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12:33 AM
The Retro Fan hat made me uncouth, and thus I won't use it :(
3 hours later…
4:12 AM

Proposed Q&A site for writers, wordsmiths, authors, humorists, can think on their feet, retired, pseudo experts, bombasts and esp. politicians, those needing a break from high stress recreation It is reminiscent of old Soap Box speeches flamboyant impromptu unofficial

Currently in definition.

lol what
> How can we spend so much time working in or on future or imaginary worlds when our own is in dire peril?
Is this a joke?
> I needed to drill a hole with my new drill, but the small display panel read: “Software Drivers out of date, will download new versions shortly” RANT?
Such exemplary questions.
4:41 AM
Is there any way to invite someone to a chat if they aren't already in one?
Should be an "invite user to chat" button on their chat profile. Or do you mean they don't have a chat account at all?
Q: Can any user be invited to chat?

MartinCan all users be invited to chat? (Assuming they have sufficient reputation to talk in chat, that is at least 20 reputation points.) Does every user have a chat profile? I have tried to search a bit here on meta and the information seems to be contradictory (emphasis mine); In CW answer to How...

@forest My drill has a USB port ;p
(for charging, which actually seems like a brilliant idea)
5:06 AM
Can USB supply enough current though?
I mean it's what, like 2A max or something?
Might not be enough for a high-power drill.
not really high power
5v presumably charging 2x 3.6 v batteries in parallel
its low power anyway
> Do you believe watching TV is Better than or Worse than posting photos of your meals on FB for, you know, your mind, your career, your health etc?
Simply amazing.
@JourneymanGeek Ah. I've used an assortment of drills and some are really powerful.
Not even big drills.
eh, needed this for slow speed and tiny holes...
They're almost never rechargeable because batteries can't safely supply the power they need in the form factor required.
really tiny holes
5:08 AM
@forest actually, I watch this youtube channel where a guy builds post and .. something houses...
Something houses?
and almost all his job site tools are battery power, and a lot are insanely powerful
like 2 inch holes feet deep
RR buildings
Biggest I've used required I hold it with two hands lol.
I can't remember lol
5:09 AM
I guess battery tech has improved since I last used power tools.
Quite a bit
I still have a bunch of NiCd AA chargers. :D
that's tech as old as your phone.
Well they still work!
Li PO and Li FE batteries have insane energy density
5:11 AM
I have a few NiMH batteries too but I probably lost them.
and can go off like fireworks
The nasty thing about Li though is if you leave it with low charge for too long, it dies.
Little crystals build up as it naturally discharges, and those crystals will rupture it from the inside if you try to charge it up again after that (actual physical stress!).
I prefer the batteries that I can just leave on the shelf with no charge and know that they'll be perfectly fine next time I charge them up, sans maybe 10% capacity.
6:02 AM
Woah, so many people...
Are you guys real?
Seems to be.
we're all figments of Shog9's imagination
more seriously - weekends tend to be quiet
@Shog9 And that's all you could make up?
seemed appropriate
also I just spent sunday morning ankle deep in mud
also your hat is a little too perfect for your ava
Hi @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ
6:12 AM
Retro Fan is really tooo perfect for me.
Ok guys, I have to go.
6:30 AM
@VerNick Nuh-uh. Real? Far from it.
6:40 AM
@JourneymanGeek Morning Singapore
I have a sudden urge to misspell it as Signapore
Probably a real place
I'm hungary...
6:56 AM
@andmyself Do you know Irene Jim? Me and myself and Irene
@andmyself Hi Hungary. Never met a whole country before.
7:13 AM
@andmyself eat some euro!
@VerNick I'm not real
I'm floating
@Catija chat account is automatically created when the chat profile page is first visited (if it wasn't created before when the user itself accessed chat). But when the user doesn't have enough rep, they can't be invited to a room, the button won't appear at all as far as I remember.
@Sha is that a scarf or a hula hoop?
RFC ;p
Goodness the size of that thing. It could be a ring to effing Saturn
@ShadowWizard there's ways to invite people
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ or that other planet
Almost as big as my glasses. And I still can't read minds
@JourneymanGeek Pluto is not a planet
7:18 AM
the one with rings.
The planet onion!
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ size doesn't matter!
@ShadowWizard that's not what she said.
@JourneymanGeek only for mods, yeah.
@ShadowWizard yup
I've never used it though
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ true, he's a dog.
@JourneymanGeek size is a lie
7:28 AM
@ShadowWizard That she said.
7:43 AM
@Mithrandir Murderer, there were 3 people on that train!
Eh, they deserved it
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ call Hercule Poirot
@Loong I have a cheaper alternative: It's the guy that almost feels like the most suspicious.
It's not Journeyman because he'd be the prime suspect
Also doesn't act gentlemanly. The murderer always acts gentlemanly. Like, is a mod on Lit.SE
7:49 AM
Is it Sunday on Ireland now?
Sure, why?
Still Friday in Iceland though
Back to reading for me
Its always friday in Iceland
Yay! I got the toilet paper hat!!
happy dance
(and no, didn't try to get it so no idea how it happened. ;))
8:04 AM
Google's "safe search" is... save annoying. Triggers certain keywords, then blam, "Your search did not match any documents.", even for informational site like Wikipedia...
And my ISP country forces "safe search" on Google (potential NSFW image, blame the article -_-)...
@andmyself I just tunnel stuff through other countries
mostly to get around my ISP messing up routing though
I uses duck.com to bypass that for now...
@andmyself until they realise they can do more invasive blocks
Looking for "Doctors Search Engine Without Border"...
I wonder if the ncr search does that
8:34 AM
@andmyself well.... Wikipedia got many items which are NSFW. With images.
8:48 AM
not a spammer, based on other answers.
@JNat duck! Duck on on your head!
@ShadowWizard wrong ping?
9:06 AM
I think so
@andmyself nope!
He got a duck on his head!
Duck Man :O
That fits rather nicely.
In other news, I think that concludes my run.... for now. Until I run into more things to complain about, at least :P
did you get a working PC?
fixed the mouse issues?
9:17 AM
gave up in utter dispair?
I just wrote meta posts about pretty much everything that I've encountered so far :P
I mean, there are probably more posts to be made about accessibility in the mod tools, but... not sure I'm going to take that on now.
I'd settle for better mobile mod tools ._.
9:45 AM
sd f
Isn't "f" also white list the user?
that's fpu
but "k" is short of "tpu-" so thought "f" is short of "fpu-".
no, f is short for fp-
Well, this might change one day without notice so I'll use only fp or fp-. :)
9:48 AM
k = tpu-, f = fp-, v = tp-
A: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

Ver NickHis smile is really scary :) P.S. I'll update this answer with every normal knitting I'll get :)

calling dog and parrot to fight off topic wave on MSE
3 in homepage, more incoming
10:10 AM
@ShadowWizard I got 2. didn't see the third
10:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek cheers, maybe third is already deleted, or there were "only" two. :D
11:08 AM
Hhh... this is probably the first time I feel I need a userscript to ignore/hide a certain question on questions list... the closed question was edited and bumped many times by the OP and it still failed to address the issue...
already closed. I can downvote it to -3 and VTD instead, but.. is that what I want?
well, that's the problem when I'm putting too much time on SE...
@JourneymanGeek You look very cute wearing that hat...
11:18 AM
11:40 AM
@andmyself huh? Which? Why?
@ShadowWizard this, if you're interested :/
@andmyself the delete vote seems appropriate there
@andmyself nah, but also don't really care about it so much... what makes you not want to see that so strongly?
@ShadowWizard seems terribly NARQy
@ShadowWizard in addition to that the OP has self-deleted and reposted it to circumvent the closure?
11:48 AM
@andmyself that's something for the mods to deal with
@JourneymanGeek yup. I downvoted, nothing more I can do, and agree it should be deleted. /cc @andmys
They're fast!
> We thought you would like to know that the following items have been successfully processed and will shortly be dispatched to you by Royal Mail First Class post.
and on Sunday...
First Class... post review queue
12:03 PM
But I can ask about programming on a boat as an expat, right? Right? — Pekka 웃 Mar 31 '14 at 17:28
old meme is old
12:53 PM
@andmyself How do you voice concerns against something like that?
It's just an OP that got emotional and need reaffirmation in the form of comments
Just tell me whhhhhhhhhy :'(
1:10 PM
Q: What jQuery versions are used by SE sites?

ɪBᴜɢThis is probably an XY problem, but I am focusing on my solution. It's known that China has blocked off all of Google, including ajax.googleapis.com where SE loads jQuery library. For some reasons, I can't use a VPN or a proxy at the time, so I decided to go with Resource Override, a popular Chr...

Uh oh, a male problem
@Sha this must be your specialty
1:24 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ XY? lol
My specialty is pee, which is cross gender! :P
(and sadly enough, isn't helpful in that case! ;))
@ShadowWizard ree
@PrincessLuna bee
@ShadowWizard see
where's the meta thread that "resolves disputes about its content" for this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/40480/…
It doesn't necessarily have one
1:36 PM
@Unihedron you need to ask
Q: "This post has been locked while disputes about its content are being resolved."

Paul DraperThe answer to "RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags" (a.k.a. "Tony the Pony") has this message: The "visit meta" link is for http://meta.stackoverflow.com. What are the disputes about its content? How are these disputes "being resolved"? What additional info does meta.stack...

I've seen that reason being used for posts that are vandalized, but don't have a meta post
Message should say "for more info, you can ask in meta"
that's... not what it says though
The message needs some edits
A SO mod might be a better person to ask
1:38 PM
anyway, in this specific case we can just ask @YvetteColomb directly, why did she lock this question?
And if she won't reply here in 6-8 hours, feel free to post in MSO. @Uni
or that ;p
@JourneymanGeek If only there was a SO tavern that wasn't frozen
(or ask anyway ;))
@Unihedron wait, y'all don't have a general room people hang out in?
@Unihedron it's much colder in SO/MSO hence chat rooms freeze much faster. :P
@JourneymanGeek with thousands of active users, such a room will be a total mess, I imagine.
@ShadowWizard well the actual proportion of chat users is relatively small
Heck, anyone can start a new Tavern on chat.SO but the hard part is keeping it civil and active, and with mods hanging around.
But we usually got at least one SO mod pingable here, so this is a fitting place. ;)
1:43 PM
^ fp
sd f
@Unihedron Done.
You don't have Smokey privileges here?
I have no idea lol, the last time I played with smokey was two years ago? I can't remember how it works anymore
@Unihedron three
Nov 10 '15 at 17:30, by Unihedron
sd fp
And you did have privs back then. ;)
I was a very privileged person, too spoiled for the harsh reality of this world
privileged != spoiled
So what changed since then? @Uni ;)
1:50 PM
I just wasn't doing a very good job dealing with people and my boss so my career was falling apart, fell apart, and I worked as a waiter taking orders and cleaning tables instead :p
wouldn't being a waiter mean... dealing with people?
yeah but when you pour food onto someone you can just kneel and beg for mercy, you can't do that with code projects
eh, I guess
though I am potentially moving onto a new position as a programmer in January, will be a big break if I don't screw it up, I am pretty optimistic about it so far, the guys are very cool and I'm in touch with their recruiter
ah, good luck!
1:52 PM
@ShadowWizard I unlocked it.
@Unihedron awesome, good luck with that! :)
Thanks a lot, your support means a lot to me
@YvetteColomb thanks! But... what happened there in the first place?
checks the random excuse generator
@Unihedron sure thing... you should really come here more often to get more moral support waffles and beer. ;)
1:54 PM
Trash Panda Infestation
@ShadowWizard there was a flag on it about the number of answers. I've since learnt that locking it is not the correct action
so thanks for the ping
Well, it sometimes is
but protecting it would work better?
@YvetteColomb as always, my pleasure. :D
@JourneymanGeek yeh it's protected
1:55 PM
@JourneymanGeek likely many answers are by 10+ rep users so it won't help.
we'll wait for the next flag
@ShadowWizard they should know better but ehhh
SO has different problems than the rest of the sites?
it's a feature not a bug :D
more answers = more for the users to choose from = bad things gets downvotes and good things float
@JourneymanGeek Think people are more desperate to get rep there, yeah.
which totally works and absolutely doesn't lead to more noise
1:56 PM
@ShadowWizard I guess
2:07 PM
@ShadowWizard does a high SO score actually affect hirability I wonder
I don't think any of the other sites suffer from that as much
@JourneymanGeek it worked for me, yes.
Showed my SO profile to the interviewer and it had positive effect on him.
(for amdocs)
I've never heard of anyone (sadly) even hearing of SU ;p
(MSE? errrr, relatively recent and its probably fairly useless anywhere outside here D:)
My current employer seems to like the fact that I'm into soft-skills and creative stuff...
which is nice
Sort of. I'm just always wondering if/ when they'll try to trap me into managing stuff.
2:12 PM
@JourneymanGeek well, you can add "Moderator on the biggest Q&A network in the world" to the resume. ;)
@ShadowWizard Presumably ;p
@ShadowWizard ASKfm ICO? ;-)
@ShadowWizard quite honestly - being a mod's probably going to be more marketable for the sort of jobs I want than, well the sort I seem to end up with.
I don't think my online people skills help very much with what I do now.
2:17 PM
@JourneymanGeek Online people skills aren't that different from real life people skills :P
@Tinkeringbell In theory I should be able to do my job with minimal interaction with people ;p
Ah. Those kinds of jobs.
In practice, I probably maybe have 1-2 support calls a fortnight, and a lot of covering for helpdesk
@Tinkeringbell yeah. I'm probably chasing datacenter stuff when my termination clause is no longer an issue
I mean, there's some other stuff that interests me, but that's probably in the future, and probably not something I would wait for.
Well, as long as I don't end up threatening other people with 'I have done this for 25 years, I know better than you' when I'm about to do something ridiculous... I'm going to stick with my present job ;)
If I'm ever in one job 25 years...
In fact I don't think outside of working for dad, I've survived 1 ._.
2:31 PM
I hate CV writing and job interviews. So, I am likely to stick around as long as possible. Not always the best choice, I know...
job -1 I quit cause of extreme suckitude. Job -2 was temp work + I took a break afters cause my dad had a heart bypass.
Also.. same job means same employer, not same project, for me right now :)
job -3, closed down operations in SG
1 I got fired as soon as I turned 18, most likely due to the raise in minimum wage for 18 year olds. 2 I stuck around until I started 3.
I guess I'm ok with getting back on that hamsterwheel if it gets me something more interesting ;p
(cause sadly there's few jobs that pay you to sit around on the internet all day)
speaking of jobs...
got work tommorrow and gotta be up bright and early
2:37 PM
@JourneymanGeek Night!
@JourneymanGeek Night!
2:57 PM
@JourneymanGeek Night!
@andmyself y
I spent so much energy to paint it, and no one even looks at it!
A: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

Ver NickHis smile is really scary :) As you can see, Photoshop helped me a little bit here :) P.S. I'll update this answer with every normal knitting I'll get :)

3:18 PM
@VerNick I looked, hence this is false. :)
not looking
@rene too late, I saw you looking!
3:49 PM
@ShadowWizard What do you mean?
@VerNick you said "no one looks" but since I looked, that's false.
1 hour later…
5:15 PM
@Unihedron honestly you probably still have privs... those lists don't get pruned very much :)
@ShadowWizard Yeah, 4 upvotes for an hour of hard work. Even this meta.stackexchange.com/a/319933/403480 got 5 upvotes!
5:34 PM
@VerNick Didn't I tell you this was about fun, not about complaining about other people's effort?
Why does SD posts Russian posts here?
@Tinkeringbell Well, it also a good time to earn some extra reputation.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Why do they just go and ask a question not even wondering what is this site for?
A: Why do users often ask blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta?

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogUpdate (January 23, 2018): This answer previously contained a canned comment containing a link to a survey I was running to determine why users post off-topic questions here. Per a request from an SE employee, the link has been removed, and the survey is no longer accepting responses. The team i...

6:36 PM
Jeez everyone is an RO these days
@VerNick You can ignore SD if you don't want to see his messages
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ How?
@VerNick Click on his avatar -> "ignore this user (everywhere)" Why would you wanna do it though, a flag here and there couldn't hurt.
6:56 PM
@VerNick I assume you used that wording jokingly, right?
@rene Yep.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ It's really annoying.
sd f
24 messages moved to Chimney
7:18 PM
@VerNick I am afraid you totally misunderstood the point of that contest which isn't even a contest... It is purely for fun. Not for competition and not for any rep.
Sorry you wasted your time, but nothing we can do here. :)
7:33 PM
@Tinkeringbell Complaining is hella fun
I've perhaps failed to demonstrate that with my chat efforts
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Moderating complaints is too. This is one you might wanna stay out of ;)
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Oh, I've complained enough in here about that co-worker of mine, I think ;)
@ShadowWizard It's ok. I've already got some upvotes by sharing the answer with others. They said it's really good :)
8:42 PM
@Tinkeringbell would this fly on IPS?
Probably not, we don't tell people what to write... I think there one must surely already have been asked on workplace, perhaps?
@rene Last time I checked, posts can't fly
@Tinkeringbell okay, removed the suggestion to try IPS. Thanks.
Your welcome. It's btw really hard to see if a post would fit IPS based on two lines...
I'm wondering if they're the team lead or complaining about the team lead ;)
If it is about several people getting into a brawl it is a fit for IPS in my mind ...
8:51 PM
*watches as the parrot rips the flower apart for saying such a thing*
I don't rip flowers apart. That's why I'm on IPS.
@rene Hahaha perhaps it is, but then the question most likely shouldn't be whether or not something is professional... then the brawl will only move to IPS, instead of stop ;)
9:04 PM
Q: Can I see a profile image behind the hat?

Ver NickFor example, I found this profile, where the person is covered with a hat all over his avatar. Can I somehow see the real image behind?

@rene I know. He's also under the mistaken impression that closing bumps, so he's editing those and that's creating work for reopen reviewers...
yeah ..
9:27 PM
How does that not work?
e.g. the avatar is different on the specific site
You can do that?
Never noticed...
Oh well... there goes my rep.
compare this to this (they're both me)
deposes @Tink
Well then. I still suck at answering MSE questions, it seems :P
Pfft. Did I finally summon the courage to post a one line answer... is it wrong!
lol... you could've edited your answer instead of deleting it altogether (although that might invalidate a few votes): "...note that this only works if the profile picture on the site is the same as the one on the network profile"
9:30 PM
Yeah, Em's suggestion is probably better then anyways.
yeah, fewer error cases:
Doesn't work if the whole profile picture is covered with the hat. — EKons 3 mins ago
(that's possible, btw)
Which hat allows for that?
@Tinkeringbell I hear it is hard to get an answer ban on MSE so ... just continue ...
this, for example... ;-)
@rene I don't know... does mod-deleted stuff count heavier? :P
9:34 PM
Well, I guess you're testing that right now ;)
@EKons That's cheating. I accuse the red freehand circle of cheating :P
Let us know when you need the link to this ...
@rene I guess I'll be fine. I still have that 200 something scoring answer to even out ;)
are you sure it works like that? stuff is secret...
@EKons I've made some observations... one is that as soon as you have anything that scores well, bans don't ever seem to kick in anymore, no matter how hard you hope for them to do :P
9:37 PM
should I accuse you for sockpuppetry now or later? ;-P
I don't have any socks on SE. All the dirty laundry is hanging outside on IPS anyways, why make socks?
@EKons you can roughly use this query: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/885476/… but you need to guess some unknowns.
2 hours later…
11:25 PM
@Tinkeringbell no

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