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At the same time, we don't want to disappoint those communities who are working hard to obtain a community to support their site before proposing, if their effort goes in vain
I think we should just shut down all the sites and replace them with one, huge site that takes any and all questions. We could call it Random.SE. To make it easy for people to remember the site, we could have them just go to stackexchange.com/b/. :^)
1:39 AM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange I think they did consider moving it all to SO, at least a bit
So we should call the site: to stir up or a mixture?
Shakshouka.com sounds exciting.
a Melange?
@JourneymanGeek A few years ago 4chan did something like that for April Fools, merging multiple boards together. The results were absolutely hilarious.
Just imagine if here we merged DIY with Mechanics.SE or something. :D
Oh dear, or imagine Islam.SE and Skeptics.SE merged.
A similar suggestion, true, but mélange implies that the random assortment of everything combined is excellent, like chocolate on steak, squid ice cream, pickle milk, banana caviar, etc.
Ah. Yeah this would be more like... toothpaste and orange juice.
1:47 AM
I have orange and other fruit flavored toothpaste; I enjoy it compared to extreme wintergreen mint flavoring.
One of dozens of popular flavors:
It no one bought it, they wouldn't make it.
2:18 AM
@Rob Thanks. I don't understand how you got that PNG. The original link takes me to a page with this image: i.imgur.com/…
My edit was approved, so it's live now. I simply clicked on the OP's link, visited the website, right clicked (press and hold, touchscreen) and it said that the extension is PNG - so I simply added that to the original URL and used inline Markdown (preserving the OP's formatting; and obtaining the original blur free image). You're welcome.
@PM2Ring You are using this: https://i.imgur.com/8lr5HpQ_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium, that's why, use this: m.imgur.com/8lr5HpQ
@Rob Ah. That explains it. I'll try to remember for next time...
I don't know why you got redirected, I had no such problem.
I just tried your m.imgur link, but got redirected back to the i.imgur .webp thing. Maybe it's because I'm using a phone browser (Samsung).
I am using an S9+, with FF Android.
2:32 AM
I'm using an S9, with the Samsung browser (not FF or Chrome). I tried using the desktop view on imgur, and still got redirected.
It's a mystery... But thanks again for your help, and fixing the image on Math.SE.
But I guess it's a bit of a pointless fix, since the question's 1 vote away for being closed, due to being a homework dump, with no response from the OP.
@PM2Ring If I press and hold on the second link (mine) in the comment above and Share to the Samsung Browser I get the same result as you, but if I Share to the newer Samsung Beta Browser it defaults to the desktop and the goodness:
Old vs. Beta
It's free in the Samsung Store.
I prefer FF.
The main reason I use the Samsung browser is that handy button that fast scrolls to the top of the page. I might investigate the Beta... OTOH, I'm not a huge fan of being an unpaid beta tester...
On a totally different topic, this comment I posted yesterday on MSO has gathered a few upvotes. :)
People come to Stack Overflow (& other sites on the network) with misguided expectations, and then react as if it's our fault that those expectations are wrong. I like pancakes, but I don't go around criticizing the network because you can't order a stack of pancakes here. ;) — PM 2Ring 13 hours ago
SSaSamSammSammy ssosoftware is reasonably tested before releasing and not terrible for bug fixing; I've noticed no bugs - it's more that they have rigorous testing, but calling it Beta lets them release early; as opposed to "you being a tester".
Google KBD bug is back ^
@PM2Ring Yes, everyone's time has equal value; so two people is one dollar per second - based on average of 8 hour day average in my last half dozen jobs. Sometimes (frequently) it's not worth arguing if the other side isn't contributing half the cost.
2:53 AM
Here's a "fun" story about a screwup caused by a Samsung dev mindlessly copying code from SO: stackoverflow.com/q/48610180/4014959 The OP of that question is a regular in the SO Python chat room.
"Hoist with his own petard" is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase's meaning is literally that a bomb-maker is lifted ("hoist") off the ground by his own bomb (a "petard" is a small explosive device), and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice.The phrase occurs in a central speech in the play in which Hamlet has discovered a plot on his life by Claudius and resolves to respond to it by letting the plotter be "Hoist with his own petard". Although the now-proverbial phrase is the best known part of the speech, it and the later...
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4:24 AM
err, why is there a page 1/2 and next button in the middle of the answer list
@Feeds ignore that it's not oneboxed, but... wut?!
@MetaAndrewT. Yeah - I believe there's an official meta post coming later today. Apparently SE's still having a bit of trouble co-ordinating their announcements.
4:58 AM
... can y'all please be kind?
1 hour later…
@Catija what did I miss?
@Feeds goodbye
Done my part.
@user400654 they changed the design of the paging.
Hi @rene! :P
Oh wait lol
Thought it's Den.
Nope, we're both here
6:45 AM
@rene @Zoe isn't here. :(
Yeah, that is a bit of a quality drain
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard No such command 'bring'.
Maybe if we move everyone to the Den, Zoe will move to being here?
6:46 AM
She's not in Den either. :(
Oh she's pingable there though. :D
Zoe Where Art Thou?
@rene Art of Code?
6:57 AM
sure, let's have a party. At a distance.
There shall be no partying, not even at a distance.
@Tinkeringbell -1
What? Parties make noise, and I don't like noise.
7:14 AM
Let's make some noise !!!!!....
@Tinkeringbell silent disco
I've really not missed parties while things were locked down.
Though silent disco is acceptable, I guess.
@Luuklag isn't that on Lowlands?
7:34 AM
@rene dunno, you can do it everywhere I think
I don't think Chat is affected by this hideous font change?
This still reads pleasent
Chat's not on stacks
nor do I feel its likely to happen soon
True, too much debt for that to ever be possible without a new chat redesign I think
To be fair, I'm kinda getting used to it now. My eyes aren't as tired as yesterday, nor is my brain as fried, so that probably helps XD
8:00 AM
@Luuklag I mean, I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to that, but I doubt it'll happen.
I did hunt for any questionable grammer in this post, but sadly found none to prove the point :P — Tinkeringbell ♦ 2 mins ago
@Tinkeringbell I do make an effort ;)
Is the effort called Grammarly? Mine is :P
Nope. I wrote it on the phone in a car, in any case.
Oh wow. I couldn't have done that.
I've never actually used Grammarly or anything similar. Been considering it.
I really like it, it really helps me. To the point where I've started messing up more if it's not there XD
8:06 AM
My problem is that sometimes after switching languages too often I just lose all my words and grammar... in any language.
My chrome on Android has built-in grammar check
8:18 AM
There's a few more of those sprinkled across the post. Together with some perhaps questionable grammar, like 'over 100 millions unique users'. — Tinkeringbell ♦ 40 secs ago
I found some questionable grammar! :P
39 seconds before I did.
> 5+ years management experience leading a community facing team with millions of users
Wow. I don't envy the one that had to lead a team with millions of users on it!
That sentence is crooked as well.
I think that's chopped and changed from the CM role description
@JourneymanGeek Probably, that may also very well be why there's a double space between 'facing' and 'team'.
All in all... kinda sloppy, unfortunately.
8:26 AM
Yeah. Not the best kind of advertising.
I can excuse proofreading errors, but I draw the line at misleading information.
@Mithical I had a few conversations on some of the postings, not counting the ones I did publicly
(granted I don't read them all, only the interesting ones :D )
@rene You rang?
we let ourselves out, thank you very much :P
8:29 AM
@Tinkeringbell I expanded my list a whole lot
@JourneymanGeek That's to blame on @ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard then, Zoe clearly escaped from the Den :P
@Tinkeringbell The leash is too long?
I mean, Hi!
@Luuklag Good one :) You already had my vote though
8:33 AM
All the nitpicking kinda sets the tone for the job itself, also... you will be handling this bunch of smartasses who all have strong opinions on how you should do your job and will call you out on mistakes.
@Mithical ... we didn't start the fire ...
And that's just the mods? :D
pfft :P
@Mithical on the other hand, treat em right, and they get stuff done even before there's a problem, :D
8:40 AM
@Luuklag "dQ..." Hmmm... 🤔
@Luuklag I believe the proper term is "Bait" D:
You've seen the link too much @Mithical
Blame @Zoethe1337Princess :D
I've been asleep, it's clearly Journeyman's fault :p
That's a very sus link you have there :eyes:
@Zoethe1337Princess :P
@Zoethe1337Princess yes, I guessed the party could use some schwung
9:06 AM
@Zoe where's the cake?
Is it true that the accept event is not noted in the timeline of an answer, or its parent question?
@Luuklag two non-moderators can play at this hunting-down-questionable-grammar game :-)
@Luuklag I think so, yes.
Yeah, have my upvote @RyanM
You had mine as well, those double spaces were painful to see ^^;
@Luuklag Yes, it's impossible to tell when an answer was accepted without digging through the poster's rep history. It's annoying. There's a meta post about this...somewhere.
9:11 AM
Both answers failed to understand that the job application is setting a standard ...
Q: Accept vote isn't shown in an accepted answer's timeline

riQQChecking the timeline of an accepted answer of mine, I can't see the accept vote for my answer. As per https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/271754, it should be available: The accept vote is available on the accepted answer's timeline. This feature request also confirms that is has been available ...

Another good thing that used to work and went poof.
Like tag subscription. And other features that were just removed without any notice.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard The cake is a lie!
@Zoethe1337Princess :-O
@RyanM gone
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Also this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/272892/… I commented to Des there, to hopefully get it fixed :/
9:17 AM
@RyanM gone
@Luuklag lost cause, deferred means "It's in the list, but won't be done in the near future" which means long years, in the best case.
I know @Sha but couldn't help myself anyways
They removed it for a reason, most likely.
Need to vent some frustration every now and then
@Luuklag punch someone something. ;)
9:20 AM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Probably because it took effort to keep it. It was easier to remove
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard nah, I'm a keyboard warrior
@Luuklag queries timeout, yeah.
So instead of wasting precious dev time on optimizing queries....
!!/coffee Bluefeet
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard brews a cup of Cappuccino for @Bluefeet
Maybe this will help.
Or Nick.
per Des, "This seems like a bug/missed usecase" so it probably wasn't intentional
@RyanM meh, they changed something which indirectly caused it, that something was on purpose. And they won't undo it, so...
Still, if they would have planned to fix it any time soon, would be used. That's not the case.
Deferred means this:
9:27 AM
That pile isn't hearly as high enough ;)
It's in the list, sure! But in the bottom.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Well, FIFO would say that that is a good thing :P
@Tinkeringbell hear hear the shelfstocker ;)
@Tinkeringbell FIFO is a nice guy, LIFO too. :P
@Luuklag XD It's a good practice!
1 hour later…
10:36 AM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Did that really "work", say there's more than a half dozen answers; you need to check each one to see if it was ever accepted, whereas if the record of accepts is stored in the question's timeline (since it's the question that accepts the answer) people only need to check one place to see what, when, and any changes to which was accepted. --- It's any Bounty (which appears, totalized, in a green box next to the associated answer) that ought to appear in the answer timeline; and
would clutter the question timeline if it appeared there.
@Rob it was useful stat; maybe not ideal, but people used it.
It's still available.
@Rob maybe, but only few would bother to go look for it, it's not that important. That feature was useful because it was simple to use.
Similar, but not same, is tag subscription. Once upon a time, before the overhaul of tag popup, you could hover over a tag, click "subscribe", and that's it - you got emails whenever new questions with the tags were posted. Now? You have to go to stackexchange.com and use the old and unfriendly "Filtered Questions".
Making things more complex for users is just... bad.
11:18 AM
11:55 AM
Smokey disturbs @Rob's sleep. Not nice.
luckily pings don't wake him up :)
nah, its just marketing
While it's nice to know and thanks for that, what is the point of this announcement? As proved beyond any doubt by now, you're not looking for someone from within Stack Exchange community, you will rather bring someone from the outside. It's fine, I wish you good luck with that, but can't see the benefit of telling us you're doing it. — Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard 1 min ago
@Sha there's at least also a bit of info about someone leaving the company...
So there's some point to it.
@Tinkeringbell meh, just me being bitter. Edited some more juice into the comment.
Oh wait you oneboxed after edit.
I mean... y'all should know about it.
@Luuklag gone
12:03 PM
And... you're kinda coming across really rude.
@Catija it's "nice to know", yeah, but without real purpose. Sara never worked directly with us as far as I can tell, so it won't directly affect us.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I think you miss the point of that post, by a long way. And that contributes to the comment really showing the bitterness to the point of kinda being rude.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard eh, some mods got employed on SE.
@Catija that's not my intention, in such case feel free to delete.
@MetaAndrewT. lol
In the distant past.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard O.o I did not expect you to say that XD
12:05 PM
@Tinkeringbell which part?
It's extremely exciting that the company has decided that we need a VP! It means they're really thinking about the communities and want to give y'all a voice at the leadership table - even more than what Teresa is already doing.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard "It won't directly affect us". But you saying that is a good thing ;-)
An executive who works directly with the CMs and hears about what the community needs is awesome.
@Tinkeringbell I'm lost, lol.
@Catija what should we know?
12:07 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard That's good, stay where you are. Someone might come to rescue you but it won't be me :P
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard you mean, like in 2018?
It's an internal change in SE management, so it won't have direct impact we will be able to see.
I do hope it has the impact Catija just described :D
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I don't know. I can recall some terrible interactions between Sara and the community. So her not affecting the community (or maybe more the other way around) is not true...
@Luuklag better for me to not comment. :)
12:09 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard that is also a comment ;)
knew it.....
But let's be realistic... such hire can take months.
@Catija what happens above the CM level is very opaque to us, so it's hard to get excited. This could be good or bad, we'll only see this in a few years
12:11 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard True, but could also be resolved next week. It all depends.
@SPArcheon Deception... The background wasn't invisible :P
@MadScientist that's kind of what I tried to say, without success. lol
Strange thing the job offer has no closing date
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard if we hadn't posted, how long do you think it would have taken for someone to eventually notice Sara's diamond was gone and go to MSE asking "what happened to Sara?!?1?" We just decided to proactively get it out there, so y'all aren't left wondering. I don't think that's such a weird idea
@MadScientist really depends on the person. That's how it has been... but some people like being more hands-on when it comes to working with community. I think that'd be great in this case.
12:13 PM
@JNat not weird. Not bad also. Just.... less exciting than you see it from the inside.
@Tinkeringbell I don't know what you are talking about and I never edited the link to make your message wrong
The stuff we see from that level is either mostly PR, occasionally quite encouraging PR that indicates positive changes, and then there's apologies for seriously messing up, nor non-apologies. In general we only see actions there that are negative, the positive part is quite invisible to us for the most part.
@Luuklag I don't think our job postings generally do.
@JNat And well, this seems like a 'smart' post. I doubt many people would've appreciated a more standard 'Farewell Sara' one :/
@Tinkeringbell Yeah I think we then get back to my comment from earlier on ;)
12:14 PM
Jay was really active on MSE, for example. He was our VP before Sara.
@SPArcheon Ahhh, yeah. I must've been wrong, moderators are wrong all the time :P
@Catija who is Jay?
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard while what's to come can be exciting, for me the main goal of the post was to keep y'all in the loop, though
12:15 PM
@Catija okay, culture difference I guess.
I for one appreciated the post.
@JNat much appreciated
@Mithical you're not alone, most here do. :)
But that makes me wonder, is Theresa your sockpuppet @JNat?
no comment
@Catija Jay was great, but I didn't know he was a VP. I got one of my mails about an issue on another site answered by him when he was new, didn't think VPs do that ;-)
They're never on camera at the same time... so can't confirm.
I thought he was "Vice President of People and Culture" or something?
@JourneymanGeek Titles are changed every 6-8 months ;)
12:16 PM
That was at the end. He wasn't, originally.
One Person Two Identities ;)
So Catija, Jnat you guys already applied?
@Luuklag I donno, do they have enough Vices?
12:18 PM
They're looking for someone who is/was already at least VP elsewhere.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I don't think it says that?
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I've been awake for several hours, and am not sleepy.
Prefer to keep your hands in everything personally? :D
@JourneymanGeek Then Tarryn might need to apply, I bet they have plenty of those with all those cuttingboards being made
@JourneymanGeek implied
12:19 PM
And well - if you were a VP of I donno, toilet paper dispensers, you might not be all that good at it
@Luuklag I might have to break out the castle gif at this rate
Can the vice replace each user avatar and name with a pony one? Or in case that wasn't possible, just Shadow's?
@JourneymanGeek que?
12:19 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Cat & Nat
@SPArcheon That's way below a vice's paygrade, when a simple mod could do that :P
@SPArcheon I could. I just need you to leave 500 dollars in unmarked 2 dollar bills at the designated location...
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Does anyone?
2 dollar bills mmmmm
12:20 PM
@Rob not now, too noisy
@Mithical Sure sounds like a gangster duo now
@SPArcheon fine by me, I love to be surprised. ;)
@Tinkeringbell the mod can change it once, but the vice can make it a rule.
@Mithical I just don't like managing. I want to focus on being in the communities and not having to be at meetings so much. While there's room to be more active as a VP, there's not as much as just being a CM.
@SPArcheon feature request: name/avatar change by CM and above can't be changed by the user or by site mods.
@JourneymanGeek my toilet dispenser at home is never empty, I count it as a big success. :D
12:24 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard People, we found our new VP
of toilet paper
3 hours ago, by Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard
It's in the list, sure! But in the bottom.
@Rob oh, you were sleeping on the pile?
@Luuklag yay! :D
12:38 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard opportunities for learnings, sharings, and careerings.
@Rob You're forgetting spellings.
@Rob true, the world of toilet paper dispenser is very dynamic and complex. I also share my knowledge with my family members, and can totally make a career from it.
Hello Tavern folks, how are you all
Bored. And you?
(btw that's just me, I'm not speaking for everyone)
@Tinkeringbell I should be working, but instead talk here about toilet paper dispensers. ;)
I even have BCP: stash of paper in my car trunk. :D
worked in the beginning of COVID: markets had no paper at all, I had stash in the car.
@TeresaDietrich guess that's the place to apologize for my comment, didn't mean to sound or be rude. Thanks for the post! :)
12:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell Now, if Teresa and JNat started speaking like Huey / Dwei / Louie to make Shadow go crazy that could be entertaining for a while. Furthermore, I made too much popcorn.
lol, i was just reading above
If i didn't post proactively, you know i would get called out about Sara leaving and the new job posting, just trying to be transparent and timely
@SPArcheon If it's salty popcorn, I don't mind if you share!
so I'm a sock puppet now? Does that mean I get to stop all my other responsibilities and turn them over to @JNat?
@SPArcheon stash the popcorn, you might need it later. ;)
@TeresaDietrich eeeeeeek, please no
12:49 PM
@TeresaDietrich No, you got the concept of being a puppet the wrong way round ;)
@TeresaDietrich yeah, you got burned too many times with "Hey, why didn't you tell us about [change here]?!?!1?" :D
exactly @ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard you can ask the team, i was like okay, i need to post as this role goes live on our site
@TeresaDietrich we have a local sock guru here. cough looking at @Tink cough :P
Reminds me, long time no mention of your socks, Tink. Got a new pair(s)?
^ or you know, we could also make Shadow even more crazy if @Tinkeringbell switched to a pony avatar.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Nope, I didn't. Haven't seen any anymore either, I think they switched to merchandise with 'forget-me-not' flowers... if that's the proper English name.
@SPArcheon Hey, you already got me to drop my shape, don't push things.
12:53 PM
Pony parrot?
@SPArcheon Shadow The Crazy Wizard?
@Tinkeringbell :(
I mean... isn't it strange @ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard? @Tinkeringbell somehow knowing what happens in the Sugarcube without even being there?
@Catija If anyone mentions another pony, I'll switch back to penis-shaped parrot.
4 hours ago, by Mithical
All the nitpicking kinda sets the tone for the job itself, also... you will be handling this bunch of smartasses who all have strong opinions on how you should do your job and will call you out on mistakes.
@Tinkeringbell I'm now tempted
12:55 PM
@SPArcheon All that shows is that there's a snitch in that room :P
p.... po..... pon..... pond!
is that a selling point @Mithical
Depends on how you look at it.
@Mithical it gets a bit tiring, I think. Depends on the person.
Back to work, got a report to finish.... and follow up on local news, which aren't good... cya!
12:56 PM
@TeresaDietrich It is. I mean: you get to handle me ... if that isn't career changer I don't know what is ...
Handling blurry flowers is always fun.
@Catija I'd expect so... it's not an easy thing to do.
@rene I'm unclear on whether that's a selling point. Its even a bit blurry :D
The flip side is that you know all those people are doing it because they're committed to the community.
12:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek I hear the new fonts make me sharper: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/52173432 ...
@TeresaDietrich Well - it means people proofread stuff for you. It also means everything gets overanalysed sometimes :D
its a double edged sword :)
off to my full day of sock puppet meetings, later folks
@Tinkeringbell Oh yeah, I gave up on finding my soldering iron, and ended up ordering a nice one I've been eying for years :D
So... it'll probably turn up tommorrow
Does mean my keyboard fix is delayed a month or so
@JourneymanGeek Bad excuse :P But if you needed that, I hope you enjoy the new one!
@JourneymanGeek Why, you could still do that with the old one, once it turns up tomorrow!
1:11 PM
@Tinkeringbell Was looking for an excuse. Else buying a 100ish dollar soldering iron to fix a 30 dollar keyboard makes no sense :D
@Tinkeringbell well yes :D
@TeresaDietrich Sounds fine by me
@JourneymanGeek No overnight delivery on soldering irons?
@Luuklag Got it off aliexpress
cheap and slow
@JourneymanGeek Well that shouldn't be too slow, seeing you already live on the right continent ;)
They usually manage to get things to me in about 2 weeks time
Ben Popper on May 11, 2021
There are requirements that make software engineers sweat. Massive distribution to thousands of nodes. High reliability and availability. Multiple distinct platforms. Rapid network growth. his is the world SpaceX’s Starlink program, which has set a goal to provide high-speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable.
@Feeds What should we do with oneboxed grammar errors? ;)
Can we @ping Ben?
1:29 PM
@Luuklag Its wildly variable :D
Its half the fun I guess
Yeah by the time you get it you forgot that you ordered it. Thats the extra fun part
@Sha your popcorn meme is about to be deleted
1:56 PM
Really nice post you wrote @Catija. Good to see that Sara is more then the one incident that stained her relation with the community.
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