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12:36 AM
Assuming 1% of all SO comments are flaggable (an underestimate), a user flagging 100 comments every day will need about 15 years to flag them all.
During which 15 years, many more comments will appear...
> Wish there was an alternative to Stack Overflow that wasn't over-moderated and didn't reward unhelpful over-commenters who reply "Google." -- Bill Kalpakoglou at 2:24 PM - 5 Jan 2017
flaming is fine with wagyu beef
I'm going to NC in Feb for an undergrad applied math thing. I'm bringing my high school friends.
Such rebels we are.
It's great since they pay for travel expenses and stuff.
Is this a NCSSM thing?
12:40 AM
@bjb568 "Hey kid, the first dose is free."
stats is the best drug
> Participants are expected to arrive by Sunday evening (Feb 26th), and the workshop is expected to be completed by 1:00PM on Tuesday (Feb 28th).
Kind of short.
I am going into total wildness in 2 months time, the nearest landmass due west is Argentina, some 18,000 km away.
12:48 AM
rarely touched sand, panoramic view of the ocean, wildlife
I am ditching software development - written once, work for 10 days then it becomes obsolete when the next downgrade version comes out
@zaq Meh, I'm still missing skewl for it :D
Speaking of that, I missed skewl today because of an inch of snow.
People have such thing skin… not that I can complain about free time being inserted into my life.
Your school starts the year way too early... our first day of semester is 17th.
Ok, fine, I am paying a couple hundred dollars so I get to carry 15kg bag to walk 20km a day, drinking dirty water, sleep on rocks and not able to take shower for a week. I am such a masochist, no wonder I chose to be a software developer
1:04 AM
@zaq wat
> y'all'll
I wonder if @Jon tried to pronounce that.
All y'all'll'd-a been there a lot sooner if there wasn't a snowstorm.
@zaq I just transcribed what my brain told me to say.
== English == === Contraction === y'all'll (colloquial) Contraction of y'all will....
1:11 AM
No phonetic transcription there
/yôl-ôl/, I believe.
Q: Too many shogs when viewing the close reason in the iOS app

JALThis questions appears to have been closed by three shogs: Does this happen when a mod closes a question as a dupe of multiple questions? App Version: 1.6.3 Device: iPhone 6 OS Version: Version 10.2 (Build 14C92)

Something to do with multiple duplicate targets, I guess.
Trick question, there can never be too many shogs :)
Only 1/3 the number of Shogs I'd have expected.
1:21 AM
design a hat?
but this is a hat ... kinda
1:33 AM
just need add logo
Somebody needs to combine that with the butt equation.
is it physically sound though?
When a recommendation letter is due at 3:00 pm on January 5, it'd be nice to get the request a little earlier than at 2:08 pm on January 5. :-/
I'm afraid my recommendation consists of "oops, too late" this time.
Rec letters are usually due after the stated due date, at least for college apps.
My math teacher submitted them 4 days late.
1:44 AM
Yeah, I'll write anyway of course.
@zaq I wrote recs for some of my old interns. I had to fax most of them. I couldn't believe people still did that
I only trust recs for my personal assistants delivered by carrier pigeons.
All of mine are electronic, so at least there's that. The downside is that most of them have forms with several questions, and those are different for different schools. :-/
jk, I'm not a person
1:50 AM
These should be disjoint. :-E
And after all that, a giant text box with instructions "There is no limit on the amount of text you can provide".
I take that as a challenge.
wow, I didn't have to do any of that. Just a generic letter
These are for graduate schools.
Ah, makes sense
1:54 AM
@zaq Both MIT and the CommonApp has that but with more categories and the addition of "top few" and "among the best" (5%) tiers.
Institution website: ___ Referee website: ___
What are those for?
I guess they want to know if I'm a real person at a real school. "Having a website" looks like a confirmation of that.
Tempted to enter shog9.com for the website.
Just to see if they visit. :)
1:56 AM
I don't even work for an institution. They were interns when I was a developer at an agency and I wrote the recs when I was working at Abercrombie & Fitch
as an engineer, not a model
that must have been fun for the reviewers though
"This letter is from Abercrombie"
instant acceptance ;)
2:12 AM
I see, they ask for a website in case the letter is from a model.
2:41 AM
A: Let's design and get some Physics Stack Exchange swag

TelkittyI will go with the simplest idea, a hat: The shape of it might need some modification for it to be practical. But you get the idea.

shamelss self promotor is shameless!
3:17 AM
like-whoring teachers
That should have been: +10 for liking, but 100 point penalty for having a Facebook account.
It's schoology.
What is "optioning" for which one meets with "counselors"?
Choosing classes for next year.
By "meet with counselors", they mean being talked at in the auditorium.
3:51 AM
Safe & Secure

Proposed Q&A site for keeping people and property safe from attack, theft, accident. If it can take your life or property this is the place to ask experts how to keep it Safe & Secure

Currently in definition.

> What is the minimum depth of dirt that should cover an underground fallout shelter?
One of "hottest" proposals on Area 51.
Q: Why was Apocalyptic Defense closed?

MassimoThat was really disappointing. If this whole Stack Exchange thing is going to be community-driven, then one and only one rule should apply to site proposals: if one of them can fulfill the requirements and clearly show a good community would follow it, then it should be opened, no matter how sil...

It's kind of disturbing that people have the attitude of "I can be prepared" towards events like nuclear war. When people have the idea that they'll come out on top in the event of nuclear war, they are desensitized to the destruction it would incur. That's why people support an orange demagogue that threatens nukes.
4:07 AM
I'm pretty sure that community migrated to Lifehacks.
Well, if "bypassing life's everyday physical problems with simple tricks." includes surviving nuclear war...
What have you got against Sith? Building Death Stars provides infrastructure jobs and will make the Empire great again. — Martin Beckett 25 mins ago
Predictable turn of conversation.
The image title is priceless.
4:22 AM
Oh, fine.
Those two dips at the end though. That's after Brexit and the US election, so we're about where we should be.
How can I do my own graph? Is that a mod tool?
data.stackexchange.com can do a lot for main sites. Doesn't have chat data
Please have evils thoughts about how you could steal your enemy's cat, rob a couple of grocery stores after the apocalyptic and live happily ever after on the cruise ship you steal
If chat had a "cough" option, in addition to flags, would that make things better or worse?
"Cough" would be shown only to the author of the post.
4:26 AM
Which would make it very different from flags, and maybe people would react better... ??
Knowing that another user is calling them out, I don't think so.
aircraft carrier is better, but harder to maintain, you need an army of robot cleaners to keep that thing shiny
7:00 AM
Looking back at 2016 launches... Monero and Sitecore are the most successful of them so far. Honorable mention: 3D Printing which has few questions but a nice traffic volume, 867 visits per day. Perhaps not all of them are wandering through the sites in alphabetical order...
The least active ones are Language Learning and Korean Language.
not taken, not taken!!!
7:49 AM
@Telkitty so take it! ;)
2 hours later…
9:40 AM
I really don't see the point of that politics post @shog9 unless you would have titled it If you're gonna talk, you must respect those who disagree. The politics case could have been an example.
And even then I'm pessimistic enough to say that "don't be a twat on the internet" is probably not likely to achieve much
@rene Like I say in my answer to it, that's not limited to politics
Politics is the most likely to push people against the boundaries here because it's so polarized, but still
Yeah, you got good points there @Magisch you must have been in some great chat rooms ...
Surprisingly all discussion on SE was rather civil
any extra advice for this post? It has a somewhat hostile comment thread and a bunch of close votes.
I already rolled back to rev 1
I understand how people don't like that post but in itself the question is not bad
9:52 AM
It says "Hitler", so downvotes are guaranteed.
But the quote in and of itself isn't bad, nor is the question asked.
If he goes for another Godwin-like attempt however ...
yeah, I think it is hard to keep it to the facts and don't mix-in emotions
grabs popcorn
first coffee
throwing popcorn into @rene's coffee
10:05 AM
@rene classic :D
@rene yeah, no need to thank me... ;-)
Coffee is a good idea
@rene reddit and mmoc are still unbearable
smug condescension on one side and mountains of salt on the other
mudflinging only on both
10:23 AM
@rene what you chose when closing this question?
@ShadowWizard does not appear to seek input and discussion
10:39 AM
I see your point but you also need chatter to attract some crowd and keep it lively. You can't only talk about the weather or what you had for breakfast... — rene 1 hour ago
@rene So you're in favor of occasional banter and humor in a chat room :D
Not necessarily in favor, but they are needed in the mix
What did you had for breakfast?
I only eat dinner usually
We can't discuss dinner here, sorry.
I do however have some camille tea
I still need coffee ...
10:43 AM
I don't drink coffee
And I've cut pepsi light out of my life
So now I'm caffeine free :D
No caffeine ... how does that work?
Step 1: Don't consume products containing caffeine
Step 2: Success
That sounds easy
Wait wait wait ... back up ... step 1 ... that can't be good?
You'd be shocked to hear that I never smoked anything, never took any recreational drugs and never drank alcohol either
I'm 100% boring
10:46 AM
@rene but it does... Even suggesting a new feature, to block non iOS users from downvoting iOS questions. Absurd as it may be, it's a valid request... :)
I'm with you on all that @Magisch ... but that's why I need my caffeine
I used to chug 3+ litres of pepsi light a day
So I imagine I had quite a caffeine level
@ShadowWizard sure.
in october I quit drinking pepsi light alltogether, and I've noticed no adverse effects since
@Magisch that is not healthy ....
10:47 AM
@rene Yeah, hence why I stopped doing it
Doc said that pepsi light is even worse for diabetes risk and chugging lots of pepsi light gives you a sugar crash without having consumed any sugar (so an even harder sugar crash)
Which turned out to be true. I'm not nearly as tired anymore as I used to be at evenings
I can imagine that. I think my only bad habit is coffee (no sugar in it though) and the beer and wine over the weekend
alcohol in measured quantities ('specially wine) is actually not harmful but helpful against heart diseases
2 hours later…
12:30 PM
It's not the alcohol, but the other parts of the wine that are helpful.
12:53 PM
@bjb568 so... we should all drink grape juice?
1 hour later…
2:17 PM
Why does TortoiseSVN suck so hard? You make one small mistake while indicating file renames and you're screwed.
2:45 PM
@rene we've previously discussed the general case ad nauseum. There's a whole page in the help center about it.
The only reason I had to bring it up again is the trend to ignore this when the topic turns to contemporary politics
So... No sense in beating around the bush
Aren't you afraid that next month you're mildly annoyed by the next topic that members come up with to chat about?
I don't fancy a bunch of posts on advice how to chat with regard to specific topics. Unless your job is writing posts on meta. Oh wait ... it is ... :/
I think I miss the overall impact this has had.
3:13 PM
Anyway: added an suggested topic for the SOCVR roommeeting on the 16th
@rene I'm frequently annoyed, mildly. I try not to use that as a motivation.
I try the same but I need more practice ... way more ...
3:38 PM
@rene a friend and I listen to each other's rants, works really well to blow off steam
Ha, I might try that ;)
@Stijn I like grape juice.
4:03 PM
@Shog9 Heh. Have you ever been in the workplace chat, shog?
The bridge is tame compared to some of the arguments that get more heated
@Magisch yes
TWP as a site touches on a lot of problematic topics
They have some good moderators though
Who, probably put up with more crap than they should have to
4:05 PM
Well, they're running one of the only voices of sanity on the 'web
@Stijn Because SVN already sucks hard? ;)
everywhere else any attempt at discussion disintegrates into mud slinging and personal defamation faster then you can say "logical fallacy" out loud.
I've been spending more time on stack lately because imgur/reddit/mmoc and others have become so unbearable
If you can go 10 comments without someone calling someone else hitler it's an achievment
You're on the wrong subreddits then :)
Just /r/all stuff
/r/news and /r/worldnews have been deteriorating hard
Yeah I left r/worldnews a couple months ago, so much shit content
4:14 PM
It gets very tiring
I dont like demonizing people who disagree with me. Never learn anything new that way. If everyone I talk to has exactly my opinions then they never get challenged at all
So I guess I reveal much of my age if I ask you guys if you read a national newspaper, like on a dead tree?
I do actually
the local newspaper
Because it's free in my apartment
I'm not sure how that is in Germany but in Holland that are not typical quality stories with good journalism
Problem I have with newspapers these days is that besides an editorial or investigative piece, all the stuff is of the "I've already read that online" variety
Yeah, don't buy a newspaper for the headlines, I agree on that
4:22 PM
I on occasion buy some of the weekend/sunday editions of newspapers here, but that's about it
Then again ... I'm old ... so there's that
the local paper is pretty good, because otherwise I'd never go out of my way to read about the argument at the last town meeting over the best strategy for removing radioactive material from the water.
But, if I want timely stories about stupid criminals, the 'Net has 'em beat hands down
@rene My town paper covers local politics
Background on the owner of the new cafe that opened up down the road? Paper.
and I'm active in local politics, so
Exciting video of a car knocking over a light pole? 'Net
4:26 PM
also, nobody online cares about some significant but not really important event that happens somewhere in backwater south germany
Goodbye, cruel world
I do though I've known lots of people here for most of my life
I haven't lived in the Netherlands for more than 10 years now, but I still check the Dutch news more than my local news.
4:51 PM
And? That makes you happy or what? ;)
Happy to not be in NL too often, yes. :p
Yeah, you blink with your eyes and we drain a river...
Pesky good for nothing water everywhere.
Turns out the critical control of the locks is outsourced to the market. Calling a local contractor on Christmas Eve to close the locks as outlined in the contracted turned out not to be a success...
The privatisation of Dutch services has generally been a great success though ... /sarcasm
5:00 PM
Today's xkcd comic (Team Chat):
1 hour later…
Number two will shock you!
So will #3, since you can't get a blog on blogoverflow any more
6:52 PM
/me, being just a student and not looking particularly important sits at the library
student comes to me
student asks if I can reset his laptop password
I say no, but are you sure you typed your password correctly?
he tries again
two minutes later, it logs in and he leaves
7:13 PM
7:31 PM
"What have you tried so far?" escapes the block imposed on WHYT comments...
Should be What have you tried.{0,10}$
Flag it
Sure, that works... (although it didn't nuke "what have you try so far?", poor grammar wins over regexes)
19 hours ago, by zaq
Assuming 1% of all SO comments are flaggable (an underestimate), a user flagging 100 comments every day will need about 15 years to flag them all.
@zaq The end is in sight!
7:44 PM
That's if nobody adds new comments for 15 years.
Or we just elect Andy & have unlimited flags.
@zaq would that really be a loss?
Well, some are important. Web Apps has plenty of high scoring, often accepted answers that no longer work.
So does SO of course, but on SO at least software versions may help.
Whereas with Gmail or Facebook, nobody knows what version of software we are using, and nobody has the old one around to benefit from ancient answers.
7:48 PM
Short of hostile edits, comments are the only weapons left.
What do you guys think about hegemony?
My education involved bits on "the hegemony of the proletariat", not any other kinds.
8:03 PM
but… that doesn't exist
Yeah, neither does the country where I was taught that.
8:15 PM
8:42 PM
@Shog9 why do you hate comments so much? Do you just see a much darker side of them, being on the moderator side?
@canon I don't hate comments
They do have some issues though
Chief among them being, they cannot be improved or moderated nearly as effectively as questions and answers
once a comment is posted and more than few minutes old, it is difficult for it to be deleted and almost impossible for it to be deleted without the assistance of a diamond-moderator
That's proven to be a rather hard nut to crack
2 hours later…
10:56 PM
Everybody Hatty?
Hate and happy.
11:19 PM
I was trying to say "Hatty and happy"
Auto carrot! Why yu is carrot to rong werds?
11:44 PM
@bjb568 sure, sure ... just blame the computer ...
Is it just me or is my sense of humor just way off for this site?

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