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10:04 PM
@rene That's actually quite surprising, most comment flags yield deleted comments.
@hichris123 Maybe it didn't help that the comment addressed me? But I removed my own comment. Nevermind.
I'm out for the night, cya
10:26 PM
Ana has added an event to this room's schedule.
New town hall!
Time for another hour of screaming...
Ana has removed an event from this room's schedule.
Time for not another hour of screaming...
Ana changed their mind fast
10:32 PM
Ana has added an event to this room's schedule.
@Quill * her :)
@Feeds You can't use Markdown in event names....
Somehow you can, right?
Oh, it's just the event URL place that you put it in.
10:45 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: Are you willing to invest in Cameroon? by Basile Ndichia on money.stackexchange.com
A: Join us for the second MSE Town Hall on Wednesday June 22nd

UndoWhat about foreign-language rooms? Specifically thinking about chat.SO here. My opinion is that they should just be shunted over to chat.SE, and disallowed completely on c.SO - but it'd be interesting to hear other folks' opinions (and staff opinions) about the subject. Should we allow these ro...

oh shit, the Town Hall is at 3am for me
contact your government, get them to adopt a better timezone
I feel like that'd be the kind of mail that would get framed in their offices
Hi! I was curious if the "default profile picture" on facebook which you get by default is copyrighted in any kind. I mean if someone can use it on their own site (linked not from facebook)? Where could i get an answer for my question, i tried to google but did not find anything.
11:01 PM
You might be okay on Law.SE, but make sure to read their on-topic guide before posting
thanks, i did not know about this stackexchange network, but it seems to be new, so probably that's why. Will read the guide.
balpha's job title changed from Developer to Product Manager... so much for further chat development...
I wonder who, if someone, will take that over
didn't he say he was going to a PM meeting on Twitter a few weeks ago
Right; this must be where he got turned.
> SQL (or even database) beginner and want to use @StackExchange Data Explorer? Try the new tutorial: data.stackexchange.com/tutorial -- Monica Cellio at 2:06 PM - 15 Jun 2016
11:12 PM
Neat. I'm surprised it's announced by Monica's tweet rather than on Meta... did I miss a meta post?
Well, Monica did the PR
or did something related to it... I don't really know what
> Courtesy Monica Cellio.
11:32 PM
Ahoy hoy, there.
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