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12:13 AM
@PeeyushKushwaha My top voted answer is one that literally tells how to turn off numlock on a thinkpad
I posted it in 30 seconds before going off work
and... its useful, As is your question
12:26 AM
@JonEricson I see your point, of course. And the question is useful.
But what I meant was I didn't have to put any effort into the question, and if the duplicates 1, 2 had been posted before my question, that would have invoked similar answers and the points would've gone to that random person.
So it seems like a lot of points to give for "posted it first and got popular", which was my concern.
@PeeyushKushwaha Just think of all your questions (and answers) that didn't get popular. A plurality of posts get no votes.
1:05 AM
SE staff and mods could really benefit from some diversity training before trying to police gender. A non binary user had PII leaked because pronouns weren't considered valid
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica The info was visible on other sites, and even if hidden communities removed the links, it's easy to get past that barrier through some tricks.
Just because information is available doesn't mean we should strive to make it easier to access
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica Link?
Or, what exactly happened?
1:28 AM
Q: My profile's about me randomly changed across all sites

PeilonrayzI have two styles for my user accounts: Accounts under the Peilonrayz pseudonym. Same username and picture, similar about me. Accounts that have been anonymized. Random name and picture, and no about me or other settings. Due to getting a couple of yearling badges I looked at an anonymized ...

What is the right way to flag stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/ibm-data-replication given that the tag is experiencing a bunch of self answered questions from a very small group of users?
It appears that IBM is trying to move a bunch of questions over to Stack Overflow, but the question quality is pretty low.
Probably a custom flag
Unless you guys have a designated place to mug a mod
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog Thanks
Would you recommend one flag per user, or a single flag mentioning all of the activity for the tag?
the latter
SO is really busy
If it was SU I'd actually point you at our public "mod" room
cause this sounds super messy
1:39 AM
That tag is cluttering up some of the review queue is why I noticed it.
Flagged. Thanks for the advice.
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3:44 AM
Hmm, now I'm only 1.3k from getting 10k privs.
I almost want to contribute to SO again.
go make the best SO alternative instead: DevDoodle ;)
: p
3 hours later…
6:55 AM
7:36 AM
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7:58 AM
Seems like they're about to witness the streisand effect with the gofundme link debacle
8:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek not that I'm complaining too much, they brought this on themselves by their complete inaction in not just refusing to calm down the situation but then also completly absconding from dealing with any of the fallout their decision brought upon us
leaving the MSE community and mods and the overworked CM team in the trenches with nary a thought
@mag If I read the post right, Community Managers are going to do the GoFundMe link enforcing, so the community and mods don't have to worry about that ;)
Oh I agree
@Tinkeringbell 5 people against the streisand effect. They'll either need to start hard-banning people for having the link anywhere or they'll spend the next few months doing very little else except scrubbing the link from dozens of user profiles, posts and comments every day.
@mag Well, at least that way they're "working on the Monica situation" and people can't complain they aren't doing different things? /s
not to mention the community they managed to infuriate is largely comprised of software developers, people who are notoriously adept in defeating automatic detection mechanisms for this kind of stuff.
think you can just blacklist the link? people will make ascii art or QR codes of it and put them places :p
8:26 AM
I didn't get the impression they'd be scrubbing profiles all day. And I know, I've seen Art update his profile picture ;)
@Tinkeringbell November 15th, now "work" is officially a euphemism
It's these days that make you wonder whether the Earth is on a giant turtle named Streisand.
Hint: It definitely is.
@M.A.R. Oh true. I should get some done today though.
@Tinkeringbell What I'm saying is I don't think they'll be able to or even seriously try to keep the link out of anything but the community ads
@mag Time will tell... and I don't think I'd be complaining if that's all they could do.
8:51 AM
@mag it is a lost battle.
just think about it:
> SυpΡoᚱt GՕfunԁ - Ⅽlіⅽᛕ hеrе
^ good luck trying to automate detection of something like this
thats what I mean
this is a place full of software developers
trying to automatically censor a software developer is a fool's errand
in Kirin Village Outskirts on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 18 mins ago, by Derpy
in the meantime, the GoFundMe page is very grateful for yesterday advertisement. The added anger after that post seems only to have re-ignited donations....
Before anyone references that.
@Hitodama certainly got me thinking about donating again even though I already did
try to bury it? good luck with that
8:55 AM
@mag more than 1k in one day. Donations had started to languish before. And now, Streisand effect is at it full.
just removing it from community ads is something I'd have understood
but user profiles? really?
@mag Laws are weird.
@mag I am not questioning that they can do that. It is their site, they can do what they want. I wonder if that is something one would want to do in the situation we are now.
oh they can do that
they will regret it though. people hate being spoken to that way. Unless their goal was to maximize contributions to the fund dedicated to suing them, which I doubt
@Hitodama want? or need?...
9:05 AM
@Tinkeringbell they don't need to.
There has been plenty of time to seek a pacific resolution with Monica, and I would say that they could still attempt that.
and at this point, even if they do believe they are right. Even if they do believe the news article was deserved. Even if they do think Monica is evil to the core... it still would be better to seek a way to give this closure instead of fortifying for winter.
@Hitodama I won't say they could. I will say I wish they could. But until then, proceed with care, and if SE is getting this approach as advice from their legal team, I'm not going to say a whole legal team is wrong, and this is just a case of 'wanting'.
Don't want to re-instantiate her because different views? Fine. Just FIX THE MEDIA MESS.
Thank you :)
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on the subject of streisand effects: meta.stackexchange.com/users/259700/bit-ly-slash-373wutm
there's only one place that link goes
9:23 AM
@Hitodama what happens if someone uses Unicode tricks to get around a site rule? Same as any other deliberate attempt to get around a site rule, I guess.
Cake? Is the answer cake?
Sure, in your face :P
One of those really messy, sticky cakes, that won't come off your glasses for weeks ;)
@Raedwald true. But again, I am not talking about what I advise someone should do. I am talking about what I expect to happen. With a, maybe arrogant if it helps you to think so, claim that I suspect this was yet another wrong move to do.
can't imagine they'll start banning people for it
that'd go down like another lead baloon
at that point, the banned one would become martyrs of the cause.
To be pretty clear: right now, I doubt the best strategy from a legal dispute point of view is also the best strategy to seek reconciliation from all of this. But I am just a lingering soul. Don't give much importance to my rants, would you.
9:44 AM
@Tinkeringbell hammering me into airplane seats, throwing sticky cakes at me, jealousy of my stars ... this is getting out of hand ...
@Bart I'm not sure how you ever thought things were 'in hand'... but sure ;)
Being the innocent pair of glasses I am, I had hope ...
Well, it's definitely something with the glasses... look at that cute, chubby, red parrot!
10:05 AM
@mag along with a Hong Kong emblem. That user is woke.
@M.A.R. Stray Sand?
10:37 AM
oh, seems the "hiring new mods" has started
hm, I thought no elections till the new year
@JourneymanGeek correct, but apparently someone is testing the water.
Q: January 2020 Moderator Election — Community Interest Check

JNatThis community last had an election last year, and has recently seen their moderator team reduced by two. As such, to find replacements for Mego and Dennis, we're looking at scheduling an election to start somewhere in January 2020. To avoid finding ourselves in a situation where an election wou...

just one of many.
10:57 AM
presented without comment:
Good idea. The recent blog post ends with talk of "some new feedback mechanisms we will be announcing next week" which will be "an exciting start to working hand in hand with the community to build a better Stack Overflow". I wouldn't be at all surprised if what that really means is they're going to shut down meta completely and replace it with an announcements board where user input is limited to clicking on hearts to show how much we love our overlords. — user56reinstatemonica8 1 min ago
I know in times like these, when information isn't presented, it's very easy to make up your mind and theories... but again... it's helping no-one.
And that's my comment.
Outrage is best directed at stuff that's actually outrageous. It's a waste to use it on things that are only in your head.
The outrage is in my head ...
and mine will be... thank you for reminding me to download the datadump.
I used to think that the claims that MSE was toxic were unjustified. Well, I think those claims are justified for how MSE is now.
11:05 AM
'toxic' is... well it describes a whole range of behaviours. I don't like it that much as a single classifier for something, personally. The comment above is probably a mix of frustration, even a bit of fear for what's next, and only as a least charitable interpretation it's posted to sow further doubt and anger...

It has communication problems. It has angry people problems. It has had some trolling problems... but toxic? Sure, all of it together might make it seem like a glowing vat of nuclear waste, but each thing probably needs it's own 'cleaner'. And I'm not sure how to separate all of
There's a boatload of people here that aren't 'toxic' too: That don't do anything of the above...
@Raedwald let me see....
Putting a label of 'toxic' on MSE hits those people too... Sure, there's stuff on here that's toxic perhaps... but it's not the entire thing, not yet. I refuse to label some things on here toxic.
time ago there was a chat bot, trained on twitter post. It started to post bad stuff.
My mind.. in the end is no different.
Expose me consonantly to bad stuff.
Keep making the same error day after day.
Strive to get my worst side out of me
I am not happy to think the way this site is making me think right now, just so do you know.
but the site... it keeps feeding the feedback loop.
In the early days of SO, the founders (?) and meta posts would talk about broken windows: how leaving apparently minor sociological problems around can lower norms, creating a downward spiral.
@Hitodama I understand. It takes a lot to recognize that, so I'm kinda glad to see you've been able to do so... It takes more to stop it, and though I hate saying it: breaks do help. Just some time where things don't feed your feedback loop and you can work on countering some stuff....
@Raedwald It's true. Though this is a bit different ;)
11:49 AM
@Tinkeringbell It's true, but not everywhere is chat. The inaction has left the door wide open for comments such as this
12:06 PM
hey he yhey
@mag I've been tempted to write things down in a post on main a few times... But I don't feel like it'll help/improve, I'm afraid asking people to be considerate of stuff like spreading rumours is only going to upset them more/dislike moderators worse.
People who want to be upset, will be upset
"Haters gonna hate"
12:22 PM
@Tinkeringbell It's going to go into the same streisand kafka trap every other effort to quell this is
also it has an air of asking the community to turn the other cheek which might get you accused of being a shill because tempers are running hot and nothing is sacred anymore in the current climate
Yeah, I'm aware... I posted a half-hearted attempt in an answer already, that got more downvotes and comments than I ever expected.
It's also really really hard to write things in such a way that you're not just basically interpreted as saying 'shut up already' these days.
still, the I can't help but read the last sentence in the blog post as a threat
part of that lost trust I assume that when they talk about new and exciting things they're really talking about a new and exciting way to screw us over or something equally negative
it's like when EA talks about new and exciting engagement opportunities, that is almost a threat
I'm not sure it's a threat. I'm also not sure if it's really new and exciting or just meh sold as such. I do know that vague statements such as that are fuel on the fire, these days.
Have we reached a consensus about a tag yet? Since somebody just edited it into six questions?
I assume you've heard nothing about it
12:30 PM
Q: Why was the *pronoun* tag removed?

aparente001I recently asked a couple questions with the pronouns tag. A mega-high-rep user removed that tag. Now, the tag doesn't exist. What gives? Why was the pronouns tag deleted? Update: I don't know if it was the same person who removed the tag from my questions, and then later removed the tag...

I missed the Dutch spam ...
@Glorfindel I'm not the resident expert on tags, but it feels like we don't need a pronouns tag on MSE.
your answer about code-of-conduct feels more sensible to me.
wait, that user is pingable here ...
@ColumbiasaysReinstateMonica you've just (re)created the tag, while (AFAICT) no consensus has been reached yet about whether it's appropriate.
@rene The stroopwafels?
Have any specifics of what they'll launch next week been shared with mods?
Or have they ceased that practice?
12:34 PM
^ How is anyone supposed to answer that without leaking anything?
Through interpretive dance
Hmm... that may cause different kinds of leaks though.
saying yes we've seen something or not we haven't isn't a leak
But maybe a CM can answer that, I'm not going to.
@mag Either is saying something about stuff that's supposed to be private.
getting more secretive about that is a mistake
12:36 PM
@Tinkeringbell almost, I'm not growing my own stroopwafels ;)
@rene I'm rather over excited that colleagues who visited Amsterdam are on their way back with stroopwafels and zoute drop.
If they're gonna say they have a feature change they should say what it is
@mag I realize it feels that way... But at the same time, I'm really not comfortable stating anything that's supposed to be private right now, there's been too many leaks these days and I can't be mad at the people doing so if I don't shut up myself. And I'd rather be angry about things leaked.
otherwise they just invite speculation and the spectrum of all speculation is currently extremely unfavorable for them
@mag That, I agree on. But it's not my 'job' to do so :(
12:39 PM
you can't fault people for assuming the worst in these cases, their behavior allows nothing but assuming the worst
All I can repeat is that it's not really helpful to assume the worst. Even though I realize that given current circumstances, it's ever so easy to do so.
is it not helpful because it drags down the mood and will happen exactly that way anyways or because it's something else? you can't say, and thats part of what's so frustrating
@Bart Oh, that will be a party when they arrive! Are you happy to see me? No, give me my drop!
this is like saying "there is something but we won't tell you what" in the current climate utter poison. You wanna know why meta is a cesspit right now? this kind of non-communication is why
@rene anyone else want to black salty candy? No? Excellent!
12:41 PM
not your fault, I'm sorry
@mag Okay. Can we focus on a solution to that? Is there already a question on MSE that relays this feedback? That asks for the changes, because of all the speculation this has caused so far?
@mag I think we can fault people for assuming the worst. Too many people are shouting in an outrage echo chamber. I think they fail to see how crazy some of the MSE antics might seem to an outsider.
@mag It's okay :)
This is pretty true
Also I literally have no idea that anything would be announced next week 😁
Meta has been an outrage echo chamber for years though. It's all a bit amplified now, but it wasn't really an oasis of peace before.
12:43 PM
I had a slight feeling that whatever I was moderating was doing something though... before all this.
That it helped to focus on having answers that answered questions, that it helped to keep comment threads clean from snark/disgruntled feelings/off-topic problems dragged in.
That it helped to talk to people, to explain stuff...
Now I'm just mopping stuff up.
Trying to stop an oil stain from spreading, and more things being damaged...
It was actually fun
I've probably cleared more flags in a week than I did in the last 2 months
And certainly suspended more people
My all time flags handled are 848. 328 of that have been in the past month.
@Raedwald the cause of that is SE though
People are being suspended for MSE activity? I guess the flagging system is doing a good job of shielding me from the nasty stuff.
if you want to blame anyone, blame them for that
12:50 PM
Over the last couple of months I have drifted to believing that the community is more to blame than SE.
(I seem to be unusual, in that)
It's not one-sided...
Also, causes != blame. It would be ever so nice if we could have more 'clinical' talks about stuff, where we can find, discuss, study causing without having to 'blame' people for those causes.
Because some causes reinforce each other, and it's not helpful to get stuck in a circle of assigning ever more blame to each side each time that happens.
@Tinkeringbell Did anyone thank you for that? If not, Thank you! (/cc @JourneymanGeek)
@rene I think it's the first time I mentioned numbers ;) And yes, I've had some appreciation aimed at me lately.
Whether all of that was spoken true remains to be seen ;)
12:57 PM
@Tinkeringbell I could write that up, but nobody in the company reads MSE outside of deleting comments and posts, so I would be shouting into the echo-chamber void
@mag :| ... At least it would be a constructive shout-out (yeah, I'm assuming you're capable of writing something constructive about this, because I know you can)...
probably not today. I have a draft lined up, but it came out a lot more scathing and caustic then I intended
Oh, it doesn't have to be posted today, take your time. If you need help, let me know :)
@mag Actually, we have some pretty god evidence that they do read most of the stuff on MSE. They may not respond, but they do read. And the few times we have gotten an employee response has been precisely because the post in question was calm, civil and constructive.
But if you have something useful to say, bear in mind that it can be doing good within SE even if we don't see an answer. They will read it and, in the best case scenario, might end up discussing it internally which would be a good thing.
if they regularly read meta and listened to calm and civil arguments we wouldn't be in this worst possible timeline right now
I think I'll take the day off from here it seems like I'm entirely too angry to have a productive discussion about this right now
1:06 PM
@mag :) You've been coming across as relatively calm so far, so you did a good job of not showing it then... Enjoy the day off ;)
and rain will make the flowers grow
@mag Sigh, I know the feeling :( But yes, they do actually regularly read meta. At least some employees anyway and at least some meta posts.
@Tinkeringbell is that a les miserables reference? *_*
@CptEric Maybe ;)
mumbles in formatting
I might be listening to the soundtrack right now :P
1:20 PM
disney songs here but might switch.
developing with hakuna matata is being as productive as one can be.
@CptEric me too :D
hakuna matata is too dangerous... I might start singing out loud ;)
raining hellfire on bugs
One more day before the storm! dammit.
Bit late to the party, are you? Storm has been here for a few weeks now ;)
1:26 PM
something something colours in wind
Yeah, that was one drug trip!
i have mildly taken part on the storm in the shape of minor, i hope reasonable contributions
but so far it all falls so far from me i just invest in popcorn shares.
Yeah, those seem like a good investment these days :|
1:46 PM
must be exhausting to be a mod these days tbh. as a barely active user it already feels like
I hear Nick A over in the Meta Room on SO has a monopoly on the popcorn though
@CptEric Only if you let it be. I tend to just take breaks before I get exhausted ;)
i don't mind sharing a benevolent oligopoly
as long as the salted pretzels are mine
I'll call dibs on the stroopwafels :)
that's that dutch flat cracker right?
with sweet something in the middle
1:51 PM
It's so not a cracker... it's softer!
Yep :)
yay, think i had them on amsterdam.
2:10 PM
Yay, more wild guessing!
Q: Is SO/SE About to Be Sold (and Does That Explain Recent Events)?

vicky_molokhI have seen some hypotheses that the recent series corporate actions and statements are a sign of SO/SE being in the process of being, or about to be, sold. Arguments cited include the corp statements being made in paywalled areas and addressed to an audience that seems very distinct from the com...

Actually I'm under the distinct impression they want to IPO
@Glorfindel Actually, I didn't recreate it. I saw it had been recreated and added it to a few questions and proposed a tag wiki excerpt, which was accepted.
@JourneymanGeek ipo?
what's an IPO, in dumb words?
glad i'm not the only one :D
They want to sell shares to the public
2:15 PM
oh, so, getting out there into the "stock market" as a tradeable option?
Unless they are dual class shares, in theory we could buy up a reasonable fraction then get a proxy to represent us at shareholder meetings. We could anyway but usually power is maintained by the company in dual class shares :D
if i can retrieve my investment in the shape of doners, i'm in
else, i need to eat :(
@ColumbiasaysReinstateMonica oh, sorry. I think I'm going to burninate it since the user who recreated it was already told why we don't need/want it.
@JourneymanGeek so they want to bring Stack Exchange in the stock exchange?
brilliant. pun.
2:21 PM
@JourneymanGeek start a fundriser
@Hitodama I'd actually suspect I'd be happy to put in a bit of my own money into that.
how do you manage the power split if you buy shares trough a fundraiser though?
Run the whole thing through a SE chatroom!
or maybe twitch does shareholder meetings
@JourneymanGeek this.
3:19 PM
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4:12 PM
just in case someone needs this.
apparently there is a bug in Pkmn Sword / Shield.
Can corrupt any SD card found in the switch when the bug happens (not the game card)
someone is collecting actual details here
4:39 PM
11-15 16:39:21 ERROR FAILURE 30048 downloading photos/2019/07/20190730_210007 (2).jpg
> 11-15 16:41:09 WARNING Downloaded 12 Items, Failed 30855, Already Downloaded 68457
hahah hmmm
wonder how long google have banned me for.
5:13 PM
@Glorfindel If I use that off-topic questions script (lost souls button), and check both 'close the question' and 'vote to delete', for me it breaks and just deletes. Any chance that's an easy fix?
Hey, could people on the autism spectrum take a look over here? I commented, the person responded. The comment is very very sweet (wow, thanks for all this unexpected love! <3) but I don't feel like the edit actually changed anything. So, maybe if you could take a look and tell me what you think? (and also leave a comment/directly edit if you know how the answer could be improved?)
5:31 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'm sure it's a small fix, but it's hard for me to test since I'm not a moderator :)
Oh well... I can live with it this way too, it's just that I keep accidentally deleting stuff before closing it ;)
Looking at the code, it could be that the vote-to-delete is processed faster by the server than the vote-to-close. The script doesn't wait for the vote-to-close to finish before casting the delete vote.
@BelovedFool the question is stupid and errr :/
@Glorfindel Sounds logical and annoying.
@Tinkeringbell Do you know how to edit user scripts in your user script manager?
5:34 PM
@Tinkeringbell out of interest, if you're going to delete, what's the point of closing first?
@Glorfindel Oh, yeah, I think I can do that :)
Wait... I'll try and fix mine ;)
great, if you wait 2 minutes I'll post a special version for you which you can test
Oof yeah, it's become longer and more complicated since last time I saw it.
@djsmiley2k-CoW bureaucracy. Close votes age away, so it just looks better if stuff I delete has the giant 'on-hold, off-topic' banner :)
@Tinkeringbell here you are (warning: untested)
@djsmiley2k-CoW Well, people were happy to say that "this new CoC is making things harder for autistic people" (source: meta.stackexchange.com/q/335743/400547). So, in that sense, I think the question is interesting. At least know we can clearly see if this is really about the CoC or if it's about something else
Also, @Tink I suppose asking people why they downvoted an answer is not something we do on meta.SE? (I asked about that and my comment was deleted. So I'm assuming I shouldn't have asked in the first place?)
5:39 PM
@Glorfindel Good, I've pasted that in. Now we wait for the next off-topic post ;)
thanks :)
@BelovedFool Yeah, we don't generally do that... MSE is pretty attached to their anonymous voting ;)
@Glorfindel No, thank you :P
@Tinkeringbell Ah, I thought that, since there was "meta" in the name, it was okay to do so ^^
@BelovedFool usually is just attracts more downvotes. Lots of them.
So the removal of the comment is for your own good...
@djsmiley2k-CoW you tried to scrape search results?
I honestly would rather know the reason behind the downvotes. But anyway, if it's not something we do, it's not something we do
5:43 PM
@BelovedFool someone lost their keys.
Well you can post link to the your post here for review, then you might get some neutral opinions.
@BelovedFool Honestly, I'd like it too. But then we're also dangerously close to arguments happening in the comments, instead of by writing answers and having those voted on...
Usually there's no "Tavern effect", but that's also a risk.
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, arguments in comments aren't nice :/
@ShadowThePrincessWizard It was (mostly) about my answer here
@BelovedFool well, some just don't agree with what you say, I really wouldn't give it much thought (about reasoning) as it's +20/-5 which is good.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Well, I guess I'm just not use to meta.SE enough (on the other SE site I'm mostly active on, a +20/-5 is the sign of a controversial answer because people over there don't downvote that much)
5:58 PM
@BelovedFool indeed. Let me assure you, your answer is good. You did well to post it, and thanks for that. :)
I missed the whole "removing links to Monica's gofundme from user profiles" move that Stack Exchange inc has taken. Talk about making a bad situation worse.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Oh, thank you <3 (already two unexpected compliments today, I like that!)
@GeorgeStocker My guess would be that, now that lawyers are involved, they advised SE that continuing to host those links may be argued to be some kind of admission of guilt or something? I dunno, IANAL :|
@BelovedFool just FYI to ensure that you've done nothing wrong, meta is full of opinions and popular vote, and downvotes are practically used to indicate disagreement (for whatever reason)
It's still is frustrating to not know what they are disagreeing with but, anyway, you aren't mind reader so you probably have no way to know either
6:11 PM
@meagar I would worry about their "legal department"'s education if that was the reason.
6:23 PM
My profile page was edited to remove the link to Monica's GoFundMe. I demand to know how @Bart allowed this to happen.
He had cake stuck to his glasses. Sorry!
Well then.
I demand to know why he didn't share the cake with me.
Because I threw it at his glasses?
I am faced with a choice of whether to take a step back and try to understand the broader context of this cake situation, or just continue making reactionary demands.
You're free to lick cake from Bart's face, I guess...
6:26 PM
Glasses, not face.
Which would then lead to refractory demands.
I particularly said face there, and got no pushback. So both glasses and face are covered in cake.
@KevinB What's it with you and toilets... are too many people saying 'meh' these days? :)
I must not reveal the purpose
@ShadowThePrincessWizard nah, downloading my google photos
6:51 PM
@Tinkeringbell There will be no licking me!! For the sake of Brown!
I'll let the dogs now ;)
7:14 PM
@Bart Hey now, no using Brown in vain.
7:38 PM
repeat after me, I must not use cake as mouisturiser
Cake, because I'm worth it.
has the "Please comment" dialog frequency changed? seems like i see it on every vote now.
regardless of whether or not i've commented
or whether or not it's a question or answer
The cake is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiie
8:09 PM
8:22 PM
@rene Unexciting update: I missed a step. Have to re-do some bits, and try again on December 6th.
Is this to make sure lawyers earn some money too?
I have no lawyer. They didn't even show.
I apparently missed addressing the registered mail to an officer of the company.
So, while I know they got it, I can't prove it. So, I get to do it again.
Oh, those kind of technicalities .... :/
8:29 PM
I guess that gives them time to actually pay me prior to the court date again.
That would be an unexpected turn of events
They did offer it last Friday. But only the rebate itself, not the additional incurred costs.
yeah, that is not acceptable.
The 6th it is then.
2 hours later…
10:59 PM
Monica just hit $20,000
@KevinB congratulations on being difficult to pigeonhole. I mean that sincerely. I have no idea what to make of you, and I consider myself better off for it! :)
i've been getting that a lot lately
i purposely try to avoid appearing to be completely on one side of the isle or other

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