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12:26 AM
@Xnero :essentially someone in denial about covid and refuses to do the sensible thing to deal with it
6 hours later…
5:58 AM
@Xnero chat.meta.stackexchange.com/users/707129/xnero?tab=recent might work if you're looking for something recent
@JourneymanGeek And you can fiddle with the URL to get the next pages: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/users/707129/…
But it doesn't sort by room, so you're just seeing whatever rooms that user was active in, not just 1 room.
@Catija wow, I couldn't imagine ever doing so. Is it because people don't trust their co-workers?
6:15 AM
... it's not that people don't know our real names... it's just that we never or rarely use them. No one ever calls JNat anything other than JNat... and most people call me Catija or just Cat.
And Shog was always just Shog... the persona is internal and external.
@Luuklag Most of my friends call me geek :D
And I think its the opposite - Handles are real names, and identities for people on the internet
(even if your handle is your real legal name)
6:30 AM
44 messages moved to Chimney
7:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah ofcourse friends use nicknames amongst each other
3 hours later…
9:42 AM
@Tinkeringbell I wasn't sure if there is an Account manger and "Manager Hierarchy" in the business tier of SOfT ...
My guess for salesforce didn't make sense. Let's move on.
Oh... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
@Luuklag I think the secret is to have multiple residences, so no one will know where you live. 😕
12:04 PM
@JourneymanGeek Well, in some countries that could get you in a reality game on the national TV station
2 hours later…
2:04 PM
Ryan Donovan on April 14, 2021
The jumping off point for exploring quantum computing is to understand that while many of the principles are counterintuitive, the classical universe we know and love is but a mere shadow of the quantum fabric of reality. To get a feel for that fundamental difference we will walk through an example that helps to illustrate the power of quantum computation.
With respect to this:
A: The cookie consent dialog (coming from cookielaw.org) keeps popping up

bmikeThree times (different days) I’ve sat down when it’s quiet and reviewed my settings and extensions and I can’t figure why I can’t accept cookies effectively on all my devices either. Abhi’s comment that cross site blocking may be relevant. This OS level feature by design learns how the device is...

Does anyone here use iOS a lot?
I just got a teams ad banner even though I'm logged in. Is this normal?
@JohnDvorak I saw it just now as well.
sweet. Who opts to flame about it on meta?
2:25 PM
@bmike Do we look like people who use iOS a lot? :P
yo that wasn't an ad, that was a service announcement!
incredibly important information
(it took up half my screen)
No, that’s why I has to ask.... Rotfl
@bmike I think there's a certain awareness of the problem
The main problem is that Aaron (front end dev) doesn't have an Apple device, at least that is what I concluded based on some tweets.
I use ios, but i avoid using SO on mobile, mobile doesn't have all my adblock rules
2:35 PM
@JohnDvorak it's also animated a bit, and it looks like everyone is seeing this on every page
@JourneymanGeek maybe you need to switch status review from this one (because that turned out to be a local plugin problem, aka not related to SE software) to the one @bmike answered: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/362091
Maybe my answer can go on another question then ...
maybe they just needed to dump a lot of spare bandwidth
@rene ... messy :(
status review also means there's a ticket
2:52 PM
Hmm, okay
we don't want to add more confusion. Or risk that it doesn't get fixed because the ticket got lost.
Who is supposed to drop a status review tag on any meta question? SE staff only?
Q: New Cookie Dialog on SE Websites, iPhone only

DavidSupportsMonicaiPhone SE (first generation), iOS 14.4.2 (18D70), iOS Safari I have regularly used this phone to browse the SE sites in which I'm interested: Travel, Expatriates, Mechanics, Home Improvement, and Ask Different. The phone's now running 14.4.2; over the past months I've updated it promptly as new v...

I know I can I don’t know if I should
> Is it a bug report that others have been able to reproduce? If you replied “yes” to at least one of the above, then that question is a good candidate for escalation.
Looks like I should and missed the manual escalation in TL. BRB - fixing that
2:55 PM
On mobile android it is horrible as well
takes 90% of the screen
@bmike Say hi from me in the TL ...
@rene someone could drop a link to the other post in the comments
shouldn't be too hard to make sure its seen
Also I thought SE had a policy on animated adds
now this banner really is one....
@JourneymanGeek I think I've linked everything already
I'm not seeing the banner
unregistered only?
2:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek nope, I had it on SO as well
@JourneymanGeek nope
kick the cache?
MSE had a different banner
SU has it as well
2:59 PM
@rene lol
It's also on beta's
So perhaps just not on MSE
for extra fun
I had a different banner on MSE which I can't replicate on incognito mode now
that is one of the most annoying cookie banners i've ever seen implemented
MSE has this
(cookie banner below since I have a UHD screen
3:19 PM
gotta hide the questino, can't be having the cookie banner on the right where the teams ads are
there's one on the left too
3:40 PM
I have to watch an online course composed by about eighty online videos. Each video has a title....
And the videos are supplied in... ALPHABETICAL ORDER
with no way to find out the actual intended order.
shuffle would probably get you closer to the intended order
@Tinkeringbell I suppose I could start embroidery since right now I really feel the need to stab something (see message above)
@user400654 the current user experience is like youtube related videos browsing....
@SPArcheon Embroidery is a great way of stabbing things :)
I don't have the patience for that kind of stabbing though.
3:57 PM
@user400654 for me not "one", it's the most annoying cookie banner I've ever seen, taking all the others with ease. It's HUGE, and it's sticky.
@Tinkeringbell I assume you already know this one picture.
Basically that is the idea.
@SPArcheon I may hope the videos are about how to compile a sorted list of videos in SharePoint?
@rene Must be sincere - very few to do with my actual job, and I can't even figure a position that could benefit from it.
Seems a "all you can eat" mess with every dish you can think off randomly thrown in
4:01 PM
but that is not the point, if it was just that I wouldn't be so mad
The "like we just said in the previous video" is the thing that is getting to my nerve.
@SPArcheon Yeah, I know that one :)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard i didn't even notice it was sticky, since it takes up most of my viewing area anyway
but arent they all sticky
@SPArcheon oh no, angry pony.
Can't you just skip this course?
4:17 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard nope. Because we have a required total of watched hours to meet, but they have scheduled my project allocations so that I have to do all of them now.
and the other courses are either even less related to what I do (there isn't a single one that is even remotely related to actual writing code) or live webinar for future dates (so unless you have a Delorian to lend me...)
@user400654 yeah, normal banners for accepting cookies sit in the bottom or top, don't take all screen, and got little nice "X" to close them.
It's become more common for the X to not exist
@SPArcheon just click randomly and call it a day then... ;)
@user400654 that's pity.
as it doesn't really... adhere to the legislation they're trying to appease
SE used to be different in a good way (i.e. coming towards its users, e.g. super fast loading of pages), now it's... not really, anymore.
4:24 PM
i'm looking for a post
where they announed a revamped banner system
ok..... who want to make this into a "Troll"?
might have been during the joe friend time frame
I say we post a question on ux.stackexchange.com that asks why the cookie banner is a mess and what one could do to fix it.
(yep, today I am in what Tink once called "angry parrot" mode)
@user400654 Maybe this?
Q: Code of Conduct banner looks awkward on some sites (GD, AU)

GlorfindelThe new Code of Conduct banner is displayed awkwardly on some sites; there's a rather large gap between the top bar and the banner. Check Graphic Design (... the irony ...) and Ask Ubuntu: On Photography, similar problems have been reported.

Still planned...
4:33 PM
it might have been part of that theme deal
i recall it called specific focus on a new type of "New Feature!" banner revolving around the logo
that was... lol, again only used for jobs, and never for Q&A
ah, found it, that was the previous navbar
Q: Announcement: New feature notification

Joe FriendBackground We’re kicking off the first bit of work that will allow us to better communicate with members and visitors via the website. This work will be done incrementally over the coming months. Ultimately it will work across the entire Stack Exchange network, but initial usage will focus on Sta...

A: Usage of the New Feature Notification

Joe FriendWe have a variety of things we can use to promote new features and/or changes on the site. For the Code of Conduct we used an announcement banner. It wasn't really a "new feature" per se. So that seemed appropriate. Also, it was a change that potentially impacts everyone who comes to the site, so...

@SPArcheon You really need to stop remembering what I say like it's gospel :P
@user400654 ohhh lol
if that feature still exists, i most assuredly have it blocked
Poor Joe, 113 downvotes on something he worked so hard on. No wonder he left.
Meh, could be worse :P
4:48 PM
FAR worse if you remember the record.
@SPArcheon Which is... ?
Oh wait, never mind I found it.
Scandals played their part there.
@SPArcheon I was counting deleted posts as well, but OK.
is that the one where voting was reset
I doubt any REGULAR post not tied to tire-fires ever reached that low
4:54 PM
yeah i think it was
downvotes went from 300+ to 142 overnight
i'm misreading the timeline
5:08 PM
Oh, so the site satisfaction surveys only get shown in locations that are also used for teams advertising
So even if I did get picked... it’s unlikely I would have seen it
2 hours later…
6:44 PM
Does anyone know what the current policy on suicide prevention is? Any of the mods perhaps?
And is this post in line with that?
A: How should a user's death be handled?

JaydlesWe re-examined this issue recently in light of Aaron Swartz's tragic suicide. We concluded that, for a site like ours, a formal policy or process around memorializing the accounts of the deceased might do more harm than good. Here's why: On a site like ours, it's not as necessary as it is on mor...

@Luuklag meta.stackexchange.com/q/355421/369802 is the official post, why would that post from Jaydles not be in line with it?
because i read things about calling that number would be a stupid thing to do
@Luuklag Oh yeah. I seem to recall having that talk with you before :P See the comments under the answer to that post I just linked ;)
The answer you're thinking about is unofficial. And it's not that useful either, since it expects random internet strangers to act like professional support should act, when random internet strangers aren't supposed to have to deal with this on these sites in the first place ;)
"TL;DR: Do not copy/paste. Do not suggest a suicide hotline. Don't lie. Don't treat them like a baby. Don't try a quick-fix."
So should that suggestion be removed from jaydless answer?
I don't think so.
But I could ask a CM, if you really wanted to be sure?
6:51 PM
@Tinkeringbell That would be great
Sure thing then.
Cause I don't feel like editing out such a "controversial" thing out of what used to be an official answer
@Luuklag I dropped a message to a CM in TL :)
I wouldn't be surprised it it's left in though, just because a disclaimer is different than a response. :)
@Tinkeringbell thanks :)
7:29 PM
@Luuklag I have never recommended suicide hotlines to babies, but lying . . . hmm
@M.A.R. lying to a suicide hotline or to a baby?
to a hmm
Handy Master Meerkats
Monkey? Meerkat?
There used to be this extremely annoying commercial about monkeys and meerkats
7:57 PM
8:11 PM
@user400654 ok?
8:36 PM
Feels like a violation of this preference:
Stack Exchange, home of the Triple Burger:
hmm... i've never seen that last button b4
Site Switcher
and gone
@user400654 been there since the redesign of the top bar...

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