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12:40 AM
@Hogan Chat Hat is here, Hat Chat is here.
1:33 AM
it is not yet the day for chathat tho
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2:37 AM
Happy New Year! morning...
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5:01 AM
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6:48 AM
@Derpy 10
7:23 AM
Can I mark my own questions as duplicate without needing 5 close votes?
@forest Yes
ok, thanks
7:44 AM
Work in an empty office ^_^
Vacation in an empty home?
Doing network maintenance actually
so... in the end the calendar got 25 upvotes ...
the calendar had 25 days.
I basically got a vote for each day.
8:41 AM
@Magisch IKR, it's like walking in an empty school. Has a cryptic majestic feeling to it
"I'm here while the people who are usually here not here"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ ^ this?
Darn right!
A really good game.. that almost no one knows
Well I don't know about good games that everyone knows
Never went in that direction. The fanciest thing I play is Vector 2 on mobile as a time killer
And I haven't played it for 2 months
9:02 AM
@Derpy it was awesome, but yeah, I wouldn't have seen it if not for @Tinkeringbell's bounty.
@balpha Please, please oh balphy one, if you ever bring back the knitting tool in a future Winter Bash... more colors
@Derpy which is good?
@forest only with rep of 15 or more. (need to flag first)
I need to flag? Can't just VTC?
9:34 AM
@Derpy userscripts :P
9:53 AM
@balpha doesn't that break the upload/download feature?
I don't want to knit something only to discover I can't export / share it.
It shouldn't (assuming you always use the script), but you'll have to try -- I didn't write the script, I just gave hints :)
Upload/download is pure client-side functionality that uses the same list of "legal" colors as the editor itself
Ok, trying now.
ummmhhh - MAY work.
10:11 AM
AFAIK it should all still work, it just monkey patches in some more colors
64 messages moved to Chimney
Not about Stack Exchange Network software Aligning an Item in a Div‭ - ChaosGum‭ 2018-12-28 09:54:40Z
@ArtOfCode I feared that it would only monkey-patch the list of colors available to the editor, and that the upload would use a separate list.
off-topic / (needs 1 moar) /cc @sha @bart @glor Amazon Fire Phone update‭ - Harshit Silas‭ 2018-12-28 08:47:14Z
10:29 AM
will have to try to fix the eye
There's really not enough pixels to draw anime in there .-.
@Derpy it's fine ...
@PrincessLuna You'd be surprised 256×192 with a 32×24 two-color color cell overlay is often enough to make surprisingly detailed and high quality anime.
It's only 55 cells tall though
@forest anything noteworthy from the anime room?
10:34 AM
Not that I can remember. I was thinking more of some speccy demos I've seen.
Gotta love speccy.
Not about Stack Exchange Network software / did get an answer /cc @sha @bart @glor How to secure websites with SSL and redirect HTTP to HTTPS‭ - Mike‭ 2018-12-28 10:14:03Z
And of course it can be even better. :P
And only 256x192 with 32x24 cells.
11:01 AM
How do I do <p align="center"> in Stack Exchange markup?
@forest with a lot of spaces...
Spaces are collapsed though.
Am I going to have to find unicode equivalents?
I think there was a preserve spaces option hidden somewhere.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer (61): Software to completely restrict Internet Access? by Rahul D on superuser.com
11:10 AM
You can't center on SE. It will break on someone's view (e.g. SE app)
That's dumb.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer (52): How to automatically install updates in linux mint 17.1 by Enkidu on superuser.com
two pending offensive profile flags. Leaving deletion to you @JourneymanGeek / @Tinkeringbell
oh, didn't notice this post
Q: Thank you for my cheese overflow board!

DavidI was one of the ones who did not come in the top 25 in the who cut the cheese contest, and was very surprised to find an email from JNat about the cheese board. 😲 Fast forward to just three days before Christmas and my swag box arrived. 😀 A very nice Christmas present indeed.

11:34 AM
oh, this one came out much better.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, username similar to website in answer (138): How does Santa eat every cookie? by LoveDoll Palace on worldbuilding.SE
11:57 AM
Well that's weird. That spammer spamming sex dolls just wrote a (semi) legit answer, albeit in broken English. I had assumed it was just a bot.
> By own mouth Santa eat all Cookies and he loves like cookies
gona miss the knitting tool. Can't we just turn it into a regular feature for the sites?
> Don't like the site banner? Knit one yourself
that would be pretty awesome
12:28 PM
@Derpy you will share yours too?
@rene but won't happen... :(
Europe, will arrive here in 6-8 MONTHS.
If the import/export postal office department doesn't decide to make it "disappear" in the process, too.
And Israel?
Wait but @Tink is in Europe and got it already. No?
So maybe they sent it in batches?
@ShadowWizard hope that your "customs office" (is this the correct term?) is more honest than ours.
@ShadowWizard Think is in Eu too? That makes the "similar coworkers" thing even more suspicious.
@Derpy Netherlands ;)
@ShadowWizard I can report nothing
12:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell thanks for the bounty, btw
Planning a final update for the calendar thing, but will have to wait since I predict I will be very busy for a few days (basically up to the first January)
nothing special, mind you. Just some little trivia on what I had planned but couldn't do.
(for example, one day was supposed to be a reference to FNAF, complete with a "Shog Jumpscare")
anyway, have to run for now.
See you later.
1:13 PM
@ShadowWizard Animated knitting banners. 🤪👏
1:47 PM
@Derpy You're welcome!
2:15 PM
@Derpy yup they just check but don't take anything.
@Derpy why? Same office as yours?
@Rob lol
Hey y'all, just had an idea I wanted to ask about: There's a bot on ips.se that grabs all incoming comments and posts them to a chat room, and if they match certain user-defined patterns, they get posted to the main room for review/flagging. Do you think something similar would be useful here on MSE?
@thesecretmaster why?
do we have so many troublesome comments?
@rene More comment oversight could be a step in alleviating the "toxic" reputation that MSE has.
Now that Meta has mods, maybe it's time to take advantage of that and start using that second comment flag option more often.
Also: I tend to believe on meta-sites the commenting is bit more "relaxed", no?
@rene I don't use meta.se much, but I just hear of MSE (and MSO) as "scary," and I was thinking this could be helpful.
2:26 PM
@thesecretmaster it is scary because I'm around ...
@thesecretmaster Oh, its a broader thing
Its heavily a culture fix more than something like IPS
(but I'm also skeptical of throwing bots at things so... take that with a pinch of salt)
Throwing bots at things is one of my favorite things to do.
They tend to start breaking, though.
@JourneymanGeek I wouldn't expect that a bot would solve the problem, but it could make things better
2:29 PM
@thesecretmaster Since I was in on that convo - it might be interesting to try that on announcement posts
Although I also do acknowledge that I have about 0 background in MSE besides what I hear about it and stuff.
@thesecretmaster that's part of why its scary
in Mith's Desk on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 19 mins ago, by Mithrandir
On IPS the problem was more chatty comments. On MSE it's more toxic comments. The bot definitely helped on IPS because every other comment was flaggable. On MSE, that's not the case. On the other hand, having improved oversight like The Closet would in all likelihood help catch more toxic stuff... if anyone is watching the comment stream.
the learning curve is a cliff
Bot for watching toxic comments on MSE?... more drama! Yay!
2:29 PM
in Mith's Desk on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 17 mins ago, by Mithrandir
In any case, I don't think it can hurt. Whether it'll actually help is a different matter... and we probably won't know unless we try.
@andmyself I've seen what the bot does
Its actually pretty interesting...
I assume it's like Heat Detector on Sobotics?
@Mithrandir @thesecretmaster care to make an elevator pitch? ;p
@andmyself If you want to see how it works, feel free to pop in here:

 The Closet

Previously a testing chamber for @Smelly. Now a comment farm f...
I have to run now, see y'all laters


This room is dedicated to moderating content on Stack Overflow...
2:35 PM
@JourneymanGeek Well, I think @Mithrandir would be more qualified than me to do that (he uses the bot, I mostly just maintain the code), but I can try: I think that it would be helpful on just about any site, since there's no native way to keep track of comments on old posts, and it's also just a good way to get eyes on things that are easily missed and potentially problematic. My (uninformed) perception is that MSE get's some problematic comments, and that this'd be a good way to keep an eye on that.
@thesecretmaster it is a little ;p
The politics of MSE is... complicated
But anyway... toxic to whom? To new contributors? Are comments blaming SE staffs... toxic?
@JourneymanGeek Also, if you're concerned about it leaving a record of every comment and thus creating drama, that "feature" can be turned down/off.
@andmyself ah hah!
@andmyself and that's a critical thing
@thesecretmaster eh, I'm of the opnion that most of what's on SE is public, and if it needs nuking, we can nuke it
Also, I'm mostly just here offering a tool, I don't really know how useful it would be. I think it was helpful on IPS, but IPS has a different sort of comment problem. I think that maybe trying it out for a bit and seeing how it goes might be a good idea.
2:49 PM
Try writing a question, and see what the votes say (do to you).
Meta is murder, and always is.
@Rob It's scary :P But seriously, I think that this it's mostly something for the chat regulars, and the site faces everyone. I can write one though, if that's what y'all want.
@andmyself and it shouldn't be
On ips, I didn't do a meta IIRC, but ips isn't mse.
3:08 PM
On IPS, I think it started more like 'Oh hey, someone made a bot to post all comments in a chat room'... and then people started actually using it ;)
I think people might be a bit more mad if it will be used on MSE, the way it's used on IPS. We've had a few 'I deleted my comment but it's still in a chatroom' struggles on IPS, and well... People might not like it if we use the bot to specifically filter out toxic stuff, especially when people self-delete it.
@JourneymanGeek Hey!
Just posting a few messages here in between loads of laundry :P
@Tinkeringbell I was thinking also that the problem isn't just comments
Nah, it's also people not flagging them :P
3:13 PM
@thesecretmaster - You can, if you wish to. My cautionary note is the it will be silence of the lambs --- There are 3 (?) appointed 'Mods' (chosen by owners and CMs) 100's of 100Ks, 1000's of 100,000Ks, 1000's (?) of ♦️'s - even measly me is 1/3 of a CV. --- Plus this is the Enterprise:
cue chat room ping sound
@Rob and... you have a problem with the appointment? ;p
(if you do, eh, tough. If you have constructive critique or issues with a decision I make? My door's open)
No, why would you say that? - I am pointing out that the "Mods" are trusted by the owners, personally hand chosen and not elected as they are everywhere else. It is entirely a different system from other sites.
@Rob it works both ways though
Its 'easier' to be an elected mod for me
and I have the same facilities as an elected and non elected moderator
now, to me there's two different tracks that need handling.
One's well, the individual things that need to be gone
3:20 PM
Something the botty things can help with
but also, that pesky thing that we have elsewhere where the community isn't... so... .. well
We have strong, differing opinions ;p
Going afk, but I'll be back later today.
I'm going to bed shortly
Random quote while meta-surfing...
1. Do not expose a question to bright lights. 2. Do not let a question get wet. 3. Do not feed a question after midnight. At least, that's how I remember it. — Bill the Lizard 19 hours ago
But if y'all don't have objections, I'd like to try it out.
You are more than welcome to ask.
Let the record show @ now thesecretmaster 1,765 Rep
- I hope you score 235 reputation and reach the next level.
3:42 PM
@Rob Heh, it's all from 1 answer on a featured question. Not really meaningful in terms of site knowledge.
(now leaving for real)
Is it ok to use empty image "alt texts" if the image is not needed to understand a bug report?
4:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer (86): New cast iron skillet came out rusty after seasoning by SSSM on cooking.SE
@MEE Most people would prefer you to fill them in anyways, for those that use screen readers for example.
@Tinkeringbell yeah I know but what when the text says "You see here [[img]] that it is in red and not in green". I think the context would make clear what the image is showing.
I have also seen some edits by users with editing privs who remove them sometimes completely. that is why I am asking
More specifically I am asking this because of this suggested edit from me.
Well, removing the 'enter image description here' is better, adding a custom one is best :)
I'd go crazy if a screen reader would keep reading 'enter image description here' to me.
@Tinkeringbell Yes that would make me go crazy too... I am just not sure whether some redundant text needs to be added when the meaning is already clear from the context. @Mithrandir you seem to be an expert for this/interested in this. Could you give some statement to this issue
4:20 PM
enter image description here
enter chat message here
enter the void here
Without a description of the image the vision disabled person feels left out, it's like you are talking behind their back - like people using ASL to criticize you to your face.
A simple description reads out what you claim the image is, the rest of us don't get it unless we do a rollover.
I'd prefer to have it filled with at least something than emptying it completely. My previous office blocked imgur completely, and reading a post claiming to have an image but nothing seen was confusing (I finally requested to whitelist SE's imgur though)
Your avatar would be "Telescope, pointing upwards of horizontal".
4:45 PM
Shhh, the master of feeling censorship is here
I do lots of image alt text edits and some of those are basically replacing "enter image description" with ANYthing or nothing at all
I prefer the space of a blocked image than blue "enter image description here"
But both are very unfavorable
I never actually linked that behavioral pattern to imgur's block, but it might be. Chemicals have feelings too!
localized SO are having a New Tear's bounty campaign for all posts tagged with tag
New Tear ha, that's probably what it is for world economy
Maybe it's algorhythm, thus it causes a tear (ripping sound).
3 hours later…
8:15 PM
happy happy hour, nobody's around...
Who's nobody?
Did they reschedule happy hour?
Every hour is happy hour for someone.
Mom says it's my turn to be happy this hour!
@Tinkeringbell quietly declines flag...
8:29 PM
Flag? Where? ;)
and that's how you turn a sad situation into a very slightly less sad one
Now let's turn it into a happy one then?
we need to cooperate here; the way to do this is simple, just star this as much as possible
You know that's not going to work right? People will start arguing now on why it's your turn to get all the stars!
you don't understand, that message has special properties...
if it's starred 10 or more times, it spews happiness that can last for up to 12 hours
then you just have to be careful so that it doesn't hinder your sleep
8:44 PM
Oh. I can't star it then. I need to get up early tomorrow
Saturday? ;)
also, it's not the starrer that gets it, but the reader
that is, after it gets 10 stars
@EKons We're going to cross the border and get fireworks in Germany
German fireworks good eh? :P
And I need to drop off all the coins I saved this year at the bank first... To find out how much fireworks I can buy ;)
@EKons A lot cheaper.
Over there, you can basically buy them at the discount supermarket. Over here, sellers have to have expensive storage bunkers with all sorts of regulations, making it almost twice as expensive
heh, I guess firework sales explode in Germany around New Year's
8:52 PM
I guess they do ;)
A lot of people that live close to the border (which is basically the entire country of the Netherlands) go to Germany
Only downside is that you can't bring more than 25 kg at a time
eh? why?!
Rules rules rules. And I can't find anywhere if that's the total weight (so including whatever is used to e.g. weigh down a 'pot') or if they're just counting the weight of the actual explosives
Dutch or German restrictions?
Dutch of course
well... looks like they want to lessen exactly that! ;)
8:58 PM
I think they just tied it to the legal amount of fireworks someone may store in their private home without repercussions
so, an importer also has to abide by that
Nah, they can get around it. These are the rules for regular people
'em pesky regular people, eh? >_>_<_<
Yeah, sometimes it's hard being just a regular person ;)
Ah well. We'll survive, hopefully
9:32 PM
@SmokeDetector K
Seventh pair of glasses
@SmokeDetector K definitely worth patenting
10:30 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ 7th? What happened to 1-6?

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