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12:21 AM
@DavidPostill I saw that but it missed emphasizing key points applicable to this particular case:
A: When an edit only fixes a typo, what should I do as a reviewer?

Amal MuraliWhen you encounter a minor edit in future, ask yourself the following questions: Could the post have been improved further? If the editor left out other problems in the answer, reject it right away. All edits should improve the post substantially. If correcting a minor typo was the only thing t...

But, we need a better example; that covers incomplete and incorrect suggested edits on posts over nine years old - resulting in several of us spending a few minutes on something that could have been left dormant.
12:38 AM
Like you had anything better to do :P Honestly, tempest in a tea pot here. It's okay.
1:28 AM
Me?, my last half dozen employers gross over 15K per day off me (over $30/min); but I try to value other people's time as equal to my own. The reason there was a four hour gap in replying is because I was doing something else, not thinking of an answer. ๐Ÿ˜€
1:57 AM
As for one of my other volunteer jobs, with an user base of over 100M, if 10% of the people think fixing a bug is worth one thousandth of a penny to them, a bug fix is worth: 100,000,000×0.001×0.1 = $10K for one to (rarely) several hours work.
2:35 AM
I think I asked this some years ago but I'm curious if anything changed. I have an old account (three actually, but one of them using a password that I don't remember, and one posted as a guest). I know the password for one of them but I lost the email address (it was a temporary email). Is there anything a mod or staff can do to help me merge the accounts?
2:47 AM
If I upvote all my past account's posts then will that cause a mod to merge them? :P
3:19 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica If you have access to the accounts change the email to be the same on them: meta.stackexchange.com/a/346588/282094 - if you have no access I don't know how you can prove ownership; especially if you use TOR.
@Rob How is knowledge of the password not proof of ownership?
The only thing I don't have is the email address name. I know the user ID, of course.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica If think you need to read that again.
@Rob I don't have access to the account only because I don't remember the email.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica I don't know your email address, but I do know your user ID, of course; so your point is ...
If SE could tell me the email (it's a 10minutemail so there's no privacy implications in telling me), then I could trivially log in. Emails themselves should never be credentials. I.e. there are no security threats if SE were to allow one to specify user ID rather than email in the log in.
Do regular site moderators have access to the emails of users?
@Rob Yes, but do you have my password? :P
3:26 AM
You don't either.
@Rob Yes I do. I know my password for both accounts.
I only don't have the name of the email I used.
So, ...
@TheforestofReinstateMonica you really shouldn't be using disposable addresses
@JourneymanGeek Well now I know. :D
(Or at least, I know I should have written down the address)
I don't think staff can see your password, and with tor, there's no way to tell it's yours
3:28 AM
> "... one of them using a password that I don't remember, and one posted as a guest ...".
No no the email, not the password.
Privacy works both ways
@Rob Oh right. Yeah that account I know I'll never get back.
We can't/don't generally share emails. Yanno pii
@JourneymanGeek Could you take a look Sec.SE user's 164773 email and, if it's a 10minutemail (i.e. not PII), tell it to me? Obviously if it's not a 10minutemail then it means I'm lying and trying to steal someone's account. :P
But either way the email is now dead (of course) and likely has been re-used a hundred times.
3:30 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica it's still pii and I can't see stuff on sec.se anyway
@JourneymanGeek How is a temporary generated email PII? (I thought you were a CM?)
Just an MSE mod?
Ah. Never registered to MSE on that account. Damn.
3:31 AM
Unless they sneakily hired me without telling me, which I am sure I'd not the case
@TheforestofReinstateMonica email is pii as far as SE is concerned
But regular site mods can see the email, right?
@JourneymanGeek Hm... maybe time for a feature request to allow logging in by user ID?
(looking at MSE to see if there's a dupe...)
@JourneymanGeek Ideally the password is hashed (as Forest is well aware): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passwd#Shadow_file
Well SE logins are openid on the backend iirc
@Rob Yep, the password is hashed and SE would have to brute force it to recover it.
I also think forest is aware that it's impossible because forest did everything possible to make it so ๐Ÿ˜
3:34 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ah, I'll have to look into how those work.
I suppose SE could get my password with malicious JS.
I hope they haven't gone that evil!
"Hoist with his own petard" is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase's meaning is literally that a bomb-maker is blown up ("hoist" off the ground) by his own bomb (a "petard" is a small explosive device), and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice.The phrase occurs in a central speech in the play in which Hamlet has discovered a plot on his life by Claudius and resolves to respond to it by letting the plotter be "Hoist with his own petard". Although the now-proverbial phrase is the best known part of the speech, it and the later...
No no, I do have the password, even though it's complex.
I blame SE not telling me that I need the email name to log in (assumed it was user ID based). :D
I suppose I could brute force it, since there are only so many 10minutemails.
Could probably find what domain was used at the time so I'd only have to check email user.
Heh, brute forcing an account's email with a known password. That's a little ironic!
Usually it's the other way around. Known user, unknown password.
Rate Limit Guide - 3 failed login attempts forces CAPTCHA; probably a dozen or two would be met with stronger measures.
Isn't that from before they switched to OpenID? Because that's for things like comments through the SE API. I imagine the login API is a little different. Or at least it should be (stricter).
Not that it matters. Captchas can be solved in the thousands very cheap using a captcha solving service API (like DeathByCaptcha), and I have plenty of IPs. I wonder if it violates the CFAA to try to hack into your own account... It probably depends on if the rapid API queries would constitute a denial of service attack (which itself depends on how rapidly they are performed).
3:49 AM
That reply seems unintentionally racist lol. Bomb + black person?
(I find emoji language so confusing)
I'll leave my reply at: that's not what that means.
I should hope not.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica it's not - apparently you didn't use the temporary email provider you thought you did. But the usernames are the same and there is an IP match.
@Catija Then what about ID 106285 (that's my other account)?
I probably mixed them up. I know one I forgot the password to, other I did not.
Nope. Another different temp email provider. ๐Ÿคฃ
3:57 AM
Oh, but it was temp email, just not 10minutemail?
@Catija How would the IPs match? I used Tor. The chances are the exit would change.
If you visit often enough, you eventually use the same nodes.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica correct.
10minutemail addresses are like... @twzhhq.com (got that just now).
Ah. I was expecting them to actually be "10minutemail.com"... ๐Ÿคฃ
I'm not versed in these things.
@Catija Could you tell me the email for the first one? I can log in since I know the password.
Since now you know it's just a random and non-personal address. :P
Then I can finally get them merged after years.
I could just merge them all.
4:01 AM
Oh can you? Thanks! I listed the ones I have in my profile:
I'm not at my computer, though. Ok if I do it in an hour or so?
Thanks. I was close to giving up. I suppose I'll lose a couple rep since I'm pretty sure I accidentally voted up some of my posts after reading them years later and thinking "wow, I agree with this person entirely!" before realizing I agreed with them because they were me. :D
@Catija :D I did some research into those for a FR to block em... ._.
and they're intentionally random
4:06 AM
They're random but I believe you can get a database pretty easily.
They re-use them for a while before switching.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica yeah, I'm aware of that cause I proposed a blocklist :D
(not just for that though, some spammers love to use a specific domain for spam)
Just wait until they use some kind of per-email DGA lol
@TheforestofReinstateMonica so - at one point a troll started going through these and if he found a SE email, using those
so, while from a privacy standpoint, I get it
they're complete garbage from the standpoint of protecting your account
4:08 AM
Yeah I only used a temp email because I didn't care enough to use a permanent one.
Assumed I'd only ever need my account ID.
1 hour later…
5:23 AM
Woah the site just went crazy.
I clicked my account at security.stackexchange.com/users/164773/forest and it says 404 not found.
@Catija Is this caused by the merge? Should I log out and back in?
@Catija My profile text changed to that of my old account (instead of my current one). How can I get it back?
Apologies. Yes. Just merged them. The oldest account "wins".
Hm. So I should just edit it back?
> I am no one; there is nothing to know about me.

In a past life, I was 106285, 164773, and 164695.

I can be reached at โ€ฎcc.liamrั–a@egrโ€Œemโ€‹tั•erโ€‹ofโ€ฌ.

[Lines in the Sand: Which Side Are You On in the Hacker Class War](http://phrack.org/issues/68/16.html#article)

[Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow are running browser fingerprinting scripts](https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/332351/384528)

[Coding Machines (chilling short story)](https://www.teamten.com/lawrence/writings/coding-machines/)
I'm assuming you don't need the links to the older accounts any longer.
Oh shit it changed my email.
If I logged out then I wouldn't be able to log back in. :O
So update your email? That's odd, though - I would have thought the logins for the accounts would also be merged.
5:28 AM
I just updated it from the 10minutemail to my airmail.cc one.
I see four login options currently.
Ah, I'm looking at MSE.
On MSE I also see the profile text - apparently you comment out a bunch of stuff :P
@TheforestofReinstateMonica But, yes, I see four listed there.
Yeah I did. Some random notes I had lol.
Anyway, everything OK for now?
5:31 AM
stackexchange.com/users/8163816/forest is very strange. It shows my profile picture correctly, but not on the top bar.
I can pull your profile content from any site you wish but... that wouldn't impact the top bar - just the content on the page.
Is there anything else settings-wise that I should be aware might change?
I'm struggling to change stackexchange.com/users/8163816/forest profile description. I tried changing my Sec.SE profile and clicking "update profile", then changing it back, but no dice.
If you had settings for sticky top bars, sidebar, etc... dark mode... it's probably going to default to the oldest account rather than the one you used them.
Yeah I'm going through those right now.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Yeah, that's been sorta broken for a while but I can reset it - to match Sec.SE?
5:34 AM
I guess links are disabled on the network profile?
Yeah, due to spammers.
@Catija I just want to remove the links which are broken.
There, can you reset the network profile desc to my infosec desc?
done - that look how you want?
No it still shows the (non-linked) links. Does it show for you too?
I'm reloading with caching disabled, but still.
Am I looking in the wrong place? That's what I see in incognito.
Server-side caching, probably...
I wish them to match. Then I'll change the profile back (to include the links) and press "save changes for all sites", so the network profile doesn't have the links but the sites do.
Ah. So I should just wait?
Hmmm. Give things a bit to settle down? Lots of big changes just happened and there may be some caching that hasn't caught up?
I tried pulling it in again but it didn't update.
I'll try to remember to poke at it tomorrow to see if I can update it.
5:40 AM
Thanks. Hopefully it'll be updated on its own by then.
I have a habit of starring every thread I create an answer to so I can see if there are any changes to the question in my bookmark updates. Is there a way to auto-bookmark/star the questions that I wrote or posted an answer for, so I don't need to manually do it for the merged ones?
Nope. :(
Oh well. I suppose at least I'll be able to sort them by date to make it easier to do manually.
Thanks again! I kept running into people saying "but you can't merge it because the email is PII even if you know the passwod!". I'm glad that I finally managed to get this all resolved.
Sure, happy to help. :)
Now I'll test if my login works by going to SU.
It works. Sweet!
Course I still can't press "customize cookie settings" because the 3rd party script blocks Tor, but that's a separate issue. :P Should be easy enough to get around manually.
6:09 AM
@Catija Does this break all my "share" links?
6:26 AM
For badge purpose?
For uh... whatever purposes the share link has.
So yeah probably.
I posted a question on MSE:
Q: I had my accounts merged. Do I need to update all my share links?

The forest of Reinstate MonicaMy main user ID on the Information Security site changed from 165253 to 106285 since my accounts were merged. Does this invalidate all of the share links in my posts which use my old user ID? https://security.stackexchange.com/search?page=1&q=user:106285%20url:*.stackexchange.com This is a lot of...

Since this probably applies to other people as well.
The last part of the share link includes your own user ID so that SE can track it for badge progress. But other than that, it's an optional slug.
@MetaAndrewT. And since my ID changed, they've been all invalidated?
I.e. the "credit" goes to a now non-existent user?
6:41 AM
I don't have the answer if the progress is reset or not, but the current link will probably goes to non-existent user since the user is counted as deleted.
Damn. Guess that's a lot of posts to edit.
But I kind of remember the progress doesn't increase if it's linking to posts on the same SE site.
I see what you did there, but links to posts on the same site don't count :) — Glorfindel Sep 11 '20 at 5:13
wait whaaat?
@MetaAndrewT. So basically... my OCD totally backfired on me?
Or, it was supposed to be like that, but since the moving to HTTPS, it now counts
so... yeah, I think you have that many posts to edit...
And no way to edit without bumping huh.
Well at least I'll get more rep when I have 200 posts on the front page. >_>
Is there any way for staff with DB access to speed up the conversion?
Or mods or whoever does this stuff? Because that's a lot of posts...
7:33 AM
Now that's one army I admire:
!!/coffee Ollie
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating brews a cup of Espresso for @Ollie
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Why?
@TheforestofReinstateMonica they defend animals which are illegally hunted down, and authorities do nothing. (in Africa)
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating See a James Cameron National Geographic documentary about them: youtube.com/watch?v=WUYQS40I9mw
7:49 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Ah, I see.
@Rob I know, was just reading about it in my local media.
(didn't find it randomly :))
@TheforestofReinstateMonica as one named forest, you love animals?
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Of course. Poachers do tremendous harm that's often irreparable. It's not like they're hunting Wild Boars in Texas, or ducks during hunting season. They're too often hunting large animals who have a hard enough time thriving without being targeted for their body parts.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica very true, and in Africa case it's done in reservations that are supposed to protect these animals.
8:25 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating The formation of some of these units was 4 to 8 years ago: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akashinga en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Mamba_Anti-Poaching_Unit - so that checks out.
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8:57 AM
I smell nice today: 4711
9:11 AM
@Rob yes, but it reached max exposure only recently.
9:21 AM
This is so extreme, that I can't help but admire the site for sacrificing almost 100% of the content area for advertisements:
What I find most amusing is pointless stock images that are totally and utterly irrelevant to the product being advertised. I saw an ad for a VPS service, and the stock photo they used was not "dude in a server farm looking in wonder at blinkenlights" or even "woman in a lab coat for some reason handling microchips because that's what we think sysadmins do". Instead it was... two children playing.
Aaawwww, what an adorable VPS service .....
I think there is a market for a cute VPS service.
Well yeah, the anime loving shitposters of the kind that use uguu.se as an image host :D
Maybe they were advertising that their servers are 100% managed only by children. Now that would be an interesting experiment...
"Cat VPS - We really really don't care what you do"
I ran a "don't care what you do" VPS service for a bit. Had to go reverse proxy France -> Russia -> Moldova -> Singapore -> somewhere else I can't remember before I had to shut it down.
Turns out if you advertise no rules, you get spammers, port scanners, and child porn (gee who would have thought), and they didn't pay me enough to be willing to host that shit.
Oh yeah, it was Romania. Fast and cheap internet, but man did it go down fast.
Oh haha I found it again! jino.ru/domains
It was an ad for a registrar.
And take a look at their page for VPS :D jino.ru/vps
9:49 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica maybe it's deeper, e.g. "Using our service, you will have wonderful kids"?
So what if you already have kids? Do they get replaced with better kids or do they just get better?
@TheforestofReinstateMonica using the service you'll have more spare time, and more money, to raise them better.
switching job to salesman
"So how did you manage to excel so well in this advanced class?" "Well, my mom bought a VPS service that promised to make their kids very smart, but things went wrong when my dad bought beer that promised to cause their kids to get addicted to video games"
@TheforestofReinstateMonica hope you burned any trace of that? cp is serious matter, and police might arrive years later.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica LOL
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Nah. All hosted anonymously. Each time the service got shut down, it became the VPS host's problem. I eventually switched to reverse proxies so I didn't have to keep migrating the VPS (at the expense of tunnel overhead), but in that case the primary server was encrypted anyway. Key destroyed when I shut down the service.
9:55 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica good... anything that takes away even bit of that crap is good.
Well they probably moved on to other services. Services that are either more expensive, or don't care enough about security. Ecatel, anyone? :D
Well we can't fix the world.
!!/fix world
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating No such command 'fix'.
Yeah but at least we can make money by making the world worse. >:D
9:57 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica bad people do it...
There's nothing I won't do for the right price. Except be in a porno. That would be unfun. </joke>
If you refused to host such crap it means you're not bad.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica depends... ;)
I'm plenty bad, by some people's standards lol. They just didn't pay me enough to shoulder that level of responsibility, and moving a reverse proxy from country to country quickly became tiresome.
Though tbh most of the reason it got shut down was spam, which tends to cause a lot more hosting troubles than other illegal stuff, simply because it gets flagged so damn quickly.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating They don't bomb North America with ads: i.stack.imgur.com/g6p91.jpg
I've been considering the concept of running a VPS host designed such that I physically cannot remove VPSes unless they exceed resource limitations. CPU tech is gradually getting to the point where remote attestation and memory encryption can actually do that.
But as it is right now, I can't think of any way to implement it without a massive performance hit (at least without a lot of research that I have neither the time nor expertise to do)
But TPMs (remote attestation), SGX (enclaves protected from ring 0), and TXT (trusted execution) are making that more and more realistic. Already we can have VM memory encrypted with a key that the host does not know, while still allowing the VM to run a signed image.
I think Facebook bought a company which had tech that could sort of do that, called PrivateCore, I think? They used much older techniques (disabling the LLC and running the kernel in it in CAR, or Cache-As-RAM, mode, and having the kernel encrypt all memory accesses that would go to real memory)
10:06 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica will you host child porn, for enough money? I really hope you won't. Ordinary porn is fine... but there's a big red line.
Everything has a price. Except selling 0days to governments. I don't like governments.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica because spam is boring, people don't care to flag it. ;)
But realistically, no one is going to pay me for that. They're all idiots who think they'll be safe just by using a fake name and nothing else, and will move to the next cheapest service if one is overpriced.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica that's lucky, I guess.
@Rob that's the main page, try to enter article page.
I can't read enough to navigate, and the English page version is a completely different set of webpages.
10:09 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating There's also a level of illegal. What's legal in one country may be illegal in another. In Australia, underage erotica (mere text) is illegal. In Canada, lolicon (underage anime/manga) is illegal. I am not the moral arbiter of what is and isn't acceptable. I just run the service and people choose what to put on themselves.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica I wish they were all idiots, this way it was easy to catch them, but sad reality is that horrible things like cp exist, and law enforcement around the world can't stop it.
Yeah mostly they focus on stopping two 17 year olds from sharing selfies and calling it a job well done.
Or on these days, catching people without masks.
Oh man you don't even want to know the price I'd require to host images of people without masks! :D
Imagines the streaker, who only wore a mask.
10:11 AM
@Rob and of these. (fourth is ad)
@Rob depends where the mask is.
He'll get a fine, question is how big.
Puts it through one of the ear straps.
This requires lots of skill and practice.
Unless there's a life hack for that?
Found a photo. Disclaimer: It's not mine.
10:17 AM
Q: Prevent surgical mask from riding up

guestDue to covid I'm now required to wear a surgical facemask in communal areas for work. The one we have look like this: I have the problem that the mask often rides up until it nearly covers my eyes and I have to touch it frequently to pull it back down over my chin. Are there any lifehacks to pre...

god what a time we live in
I had a neighbor who called it a communal area.
@Rob too easy to forget, better in pocket.
@Rob called what a communal area?
Pocket also means it's protected from external bacteria.
10:20 AM
Feb 26 at 18:36, by Rob
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating ๐Ÿš‚ Whoo, whoo whoo, whooooosh.
11:06 AM
My profile picture in a chat randomly changed to that from the World Building SE, then changed back when I disabled cache and reloaded. Damn that was weird.
I think SE chat's relationship to the actual sites is incredibly buggy.
It also gave me the "welcome to the chat!" message that it displays the first time you chat.
And when I clicked the profile it gave me the "invite user to room" as if it wasn't my profile.
Merging is just about scary enough that mods don't get to do it anymore
Here be dragons, may contain nuts... etc etc
It did it again on another site.
On crypto.SE.
> Welcome to The Stack Exchange Network chat! This is a public place to socialize with the community. By participating here, you are committing to our Code of Conduct:
yada yada
@TheforestofReinstateMonica not buggy, it just has a fair amount of undiscovered features ...
munches on cookies
11:09 AM
I can start a "Room for forest and forest" lol
When you click the link is the avatar a girl with rabbit ears looking at food?
WOAAAH it shows two of me in chat at once!
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Talking to yourself can be very therapeutic ๐Ÿ˜‰
chat.stackexchange.com/users/207492/forest chat.stackexchange.com/users/323957/forest Both those users are in the same chat at once. And both are me! @JourneymanGeek am I breaking the internet? :o

 The Side Channel

Mostly randomly generated noise. โ€“ crypto.stackexchange.com
I'm in here twice. :o
Hm what if I add myself as room owner...
Well, my other self.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica What happens if you kick one of them?
But jeeze, these bugs shouldn't be happening when I'm high. It's weirding me out.
> seen 32s ago, talked 1773d ago
that's so messed up
Now there are two of me as owners : chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/784/…
This is a little scarry. T
Who knows what other side effects of the merge are lurking around the corner.
Or what affects they might have downt he line.
But clearly both show as valid chat users. But thye think they're different.
Which is even weirder because I didn't get any account merge on anything but infosec.
I should make an MSE bug report on this csince it has two users, both show as valid chat profiles.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica I wonder if setting the same parent for both will fix it
or break things worse
11:23 AM
Later I'll see if theres anything interesting I can do with it.
These kind of bugs are great for messing with things.
But right now I'm too tired and bsuy.
> forest has invited you to join Room for forest and forest. See your invitations.
I got the invite but when I cliekd only the real user joined.
And not the other one.
haha @JourneymanGeek it thinks my WB profile has 85k rep
11:57 AM
@Theforest you're making way bigger deal out of this than it really is. Ask @SPArcheon for example. Thing is, chat profile is not fully synchronized with its main/site profile. When the main profile is deleted, chat profile remains, frozen in time. You can't change it, but you can use it. Merge means old account deleted, new account created, so the chat indeed things the new account is, well, new. It doesn't recognize the merge.
So it's funny.... but nothing more than that, aka no serious implications.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Yes but you forget. I am seriously high right now.
And trust me it's really disturbing in that state.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica why? Reputation isn't relevant in chat, most you get is being RO and seeing deleted rooms. No real mod powers in chat.
Nothing like that. It's just really weird. Like spooky. If you get what I mean.
in Shadow's Den, yesterday, by Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating
@AnnZen rep isn't relevant, even Jon Skeet has no access to powers beyond what any 10k/20k user has.
The kind of feeling when you get a heisenbug that really disturbs you.
12:06 PM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica yeah, I get it, but I can achieve almost same effect with a sock. (and I did, lol, for fun.)
sock? Alt account?
I somehow imagined a literal sock.
Another account which is also me, but different login.
Also my back hurts. I'm standing up hunched over the computer screen.
I shouldn't be doing that.
12:08 PM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica LOL, looks like this really affected you, taking you out of balance... :P
The socks I wear are nice, but have no access to SE. Luckily. :D
Imagine if you had to use socks for authentication.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica ouch. Why not sitting?
To meet the security requirement "something you have".
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating I don't know I should sit.
ok now sitting
12:09 PM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica good! lol
Also have a good chair, it's important.
Bad chair means lots of aching if you sit long hours.
A good chair is very important.
Or at least a couch or something.
If you use a laptop.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica hmm.... you might be up to something. Authentication by smell of the socks. It's unique for any person, and not likely to be stolen.
Sniffer device will be interacting with the PC or wherever you need access.
It's like fingerprints, but way cooler. :D
Yes, but sock prints.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica oh no, not a couch. Bad for back.
Better be in bed, IMO.
It depends on the couch.
I have a very good couch when I use my laptop.
12:13 PM
Couch is supposed to be comfy.
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5:40 PM
Does anyone know if there's a chat feed for migrated questions? They don't show up in IPS chat's new questions feed...
So no? :( That's too bad, that way migrated questions can keep skipping quality control, I guess.
1 hour later…
7:09 PM
Hmmm doing a tag only edit on a revision doesnt re-instate that revision...
I edited revision 3 here, but this happened: meta.stackexchange.com/posts/361827/revisions
@Ollie here is your bug
7:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell I can't find any of these that work on my browser, but the first one looks good; and a few of the next few hopeful. Copy the second URL from my previous comment, then click on this search: google.com/search?q=convert%20URL%20to%20Feed
7:55 PM
@Tinkeringbell try this one for now lackadaisical-appeal.glitch.me/migrations/ips
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11:50 PM
@SonictheCuriouserHedgehog How do I open a chat with a specific user?
I don't see the option to "start new room" that's usually there.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Check /rooms/new on the chat server you're trying on (SO, Meta, or general SE)
If you get a message saying you're banned from creating new rooms, you need to get a moderator to lift that ban.
A: How can I start a chat with a particular user?

CapDroidIf both you and the other user have at least 20 reputation points, you can follow the below steps to start a chat with that user: Open that user's chat profile link. To find the chat profile link, first, go to the site's profile link (e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/users/3061020/jatt-net). Then,...

I'm not getting any message that I'm banned from it.
But it's certainly not there on MSE chat.
I'll just ping him in here I guess (as he suggests on his profile).
@Glorfindel It was suggested to me that I ask you for this. Do you think you'd be able to have your bot help me change links in my posts to direct to my new user ID (it changed due to account merges)? It'd be a pain for me to edit 150-200 posts manually.
I imagine it'd be easier for you since you have an existing bot than it would for me since I'd need to learn the API and re-learn Python to do it. :P

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