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5:07 AM
@Feeds Turns out the Great Onebox goes both ways
1 hour later…
6:12 AM
Spammer actually was almost able to hide the spam, until you read to the end of the spam post.
Same on SO, amazing it wasn't caught yet.....
@tripleee the "link at end of answer" doesn't apply to questions, I assume? ^
6:51 AM
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar the rule in the code has a comment which says specifically in questions, though the code does not seem to force this (but perhaps something in the calling code does)
@tripleee sorry, don't understand.
What do you mean by "says specifically in questions"?
So it should have been reported and wasn't due to a bug?
Anyway both spam questions gone, though spammer not nuked.
it should have been caught but we don't scan meta
the second one looks like there might be a bug somewhere
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar better? :-)
@tripleee we scan MSE but not per-site metas
...pretty sure.
the metasmoke record looks like it should have been caught IMHO but there could be invisible characters I'm not spotting, or something like that
@tripleee yes you do, Smokey post spam from MSE as well. And one was on SO itself.
@RyanM oh. Yep. ;)
6:59 AM
This rule and this rule are both explicitly answer-only. And this one that does links at the end of questions isn't run on SO.
@tripleee that would be smart, based on the post itself and how much thought (?) was put to make it appear legit on first glance, won't be surprising.
oh but the link at end rule is not active on SO, it only triggers on a small set of sites, sorry for missing that
... ninja'd
Well as long as it won't become a wave, doesn't really matter.
7:12 AM
@SmokeDetector N
7:39 AM
Since this became a big issue on SO:
Q: Feature request: "Post notice" suggesting to accept an answer

Jeff BowmanIn line with the abandoned rule proposal, I suggest the implementation of a "Post Notice" question banner in the style of the "Close Vote" banner, visible only to question authors, answerers, and moderators, instructing users about their prerogative to accept an answer. The text would look someth...

Meh, who cares about accepting
I've downvoted that
accepting is overrated
@tripleee gone
@MetaAndrewT. what big issue? What happened?
@Luuklag exactly
8:02 AM
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar some answerers posted many comments regarding accepting an answer, mods deleted them and gave them a warning, users complained on meta, mods almost blanket banned it.
@MetaAndrewT. ohh, missed that, and not sad that I did. 🚽
But yeah, blocking comments is bad thing, period.
The insta-nuke of comments with certain words upon single flag is more than enough.
Do you not even support the banning of "What have you tried?" as a comment?
(which is currently banned)
It's one thing to say accepting isn't really important, I totally agree, but it's also legit for people to complain about it not being important.
@RyanM neutral about it, but that's different, it's coming from the unfriendly direction.
Accepting nagging isn't really rude or unfriendly.
well...some people manage to be kind of unfriendly about it
Which is what started the whole thing.
yeah that discussion crossed over into here as well
8:07 AM
I personally agree that the initial proposal was an overreach; my only-very-slightly-pared-back proposal seemed well-received.
To be honest, if it cause so much drama, and has no real value anyway, I'd support removing the whole acceptance thing. Leave only the votes, and maybe compensate the rep loss by allowing the OP to give "bonus" of 15 rep but without marking this on the answer.
but got deleted swiftly
I wouldn't mind OPs being able to upvote answers on their own questions.
It's kind of broken that they can't.
@RyanM agreed
Still won't replace accepting though.
Yeah, but it'd help a lot.
8:09 AM
@RyanM "That's why we can't have nice things!"
1 hour later…
9:35 AM
Hi guys quick question, how do I get the badge picture of ELL?
@DialFrost take a printscreen?
its an SVG I think
Hmm ill try
9:52 AM
@Luuklag yup, sprites technique, using one big image then taking what's needed using CSS. Saves lots of requests to the server.
yeah, and the sprite is pretty light weight
1 hour later…
12:14 PM
@JourneymanGeek gone ;)
1:01 PM
I think I might be missing something why this was posted on their meta... Compile times on various machines for the parachain template
1:26 PM
> Post your details and the resulting HTML file's header table info (best to do by viewing in a browser), and copy/paste the CPU load graph here to show off your rigs' build power!
1:46 PM
Question - this FAQ says that only closures within 60 days count against you but Jon's question where he adds the limiting factor of 60 days specifically only says that deletions are impacted by the change, not closures - is there any citation for 60 days for closures?
Q: Should we change the positive asking record criteria for the Curious badge set?

Jon EricsonPoking around the people's profiles to see how the new activity page looks I keep seeing things like this: It looks strange to have a 25/5 progress on a badge, but the dialog explains that what this user is missing is a positive record of asking. The formula is: (total questions - negative quest...

@Catija no pop quizzes in this chat
Ever been so sleep-deprived you forget to chew food
No, just so much that I forgot to eat food at all.
@ShadowWizardSaysNoMoreWar if you liked Andrew's answer, you should accept it
@Tinkeringbell well that doesn't sound miserable. I only meant to say "I'm miserable"
Well what's new? :P
I won't be miserable when I overeat and then take a 4-hour nap
That'd be new
Tomorrow's off due to pollution. Thanks carcinogens
1:59 PM
@M.A.R. Of course you will be. It's not good for you.
Some genius somewhere said "it's okay because there's wind"
God's blowing on the dust so it'd go away
@Tinkeringbell "I like living dangerously"
Oh, I thought it was the blowing that stirred up the dust to begin with.
"I'm living in the moment"
"God created free will so I can overeat"
@M.A.R. Not if you're planning a 4 hour nap after overeating, you're not.
@Tinkeringbell Okay okay, I'm living somewhere in the near future after the nap
2:08 PM
3:05 PM
@Catija It was edited in revision 103 of the FAQ answer by animuson.
No, it was edited in revision 100 by Martijn. animuson did remove a link to the citation on MSO, though.
@M.A.R. Yes
I'm confused, are you asking how a particular badge criteria works, or the wording of the FAQ
3:21 PM
> is there any citation for 60 days for closures?
I think she's wondering if there's a source for that
Jon's question, in revision 2, gained a "Modified Proposal" that does refer to closed questions as well as deleted questions, but it's unclear which proposal they went with given there's no followup or answer
@Stormblessed: Because the modified proposal was implemented. (Though re-reading this question, I can't for the life of me remember writing it. Four years?!?) — Jon Ericson May 12, 2019 at 5:00
2 hours later…
4:57 PM
@Catija Ah, found their edit (revision 101). I was looking for the exact text of the current bullet ("current closure date"), which was in revision 103. 101 added in a bullet with a source link explicitly stating it. Thanks for the pointer.
There is still one unsourced claim, though: if the question was closed within 60 days, then reopened, then re-closed after 60 days, will it cease to count as a closed post? The source link doesn't explicitly say so.
I'm personally affected by one such closure. A while ago, I was the first one to file a bug report. Another user filed the same report after mine. The developer who fixed it responded to the second report immediately and closed mine as a duplicate. So it's counted as a negatively-received question even though I was the first to file it.
I'm having someone look at the actual code - it seems odd that Jon would explicitly only make the 60 day apply to deleted posts and then actually implement it so that closed posts only count within 60 days, too.
6:01 PM
Apparently I've been outpaced in reading speed.
Thanks for the review!
I opted to still call the second bullet "beta" requirements due to the large amount of existing meta posts and documentation that still refers to that schema with that name.
👍 At one point, Robert had recommended just calling beta levels "low" but I want to hold off on any more changes until we can make progress on the site lifecycle.
6:17 PM
@Catija TBH letting sites go to "bigger" reputation levels by request is probably good enough
6:42 PM
I wonder if there's a place for some "medium" reputation levels somewhere between "beta site" and "Stack Overflow"
SO already has some special casing.
I still want to split at least some privileges away from rep entirely.
No ETA on that, though.
7:04 PM
@Tinkeringbell turns out my brain has given up on the idea of sleeping altogether. I ended up going jogging.
that sounds like a rather odd replacement for sleep
@Catija edit privs, a few review queues, seeing spam in shades of pink, none of them need to be tied to rep
One could argue the current system is rewarding you for getting to 10k rep by allowing you to enjoy troll posts
There are a few arguable things with that arguable position and all in all it sounds like a lot of arguing.
Lots of rep to be gained from lots of meta posts.
So people can get premium access to Nutella skin care weight loss vampirism
Personally I'm two morally grand popular stances away from the pink post privs
editing would probably be the easiest, least intrusive one to tackle first.
People like me, who've never suggested an edit, would all of a sudden need to have edits approved before regaining the ability.. but people in my position likely don't edit that much anyway.
And it stands to improve the... full edit queue problem.
@M.A.R. or 10 good bug reports
7:22 PM
@RyanM that requires w**k
Much easier to complain about new users complaining about moderators complaining about roboreviewers complaining about audits complaining about, erm
Site analytics and vote count splits are my first thoughts for stuff that doesn't need to be rep gated.
Psssh, bug reports are easy. Morally grand stances require good timing and careful consideration.
Probably the ability to see close votes can be thrown in, as that should send a signal to newer users that can't yet vtc but may need to know not to answer posts.
@RyanM >_>
Or simply taking a stand.
Oh I meant as a way to earn rep :-p that was tongue-in-cheek
7:33 PM
Maybe disable the option to flag for closure then though, a post with close votes is already in the queue and flag farming isn't something that should be that easy/encouraged
In terms of taking a stand for the sake of taking a stand, I agree that it simply requires taking a stand.
@RyanM Most of my grand moral stances were... somewhat impulsive
Yeah, I'm afraid that my tongue-in-cheek snark didn't quite translate to text there ^^;
In my defence its half past 3
I command thee ..
7:38 PM
working ._.
I didn't expect it to work! Woohoo, magic :D
8:05 PM
I love stands
It makes typing difficult so you know the guy means what they say
@JourneymanGeek sleep deprivation is the number one cause of wakefulness
@Tinkeringbell lol I can't sleep cause I am working
I'm typing like a monkey. A hairy Shakespeare loving monkey
I'm going to sleep. Something @Journey can't do right now
Man sleep is great
So is the ability to go to sleep right now if I wished to
It's a shame Journey can't sleep right now. Won't get to experience the great feeling of sleeping.
8:35 PM
both the question and answer are different spam
Thank you, answer spammer, for bringing the question spam to our attention!
📣 Mmmmooooddddsssss
9:37 PM
@KevinB Yup. And that's the one I want to start with, honestly. :P
9:57 PM
These kinds of systems also give you interesting levers to pull to control flow
Too many suggested edits in review? lower the threshold
@Catija Regarding the update on site themes, are you able/planning to release the list of the first 36 sites (or, alternatively, is there an existing way to see which sites those are)?
@cairdcoinheringaahing It's the 29 on my list from the first mass beta removal (minus Windows Phone) plus eight more that had already left beta at that point.
Ethereum, Data Science, Bitcoin, Mechanics, Arduino, Philosophy, Law, Quantum Finance.

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