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1:28 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Would you prefer red, blue, or green? Maybe sepia, charcoal, teal, eggplant, brown, mauve?
1:45 AM
vodka :^)
When editing an answer, the POST request contains author: "". Why?
In what situations would that be filled?
2:00 AM
is-current: "true"
post-text: "yada yada my whole post"
fkey: "secret stuff"
author: ""
edit-comment: "some comment"
2:32 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating That is my surname (family name belongs to).
We have no connection with Pandya Dynasty of South India though.
2 hours later…
4:53 AM
@Pandya amusingly, one of the dentists at the practice I go to shares your family name. I saw her once when my normal dentist was out.
5:28 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica I guess it's for community wiki (related: Old usernames stick to Community Wiki posts)
2 hours later…
7:01 AM
12 messages moved to Chimney
109 messages moved to Chimney
7:29 AM
4 messages moved to Chimney
1 hour later…
8:36 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica what bug?
@Rob blue.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica maybe something they do in Teams, the codebase is the same.
@Pandya oh, nice.
took half minute for auto flags to kick in.
8:56 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating You sure? The system only casts up to four autoflags, so at least two manual ones are needed to delete it.
@SonictheCuriouserHedgehog well, I cast the first flag.
Then waited 10 seconds before reporting here.
9:10 AM
Is your covidiot brother also into rioting @Tinkeringbell?
Luckily no...
We managed to keep him entertained with bitterballen this weekend.
He has been sneaking out past curfew to go drink at the neighbor's though.
Seen much coronahooligans over there? Over here it's been quiet :)
9:32 AM
@Tinkeringbell Our town is quiet, except for the occasional car being burned down. That seems to be a returning theme here
Oof. I'm happy no one ever got such ideas here! Worst we had in the neighborhood was someone scratching the paint.
(we suspected a neighbor, once the police installed a camera though ,the scratching stopped so we never got answers :|)
It's not really my neighbourhood, but some others in the city. Last I heard they arrested someone, so hopefully its done for now.
fingers crossed!
Also, always good if it's not your neighborhood :D
9:48 AM
I was going to suggest a racoon, but I doubt they'd be deterred by being stared at
? I have a case of Monday morning brain fog and can't figure our what you're talking about XD
cars being scratched
Ohh. I don't think there's wild raccoons around here to begin with XD
We're pretty sure this was the neighbors, since it coincided with the time my parents and our other neighbors started taking juridical measures against the >30 little shit-zu's she had.
We just never figured out if it was her or her son (who already has a criminal record for other stuff).
@Tinkeringbell probably not, and if there were they should be shot for being invasive species
@Luuklag Not captured and put in a zoo/sanctuary? That's harsh :P
9:53 AM
@Tinkeringbell >30, damn. That's probably illegal to begin with
@Tinkeringbell Well if you manage perhaps, but usually invasive species need to be euthanised
@Luuklag There... wasn't really any clear-cut law. I think they finally got her on the premise that she was running a breeding mill from her home, with Marktplaats adverts and Facebook posts as evidence... now she's limited to 5 max (took a long while before enough dogs were dead or replaced to get there), she has to walk them (never does so)... but we've basically given up since 5 is already much 'better' than the stench and noise of 30.
I think she's genuinely sorry though...
But I'm very gullible apparently.
@Luuklag I kinda like raccoons, especially when they try to wash their cotton candy before eating it :P
@Tinkeringbell haha yeah they have a cuteness factor, but can be vicious
So, just like any other animal? :D
That's why I think jumping spiders are the best pet ever, just let it loose in your apartment
10:13 AM
@JohnDvorak Ehhh. The problem with really small pets is that they can make quite the mess if you forget to look for them first XD
I don't like putting on clean socks thrice a day.
11:15 AM
Computer hard drives and falling rain sound remarkably alike these days...
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relation_(database) :] ? I wonder if you aptly saying "relations" at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/359915/… is from/insp ORM/SQL familiarity? (Or is that just what I think about :∫ when I read you say "Relations"?) I woke from sleep thinking about how you said the word & realized meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/359915/8.
11:35 AM
@JohnDvorak agree
@prosody-GabVereableContext What are you actually trying to achieve with that Q? To me it reads like the ramblings of a mad men
@prosody-GabVereableContext if I have to describe SE as an educational place, then "library" is more appropriate than "classroom"
in that the main goal of SE is to collect high-quality knowledge, but not (private) tutoring everyone
@Luuklag if 90% of the population are rioting, is it still a riot? (that's the case in Israel, almost nobody care that we're in "lockdown" and people go to vacations, friends, parties, etc like everything is normal.)
@prosody-GabVereableContext actually I didn't put much thought into it. English isn't my native language, and that's the first word that popped to mind when I started to write the comment.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating these aren't just covidiots ignoring restrictions, they're actively rioting. Think those images of BLM riots last year.
11:51 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Fair. We all have different meanings for words sometimes, normal. Your usage was good, is all I mean. (P.S. I am on a waiting list to vacc! It's good IL thanks to a small pop can vaccinate most ppl by March, I read that in the news, great news, fortunate... especially if the pop isn't happy about being isolated. I personally like isolation... :)
@MetaAndrewT. I like "library", hmm, good/interesting point. (What about University library, or how libraries are often connected to schools? I had a dream that SE got sponsored and bought by Harvard, but maybe a library is the realistic one, I do not know. "Educational setting" is a phrase psychologists often use, maybe applies?)
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Well then you got some serious issues, but then again, hasn't Israel always have them. I seem to recall something with occupied territories and such...
@Tinkeringbell oh... these?
red is sunday night, blue is sunday during the day, and black is saturdaynight
@Luuklag linguistics.stackexchange.com/a/34133/1657 might interest you, it is how I found en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Professor_and_the_Madman_(film) linked in their response. Incredible true story about who wrote the first OED dictionary. Definitely watch.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating It might be a revolt, or a revolution...
depends on who wins
12:04 PM
@JourneymanGeek COVID wins.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating funny thing is... my entire family is probably going to get early vaccinations
(my brother and I due to work, dad and mom due to seniorness)
@Luuklag thanks for the edit... that answer needs a bit more polish
@JourneymanGeek that's good! :)
The Polish thank you.
@Rob Polish Police?
PP is dangerous.
They are dull.
12:07 PM
Dull without any doll, it's bad.
On the dole.
@Luuklag lol, now with COVID those issues became minor. :D
@prosody-GabVereableContext yeah, I get vaccine in one week. But the downside is that it makes people totally ignorant, and we have more people dying last month than during whole year before. People simply don't care anymore, trusting the vaccine to fix all the problems.
@sha What was the first room on MSE chat?
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Do they give out only one shot, or the recommended two?
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating dumb will dumb
Vaccinated dumb is less dangerous
12:21 PM
Private Room

The room you are attempting to access is private.

If you believe that you should have access to this room, you can request access to it:
maybe a staff room
Even I don't have access XD
Really? I thought diamond mods would have access to it.
@Luuklag Oh. Thanks!
@JourneymanGeek \o
I thought so too, but I don't care enough to dig past that
12:22 PM
Yes, there's no use in doing that XD
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating And worse, yes.
12:53 PM
Cheating, to avoid cheating:
Q: Are diamond moderators exempted from the minimum duration of bounties (1 day)?

PandaDuring the recent Winter Bash, Yaakov "solicited help on finding ways to prevent (or at least make it harder) for folks to cheat at Hat Dash" and awarded successful users with a bounty. The bounties were awarded to all the qualifying users in quick succession, giving us the following impressive t...

Mod ab.... oh wait
that whooshing sound you hear is the joke going over your head :D
My point, really, is that every now and then someone comes along and says: "It can't be done." - this is the second recent example of so-called impossible things happening. Of course this can happen, there's the proof.
@JourneymanGeek That's a relief, it sounded like @Shadow gas.
What is this, I heard whoo--- nope nope nope no--
1:16 PM
covidiot in his natural habitat.... shot at the riots this weekend, I guess he can be our 'horned man' XD
@Tinkeringbell Looks like you got him:
Yeah, I noticed that too XD
Also if you want to participate in such things, make sure not to get a headshot from a watercannon: twitter.com/DieTukkerfries/status/1353335433158131712 (NSFW/BLOOD)
Oh god did it post double again?
1:32 PM
@Luuklag Not anymore :P
And yeah, those kinds of shots make me wish I had chosen a different profession. Professional watercannon aimer sounds like an awesome job!
I do love the absolute disinterest of the guy in the monkey? suit though XD
1:56 PM
@Tinkeringbell The best cannons are in Turkey:
Hint: That's not just water.
I was wondering :P
2:38 PM
@TechExpertWizard this one
@sha What one? Luuklag and Journeyman already told me that it wasn't even accessible to them.
@Rob two. When one make the appointment for the first dose, the system automatically place another one, exactly three weeks later, for the second.
All in one button click.
(well, few, you have to locate nearby "vaccine camp" first)
@JourneymanGeek too true
@TechExpertWizard Tavern is the first "real" public chat room on MSE, as far as I know. The room with ID of 1 is the Teacher's Lounge, private chat room for moderators and SE staff. The others (before 89, the ID of Tavern) were mostly test rooms from what I saw.
@sha Oh... But why did Journeyman say the Teacher's Lounge wasn't accessible to him? He's a diamond mod.
The oldest non-Tavern room I remember was Pekka's room, it existed long years, but got frozen few years ago after all its active members either quit SE entirely, or just became inactive on chat.
@sha Oh :( Was it before or after Tavern?
2:44 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating pretty sure I can see the primodial TL
@TechExpertWizard after Tavern, which was the first.
@sha Oh.
@JourneymanGeek pri what? ;)
prime dial TL?
@TechExpertWizard I'm not sure how it works, to be honest, i.e. which mod can access TL and how.
(as in if it's automatic, or a CM need to give some explicit access to each mod.)
2:45 PM
@sha Why aren't you a mod? You look like you'd be a great mod :-)
@TechExpertWizard never tried, and I don't have time anyway.
@sha Oh. :-(
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating when TL was on Meta, mods were mere mortal and needed explicit access. Not sure about MSE mods though.
@Rob my gas doesn't whoosh.
@MetaAndrewT. oh. And these days?
2:50 PM
@user400654 thanks! Was about to grab some.
@Meta Where's the Teacher's Lounge now?
@TechExpertWizard moved back to the old room on se chat
@JourneymanGeek Oh.
It was always a temporary thing
@JourneymanGeek so what is this room?
Thought it's the TL.
2:56 PM
No idea
Certainly not our TL... the room ID is unmemorable ;p
3:07 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating That's good that they do that, some areas give you one; then they're going to call people back sometime to give them another; whenever, depending on scheduling and availability.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating That's good that it doesn't do that ... but it decreases the availability.
3:22 PM
Q: A deeper dive into May 2019 security incident: blog post feedback

Dean WardWe just posted an update to the security incident that happened back in May 2019 with technical details of what happened, how it happened, and the remediations we applied to prevent an incident like it from happening again. Here's a couple of excerpts from the post - first from the introduction: ...

Ben Popper on January 25, 2021
We take a detailed look at a hacking incident that gave a user unauthorized access to our code and data.
It's only a year and a half later and we have some more details, for those of y'all who are interested.
oh well.. 18 months still has an 8 in it.
@Feeds feels so long just after the chaotic year 2020...
chaotic? It's been one of the most well-structured years I've had! Wake up at 7:15, start work at 7:30, stop work at 16:30, walk a bit, dinner, and the whole evening for myself... and that every single day, with weekends as the exception! :D
3:45 PM
I am amused that the attacker kept looking up SO
Maybe if he had looked up security.se... :D :D :D
Or hack a different site while looking things up on SO :P
Didn't help DPR much in building silk road :D
Anyhow, hacking things reads like it's a boring job. I think I'll stick with making the things to be hacked.
ugh. We're testing a new automated report generation system beside our manual one
this means... 1.5x the work :D
But once it's finished it'll be only 1.3x the work!
4:00 PM
(I can use some of the screenshots on both methods, but the old method involves pasting graphs from excel to a ppt, while the new one is all screenshots all the time)
@Rob well there are other vaccines with only one dose.
I thought nearly all the current ones were 2 doses
@Tinkeringbell I wish my days were so simple. 😩
@Aibobot true, thought the British one was one dose, but turns out it's also two.
I am switching to a 3 shift system soon
(at current job)
4:13 PM
@Aibobot 6-8, 10-14, and 16-6? :D
8-4, 2-10, 10-8
yes there's an overlap
and yes the times are not the same
All to make life complex.
Well, managers have to justify their salary, so they come with mega complex stuff to say "See, I did this to make this place more efficient and profitable!" :D
4:42 PM
@Catija Kids?
Those can really wreck anything :D
One day they'll be grown up and you can have your life back :)
Just hope they're not like me and living at home till they're almost 30 XD
@Tinkeringbell common mistake.... ;)
Even when they're 40, the kids still might need lots of attention from their parents. :D
@Tinkeringbell eh. Point proven. :P
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Oh, I was assuming 'normal' kids. But you're right, with special-needs kids that never happens.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating I don't need attention though. It's forced upon me :P
Narcia raid starts in 15 minutes. I'm part of the strongest guild in the game. :-D
@Tinkeringbell you're seeking it unknowingly. ;)
4:48 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Nice! I'm going to start up Stardew Valley again. Hope I can get to 10 million 'gold' in the game and buy something really expensive today. (otherwise it'll have to wait until tomorrow XD)
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating I'd love to know how actively limiting my interactions with my parents unknowingly seeks more attention, so I can fix that.
5:10 PM
@Luuklag You may be interested in signing this petition to add a live stream to such machines, so we can be entertained :D
5:57 PM
Why does meta.superuser.com/posts/3158/edit lead to a "Suggested edit pending in the queue" error? That should be impossible, especially on that particular post, since it's on a per-site-meta.
@Ollie has been like that since... I dunno, but very long time
I'll look on Meta for a post...
Ah, here. Shog's marked it as .
6:26 PM
@Feeds It's been long enough that the user's network-wide 1-year suspension expired :) stackoverflow.com/users/11484829/roy-montague
If I found a bug on a per-site-meta, should I report it on that meta or this Meta?
does it affect the software as a whole?
I'm still looking. So far it only appears to be meta.superuser.com.
But meta sites are for asking stuff about its parent site.
I think.
Ahh, never mind. Glorfindel has a post there.
@VoteDukakis as has the american election. Ducakis 2015? :D
6:49 PM
Whee, I have green moderators again without removing my rainbow ROs.
7:02 PM
7:22 PM
another night of riots commences: nos.nl/artikel/…
That's nearby. My brother said the 'hard core' of PEC supporters (football club) wanted to 'prevent rioters' from rioting XD
(He's got wrooooooooooooooooooonng friends)
or acquaintances.
Whatever you want to call them. They're folks you shouldn't even know.
Yup football holigans are having a blast these days. Finally get to fight the police again since all football matches are now played without supporters
Ah, there's some video footage from his friends on our family app now. At least one of the girls had the good sense to sound like she's shitting her pants and run now that the ME is coming....
this is so ... useless?
@rene yup
7:29 PM
Yeah. Either you're going to riot or you stay home, but running once the ME finally shows up is a waste of your time.
@Tinkeringbell That's what all the fun's about
playing cat and mouse
True, nothing above a good ME beating
@rene I mean, they don't even get to 'beat good'. That's the Dutch police force for you ;)
@JourneymanGeek "Mobile Unit"... basically cops but with a shield?
And a water gun.
7:31 PM
water pistols
For the Dutch people here ;)
@Tinkeringbell Longer batton's, teargas, full-body armor
@JourneymanGeek Dutch riot police
7:32 PM
Ah yes, the helmets and boots. I forgot.
Oh well. Our country has always been a little behind. Now that the US is done being crazy, it's our turn ;)
@Tinkeringbell Hope our police doesn't get as crazy as theirs
Using automatic rifles, and assault vehicles
rifles? With those straw shields? Not a chance :P
@Tinkeringbell Look at the shields used by DSI ;)
Dienst special interventies
@Luuklag Those look way more 'shield-y' :P
Like they can actually block stuff instead of being used as a bouncing pillow.
8:20 PM
apparently these protestors shat themselves and needed new undies: prnt.sc/xmbzq3
@Luuklag this one probably did the same. They're rioters btw, nothing 'protest' about it ;)
Ah, the famous people have also started their virtue signalling now XD
Good one @SonictheCuriouserHedgehog
Don't know why someone would downvote that, but I set you back to 0 ;)
9:03 PM
Should that blogpost feedback be featured? To avoid getting spread out to MSO for example?
9:18 PM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Correct. The current approved antivirus shots require two doses, or they may be only 33% effective but J&J's one shot is expected to be over 80% effective (good enough); but it isn't approved for use anywhere.
9:42 PM
@Tinkeringbell Those look like laundry basket lids, if they're cheap they could use garbage can lids; like we did as kids. Real equipment is lightweight lexan:
There are also Stun Shields.
1 hour later…
11:04 PM
@Tinkeringbell what is this all about?

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