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12:51 AM
48 messages moved to Chimney
gmail suggested "do the needful" when I typed in do ._.
2 hours later…
2:36 AM
Bad luck, have come down with what I hope isn't pneumonia
but might be
This is a bad time to get pneumonia
fever, headache and cough won't let me sleep
hence why I'm wide awake at 3 am
GMail derives its suggestions from trending phrases: Needful Meme, as long as it's not a dead end street.
2 hours later…
5:03 AM
2 hours later…
6:33 AM
@Magisch hope you get better soon
6:53 AM
At least ncov is not very prevalent in Germany, right? I've only heard of the few people in München who went to a workshop.
got a doctors appointment at 9.30am
I don't think I have anything serious
just a bad case of the flu
Yeah, there's flu everywhere in Europe :(
7:22 AM
@JourneymanGeek could be worse... ;)
@Rob like this? :D
@Shadow9 that's not a cobra though
@JAD meh.... it's a big snake.
It can just choke an elephant, I guess.
doubt that
And this one?
ugh... sirens... luckily just a drill...
7:37 AM
same story (and species btw). Just because people have some magical superstitions about snakes, doesn't mean they can just jump up 5 meters in the air to get to an elephant's neck or choke anything they touch. They're still subject to gravity and those things. If something is bigger and strong than them, they don't really do that much. (except for venom of course, but neither those pictures are venomous snakes)
Well, my mother house cats once saved her (and me, probably) from a viper snake... while not a cobra, it's still venomous. I was still a kid so don't remember much, mostly from stories.
of course, in both cases it's a matter of trust between the animal and the kid, but to be fair, the same can be said of dogs. Any decently sized dog can seriously harm a child if so inclined. But will it? No, because why would it? The only reason people don't think of that for dogs, is because they are more familiar with them. In contrast to what the bible says, snakes are not inherently evil.
The cats stood in a circle around the snake and didn't let it go, until a neighbor arrived and killed it.
hmm. with most venomous snakes, simply walking away should do the trick to "save" yourself.
only a very select few of them will chase
@JAD I know, though one can say God also took their wisdom along with their legs.
7:41 AM
because why would they? They can't eat you. If they bite, it would be out of defense. It costs a lot of energy to regenerate venom, so it's a bad situation for the snake if it has to bite defensively.
@JAD yeah, still.... the snake was pissed off already, so if not for the cats, there was a risk it will attack out of fear.
hmm, how much of that was because of the cat bothering it?
@JAD I doubt a snake thinks before any action... they act only upon animal instinct. No?
yep, and what is that instinct based off of?
@JAD cats, lots of them.... she had about 20 back then, so 6-8 (literally this time ;)) stood in a circle around it.... dunno what happened before, but guess the snake didn't come to say hello...
@JAD survival
7:45 AM
@Shadow9 and attacking everything left and right, doesn't sound very useful for survival.
What I'm trying to say is that what I described doesn't have to be a concious thought at that moment. It can be past experiences shaped by evolution into instinct.
Similar to how software can follow rules, without coming up with those rules while it's running
the software is dumb, but it's wired in such a way to not do stupid things
similarly, just because an animal isn't smart, doesn't mean it can't make decisions that are beneficial for it.
And in many cases, for snakes that is to get the hell out of danger instead of provoking it
and only when cornered, they'll turn to attack.
Of course, some species are just assholes
but in general snakes are very misunderstood. And those videos and images don't really help, because admittedly it's on the edge of being responsible, and it invokes a pretty big reaction by those unfamiliar.
@JAD my reaction was just that it's funny. But yeah, guess with cobra is won't be so funny, kind of like those stupid Tik Tok "challanges" causing kids to harm themselves.
Tik Tok is the Chinese Roulette. :/
@Shadow9 hmm, looking at those twitter comments makes me sad though :/
@JAD to be honest, didn't read. Too used to the crap in Twitter, so I watch funny stuff and move along, rarely reading any comments.
8:02 AM
fair enough
8:21 AM
!!/coffee JAD
@Shadow9 brews a cup of jQuery for @JAD
@Shadow9 No such command 'milk'.
8:52 AM
@JAD One of my favorite Dual Survival episodes is where the army dude wanted to kill a (deadly) snake that is in front of them in the woods and the survival dude just orders them to stand there and not move. And then slowly back away. And the snake did exactly the same. Was a powerful moment.
@Shadow9 I guess you already forgot the Youtuber that thought that he could stop a desert-eagle bullet with a book
@BlueSoul nope
no need for Tik Tok.
idiotic challenges were already common before.
@BlueSoul but Tik Tok helps them to spread
isn't TikTok like the Chinese version of Vine?
9:02 AM
If you know you'll get Likes and new Friends by completing challenges, you'll do it.
@Shadow9 if it wasn't Tik Tok, then they would just use youtube like they did before
@JAD no idea what's Vine
@Shadow9 The Western predecessor of TikTok I suppose
lol :)
Vine () was a short-form video hosting service where users shared six-second-long, looping video clips. It was founded in June 2012; American microblogging website Twitter acquired it in October 2012, before its launch on January 24, 2013. Videos were published through Vine's social network, and could be shared on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The Vine app could be used to browse videos, along with groups of videos by theme, and "trending" videos. Vine competed with other social-media services such as Instagram and Mobli. By December 2015, Vine had 200 million active users. On October...
9:04 AM
@BlueSoul much less. And also, Tik Tok is widely used by kids, under 10. YouTube not really.
Something something teenagers vine all the time
Not teenagers, kids. Even 6 y/o.
Sharing vids among themselves, and among adults who... well... love kids.
So yeah, that is Tik Tok.
Cute but Sketchy.
Not cute. Ugly and risky.
Hence why I call it sketchy. Such a service should be able to exist to let kids be kids, but... impossible.
9:07 AM
@Shadow9 Well, define "used". If you mean "post content", I could agree that youtuber users are probably on average older than that. If you mean "view content"... I am not sure I agree.
@Gimby anything involving social media means the kids won't stay kids. It puts the "big world" burden on them, the desire for more Likes, the sadness when they don't get millions of those Likes, etc.
@BlueSoul I can only imagine the age of Youtube viewers will also go up steadily since recently they made it impossible to monetise content aimed at kids.
Hello World
@Shadow9 True, but lets face it... the current generation of kids are likely going to have likes and dislikes define a lot of their world :(
@BlueSoul agree. My daughter view YouTube vids (she's 9) but isn't posting anything. Tik Tok she can't even view since I don't let her install the app.
@Gimby not "going to have", it's already happening, yeah.
9:11 AM
@Shadow9 My twin sisters of 12 started posting on Instagram. I know I have no right to meddle with their lives but ... I'm worrying as hell
Still, Tik Tok is the lowset and most dangerous of them all. So far.
@avazula try to make the parents involved, check regularly, and intervene if there's inappropriate content or messages from Followers.
@Shadow9 Parents don't care (we're foster siblings). I'm monitoring closely :p
@avazula sorry to hear.... must be tough life. Well done for caring yourself then. :)
@YaakovEllis Java?
It is difficult as an outsider. My brother bought a Switch for his three year old son so they can play games together. And then I'm like dude... I nearly ruined my education because I was addicted to video games. Why at such a ridiculous young age?
@Shadow9 <shudders>
9:15 AM
But it's not my kid and I have no kids of my own so I didn't pass the "you changed diapers" test that allows me to have an opinion.
@Gimby yeah that's plain stupidly, sorry. It's like a case I read about yesterday, where parents gave their 3 y/o laser gun and she caused a Kindergarten Teacher to become blind.
@Gimby well, considering the average behavior of people on youtube... kids aren't exactly safe on their own either way.
(which isn't different than giving kids a loaded gun.)
More parents that just don't think, they only do :(
It takes just a few click to end up on an Happy Tree Friends video clip that some smart guy presented as "for kids"
9:17 AM
@BlueSoul I trust my kids to tell me if they stumble over a "weird" vid, or just ignore it, but yeah.... that's a risk.
@YaakovEllis JavaScript? ;)
@Gimby That's your lack of self control :D
Kids have no self control.
@Shadow9 problem is that at that point they would already have seen the video.
Would probably be better if some idiot didn't post some clip from a very violent gore parody show while claiming it was a kid show in the first place.
@BlueSoul true. But on the other hand, it's impossible to prevent kids from seeing inappropriate vids, my focus is to prevent them from sharing such vids, and from taking part in stupid things like Tik Tok challenges.
(e.g. a kid shared a very violent vid in the class WhatsApp group)
@Shadow9 In my day we had one computer in a common room
Right till my 20s.
My grandma was like "What if he's looking at porn?"
9:22 AM
@JourneymanGeek in the house? We still do.
One computer for all family.
@Shadow9 I got my own, my dad has his... my mom refuses to touch them :D
But computer is long time obsolete. It's all via smartphones these days anyway.
You can either trust your kids and yourself
or just live in the... 80s? (19, not 18 :D )
@JourneymanGeek so everyone will enjoy! :D
My PCs always face the door too
9:23 AM
But doesn't Singapore block XXX sites on some low level?
@Shadow9 I guessssss
"guess"... lol
I've never been inclined to check :D
(we do block piratebay, and that's trivial to get around)
Never followed spam links on SE? ;)
Not as far as I remember? :D
9:25 AM
no pneumonia thankfully
just bronchitis
@Magisch yay. Be well soon
@Magisch .... It feels wierd to go "Yay!"
I'm definitely going yay
Yay! But it still sucks.
9:30 AM
pneumonia puts you out of comission for two weeks at leastz
at least, but I would more count on a month
depending on how bad it is of course.
@Magisch Did they say what kind of bronchitis it is?
nor do I care
bacterial I guess
I got antibiotics
then I hope it's bacterial XD
yup that'd be better ^^
9:35 AM
Ginger+Lemon tea dude. Even if you hate it... it works miracles.
or camille
My partner always forces it down my throat when I have a bad cough. I'm stuck in a grimace for a good ten minutes, but damn it helps.
oh, apparently the English name for kamille is Matricaria/chamomile
That last makes more sense
9:52 AM
I always drink copious amounts of chamomile and mint tea
when ill
but I also drink copious amounts of mint tea when not ill
!!/tea Magi
@Shadow9 brews a cup of chamomile tea for @Magi
See? Smokey knows you.
10:17 AM
I've had a cough for the past few weeks
been doing all the proper things. Warm water, no cold drinks, the good cough syrup.
ended up downing soda... and it got better 0_0
get better soon y'all
Warm water, no cold drinks?
The mountains a couple weeks ago set my asthma off something nasty, so I've been coughing nonstop since then... it's just starting to come back under control
hmm, the lack of oxygen?
@ArtOfCode Ouch. Really? I'd expect the opposite: clean air would help.
Where did you go? Actual mountains or did you stay in England?
10:31 AM
@JourneymanGeek Well, the acidity in some sodas can do wonders against the creepy crawlies inside your body... I still wouldn't recommend it as medicine though ;)
Browsing the character page on indreams.me is quite... depressing in a way :P
How do others manage to do such things while I can't even craft a decent tree?????
@Gimby hmm, but you're not inhaling soda are you?
@Gimby I doubt the acidity could possibly be relevant. Anything you drink will find itself in the extremely acidic environment of your stomach (pH ~2). The acidity of a soda is a drop in the ocean there.
also, it's much too concentrated for it to work #homeopathy
@JAD I hope not, my eyes are tearing just thinking about that
10:34 AM
Aaaaaand .... yay!!!! As I expected, the community is starting working on recreating the witch dimensions inside dreams.
@Gimby inhale, then let it bubble out through the nose. It's called the Rinse and Repeat.
Ha ha :)
That'll get the snot out
@terdon Clean air is great. Trying to climb through knee-deep snow and 80mph wind? Not so much.
Actual mountains, though - Scottish mountains
@ArtOfCode Oh wow, you went this weekend? You crazy person!
@ArtOfCode Oooh, nice :)
Ah no, couple of weeks ago. So not during one of the named storms. Not quite so crazy a person after all!
@terdon No, couple weeks ago - 4th/5th. Got the timing just right, actually - avoided the 120mph wind the day before, and avoided the storm at the weekend. But still, it's high up and it's in Scotland, so... kinda hard to avoid high wind
10:44 AM
Sounds gorgeous, at least.
Oh, definitely
11:02 AM
@JNat cross site spammer, in case you're still hunting them down? Thanks!
@Shadow9 ah, twitter, where we can have conversations about cross cultural toiletery practices :D
Since you're not in Den... the only way to discuss those things with you. :D
Actually what I found interesting was the cultural blind spot
SO, essentially originally Phillippines malaysia and indonesia were various "malay" kingdoms.
The brits, had a "light touch, as long as we get paid" approach, the dutch, likewise, didn't quite keep as much of an illusion of independant kingdoms or sultanates under the crown, the portugese (who got curbstomped by the dutch), and the phillippines was basically the spanish trying to import religion and export all they could get their paws on
@JourneymanGeek what blind spot?
@Shadow9 I didn't know that Filipinos used water rather than toilet paper
11:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek oh. Me too, thought it's common only in India. But never really checked, as surprising as it might sound. ;)
and the use of water for... post relief cleaning kinda pre-dates bidets being common, which is literally only in the last decade or so, and probably cause of the Japanese...
@Shadow9 Malays have an... oddly similar culture in many extents outside religion
Might be just coincidence, different cultures could reach similar habits just by chance, not knowing about each other.
Naw, Our folks probably visited and settled in the peninsula and elsewhere. Cultural cross pollination was almost certain
Usage of water and not paper makes sense in the past, where paper wasn't really available and not really... comfortable.
and well, we think its cleaner :D
11:19 AM
It is, and it's not. You get a cleaner part but more dirty in other part.
From baby experience, hard to wash it out of hands, even with soap.
you... kinda asked for this.
@Journeyman but I also think I saw people saying these days many change habits and lean towards the "western culture" on that aspect, at least in India. No?
@BlueSoul expected some mass "uncouth" pics, that one is new. Nice! :P
Not for that I suspect :D
hehe. But in case a "western" person comes to visit, in theory... what will you do?
huh, weird. Spammer changed avatar from what appeared as own pic to company logo. lol... guess spammers make mistakes too....
@Shadow9 wish granted
11:28 AM
waiting patiently
@Shadow9 @JourneymanGeek
Only one?! :(
So why it's not posted here??? It's over 5 minutes.
@Shadow9 No such command 'borked'.
I knew someone would do the work for me....
11:41 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone and gone
@BlueSoul ?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog this one also appears to have a legitimate post on SO. Leavin' it for now
@Shadow9 looks like handled in the meantime
mornin', JNat
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@Mithical \o
@JNat yeah, turns out sites got mods that still nuke/suspend trolls. Cheers! ;)
11:48 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog no posts at all, so I just cleared their profile
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@Shadow9 yup; gone
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog wouldn't say spammer... low-quality posts, definitely. Won't act on this one for now (already suspended, and I'll let the system take care of blocking for low-q posts where needed).
@Shadow9 gone :)
and that clear my spammer queue :P
whoa.... nice!
!!/coffee JNat the Legendary Spam Hunter
@Shadow9 brews a cup of Americano for @JNat
Hope that's enough! ;)
tea would be preferable, but since it's imaginary anyway... ;P
@JNat not really low quality, I suspected that to be a troll, didn't notice they have more accounts. See their post on MSE (didn't save a link, but you should see it), it has tons of troll-ish comments. What you think?
11:58 AM
Sips tea. Aaaah. Preferable indeed.
*sips hot-chocolate and coffee mix* Aaahhhh.
@JNat will make you real tea in 6-8. ;)
@Shadow9 meh... like I said, they're already q-blocked on AU, and suspended on MSE... that oughta do it, I believe
also, IP address is also blocked
@JNat Yeah.... well, I'll keep an eye. Easy now that I'm only an eye. :D
12:00 PM
@JNat huh.... how so? Well, better this way anyway. :)
spam-deleted post on AU
I see.
@Shadow9 has one strangely crappy post on SU too
@JourneymanGeek well yes, but not spam.
And no troll-ish comments either. So yeah, borderline case. Weird.
12:06 PM
However non SE questions on MSE... bad
@JNat just curious, any way to see past avatars? Pretty sure this spammer (not cross site so I didn't bother you with them) had a different avatar in the beginning, and changed it.
I mean... I can see past avatars, sure
Really? Nice! Mods can see too?
not sure, ask @JourneymanGeek :P
12:10 PM
I can see only own recently used names, not avatars.
@Shadow9 I can't see old avatars
@Shadow9 think so
So some of the avatars I've used on specific sites are lost, as I don't really remember which I used where. :(
@JourneymanGeek in user history, no?
Unless there's a hidden thing I don't remember :D
12:11 PM
at least, it's possible to see that an avatar was changed
@Mithical it's like a question timeline, just with the user acivity?
profile > mod > info > history
Yeah, I guess I can :D
(as you can tell, I am mostly parked on the site and the flag queue :D )
lol always a pleasure to teach people new things, even if indirectly. :D
12:12 PM
I poked around aaaalll the tools. ;)
@Shadow9 see the picture
@BlueSoul saw it
Still.... ?
@Mithical hope you didn't break any while doing so...
@Shadow9 that one is a character puppet that someone made in dreams.
So, worse case I can try to make that playable.
and if I am lucky, she already is.
12:17 PM
@BlueSoul oh.... so you continued a message you posted few hours ago? ;)
@Shadow9 @bjb , is that you?
nah he's not so reckless
@Shadow9 señorgif.com. That's a name I haven't heard in a looooooong time o.O
me neither! lol
Why? Any history with that gif maker? (I didn't create the gif, just found it)
12:33 PM
part of the Cheeseburger network if I recall correctly. I Can Haz Cheeseburger, Failblog, Señorgif, etc.
12:46 PM
oof, Failbook. I used to be hooked on that site. Especially around the Christmas time and the "Thanks dad, instead of a BMW you got me a macbook" posts would come around.
eww Facebook
(I left it long ago and deleted my profile, but suspect it kept it intact, ready to be restored in a single click)
1:02 PM
@Shadow9 No Failbook, the website in the cheezburger network that made fun of Facebook posts :)
1:15 PM
@AndrasDeak somuchpun was my personal favorite :)
also "ugliest tattoos"
AKA: bonga
1:41 PM
I was never fond of memes, chain emails, etc, to be honest. Still, some stuff leaked even to my innocent mailbox or later WhatsApp. :D
It's actually ~1-2% fairly good.
1:44 PM
But not what @JAD and @Gimby were talking about, probably.
2:20 PM
@Shadow9 ah I see, Jad said Failblog which is also a thing. Derp.
@Gimby idk, I'm confused by the statuses. I remember Failbook
Ah whatever, it's not important. Cheezburger stuff, I loved it all. Also the rage comics, I even made a few of my own.
2:57 PM
Starlink launch in -8min
The Community Team on February 17, 2020
In this post, we’d like to talk about some of the initiatives that are happening internally at Stack Overflow aimed at addressing and repairing our relationship with our community.
of course you post the blog post just as I'm going AFK
3:14 PM
@Rob is that cumulative?
3:30 PM
@Feeds huh? That image is familiar... they're re-using images now?
How dare they
> We’ve got a broad group of folks looking at the problem of how far out of alignment we’ve become with our meta community.
well they recongnise the issue...
> The folks in this group have worked with us for the longest, and many have a long history of working both with and within our meta communities.
No they haven't. You sacked or managed out those people.
At least the ones meta liked ;)
(Our lovely coder and other nice people excluded).
At least lets hope eh
for some values of "worked with us"
does that imply "agree with us"?
who are "community stakeholders"
I'm not holding any stakes… should I?
for the sake of the few people at SE I like, I'm trying to look at this positivly.
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