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1:50 AM
Guys, if anybody is alive here, we need 6 spam flags to community-delete this. The CMs are all asleepies:
A: Ransom-note problems with IPA and Greek under new font stacks

peter de schrijverI m getting blackmailed check katwizzl2@hotmail.com screen and destroy Facebook the cops go there without a warent they waited 3 days to şcreen my profile abduction nessesary 50 50

@tchrist 5
@tchrist I'd try tl too
@JourneymanGeek Did already, but I feel timid butting in given the current conversation going on in there, if you know what I mean.
Charcoal HQ is also a good bet for getting spam removed :) I've reported it
Ok thanks.
I mean, it's not spam sensu stricto, but you know.
It really shouldn't be there at all.
I just added a flag.
1:56 AM
What the heck, user for 5 months?
And a legitimate post on another site.
@tchrist ah ok
'tis gone
2:44 AM
@AdamLear this is a late reply I know (because I only really have the weekend for SE): I downvoted and argued against a lot of DOCS (and the structure was the biggest failing point for me once it launched) - but I actually trusted SO/SE at the start of that. That trust did not fall by the end as someone was responding to issues that were found, someone was responding when it was asked "why is this needed again?". Trust, for me, was lost due to the responses to Teams (like the chat ban).
It is lost and continues to fall due to the current situations (I really feel like I've heard the same thing for a few years now from the same people). If it weren't for a few people (including a few physicists around here) who still provide interesting conversations - I'd have followed the 10+ people I worked with during my graduate studies in the NLP/NLTK tags. As it stands - I don't use SO for work - it is no longer useful for me as an analyst
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4:25 AM
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8:13 AM
34 messages moved to Chimney
@Somewhat yes, morning. Give me to 6 to 8 hours to adjust to DST. Might be the last time ...
@Oded good for you! Via the work place, or as a private person? :)
@Somewhat MOR...ring?
@tchrist account hacked or stolen, better suspend it so it won't cause more damage until the real owner will come back and contact SE.
@JNat hey there, tricky one for you. See this - looks like account is hacked, I believe in such cases better suspend it network wide (not delete) so damage it blocked, until real account holder comes back then they can ask to restore it via contact form or email. What do you think?
@SmokeDetector k
9:13 AM
I recall there was a bookmarked conversation about "Shog's opinion on spam and R/A flags" somewhere, any ideas?
I need that conversation to defend against this response from a Physics mod.
9:26 AM
@ɪʙᴜɢ don't think there is, if so can't find anything related. I found this message though which justify the mod, not you, i.e. nonsense is not spam:
Feb 7 at 4:35, by Shog9
not a spam flag; I used "rude/abusive", which it was
uhm, not the one I am looking for.
I'm not 100% sure what content was referred to exactly in there, but most likely something similar to what you had, based on context.
One thing for sure is that it's a bookmarked conversation, but it seems like it's neither here nor in CHQ
Anyway, I also won't flag nonsense as spam because, well, it's not spam.
Ah, it's SOCVR: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/41570/conversation/… Thanks for all the attention and help!
9:32 AM
@ɪʙᴜɢ well..... nowhere in there Shog said to use spam flag for gibberish. I'm afraid you have no case.
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 5 '15 at 17:46, by Shog9
As a technical matter, NAA and VLQ mostly do the same thing behind the scenes (although they're evaluated slightly differently in edge cases) and the same applies to Spam and Rude/Offensive
@ɪʙᴜɢ what about it?
So what if it's doing the same behind the scenes?
That is not really an excuse to flag everything as spam.
you're right, now I have no idea what's next
The anti spam system might have been added after Shog wrote this 3 years ago, so now there is good chance there is a big difference behind the scenes too.
maybe time for a Meta question, I think
9:34 AM
@ɪʙᴜɢ nothing? Just don't use spam for nonsense.
@ShadowWizard that's a single case, but what's behind that is metasmoke only casts spam flags on either kinds of posts
I'm composing a question and hoping it'll attract some kind of consensus
@ShadowWizard Oh, the FAQ says there are only 2 differences: Community protecting questions and review audits
Turns out there's no need for a new Meta question, but instead the worth of reopening this one
True, that is not a duplicate. Reopened.
10:22 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer (77): How to connect a projector to my Ubuntu laptop? by robin son on askubuntu.com
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12:09 PM
Yay! 8th anniversary on MSE. :D
12:26 PM
Who chased the chicken!?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer (51): How do I increase flexibility to achieve a full split? by Telmo Amaro on martialarts.SE
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1:58 PM
@ShadowWizard we waited 6 to 8 years for that ...
2:16 PM
@rene true!
@SmokeDetector why
@ShadowWizard Body - Positions 4246-4255, 4335-4344: patch.com
Who are Smokey devs around here? That's totally a bug...
@SmokeDetector fp
@ShadowWizard Registered question as false positive.
@ShadowWizard I'm not going to touch that regex extravaganza
@rene Just make it whole-word search instead of plain indexOf() of whatever function is being used. No?
blacklisting all existing domains that just contain "patch.com" will likely give tons of false positives over time, and surely it happens with others.
2:24 PM
wait until someone spam exchange.com?
it is a regex that I guess does break on non-word characters. No indexOf()
2:47 PM
Boring here without any drama to discuss. :(
Even @Andras is being silent. :D
3:00 PM
It’s been a while since I waved the anti-deletion banner, but if we don’t have quality standards any more and our Google rank has already dropped as a result, the upside of deleting a few hundred popular off topic questions is almost entirely gone.
So I encourage you to vote to undelete everything.
You mean you don't want to see currently-alive questions being deleted anymore, or to undelete questions that have been deleted in the past? There's big difference. @Some
Hurr durr let me post a tweet
Tweet or twit? I'll never get it right for sure.
Also, "Hurr durr" sounds like a grumpy dwarf.
I'm not that short
@ShadowWizard I really need to change name...
3:09 PM
@AndrasDeak it's not about the height!
@Somewhat hehe, no worry only few abuse pings as I do. :)
Luckily for you, most use the full form so you're safe.
@ShadowWizard questions with more than ~1000 views, new or old.
On the other hand, @Mithrandir24601 has a problem since anyone pinging Mithrandir will also ping him. ;)
@SomethingBadHappened that's... either not good and won't happen.
I also don't like the mass deletion of off topic questions, but some probably better be deleted.
Most questions that are deleted are bad. But most questions that are not deleted are also terrible.
I prefer some official policy about it, and to stop deleting old questions with real value.
If I was active on SO I'd probably start something by now, but... I'm not.
I just sometimes see the deleted questions.
This battle was lost six years ago, and I’m not very active either. Just musing.
3:13 PM
Well, e.g. the programming jokes "thread" is probably better stay deleted, to give one example.
It was silly to begin with.
But I need to program on a boat...
Ask Abbey how to do that. ^
I mean the tagline is “learn, share, and level up”, and Boat Programmer sounds high-level to me.
@SomethingBadHappened nah, learn and share are totally secondary. These days "Be welcoming" is the primary thing.
They’ll be welcome on my programming boat if they can find it.
3:26 PM
You'll throw a party in such case? With champagne and all? ;)
starting to search for @Something's boat all around the world using multiplex binary searching algorithm based on blockchain technology
@MarkAmery glorious list! You keep archive of those, or did you copy from some existing list/archive? :)
3:56 PM
@ShadowWizard Just looked down the first page at gaming.stackexchange.com/questions :)
Q: Hot Network Question Silly Title Comment Sanity

fredleyMisleading question titles are great. They're kind of a thing around here and that's also great. What's not so great is every time one comes along, and we get dozens of comments about LOL, how amusing the title is: Usually one or two is kinda okay, but recently every misleadingly titled questi...

@MarkAmery well, still missing super stars like this one.... :P
4:19 PM
sd k
4:34 PM
[ SomewhatDetector | SS ] Misleading link (1): Top 10 Stack Exchange sites by Somewhat on meta.SE
4:51 PM
@ShadowWizard Commonly held misconception :P I get pings to 'Mith' but not to 'Mithrandir'
5:20 PM
@Somewhat fpu
@Mithrandir24601 that... Can't be! ;)
Crappy but does not justify red flag.
6:04 PM
When an OP discloses that this isn't their 1st account like follows, would that be reason enough to nuke that account (the rude and annoying behavior aside):
6:16 PM
Not really
Unless the first actually was qbanned or something else was going on
Yup ^
Socks aren't inherently illegal, see bot accounts. It's only fraudulent if you do something which you otherwise wouldn't be able to do (vote on yourself, vote on something you've already voted on, etc.)
I've noticed now that their primary account wasn't banned apparently, though the OP's behavior seems absolutely unacceptable for my taste.
You can flag each, and they should be helpful at worst
mods will (more or less) happily investigate
I think this counts as something else though
what do you mean?
6:21 PM
Alienated it looks for me :P
Also considering he is pointing at pt.se it might be the same account on different sites
All those insulting and rude demands in (endless) repetition ...
@Journey I know you're way calmer than me in general :3
6:35 PM
Ya. TBH.i would screenshot then custom flag on pt.so tooo
I could ping a mod but I'm in the field
I know the next site getting kicked out of HNQ pets.stackexchange.com/questions/21575/…
@ShadowWizard ^ better now? :P
that is ...
6:57 PM
@AndrasDeak it got mentioned on meta
So the mods are aware and got an eye on it
@Magisch At least I love your cat addiction. I visited our cute new family members Eli and Rina yesterday. So good to have cats within my family environment, I'd go really sad and depressive without them.
Is this not the right spacetime to note that cats can be huge jerks? :P
@AndrasDeak I never minded about them being jerks, I just ever loved them for that behavior, because that's so similar to what humans do. :3
7:13 PM
@Magisch Their primary names where taken from Eli Avivi and his (major) spouse Rina. Tough those cats also have secondary names, which I always proposed to give our children (e.g. Appolonia for the female one). It doesn't matter at least, we just love and welcome these cute, purring and fluffy family members.
@AndrasDeak Humans are mostly received to be the even bigger jerks :P
It's not a race
2 hours later…
8:56 PM
250k followers? I'd like to thank everyone* following my inevitable spiraling descent into madness. I promise to keep it entertaining! 🙃 * who isn't a bot
9:15 PM
What is this toxic phrasing against robots?
9:54 PM
@AndrasDeak lol I noticed it before but... Held myself from making some snarky comment here... You are braver than me, kudos! ;)
@AndrasDeak human race?

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