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> fighting with Twitter to unblock new accounts
@AdamLear 0_0
Yeah, funny thing about that... Because we're creating a bunch of, well, bots, we used a google group as the email and the +whatever feature to differentiate between the sites. At the tail end of creating new Twitter accounts for the sites, Twitter just started suspending them outright.
@ShadowWizard that's rather less tricky in mixed gender conscription.
@AdamLear ._.
that seems... avoidable
Why? Beats me. AFAIK no terms of service were violated. They'd be unblocked given a roundtrip to @support, but because we used a google group, actually dealing with the Twitter email-based support was painful
But I suppose it was "it seemed a good idea at the time"
yeah, well... it's not like we were going to start making a new first-class email address for every site.
12:03 AM
@AdamLear probably cause the people who handle it are like "this seems fishy" and in most places documentation sucks
@AdamLear or in theory aliases, but I have no idea how/what SE does for that.
Plus the person in charge of creating those (at the time, me, but really... anyone in the company with access) should be able to see emails in one spot.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, not sure that's any better. Sounds like offloading maintenance cost to IT and adds an extra step in account setup.
no no
but I guess it dosen't scale
but setting up free email servers for everyone is the best way to collect data ...
yeah, that's what I thought you meant. IT would have to set these up, IIRC
(you can do the same on postfix, and presumably exchange )
12:05 AM
"You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user"
that's a dealbreaker right there :)
@AdamLear though, one off as opposed to every time.
we'd be up to what... 6 users by now? :)
ya I guesss ;p
But I'm entirely aware I'm a random internet dude talking out my posterior.... and you guys (mostly? ;p) know what you're doing.
@JourneymanGeek sometimes. let's go with sometimes. ;)
but it does sound a lot like twitter not actually doing a good job of tracking what they're doing, if it keeps happening.
12:09 AM
That doesn't surprise me in the least.
seems slightly sloppy but I can't think of a process outside specialcasing some emails (Big flashing "No NO TOUCHIE!") that would prevent that past a certain size.
Yeah, hard to tell. IMO "email similarity" by itself is a poor signal, but I don't have access to their data (assuming they do track bot abuse cases).
Anyway, point being, we do want to keep doing site swag (as opposed to keep creating Twitter accounts :)), it's just that we're very limited on resources at the moment :/
And on that note, it's time to head home here. Have a great rest of morning/day/evening/night.
at the moment = for more than a year
both are correct ;)
Odd that design capabilities were not as limited when Jin was the only designer.
12:17 AM
They were. Where do you think the backlog started?
It's not just the size of backlog. More than a year went without a single site design.
Which didn't happen with Jin AFAIR.
That has some to do with design, but more with graduation requirements.
Anyway, I didn't mean to keep you from heading home, etc
For all intents and purposes, we effectively have a two-tier graduation process now. A basic graduation is available at lower thresholds of activity when we're reasonably certain the site is doing fine and doesn't need the "beta" label anymore. But with custom design also comes a privilege jump (design-less graduated sites stay at public beta thresholds).
But yeah, really heading out now. Later all
12:41 AM
alexout is still doing fine on ru.SO, so yeah, I really wonder why they did unaccept spree on MSE...
@AdamLear That's sort of "new" information. I know that Robert's pushed for simply removing the Beta label without really "Graduating" the site per se... but in the graduation update from a couple of years ago, my interpretation there was that sites that were given elections were on the list slated for full graduation and site design. Now it sounds like we have three tiers which is confusing with sites like Parenting in Beta for extreme amounts of time.
If we're really going to simply remove the beta label without necessarily granting sites designs, it seems like some of the oldest sites still in beta deserve that consideration.
Removing beta and holding an election? Or not?
Currently, removing beta means there is going to be a mod election. Hence, the sites where the community is too small or weakly organized to support a meaningful election don't get out of beta.
Depends. I think Robert would want to remove the beta label once the site was stable after ~90 days... based on what I've seen him post. Then it'd just be a "site"... I think elections would wait until the site had sufficient users who met certain reputation thresholds.
So then it's beta - not beta but pro tem mods - elected mods - design
12:54 AM
Four-tier system.
There'd be no correlation between removal of the beta label and elections.
It's sort of silly to have a 6-year-old site with a "beta" label... it's not going anywhere.
A: Can we do something about the "graduated" label?

Robert CartainoI think we should consider doing away with the label entirely. The whole concept of waiting for "graduation" to get the features you need is too restrictive… no matter what you call it. Instead, we should be looking at unbundling all the features that communities can really use when they have su...

A: Should we rename or remove the "beta" label?

Robert CartainoI've been a long-time proponent of removing the "beta" label when it no longer makes sense. I agree that labeling a site as "beta" creates a lot of confusion… and a certain stigma when it looks like a site is never going to <quote> "get out of beta." But let's be careful not to replace this sys...

The second one is better.
Though, I think both of those came before the New Outlook post.
This is what I was basing my initial comments to Adam on:
Q: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

AnaBack in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be closed down. Any existing Q&A will be archived and made available for download, but the site...

@Catija I personally agree with not keeping sites in “beta” for 6+ years. What we have now is a somewhat weird compromise between the original definition of graduation (and all the implementation assumptions that come with it) and the reality of community building/growth that we arrived at in practice.
1:09 AM
ie "We arn't in kansas any more toto" ?;p
I don’t at all mean to diminish the accomplishments of the communities that graduate with or without design. I’m also not necessarily speaking to intent. I’m just describing what we currently have.
Removal of beta label without anything else happening... kind of says the label doesn't matter.
Maybe not have it at all, then.
I think that part of the problem is that "beta" really isn't the right name for it. I sort of get where the name originated, considering the "SE 2.0" terminology but that hasn't really lasted while the beta label has.
@Desire Post beta presumably means "the community can sustain itself" Least with the older communities, outside... exceptional circumstances, we mostly run ourselves. So removing the label vaguely does mean something
1:13 AM
One side-effect of implementation is that we can’t, for example, run an election on a beta site without screwing folks out of moderator service badges because those are tied to the site state. So there’s “graduation” as a concept in the sense that “y’all have proved that you are here to stay” and then there’s “graduation” in terms of if site.State == ...
@Catija Yeah, pretty much.
I could see keeping some sort of "in development" stage for a certain amount of time.. maybe that's just a year? I know Robert is pushing for 90 days but that seems like no time at all.
@Catija SE 2.0 was actually something though - that's basically the point at which the community proposed sites and things got biiiiiig.
@JourneymanGeek But as someone who came along far after that, I've only ever heard the term in passing without ever really understanding what it meant. I'm sure it means a lot more to people who were around at the time than to people like me... which is becoming a larger part of the community.
@Catija I think Jeff had a good post on that
hm, was Joel?
@AdamLear That's sort of why I was thinking that tying elections to something other than the removal of the beta label would help. You have a metric for when a site has sufficient traffic to remove the label (10 QPD right now)... you could set a similar one for elections X users at reputation levels X, Y, Z & N total questions, minimum time, one year or something like that...
You could change the beta label metric to something else, too...
1:19 AM
@Catija Yeah, but we would need to rewrite badge triggers. It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker. I don’t recall all the concerns off-hand, but IIRC some of them were alone the lines of “all the data is bad” :) Cruft that accumulates over the years when you move from one system to another, that sort of thing.
Or swap them... 10 QPD is when you get elections, but something less is when the label is removed...
"all the data is bad" ._.
@AdamLear The trigger for the badge is a year, right? So if a year is the minimum amount of time before elections, that wouldn't affect it?
Pure data metrics don’t necessarily work either. Exhibit A: Software Engineering back in the day. Very active and popular, but also pretty dysfunctional.
@Catija There’s a clause in pro tem badges: a year or graduation happened.
It'd be really interesting at some point to really dig into it. I wonder even if the site and its moderators could be involved in it. Yes, the successful beta blog post is a bit outdated but I think that metrics like having custom close reason/s, having something other than the default text on the "what to ask" page... having an active meta community... things that really show the site has the involvement to attract good moderator candidates.
1:22 AM
Could possibly change that to “a year or election happened”. I don’t recall the code off-hand to know if that’d ruin a bunch of stuff. (There were mods appointed on graduated SO before there were elections, for example)
@AdamLear I think it happened on all of the trilogy
The lines between beta and graduated have certainly blurred a lot over the years.
@AdamLear Yeah, it would depend on whether the trigger is set based on the election going live or the beta label being removed.
IIRC SU's first batch of mods predated elections or the system behind it.
But I'm guessing that killing the custom site designs may have mucked with that somewhat, too.
1:24 AM
(afk again, back later)
1 hour later…
2:47 AM
5 more answers for my discussion tag badge ._.
3:06 AM
@ShadowWizard heh, the story behind the "can I delete a bountied question" is interesting
User's got 2 answers, is sitting on a pair of -3 questions, and both answers are at +2
deleting the post is probably a bad/non useful thing for all involved.
3:19 AM
can i haz my bountiez?
@Success lol. I'm sitting on what might end up being an auto bounty ._.
(and possibly deleted by the user if not for the 2 votes, since it isn't really the answer he wants)
actually, that bounty-giver user is a bit suspicious to me...
^ well, when you have 4 "user was removed" negative rep changes due to upvote...
3:40 AM
oh that's a very different problem
3:54 AM
I mod-flagged it. Hopefully my explanation is clear with 13 consecutive upvotes on his questions yesterday...
4:18 AM
This. Is. Nostalgic.
A: What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions?

TschallackaHow about a grab from the good old Microsoft bucket? Click in the text field to activate the assistant. $(document).ready(function(){ $('.wmd-input').one('focus',function() { clippy.load('Clippy', function (agent) { var animations = agent.animations(); $('.js-states')....

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7 messages moved to Chimney
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5 messages moved to Chimney
7:09 AM
Vgm :)
8 messages moved to Chimney
7:26 AM
now delete votes
@JourneymanGeek oh, didn't bother to check. I replied to the direct question. :)
@rene needs 1 more, @Bart or @Journeyman can...
7:45 AM
I hope delete voting doesn't need GPU power from @Bart's notebook ... I would like to delete vote but the broken fan doesn't allow me
I had a broken fan in my old computer for 2 years or so. Luckily, it has 3 other fans.
That was one heck of a good computer. Or casing, to be accurate.
8:07 AM
@ShadowWizard killed it
Turned out my analysis was right: bounty, voting ring, and sockpuppetry from a particular user on SO -> 1-year suspension on main account , deleted users on offered bounties questions
But really... I think a low-rep (<500) user who offered bounties like candies already looks suspicious
@Success not really, we had a mod doing it, and always keeping himself at low rep.
Don't remember the name though.
8:23 AM
@Success What do you mean by "voting ring"?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in answer: What is the optimal age to neuter a male dog? by johni on pets.SE
@JennaSloan a ring (group) of people, upvoting each other regardless of the quality of the post
@Success usually it's one single person who just created lots of accounts.
But yeah, guess it can happen with groups of people as well, usually co-workers.
yeah, I should say "a group of users" instead. Either by a group of real people, or by sockpuppetry
oh I think there's both
8:33 AM
or botnet...
oddly, no one's really done that AFAIK
or as far as anyone knows
I suppose any sufficiently talented programmers have actual jobs other than imaginary internet point farming.
9:13 AM
@ShadowWizard Shog9?
@ShadowWizard It's pronounced pingabbbeh . . . Pingebooolas . . . Pignalobee . . . Dang, I can't pronounce it either
@rene That poor guy has an extreme rep deficiency condition
is that spam?
@rene most likely
@M.A.R. you're too excited
@Bart is fine you can be calm. :D
9:43 AM
@ShadowWizard I gave you something to do on your competing answer ...
Yup, saw it.
@ShadowWizard Nah, they just point to the warranty and say "send it in, all fixed". That's all they need to do. It wasn't DOA. Used it for 2 months. Just very annoying. The only DOA I had before was with Dell. And god they were annoying.
But how did the fan break? Smiting stick fell on it by mistake? ;)
imagining @Bart's room full with Smiting Sticks of all kinds and sizes
oh "Dead On Arrival"
Well happened to me only once with some radio/CD device which simply didn't work. They sent a new one in a week, didn't even have to send them the borked device.
hmm... you mentioned Dell only once before.
Jun 12 '14 at 10:23, by Bart
@TimPost It's not Apple only. My Dell does the same lovely thing. And subsequently runs at reduced performance "for safety" ...
@ShadowWizard "Dead on Arrival". And it "just broke". Was just working and all of a sudden I hear a grinding sound while I had my headphones on.
9:58 AM
You weren't just hungry?
Windows weren't shaking, so it wasn't my rumbling stomach, no
10:14 AM
@Bart maybe over used... ;)
10:24 AM
all my meat meals are pretty much 'dead on arrival'
@ShadowWizard I work too hard, that's for sure :p
@Telkitty what's the fun in that?
10:38 AM
much better than to munch on a fly that accidentally fly into your mouth :x
11:11 AM
@Bart and you don't break?
@ShadowWizard I'm already broken. But only in spirit. So that's okay ... right?
At the local hackerspace sooooooo...... Will grab it once I get back.
@Bart wrong. Strong spirit with broken body is okay. Broken spirit with strong body is not okay. I prescribe you 30 days vacation in The Bahamas. Go!
You can print this message and show to your boss, he/she will understand. :D
Haha, I fear you'll get a "fat chance"
My chance is not fat.
11:22 AM
This is unfortunately a workplace which decided to embrace and celebrate "crunch" with a commemorative mug
Now you lost me.... or I lost you? hmm....
11:36 AM
just search for gamedev crunch ;)
I wonder, do any of you ever tried Cherry Coke? Liked it? @Bart @rene @Journeyman @Catija @ɥʇǝS
I tried now, and like it. :D
@Bart oh. Short term for "People who like working crazy hours and won't quit job even when the conditions are horrible"? ;)
11:51 AM
@Telkitty new avatar? Taken in your last trip to USA?
@ShadowWizard "like"
my laptop is charging my power bank is charging my phone
now I'm afraid one of them implode
@ShadowWizard yeah, both my last avatar & current one were
12:09 PM
@Bart you can always leave... or get higher rank and be one of those who gives orders, not taking orders. ;)
@Telkitty oh. Part of gallery?
@ShadowWizard let's just say I'm keeping my eyes open ;)
@Bart yes we know you never sleep.
Haha, that as well.
12:24 PM
I hear Stack Overflow has this "jobs" section. Might be of interest.
12:50 PM
On the other hand, I am bored out of my wits these days - neither of the projects that I will probably work on starts until next year and both involve a lot of external factors, such as the approval of local government or pass the board of directors. Both are very interesting and are something I am looking forward to be involved in.
I really want to work 60 hour weeks (as long as it's something I choose to do)
1:26 PM
@ShadowWizard Sorry, I don't really drink sodas.
@Oded for game developers? ;)
@Catija only water?
For any developers. We do get listings for game companies, @ShadowWizard
What's better? hmm or hrm? :)
Depends on your target audience and meaning you want to convey.
@Oded Even non-developer, like... oil & gas
or god
1:38 PM
Those don't have jobs listed anywhere, @Success
I am talking about actual job listings. Not about company pages.
Fair point, but still I'm questioning companies like that on SO Jobs
@Success that's spam or scam, all their links are dead i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub deleted their accounts. SE better do it too, too bad we can't flag companies. @Oded can you nuke that useless company page?
if so, then add this online soccer betting company to the list that also has posted occasional spam on SO
all gone, cool! :)
@Success not really cool, it was done out of pure chance that you found them... it means spam pages like that exist for months, and nobody is doing anything.
Oh well.
I still remember those 3 companies because of the previous conversation with @Magisch
1:50 PM
Spammers finally found legit way into Stack Overflow.
Pay few bucks, and you can spam all you want.
(within "company page", of course.)
@ShadowWizard I only drink BaCo's ...
apparently I can't find the previous conversation... was it with Magisch, or with someone else...
Q: Jobs company page spam

Chris CireficeIt seems that spammers are using Stack Overflow Jobs company pages to make SEO-optimized clickbait. Here's an example (don't ask me how I found it). There's no option for users to flag these pages - so how do we stop the spam when we see it?

I think it's about: is foreign language other than English is acceptable on SO Jobs? it's on the here, the Tavern chat room, not meta post
@rene Ba what?
@Success anything is acceptable, anyone can create company page and put anything there, including NSFW and worse. Nobody is moderating it, and until someone will spot it by chance and ask SE team to remove it, it will exist.
spam backdoor, lol
1:57 PM
@Success oh wow, I just grammar my so broken... I shouldn't do time-critical task and chat the same time
@ShadowWizard BaCo ... Bacardi Cola
I see Brad had enough of the Meta revenge down vote saga ...
@rene never heard of that, lol
@rene huh? Brad? Saga? What did I miss?
@ShadowWizard 1/5 Coke (Cola we say in Dutch) and 4/5 Bacardi (I might have the mix slightly wrong there, ask @Bart, he'll know)
@ShadowWizard you missed this one? I had been hot and not only for the voting on it.
More or less. Bit of lemon juice perhaps.
fancy ....
2:04 PM
@rene I know about Cola, it's "Coca Cola" here and we have more Cola brands here, e.g. Pepsi Cola... but with Bacardi? lol
oh, that MSO post...
@Success How am I going to get back the meta rep from my answer? I'll rage on Meta I guess ....
@ShadowWizard Mostly. Also tea, small amounts of coffee (~a cup/week) and very occasional alcoholic beverages. Just started drinking again but I'm picky.
@rene ohhh... I didn't pay that much attention to it to be honest. Saw someone whining about being downvoted, downvoted the question and moved on. Missed all the fun...
If you can't take downvotes, don't be active user on SO. That's the #1 rule everyone must follow.
Too bad so many good people fall into this pit and get caught in endless "oh, I was downvoted! Why??!!!11?!" loop.
That is true, that being said: Who down voted me? Why? Explain your self!
2:12 PM
Also, since that specific MSO discussion targeted a specfic user, Brad did well to delete it, IMO.
Probably that user deserved the "bad karma" he got, but still... wrong way to do things.
Yeah, that was the thing that steered it out of control
In hindsight I shouldn't have answered
@rene I downvoted. Your question doesn't show research effort, and raging on meta is not cool.
@rene Nah that's good to express yourself.
@Success I searched all over the Internet for weeks! Unfair!
I even used Bing
@rene I Am GROOT
2:15 PM
How low can you go?
Wrong response, doesn't compute. Expected: "check your inbox ;)"
@Success this should become a new meme
user image
2:30 PM
check your inbox ;) is a statement of sportmanship (not to be confused with the badge) when a user declares that they is doing revenge-downvoting to another user instead of doing it raging silently.
well, probably not sportmanship, anyway...
Also, it's wrong. Recent reputation history can be found in the achievements dialog, not inbox.
2:51 PM
> its[sic] your day 2 shine
Japanese people read it differently: shine
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: YouTube video to text? by veritaS on webapps.SE
@ShadowWizard I love having multiple places for notifications!
3:17 PM
@ShadowWizard I have a deep seated dislike of anything cherry flavoured...
when I was a kid, my liquid paracetamol was cherry flavoured, and I associated the smell with being sick
Cherry makes me think of Halls drops. Fake banana is very medicine-like, too.
.... fake banana is a thing?
@JourneymanGeek paracetamol isn't actually very healthy
halls for me has always been lemon lime or menthol.
3:22 PM
It wrecks havoc on your liver afaik
@Magisch more the smell/being sick association ;p
@JourneymanGeek "banana flavor"
@AdamLear never had the displeasure ;p
count your lucky stars :)
artificial banana flavor tastes nothing like actual banana imo
3:23 PM
@Magisch there's a funny story behind that
Its based off an older, nearly extinct strain of banana...
which tasted ... well better
Modern common bananas are hardy, not tasty.
Unless you go for something like a rastali or some other proper banana that's not a cavendish
TIL banana genotype history
iirc the old western banana was the Gros Michel
the modern one is the cavendish
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: How to respond to statements like "It's all yours" by sam on interpersonal.SE
@canon one for "Hey, you have downvote!" and one for the downvote itself? ;)
@JourneymanGeek ouch... so you were sick a lot as a kid? My kids hates any kind of syrup so far, no mater what's the flavor. :(
@Magisch only if you take it on empty stomach.
boo... my inbox just died... @Adam did you do something? ;)
not my fault
but folks are looking into what happened
3:36 PM
My favorite reply to "why the downvote" is "two for flinching".
@AdamLear Oh so it's reported already? App showing the inbox fine, BTW.
Well, meta.stackexchange.com/topbar/inbox throwing error, that's the core problem.
Doesn't a huge company like SO have unlimited resources for this kind of thing? Maybe marketing could pay for it out of their budget? — Joe Friend 2 days ago
Inline joke ^
Never suspected Mr. Friend to have such humor. Well done! :D
Without humor you'll probably won't last long ....
@Adam inbox glitch fixed, since there's no bug report any chance for some details here anyway? </curious-mind> :)
Redis changes went out, a thing got missed
ohh Redis
Wait... isn't Redis used only for cache?
@Oded deleted
a thing got missed ... the complete assembly ...
So the inbox is also cached at some level??
"Nothing was done" is not really an accurate description of reality, @ShadowWizard — plenty got done, it's just that, unfortunately, nothing got done through this particular process. — JNat ♦ 2 hours ago
IOW, Community Team delegated to support role; actual development happens through DAG.
3:47 PM
Seems like the existing messages can be cached with only new ones being added? Though, at some point they have to update to remove messages that were removed, I guess?
Hi @JoeFriend :D
Humor is my defense mechanism. Thanks, Mr. Shadow ;)
@Desire so guess it means "DAG didn't do any of the things we requested from them"?
Q: "Recent inbox messages" button not always working

MichaelThe "Recent inbox messages" button doesn't work when on StackOverflow or MathOverflow sites; still works on the Meta sites. I'm using Firefox 52.1.0 on CentOS.

@ShadowWizard ^^^
Sorry, Mr. Wizard
@Desire Community Team never had dev privs.
3:48 PM
@ShadowWizard There's a difference between "didn't do" and "are still working on".
@ShadowWizard Actually, we did part of one. We are hoping to up our game this month in terms of CRs.
@Catija Hey
@Catija yeah, we know the code is still compiling...
@ShadowWizard Yup
Hiya, @Joe
@Mithrandir Howdy.
That's cowboy for Hi.
3:51 PM
@Success Well, when you're working on big projects, of course it's going to take forever to compile... when else are dev types going to get their meetings in.
I get called "Dr. FirstName" surprisingly often. Maybe it's Chinese order-of-names thing.
lol I didn't really expect you'll come over, @Joe. Apology accepted! But I wonder now, when will you update your own post on MSE with the wonderful things DAG team did last month? :-)
I take it making a network wide request to change the color of the top bar would get shot down slightly less quickly than one to change it just for one site? Although it's not [status-declined] officially yet...
suddenly so many came here...
@ShadowWizard Give me a break. we just wrapped up the month and finished the November plan! So demanding.
3:52 PM
(this is re a comment of Joe's)
@Oded too bad, Shog can do wonders with JS... (half serious here. :))
Seriously, I have it up and am writing it now. If only all my meetings would get canceled and people would stop bugging me in chat. Ha!
@JourneymanGeek sorry to hear... and it got better as you grew up?
Cancels all meetings and kicks @JoeFriend from the tavern .... that last bit I actually can do .... ;)
@Desire Chinese? Aren't you in USA?
3:54 PM
I apologize for taking Stack Overflow inboxes offline there for a few minutes, fixed now :(
@rene he can kick your account probably even without a diamond.... ;)
Oops, yes. forgot about that ...
I don't know that he can...
@Mithrandir i can take care of that if you point me to the post. ;)
@Success probably the word was spread that @Joe is here. ;)
3:55 PM
@JoeFriend big incentive 😔
Q: Can we make our new top bar slightly transparent black, like our old one?

MithrandirOur old topbar was slightly transparent, and a darker black: (from the Web Archive) Our new one, however, is not transparent, and is a lighter grayish black: This means that we don't get the full advantage of our awesome design. It's a slightly lighter color, which means it blends in less,...

@JoeFriend hehe... to be honest and serious for a moment (rare moment! ;)) I still don't really understand why two progress reports.
@Mithrandir I had that request on my list to respond to. I can easily say we don't want to do it network wide. The one-offs, even if possible, are a pain in the butt to maintain.
@Oded flagging the tweet as offensive ;)
for a moment I thought the inbox thing was a saber-rattle over my jab
@JoeFriend :(
3:58 PM
I sort of wish that the CM post had a "Work in progress" section. This would save it from looking like absolutely nothing was going on.
...it looks so much better straight black. Ah well, time to bug someone for a script.
Poor SFF... Ya'll are sort of the only site with a dark theme, I think?
it looked beautiful with the semi-transparent bar
@ShadowWizard CRs are only a small portion of our work. My monthly update is more comprehensive and more strategic in nature.
3:59 PM
@Catija I suggested something like that to @JNat in a comment, he added link to the DAG team progress and deleted my comment. :)
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