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12:11 AM
Looks like we're down another oldtimer :(
12:30 AM
7 hours later…
7:07 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog yup, though only one.
@cocomac who? I'll hit them with a small "s"! :D
@Sonic most likely such case again:
A: Non-serial voting corrected

animusonTechnically speaking, the entry is correct. There was a mass invalidation that occurred on several sites of our network. It was not a normal invalidation in the sense of a user was targeting a specific user. This user had been casting massive amounts of votes on sites across the network, sending ...

Either same user hitting again, or someone else doing same bad thing.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 look at the reply and look at the video, you will see the relationship
@SPArcheon I somehow don't think you would have trouble asking 20 MLP questions
Question one: WHY?!
I don't judge. Well usually
7:48 AM
@JourneymanGeek QUALITY questions?
there's some things I judge
@SPArcheon Are you saying there's no quality questions to ask on MLP at all?
I mean, that's what it sounds like...
@JourneymanGeek No, I am saying that I can't think of 20 different questions worth of asking on Stack.
Then do it :D
sorry typo
@SPArcheon Excuses.
I question your commitment to the cause (tm)
7:50 AM
Or just convince everyone that removing that requirement is a good idea. You're even the metaphorical poster child in the post :-p
really, I am cursed.
I post only questions that I can't find an answer for. An this seems to always end up in **no one else** finding one too.
@SPArcheon oh missed it's a reply
@SPArcheon this means one thing.... nobody knows more than you. :D
8:06 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 You know the old "let me google that for you"? If some users have a too low effort limit for posting a question.... I have the opposite problem
Not posting until it is impossible to answer in the first place.
Problem is that obviously it is not like the question does not have an answer (that would be closed) - just that no one seems to know on the whole web.
@SPArcheon IMO that's usually a good question
8:30 AM
@JourneymanGeek yes, but also a good way to farm tumbleweed badges
Q: Demon's Soul - Where is the tutorial level, and are there two Gods?

SPArcheonDeep under the Stonefang Tunels, past the hall of the Firelurker, the Dragon God awaits in a deep cave for someone to face the fury of their fists.... or to turn them in a dragon kebab using the two nearby ballistae. Jokes aside, the Dragon God boss in Demon's Souls is fought in the depths of an...

see this for example.
Unless a dev comes in to answer...
Lately, I have been thinking of posting a question to ask if there is any clue in regard to how much was EA aware that the final three games in the Ultima series are basically Origin's version of Avada Kedavra to them... and their two founders specifically.
Because... let's be honest. The hidden message there is "please die"
8:46 AM
@SPArcheon yep
Hey, @Sha!
I found an exploit that lets you view deleted questions
https://meta.stackexchange.com/posts/<question id here}/revisions
It might not work with all questions
or answers
@RocketNikita I am unable to reproduce with a logged-out browser session. What is an example working link?
9:02 AM
Huh. Yeah, that one works, and it is deleted...the question itself doesn't work, but that does.
Looks like a bug.
1 hour later…
10:04 AM
@RyanM so, do you think I should give JNat an ultimatum? "Remove the requirement or face a flood of pony questions"? ^_^'
10:15 AM
11:12 AM
@RocketNikita hehe, I'm honored that you pinged me, out of everyone here. ;)
Anyway, no bug. By design.
Q: Why can I see the revision history of a deleted question?

Steven VI'm under 10k rep on Stack Overflow, so I can't see deleted content. I looked at this question from a meta post. When I visit the question page, I get the standard removed for moderation reasons message. But when I visit the revisions page for the post I'm able to see the revision history. When ...

/cc @RyanM
His reason is incorrect, but his edit (itself) is correct. Your rollback is wrong because you replaced a correct tag with an incorrect one, see the tag's earliest usage (which defines the tag, if it's Wiki (and excerpt) is poorly written). — Rob 37 mins ago
@Rob re above, in that case, both descriptions are very clear
and thus global-inbox is more applicable
11:39 AM
Why are you all discussing the tags of one post, in the comments under another post? That was confusing...
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Just checked if you are here, the exploit was for everyone
@RocketNikita it isn't an exploit :D
12:23 PM
@Tinkeringbell in case the final resolution interests you, I signed something for 50$ saying I release all past claims of copyright infringement related to the software and I give them a permanent non exclusive irrevocable license for the program
well 50€
according to them that is sufficient to satisfy the sticklers for liability and since it was them that contacted me to begin with and I had no intention to ever enforce the copyright on a throwaway exercise program from 6 years ago I'll just take it and leave it
The rationale they gave for wanting to pay me at all was exactly the thing someone mentioned yesterday, apparently a one sided promise is usually not enforceable so they frown upon that.
On a positive note, they were quite thankful that I was willing to put their concerns to rest and as far as I know my acquaintance did not receive any blowback for contacting me about it to start
12:50 PM
@magisch and now you have a new problem: you have to report that huge income to the local tax office.
1:17 PM
@RocketNikita it's not exploit
@magisch That's what matters most :)
And 50€ isn't too bad either :P
@magisch Oh, hai! :D
@ymb1 The tag explains that the comment I am replying to here is incorrect: meta.stackexchange.com/tags/global-inbox/info meta.stackexchange.com/tags/notifications/info
@Rob the wiki explains it better than the excerpt which is supposed to be the usage guidance -- I'll make an edit suggestion for the excerpt in a moment
1:35 PM
... and in doing so you removed the usage guidance; you really need to leave the editing alone here. That's a few mistakes in a row. Read the FAQ for the tag wikis, please.
1:52 PM
@SPArcheon I have to file my taxes this year anyways
@Catija Hai catija
long time no see, how are things?
Not bad - :) Trying to keep stuff together. Gus turns three on Saturday!
How is he?
Doing great. They both are. They're a pain in the ass but too cute to disown.
Thats great to hear
That y'all made it through the twilight zone that was 2020/21 without too many issues
Yeah. Everyone's been healthy so far. Just waiting on the jabs for the kids to get approved. Bennett will likely get his first - haven't heard anything about the under-fives, yet.
1:58 PM
I already got mine, although I work with a lot of anti-vaccine people
@Rob what's weird is that I added the usage guidance, and the irony is your rejection reason says: "Simply defining what a [tag] is rarely helps those using it unless the tag's name itself is ambiguous. Excerpts should describe why and when a tag should be used. See the help center for more guidance." -- defining a tag is what was there before my edit / I'll also @ @Tinkeringbell since they approved the suggestion, in case you have questions for them --
@Rob :) Yeah I was struggling to write up something in reply to that... because it is clearly wrong. There wasn't any guidance on why and when to use that tag in the excerpt before the suggested edit to it.
I think ymb1 said all that needs to be said though :)
@Tinkeringbell thank you! so I take it their "you really need to leave the editing alone here" is misplaced
@ymb1 Yes. (Unless half the chatroom explodes and can tell me some very convincing reasons why that tag excerpt shouldn't be written the way it is now... but I seriously doubt it)
planting 100 ton of TNT in Tavern
2:07 PM
well, if it explodes, I'll just hide behind you :D
!!/explode Tavern
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 No such command 'explode'.
Good place to be... I'm probably wide enough to cover two :P
@SmokeDetector :(
@Tinkeringbell good reason to reject diets! :D
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Eh, but I want to be fit, so I can outrun the slowest person when chased by a bear, and increase my chances of survival :P
2:10 PM
@Tinkeringbell plan B is to just stand still. Wear something green, and bear might think you're a tree. :P
Not half as much fun though XD
Running is exhausting.
Plus, bonus for being a successful tree is that you get the bear to hug you. :D
I hate bearhugs.
Better than bearbites...
You get to keep your hands/legs/head. ;)
Dunno. If the bear squeezes hard enough....
2:14 PM
Nah he knows trees got feelings.
Ryan Donovan on October 20, 2021
Originally, React mainly used class components, which can be strenuous at times as you always had to switch between classes, higher-order components, and render props. With React hooks, you can now do all these without switching, using functional components.
There was this car crash nearby this week, and the dude in the car got so crushed that medics had to do an amputation on the spot, to get him out of the car and to the hospital alive XD
@Feeds best onebox today!
@Tinkeringbell ouch! Still, this week someone in Israel had even worse luck, he fell from 60 meters height on a car. (he didn't survive, car driver did, luckily.)
What was he doing that high up to begin with?!
Someone who clung to hot air balloon from below.
Police still trying to figure why exactly.
2:17 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Definitely a Darwin award contender
(he worked as ground operator, but should have left the ropes when the balloon rise up, it's pretty much common sense)
heh it's even on CNN.
hmm looks like the initial report I read was wrong, he didn't fall on a car.
@magisch That sounds like it could be stressful - are you able to work from home?
Well, lucky for the drivers...
@Feeds hooks in react are awful
2:55 PM
@Catija partially, although i'm fully vaccinated so less concerned for myself
@magisch Yeah. Andy's work is trying to make everyone come back to the office and they've had a few people refuse because they have family at home who either can't be vaccinated or have a condition that makes it high-risk even if they are.
that sounds awful
what gets me is all these people who think vaccines are genetic experimentation
... honestly, I can at least understand that one, even if I think it's idiotic. What really confuses me is people who think it's a way to get microchips into you.
really, someone flagged that? ok I guess
I think i'm not all that in tune with the formal speaking style of this place anymore
3:03 PM
I had to google what sovcit was before forming an opinion on the flag... was about to meh it though.
The Tavern is formal?
I didn't know what it meant, either.
Very much, we wear tuxedo's these days.
I was going to google it
:is still in PJs:
At work in T shirts and shorts
3:04 PM
@Catija From what I read in the first lines of wikipedia, it's some sort of politically held belief/direction.
cause its a night shift and the aircon is half busted as opposed to fuully busted
It means sovereign citizen, it's a movement of people who think laws don't apply to them because they can cite the magna carta
Hoodie and sweatpants here :)
@magisch If its a traditional vaccine? Mercury and autism...
or in the german context, some 15th century feudal stuff
3:05 PM
I checked what's in my vaccine and... most of it is edible
@magisch The reason I flagged is because some people (though not me) have those views, and it looked (to me) like you were making fun of those views. I didn’t flag because of a lack of formality.
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica oh I am making fun of those people definitely
same way I do of flat earthers
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica Oh god, Does that mean I can't rant about how stupid it is?
@magisch We have sovrign citizen folks here...
I think it's a demented and tremendously stupid view and usually the people following it are really odious and annoying on top
3:06 PM
Actually I need to find the news article
@JourneymanGeek I saw a good retort for those who believe that the vaccine was developed too quickly (only works in the bible belt though :P): "And creating a whole earth in six days isn't?" :D
its just too... batsty
I mean, I haven't checked recently if I just violated the CoC. I hope not
I didn't intend to, anyways
@magisch its fine
@magisch "Language likely to alienate or offend"... if a sovcit drops by, you're in trouble.
3:07 PM
can you help me get rid of the exchange then tink?
I can neither move them into trash myself nor delete them
I'll get to it.
at my usual haunts these days the rules are a bit less formal
(the first one, dude LOST HIS JOB, and got deported...)
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica not word from above - and we're still discussing that but....
As adults - if someone has a specific issue with that, its probably worth bringing it up
Unless is a matter of, well personal safety, or its a heated arguement ongoing that needs putting up, talking about stuff like that, least to me, is better
3:16 PM
@JourneymanGeek I don’t have a specific issue with that message, but I flagged because there’s are some people who would/do. Next time I’ll bring it up before flagging, though. (Also, I’m not an adult :P)
Act like one.
I think the problem is "some people might" is - there's a potential to chill speech that's harmless
@magisch Actually I don't know what to pick so just chat more :P
@JourneymanGeek fair enough. Thanks for explaining :)
as much as the 'letter' of the rules matter - its worth considering the spirit of them
the COC is meant to protect folks in various situations - but actual folks, and in some cases the 'rules' need to be used with common sense and awareness of the situation
i think in this case flagging is more disruptive than the message itself, even if there were someone here that'd be offended by it
3:20 PM
@Sha I already have been told so
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica I know you don't know me, but if you tell me that you take issue with something in the edit window i'll always edit or delete it
I don't come here trying to ruffle anyone's feathers
(especially not those of the parrot, that is a mistake you make only once)
Even if te parrot is currently lacking features
features? :P
autocucmber strikes again
3:23 PM
look upsetting tink is a bad idea either way
considering that upsetting her is pretty hard
when you manage to you're usually screwed
I bite :P
on the discord server I help at i'm considered the most lenient when it comes to bans
although we're pretty strict when it comes to racism, homophobia and transphobia compared to similar servers
@magisch My brother started moderating somewhere too... He's also still in his 'lenient' phase :P Doesn't dare to push buttons, can't really smell a troll from 1 feet away yet... He'll grow into it ;)
3:26 PM
I'm not in my lenient phase
I'm just a generally relaxed guy
I have no issues yeeting the hell out of people who have it coming :)
I've mellowed out quite a bit compared to my early stack days
We're opposites, then XD
a lot of people find out that white supremacist talk doesn't fly on our discord and then they moan in ban appeals that their ban was political
and then we decline the appeal
because our server our rules, and our rules is that we dislike racists enough to just not let them in at all
@magisch Well, rules are rules. And with Discord, there's probably another group out there that suits their needs more ;)
In developing mod guidelines and such we were actually pretty heavily inspired by the way the people I know at stack work
especially shog's wisdom
I hope shog is doing well and at a shiny new job
I saw some pictures on Twitter... not about his job but they were looking nice :)
3:36 PM
shog is probably the single person who affected my personal and professional development positively the most
Gotta run, dinner is ready... just a few more weeks and I can stay and chat as long as I like :P
I'm even glad he suspended me way back then because it helped me calm down and set me straight and I had it coming
Hey, @magisch, for your licensing issue, consider the MIT rather than CC0. It's pretty simple, and very popular. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License OTOH, CC0 is probably the closest thing to releasing your code to the public domain while still being a licence.
@PM2Ring These days I use cc0 for everything
When I release or contribute stuff publicly, I want it to be public. I want people to be able to use it any way they want to.
as far as I understand it the only reason cc0 is a license is because some jurisdictions do not recognize dedications to the public domain
@magisch Fair enough. It was created for data, but you can use it for code, too.
@magisch That's correct. CC0 may not fully satisfy those jurisdictions, but it tries its best to do so, as the Creative Commons CC0 FAQ explains. :)
3:48 PM
I looked it up and it said cc0 is appropriate for code if you just want to public domain it
@PM2Ring MIT has an attribution clause and nothing else if memory serves?
It's basically a way of saying "use this any way you want, don't bother me about it" which is exactly what I want
And my memory here isn't great since I don't write code :D
I really don't care if someone uses something and doesn't credit me, or even claims it as their own
I don't contribute public code to farm recognition, but so that someone sometime may get some use out of it
@JourneymanGeek Pretty much. You can read it on that Wikipedia page I linked. All the Wikipedia pages on software licensing are quite good.
3:52 PM
I might have a different stance towards copyright if I made my living writing copyrighted works
But personally nothing I do privately has any copyright on it
Most of the code I publish these days is on some Stack Exchange site, so it's CC-By-SA. But Creative Commons specifically say that their licences are unsuitable for software. Oh well. :)
iirc the free software foundation says cc0 is approved for software
and compatible with open source products
even though it's a creative commons license
FWIW, Creative Commons recommend against using Creative Commons licenses for software. See here for details. We use CC-BY-SA licenses here because Stack Overflow posts are effectively a form of documentation that (may) contain code samples. They are not intended to be a primary software distribution mechanism. — PM 2Ring Oct 12 '20 at 23:08
@magisch Sort of, but they don't describe it as a license. From wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/…
Anyways, I wasnt able to find a better license that's essentially a public domain dedication
May I apply CC0 to computer software? If so, is there a recommended implementation?
Yes, CC0 is suitable for dedicating your copyright and related rights in computer software to the public domain, to the fullest extent possible under law. Unlike CC licenses, which should not be used for software, CC0 is compatible with many software licenses, including the GPL. However, CC0 has not been approved by the Open Source Initiative and does not license or otherwise affect any patent rights you may have.
4:37 PM
> "The global inbox contains information from across the entire network, including hot questions, a list of all sites, an inbox of @responses directed at you, and notifications of badges and ending bounties.".
3 hours ago, by Tinkeringbell
@ymb1 Yes. (Unless half the chatroom explodes and can tell me some very convincing reasons why that tag excerpt shouldn't be written the way it is now... but I seriously doubt it)
Is that convincing?
@Rob Not really, no. "Because Shog wrote it like that" is actually the worst argument you could've tried to pull on me.
Why was it written that way, and why should it remain written that way over the way it's written now? If the answer is just 'Shog' then it's not a satisfying answer.
What should a tag wiki excerpt contain?: Avoid generically defining the concept behind a tag / Provide basic guidance on when to use the tag. In other words, what kinds of questions should have this tag? --
-- and yes, many get it wrong, I didn't, and to put this issue to rest, hopefully: you said, "That's a few mistakes in a row", but I had already explained the first one I did not edit, I commented, and Sonic edited, and the wrong tag was because of the misused excerpt, which I fixed
5:02 PM
tagging the tag
and for the history:
Jeff Atwood on March 24, 2011
In the spirit of our recent redesign of the users page, we felt it was time to enhance the tags page, too. As you can see, the tags page now shows a bit more information about each tag, namely: The first three lines of the tag wiki excerpt for the tag. The number of questions…
excerpting the wiki
Huh no wonder it's broken.
i suspect that blog entry wasn't meant to be published
it's just really old
5:19 PM
I appreciate all your talking about tags but really...
you should be discussing about removing that 100 questions requirement instead.
(or posting the 19 questions I still need)
and yes @JourneymanGeek, I said 19 this time
18 more to go
I mean 19
@Tinkeringbell As you can see, he didn't write it at all, he copied it from animuson: meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/125951/5
@JourneymanGeek new feature request? Pay bounties for new questions?
@Rob So? When I said 'convincing reasons', I didn't mean an argument from authority.
All you do is quote names at me, that doesn't explain why the tag can't be what it is now and should've remained in a form that seemingly contradicts all guidance on what to use the excerpt for out there.
5:43 PM
/whispers including the text of the rejection reason 🙄
6:38 PM
I feel there's a little UI/UX update on "x new questions"/"x questions with activity" clickable banner on the questions list. Much more Stack™-y.
it looked buggy to me, almost as if it was to wide for it's location
2 hours later…
9:06 PM
@V2Blast brews a cup of darjeeling tea for @V2Blast
2 hours later…
11:32 PM
Updated to Android 12 and the Stack Exchange app no longer works, crashes when opening... (@MetaAndrewT.)

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