought so, @Bart. Take for example a query I run often: stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/…
Scanning down, you can see whenever a language tag is used (Java, C++, whatever), it is first.
Sorted by #questions with that tag?
Looks like it.
Ah, that could be it.
Would apply to your example as well
1:44 PM
Yup, and another random chosen example. Ok, solved.
My cap is doffed to you, good sir.
Elementary my dear Watson.
2 hours later…
3:59 PM
Grrr, I hate when you've seen a duplicate countless times before but can't find one.
4:13 PM
Is it generally acceptable to try and create the canonical example to point other questions towards as a duplicate?
I keep seeing a similar Java question over and over. Often the question is written by a "less than average" SO user, so it's normally poorly formatted and full of "I'm a newb, but..."
I figured a decent CW question that covers the topic could be useful.
Ok, found enough meta discussion to convince myself this is a reasonable option (provided I can't find a almost-great duplicate out there).
4:43 PM
Myeah, if it's a good canonical question, that seems reasonable enough.
What happened to Teacher's Lounge? I can't find it.
School's out for today.
@Bart That's a drag, I have an issue; the moderator site for CrossValidated is also down.
Strange .... you're not accidentally logged in over there with a different non-mod ID?
(Making wild guesses here)
@Bart No, I see my name and my diamond moderator thing
4:52 PM
@Oded any clue? ^^^^
@Bart The room on CrossValidated is showing as automatically frozen
it's that inactive?
@Bart We are a well-behaved bunch :-) I haven't seen it frozen before, but I've only been a moderator for about a month. I posted there, I think that unfreezes it
Myeah, freezing normally happens after a period of inactivity
5:10 PM
I am in TL right now - with lots of others and have been all day.
Gonna take a look at the rooms for stats in a mo
@PeterFlom - I have unfrozen it. Don't know what happened there.
@PeterFlom - the room was inactive. For about a month, so got automatically frozen.
1 hour later…
6:26 PM
How do I make an existing question of mine CW?
I don't seem to have an option when I edit. Did I miss my chance when I originally authored it?
Nope, you have to flag for a mod to do so.
6:44 PM
why do you want to CW it in the first place?
7:22 PM
Could someone please explain the concept of "fun facts" to Nick?
Fun fact: the #stackoverflow datacenter is currently on fire - but we’re assured it’s a small fire.
He started the fire so it's fun for him!
I guess you've got to do something to spice up a boring day.
8:04 PM
@Oded Thanks Oded
@Duncan, @Bart Sorry, I went to bed
what i brought up isn't a big deal, was just curious
8:54 PM
Perhaps every time someone posts a question with a it should come with a pop-up stating "Your idea is probably not as good as you think it is. Do you want to proceed?". Maybe that will stop people from assuming their ideas are brilliant, and will see them honestly accept criticism. (yeah, as if)
But just because you don't want to be the one to implement it I guess? ;)
I can just imagine the reaction some people would have to that. Take our new friend - syntax error... it wouldn't stop anyone...
Oh, so now you're saying my idea isn't brilliant. Nice attitude. I'm only trying to improve the site here. Abuse! Censorship! For shame!
You can always go to Experts-Exchange
9:02 PM
I heard good things about that recently.
@Oded i think you got the hyphenation wrong :)
btw it would be really nice if chat oneboxing also worked with manual pings instead of just replies
9:17 PM
@balpha: shouldn't this be converted to a link? [<‘font-size’> [ / <‘line-height’> ]?](developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/font)
9:41 PM
I want to cancel a flag so bad... I know we should be very careful when flagging but things happen, anyone care to remind me why we can't cancel flags?
because a declined flag is not a big deal
they hurt me in ways I cannot describe in English words, I would need to use some ancient egiptian glyphs
pretty much just a 180º rotated bird, but the point is they hurt
A declined flag is like a friction burn: it hurts like hell, but you get over it.
is this true?
@ChrisF A single declined flag around the 740-50 mark can set you back hundreds of flags from getting the Marshal badge. — fredley Oct 13 '11 at 14:38
not that I am even attempting to get that badge, I have flagged less than 100 times in my life, but just curious
9:49 PM
@ajax333221 No longer. That was during the flag weight days; flag weight is obsolete now.
@ajax333221 No, not anymore. Flag Weight is dead.
It will set you back, but not that much.
Will it even set you back? It's not a pure 500 helpful flags at the moment?
Nope. There is a calculation which takes bad flags into account.
Ah, okay. Didn't know
Oh. For the badge. Was thinking about # of flags per day.
You are probably right.
9:57 PM
@michaelb958 Yeah, but only if your flag was wrong. A correct flag that was declined or disputed is... Argh.
http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/flag-posts - specifically:
When you start out, you are allotted 10 flags per day. This number may increase to up to 100 flags per day:

•You get one bonus flag per 2000 reputation.
•You are awarded additional bonus flags when you flag correctly - one bonus flag for every ten net helpful flags (helpful flags minus declined flags).
Nah @AndersUP. That is not relevant for Marshall Badge progress
@AndersUP We're talking about the Marshal badge; I believe Oded stated that it probably only counts total (not net) helpful flags.
@Bart Yeah, for the badge it is just 500. My link was because I read the "didn't know" as a response to the Odeds "There is a calc".
Yeah, we were talking about different things there. @Oded doesn't understand me any more. He never listens. I don't know where things went wrong. I was telling my therapist the other day how...... /me rambles even more nonsense than I usually do
10:05 PM
Yeesh, @Bart - you are worse than my wife.
@Bart how much nonsense do you usually provide?
Nonsense all the way down.
Confirming. I checked.
yay I shortened this javascript (~"abc".indexOf("x")?0.5:0) to (!!~"abc".indexOf("x")/2)
10:26 PM
aka: (boolean) in other languages?
! negates, doble !! just turns the value into its boolean, if it was falsey it is now false, and truthy now is true
so it is implicitly turning it into a boolean, which can also implicitly turn into a number (1 or 0)
so yes, it's like (bool) in other languages
@ThiefMaster but you need to say it implicitly too, that is how JS works
11:05 PM
Q: Some chat users have gravatars with no hash in the URL

ThiefMaster http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/2925837/hasan-alaca http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/2758236/lugia101101 Both have this gravatar URL: https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/?s=128&d=identicon&r=PG&f=1 I've already seen this behaviour a few days ago. Both users have proper gravatar identicons ...

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