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12:09 AM
@NormalHuman on both my paws, if it isn't what you're looking for the title should probably be edited to make it more clear
and on my left hind paw, lots of math SE stuff is crap
on my right hind paw, therefore anonymous users may be dving the right amount
12:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: How do I find the equation of a tangent line to a curve? by nurag on math.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector someone... +1d it...
@SmokeDetector tp
@Frank true/tp cannot be used for answers because their job is to add the title of the question to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'. If you want to blacklist the poster of the answer, use trueu or tpu.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Frank Blacklisted user.
1:19 AM
1:49 AM
> General thought: when something is such a net negative, you should (try to) move the good and burn the rest to the ground. -- Nick Craver at 6:35 PM - 3 Oct 2015 via Twitter
I wish Nick was on the Community Team.
2:04 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: G, B, E strings buzzing? by God Of Atheism on music.stackexchange.com
sd falseu-
@NormalHuman +1
2:35 AM
I got an email titled 'Shipment delivery problem #0000210833' with a zip attachment, inside there is a javascript. How obviously does it have to be?
Have not seen virus in the emails for ages, possibly because major mail servers all do preliminary checks
What’s a javascript?
JavaScript in all lower case
2:50 AM
For any eletronica lovers out there, here's something a little funky for you:
3:19 AM
@chmod711telkitty It wasn't the case but the article that connyfogled me.
@Cupcake those bells at the beginning are out of tune
3:29 AM
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
@bob I know what's wrong with your profile
Add 2 spaces to the back of the first 3 lines
Remove the code block
3:58 AM
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica brews a cup of green tea for @UnitedStatesOfAmerica
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica My id for this room is 266345
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Brown!
4:03 AM
!!/test buy free handfone
> Would not be caught for title, body and username.
!!/test HELLO
> All-caps title
at least that bug got fixed
4:08 AM
What bug?
4:20 AM
Aug 27 at 16:32, by Normal Human
if content_lower.startswith("!!/test"):
string_to_test = content_lower[8:]
4:34 AM
Are you sure this filter is working?
sd 4poof
!!/test doc.repair
> Would not be caught for title, body and username.
Oh, come on.
sd poof
1 hour later…
5:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword in username, blacklisted user: Where are the mythtv-setup backend start/stop scripts in 15.04 by rsgoldazzyy on askubuntu.com
sd trueu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Adderin breaks down With the bit of at last by darlajenet on superuser.com
sd tpu-
6:29 AM
@chmod711telkitty Might be your Stack Overflow swag #SOReadyToHelp
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ORCA COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY by user42346 on chemistry.stackexchange.com
@rene Stackoverflow swag written in javascript?
7:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: wampserver tray icon is missing by user5406142 on stackoverflow.com
sd why
@vaultah [:4043506] Body - Position 128-131: >>>
8:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer: Is try/catch without finally bad by Shravan Kumar Reddy on stackoverflow.com
1 hour later…
9:17 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: How are commercial protein bars made so dense? by greswell on cooking.stackexchange.com
9:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: HTC 816g octacore got stuck in the no command screen by Akansh Jain on android.stackexchange.com
1 hour later…
10:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, offensive answer detected, repeating words in answer: Is there a windows installer (wubi) for Ubuntu 15.04? by Fucken Bitch on askubuntu.com
sd tpu-
11:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: How To Compute The Total Price In The column of my database by leo tawatao on stackoverflow.com
I want to transform from a regular hiker into an experienced mountaineer
11:45 AM
Existing resources on supporting DGT boards are pretty scarce, there's only one question of it on SO
12:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: KODI XBIAN CEC STOPPED WORKING AFTER CRASH by Simon Schou Simonsen on raspberrypi.stackexchange.com
Weren't reviews supposed to be removed from the queue when a post gets deleted?
12:23 PM
So much rep?
12:38 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: How do I create a backup save? by bulat on gaming.stackexchange.com
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica not sure what you mean: i.stack.imgur.com/6CGG0.png
So you never clicked once?
Or you just made a whole bunch of accounts?
I had a successful answer on SU for the last couple of days...
12:53 PM
this is a real living creature, lol
I'd always wondered what croissants were made out of
1:06 PM
Q: Change related site while starting chat-room with user

PandyaWhen I tried to start chat-room with a user, I clicked start a new room with user and chat-room created under specific site : Unix & Linux. It may be because parent site of my profile is Unix & Linux. So, Why there is option for specific site not provided Unlike: when starting a new room? S...

Q: Why do people think that their have a chance of inhabit Mars with current technology, when we can not even inhabit Antarctica

chmod 711 telkittyWhy do people think that their have a chance of inhabit Mars with current state of technology, when we can not even inhabit Antarctica where the air constitution and gravity is the same and we know there is water? If you are avid outdoor person who likes to be in the wild, you would know that na...

Anyone remember the character limit for SO election nominations?
1:22 PM
@vaultah not exactly but it wasn't an awful lot...
I dunno
@vaultah looks like around 2000 characters
@vaultah Just below impeccable.
ty @rene
Not sure if the rules have changed but according to the data explorer this is the most verbose nomination on SO ever... stackoverflow.com/election/2#post-8042214
1:52 PM
If someone has CSS code only for -webkit, is it fine to add in -moz?
Hello anyone?
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica that is not guaranteed to work
I already have it working
why do you ask?
I found an answer that only has -webkit
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica you would have to check mdn to see if there is a vendor specific rule supported
1:59 PM
No, I have the webkit-border-radius copied as -border-radius
Most of the time just remove it, or change it to this: -moz -webkit or -o
I need to improve my skill of translating raw intuitions into commonly understood questions
@Pandya I left a comment on your question
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica most of the time is key here...
2:22 PM
sd gone
Who deleted?
@Cupcake was it you?
You did
I wanted to edit
Pretty sure gone does it if quick enough
Oh owner delete
2:24 PM
I thought you meant the chat post
3:11 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Show hidden files on OS X except .DS_Store by user334355 on superuser.com
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica doesn't need prefix
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title, korean character in title: 월드카지노정보▒⇒L Y C 7 . C O M▒⇒월드카지노정보 by astywshe on gamedev.stackexchange.com
3:35 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
CJK spam, not again.
I can haz flag weight? :-D
4:04 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Is it haraam to watch gay porn? by zacstorm on islam.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector fpu-
@SmokeDetector they seem have more questions on that topic ....
4:39 PM
Well... my sock puppet has 28 points on Meta.SE now, but can't chat yet. I suppose it's caching.
it is ....
@S.L.Barth How long ago did it reach that level?
@S.L.Barth Now the question that remains is, who are you a sock of? :P
Q: What can an elected moderator do to my profile?

Fractional RadixI discovered last week that an elected moderator can modify a user's name. The user had a username that was clearly meant to insult one particular elected moderator. This was discussed in chat, and the moderator decided to make a minimal change to the user's username. While it was funny to see ...

I suppose.
But I upgoated it!
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Yes, that's the one. @rene I haven't got it for even an hour. So I'm not worried.
We are all the socks of Bart who is the sock of Shog9
@rene So that makes my sock Fractional Radix the sock of a sock... recursockion.
4:51 PM
@rene I'm your sock.
Runs away
The incident, in case anyone's interested, happened in the DMZ - the Security.SE chatroom.
The troll's new username was "schroederflag". Elected moderator schroeder had added the "l".
@S.L.Barth How many dead?
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Just one. IIRC that account was deleted shortly after.
There are several ways to express your disappointment about the elected mods. Changing your username like that shouldn't be one of them...
@S.L.Barth So is there a funny chat log to read?
4:57 PM
Yes, user enters room, user get kicked, user suspended, user nuked.
(ノT_T)ノ ^┻━┻ Not exciting enough!
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Trying to find it back, but you've already heard most of it.
BRB. Food has arrived!
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M It's vaultah's fault.
But he's not a Dennian.
5:07 PM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M It's Kyll's fault.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M It's honk's fault.
!blame @ShadowWizard
How did that bot work?
!xkcd 1000
5:11 PM
@bjb568 ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
Mine searched for 1000
Scratches head
It's inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M's fault!
(ノT_T)ノ ^┻━┻
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M you get all users from the SOCVR as a bonus...
5:17 PM
@rene All users and . . . honks?
5:27 PM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M lol I don't think it ever worked that way :)
!!/blame @inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M
@ShadowWizard It's PeterJ's fault.
@ShadowWizard But xkcdbot used to blame people too, and blame X said "it's X's fault".
Smokey is a bit primitive.
Hides from @Undo
Ah! This sock can now post in the Tavern!
Now to write some stupid bots.... >:-)
Waiting eagerly
5:32 PM
are you guys ever going to finish the chat or what?
@AMUnihedron We're gonna finish it by pouring acid on it.
@FractionalRadix But hey, do we have bots that aren't stupid?
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Smokey.
> No bot is un-stupid. They're just less stupid. - Some guy cooler than Feynman so this quote looks awesome.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M oh, think people here got mad at it and it was removed
@ShadowWizard I don't understand humans. :/ They hate everything that's fun.
5:39 PM
@AMUnihedron nah, SE chat will forever be borked
DD chat isn't tho!
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M that is why I created the Den ;)
(WAG originally started here)
@bjb568 you mean 6-8 forevers
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Skinyouth Serum operation wherever by vischdersn smith on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
6:05 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Server error launching Google Play Store by UhMorherFucks on android.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector Goes wondering how much better internet would be without these idiots
@S.L.Barth Still waiting for a bot to play with.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M You'll have to wait some more. I'm now learning how to do authentication.
Don't expect anything soon.
@S.L.Barth *flagz wait
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M what about @Uni bot?
6:17 PM
@ShadowWizard AFAICT that bot is alive ten seconds a day.
OK, maybe a bit more, but you get my point.
in Shadow's Den, 22 secs ago, by inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M
@SmokeDetector ignore-
6:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: decipher( s ) python by Benjamin Brooks on stackoverflow.com
let me fix that user...
Oooh lots o' new people here.
@hichris123 User removed from blacklist (5353590 on stackoverflow.com).
6:42 PM
poor flower was slow today.
That's not a new guy, it's our own Normal.
@hichris123 I was trying to find the post that made me blacklist him in the first place....
@SmokeDetector Gee, are those developers?
I always thought highly of people applying for that profession.
They're trying to add CSRF attacks to their own site...? Trying to build CSRF protection, I hope....?
6:53 PM
That was what the Trello card said...
I made an awesome SVG background image: jsfiddle.net/9zw9cjdk
too bad it's too expensive to render…
I guess I'll just go backgroundless on DD
@rene It was an earlier repeating words one.
which SE site would I go to, to ask about a certain game play-model (why something happens and is popular)?
@bjb568 What a beautiful black screen.
> Did you know there’s an exam and certification just for Microsoft licensing? microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-74-678.aspx … There’s also a 559 page study guide. -- Nick Craver at 10:19 AM - 4 Oct 2015 via Twitter
7:02 PM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M It's an "are your eyes old" test
The entire tweet series "Nick goes to Redmond" is quite interesting; he should have used a hashtag for it.
@bob You mean, in video games, since you mention arqade?
@S.L.Barth yep
wanting to know exactly why the auto-reload weapon mechanic is used in almost all FPS games
I'm guessing arqade would be the place, but I'm not a regular there.
7:06 PM
yeah, I'll ask it on Arqade: gaming.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic
'Game mechanics and terminology'
It could be considered off-topic, "Speculative questions about developer intent, with respect to both mechanics and narrative".
yeah, going to post to the per-site Meta first
That's a good idea.
Q: Is asking about the reasons behind game mechanics off-topic?

bobI've recently been pondering a question of the reason behind a certain game mechanic used in many games. I was going to ask it on Arqade as the Ask > On-Topic section in the FAQ states: Game mechanics and terminology but it also mentions this in the 'prohibited questions' section: Spec...

7:27 PM
What you should do is there. What you shouldn't do, however, is to go and complain on the meta. There are a thousand posts like this, many of which are better formatted than yours. So I'm downvoting. I'm downvoting to indicate "your post doesn't show research effort." A big mistake many [new] people do is take downvotes personally. — inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M 1 min ago
I should make that a template or something.
@SmokeDetector fpu- but probably lq
A: Is asking about the reasons behind game mechanics off-topic?

WipqoznYour question would be off-topic for falling into the realm of Game Development instead of Gaming. That is, your question is best answered by people who make games and not those who play games. You might be able to ask your question on our sister site, Game Development, but you'd want to take a l...

7:50 PM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Oded nuked the user I think...
Oded is even ruder.
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M Yes, and my Dutch insensitivity don't care ...
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M If I recall correctly there is some Dutch influence for him as well...
Q: Why is this game mechanic so commonly used?

bobWas pointed here by Arqade's Meta On every first-person-shooter game I've played I've noticed that the 'automatically reload when empty' game mechanic is always used: I've always found it annoying, and so do many others: Any way to turn off automatic reloading? - GameFAQs Auto-reloading or ...

there now
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M user popped up in meta.so...
but deleted the answer
@rene That's even ruder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‌​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@rene You guys must be kidding me! Why is Stack Overflow so rude? :O
@rene link?
7:57 PM
We are elitist ...
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M was an answer on this post
OP found the correct one at least
@rene Konrad! I love that guy.
8:22 PM
@bob Seems to have gone well. I see that you followed their suggestion and posted on GameDev.SE instead.
...hm.... It's just been closed as POB there. That's a pity.
@SmokeDetector fp-
Given the recent discussion of close vote scaling with rep, I tried to find if doing the same for up/down votes was every discussed. No luck so far.
Why should a user with 15 rep be able to suddenly award 350 reputation daily, an order of magnitude more than they have earned themselves?
Give them 5 upvotes a day, as a starter.
Unlock full voting privilege at 125 rep (40 votes, up or down).
8:31 PM
@MiceElf plus accepts…
Motivation: (a) makes voting rings less effective [hopefully]; (b) gives more balance to up- and down-votes (at present, the <125 rep voters can drown out the effect of downvotes, by their sheer numbers)
Accepts are different; available at 1 rep and even to unregistered users [on sites that allow unregistered questions].
accepts are just as bad
They allow +25 for a crap answer by a 15rep user
Yeah, but I don't foresee there being any sort of limit on accepts, apart from already-existing limit on questions asked.
One can ask at most 6 per day [on large sites], so there can't be more accepts than that.
8:35 PM
@MiceElf That's a I would support.
@MiceElf On DD, there will be no accepts!
@bjb568 Limiting accepts would be harder than limiting votes. I'd want some way for a user to say, "This is the answer that solved my problem."
Off the top of my head, new users can't accept for 15 minutes after asking a question. At least on SO.
@MiceElf Hmm... do many of those users even use more than 5 upvotes? Maybe the 99th percentile?
Most users don't do anything, that's true.
8:40 PM
@SmokeDetector ignore-
I should look at the distribution of upvotes and downvotes by rep.
Heh, the graph of downvotes by reputation, on Math: data.stackexchange.com/math/query/371099/…
Hm, users with 1 reputation are responsible for 30599 downvotes...?
....perhaps deleted accounts. Or people who started downvoting when their posts got downvoted.
@S.L.Barth Community is 1 rep, so that's part of it.
@hichris123 Of course, should have thought of that!
8:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Did MLK reall say the following? by Jacob Blaustein on skeptics.stackexchange.com
@S.L.Barth yep
Hm, indeed the users <100 rep don't upvote much. (Community excluded)
IMHO it's not POB as that's exactly the reason I didn't post it on Arqade
actually, there's some truth in that
On Anime.SE they have a tag. This would be the equivalent for video games.
9:00 PM
^ Downvotes for comparison, also from Math.
I am responsible for that jump in the graph. 11.7% of all downvotes ever cast on Math are mine.
In what cases can the offensive flag be used?
may sound silly, but apparently that flag is invalid if it can be sorted through editing by the community
9:19 PM
confused, so I made a Meta post that's (probably) likely to be downvoted to the deepest depths of Hell:
Q: In what cases can the [offensive] flag be used?

bobI recently saw an answer where the OP had edited it to be offensive, & I flagged it. The flag was declined as declined - Rolling back the edit was clearly the correct thing to do, not flag.: I was going to ask why it was declined (the content was offensive, it should've merited the [offensive]...

@bob Voted up. Clarification is a good thing.
Q: What are the spam and offensive flags, and how do they work?

KipWhen flagging, there are two special case options: spam and offensive. What is spam, and when should I flag content as such? What is considered offensive content? How does the spam flag differ from the offensive flag? What is the effect of these special flags? Is there any way to remove these f...

> Even if a post is a bad post for some reason or another, it is probably not offensive. The Offensive flag is meant to be used only in extreme cases, like hate speech, abuse against people, or abuse of the system.

For example, if a user posts obscene images to the site, that should be flagged as offensive. But if someone says something bad about your favorite technology, that probably doesn't apply.

As a rule of thumb, if you can't justify something as being hate speech, or abuse, you shouldn't mark the post as offensive. Instead, you should down-vote the post.
@hichris123 but then also:
However, that does lead to the question: doesn't this mean that every [offensive] flag is invalid? This is because every post can be edited to remove the offensive content (the exception being locked posts, of which it is not possible to flag these posts).
Some posts exist only to insult people. So, if it's worth flagging as offensive, it's usually also NAA / close-worthy.
9:27 PM
@S.L.Barth "this solved my problem" -> "this is useful" -> upvote
@duplode So not like this then? — bob 17 secs ago
@bjb568 There is still a difference between what is useful, and what solved the problem.
it's funny
when I post stuff on Meta I think users will downvote, users upvote it. damnit.
@bob Yeah, that's just rollback territory.
@S.L.Barth yes, solves problem is subset of useful, what's your point?
9:31 PM
@bjb568 I think it's good that we can see what solved the problem for the OP. Upvotes don't show that.
OP doesn't know better than everyone else what solved their problem.
If anything, OP knows worse than everyone else, which is why OP asked the question if the first place.
But you are right that "solves problem" is a (proper) subset of "useful".
yay, I have a $500 eBay gift card! deletes email
Details apply. what does that even mean anyway?
@bjb568 The OP is also the one who can try the answers in the original situation that caused the question.
The OP is also the one who will half-assedly copy-paste the answer into the wrong spot or have editing the right-file-this-time solve the problem.
OP is an idiot, ex officio.
9:38 PM
first DV
@bjb568 Not every OP. I've asked my share of questions, and made a point of understanding before I accepted an answer.
So maybe you should get 2.5x+ vote power, but not average joe idiot.
Most OPs don't accept better than others vote, so they shouldn't get more power in general.
What's really absurd here is how OP can accept an answer with 100 votes less than the top answer and make it rise above it.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: How to use thi9s product? by milziya juriya on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@bjb568 You could post a to not put the accepted answer on top.... but it would probably be downvoted.
....In fact, I think it was discussed on Meta.SO once.... long ago.
9:43 PM
It's probably on both MSO and MSE, highly voted.
I'd be more comfortable with the OP being able to give an extra +15 rep once, rather than giving them 2.5x more voting power.
even moderators make mistakes:
Q: Why does a user get no feedback on why his post was deleted by a moderator?

BOG LabFor me, SO moderators and also some users are a little bit special. In this case I want to understand and in the same step get rid of my idea: I answered this post. It was upvoted and also accepted as answer. But days later a moderator deleted my answer. I don't know why. I have only a link to t...

Q: Can we exempt downvoted accepted answers from getting the top spot?

Jack DouglasSimilar to this request but narrower, I'm suggesting we make a particular exception for downvoted accepted answers (those with score less than zero, or some other threshold like -3), so that they stay in the normal sort order and don't jump to the top. The accepted answer on this question on bh....

@bjb568 Good find! I think the question I was referring to, is the one linked in this question.
9:58 PM
Q: What should be done about offensive names?

MarkI found this name which I find very offensive, is it allowed? http://stackoverflow.com/users/1641587/fuck-stack-overflow

you can swear all you want in your About Me section, provided it's not illegal and overtly racist
Challenge accepted.
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