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12:32 AM
Wow, this is as quiet as I've ever seen this place.
If anyone ever comes back to see this, I have a question.
I've twice now seen, on beta sites, mods answer badly off topic questions. Not close things, but extreme opinion based type questions; in both cases, answered as opinion based questions.
Is that okay?
And if it's not, what's the right thing to do on my part? I posted in both questions that they were badly off topic, but I'm not sure what else to od.
Different sites have different thresholds for what's "really bad". Ask on the respective meta sites. (But you know, don't be like "Moderator X is the worst for answering question Y". Generalize it to "are questions that as Z acceptable here")
The problem here
is that in both sites, they're pretty small
well, in one more than the other
but it's really not close on either of these
and in one I'm one of the most frequent participants, so I'm pretty confident in my knowledge of what's "bad" for that site
Smaller sites tend to be a lot more tolerant (both in terms of policy and in terms of being able to entertain more opinion-ish questions without drowning in them)
And predictably, in the older one, it ended up in a long comment argument
about the opinion, where the mod repeatedly said 'opinion'
Even as one of the more frequent participants, you're not the only participant (or else the site has bigger problems). So start by talking with the rest of the community.
12:40 AM
I guess, but
If there were any meta participation I would ...
This isn't an issue to be hammered down because of Reasons. It's a thing to be discussed.
Fair enough
I hear ya, re: lack of meta participation. Linking to the discussion from a comment on of the problematic questions can help.
Any time :)
1:11 AM
"sass, javascript, coffeescript, and Sencha Touch" FALSE!bjb568 21 secs ago
1:24 AM
The world…
is full of them.
@bjb568 Yeah, you basically have to try and ignore them most of the time.
@JanDvorak bye answer!
@JanDvorak the heck... two NAA's
2:26 AM
I need to shorten my auto-generated summaries for my editing script: the maximum character limit isn't very high: stackoverflow.com/posts/25819040/revisions.
@AstroCB just say "fixing this shit yo", and call it a day
@AstroCB How does that kind of offensive content get moderated? Don't developers have to manually fiddle with it?
Anyway, I'm going to bed early. Goodnight!
@TimPost I got my stuff today. Was supposed to get: SE shirt (with small chance of SO), some flash drives, some markers (or pens?), and, uh... i think thats it. Got: Superuser sweater, stack overflow shirt, SO sketchpad with SO pen, superuser mug and bottle. Now have that + SO t-shirt :P
@TheWobbuffet no, return the pens, they were in his desktop up to recently D:
3:23 AM
@Braiam There was only one pen. Also, you guys are really good at making this stuff look new, then :P
4:21 AM
How many items in LQRQ?
@JanDvorak that user's profile..
4:43 AM
^ cv for minimal example - OP posts his listener which is irrelevant
@Unihedron the real problem here is the question
Ugh, didn't see that. Wish I could retract the flag.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ACCOUNT TWITTER LOCKED NOT RECIEVING EMAIL on webapps.stackexchange.com
4:59 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DO YOU WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE? on gaming.stackexchange.com
accidentally favourited instead of dv..
don't downvote spam
also, don't favourite spam
5:00 AM
also, "DO YOU WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE?" Really? That's what people spam with these days?
I unfavourited, but it's 6 flags to community deletion either way.
@balpha Twilight fans might assume they'd start glittering, perhaps?
5:33 AM
Nuked those 2 drupal spams. All gone now.
Does anyone want to cv this pls? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/271291/…
@InfiniteRecursion closed
naa (actually vlq but it has positive score) stackoverflow.com/a/1468457/3622940 link is dead
@Unihedron it's an answer
@Unihedron downworthy, but it's actually kinda an answer
5:46 AM
Probably. Someone fix it then
points to unihderon
@lostsock wait, weren't you supposed to be chat-banned? I've heard a rumor
@JanDvorak you must have me confused with someone else
someone with the same name? What am I missing?
link to rumor?
5:49 AM
@lostsock I think you need 10k to see it.
lostsock is one of my favorite users in this chat room, why would anyone chat ban it? It is never rude or annoying.
@InfiniteRecursion ty! you're my favorite duck chat user, for sure! I'm not an it btw, I'm a male sock
offensive, or up to the point?
Son of a b****... — Calvin's Hobbies 4 mins ago
too chatty
5:56 AM
Glad I'm not actually a mod, then
I think a 4.9k-er should be aware of what not to comment with. :)
@Unihedron Updated the link. Reviewers, please note that this is NOT a link-only answer - the answer still has meaning without the link, and the link itself is to the official documentation. — S.L. Barth 4 mins ago
^ obsolete?
@lostsock Ty. TIL he, no more it for you.
@lostsock I thought you were a lost sock.
@JanDvorak barely.
@Unihedron i am, but i'm not genderless
6:00 AM
How do I select the top 20 elements from a query which has order by?
SELECT TOP 20 id as [Post Link], blabla FROM table etc
Guess who I saw today?
don't recognize that duck
ducks have webbed feet
6:04 AM
@Uni, socks are different for both genders. They differ in terms of size, color, length, fit etc.
I am guessing that calling that chicken a duck was a joke.
@ɥʇǝS no, I have a condition where it's very, very hard to tell the difference between ducks and chickens
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, 5 hours ago, by bjb568
Happy international programer's day!
I.. see.
(don't worry, I'm still not sure if @InfiniteRecursion is a duck or a chicken, so you aren't alone)
@lostsock: Ducklings have prominent nostrils above their beaks, which helps then respire in an aquatic environment. And chickens have longer legs which helps them walk. Ducks have tiny legs which helps them paddle in water.
@ɥʇǝS Hint: tiny legs
6:12 AM
is this an answer?
A: How to create PDFs in Android SDK?

kape123I love when you guys respond with fancy paragraph that boils down to "No, that's COMPLETELY impossible... and you sir are an idiot for asking. Instead, you should change architecture of your application, just so my answer can be relevant". Especially in situations when there is a simple answer t...

@Unihedron Happy programmer's day @uni :)
(cv-pls ^)
If you have a new question, please ask it by clicking the Ask Question button. Include a link to this question if it helps provide context. — private Jul 3 at 9:07
@InfiniteRecursion I will take that into consideration ;)
@Unihedron the real problem here is the question, though
6:15 AM
@JanDvorak lol I just like that the reviewers clicked that reason
If the OP rolls back my edit, I will flag it and get it locked. That noise is not acceptable IMO @uni
it was good edit
Yes I agree, just to point out the poster has it by intention and flag instead of get in an edit war.
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks, you too :)
so Google is not celebrating programmers day?
What do you mean?
6:22 AM
Google doodle is not celebrating programmer's day @uni
they could have placed it on their homepage, even if a small icon
Google is an ad company, why should they?
@rene -34 now..
6:26 AM
@Unihedron I keep faith in the +11....
-34 totally deserves a rant @rene
@JanDvorak how did post picture with 1 rep? gone..
that's allowed on most sites
A: New users and attaching images

abby hairboatWe examined this issue and decided that on most sites, the restriction is doing more harm than good. The restriction has therefore simply been removed on all sites except Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu and Super User. We may revisit this list if we notice, or the moderators inform us of...

You could upload it on a site that allows uploading images with 1 rep, then use ![desc](url) markdown
6:37 AM
@Unihedron no, that won't work around the restriction (where it exists)
Oh, gotcha
When reviewing first posts on SO I find that the OP claims not to have enough rep to upload a picture of their issue / desired behaviour, so I ask of them to upload it onto imgur and then I upload and embed it for them. I wonder if that's acceptable.
@Unihedron that's actually desirable
as long as you exercise restraint with what images you are willing to embed, ofc
Oh I see now thanks
i try not to upload other users images, b.c no way to know there's not subliminal spam in it
if you embed for someone an image of an artificial vulva on SO, you'll probably get a severe punishment
6:41 AM
I do make sure the picture is if at all relevant.
even if they happen to be selling artificial vulvas on their website, may I add
I think one time the user had a picture of his signature, so I just told him to leave out signatures since we're not a forum.
Hi all. Just wondered if someone would mind checking this edit I made, I expected the dupe message (of a question now deleted) to automatically come back but guess things used to be handled differently a while back so putting it back was the right thing to do: electronics.stackexchange.com/posts/56500/revisions
Happy International Programmers' Day! :D
Typical, just when I'm waiting for my bot to start up...
7:06 AM
@JanDvorak voted..downvoted..
@Uni Btw, I've started work on your feature request ;)
Flagged and gone
Happy programmers' day @Sam
hey @InfiniteRecursion!
7:17 AM
Hiya @TGMCians :)
@InfiniteRecursion hpd to you too
7:32 AM
@Sam Cool beans :)
I'm gonna give the GUI a facelift too in the next commit.
the compiler formatted my hard drive made me giggle hard enough that my boss took my sugar supply off my desk — James Massey 2 days ago
@JanDvorak Caught that :D
7:52 AM
in Room for Low Quality posts, 10 mins ago, by Sam
Low quality (possible): is the brain a muscle or a tissue, by williamdecker, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
It's not very easy to spot that being caught when it's blend into the LQ titles.
It classified that as LQ since it checks for LQ first, then Spam. Perhaps I should switch the order...
Why not both?
Spam keyword detected and possible low quality:
Hmm, I might do that later. But for now, I've just changed the order.
@JanDvorak flagged & gone ^^
Sounds good!
7:58 AM
yeah :)
8:11 AM
@InfiniteRecursion This room likes to keep it alive... I'm done with it ... that's all the rant I can produce today... ;)
Why was this migrated to MSO?
> My question is this: Why is it more important to teach readers merely that behavior is undefined in C or C++, than it is to understand the undefined behavior? I mean, if the reader understood the undefined behavior, then would he not be the more likely to avoid it?
@Unihedron And what is meta about that?
Don't see how that fits in these guidelines: stackoverflow.com/help/whats-meta
Why was this migrated to MSO? — Unihedron 7 secs ago
@JanDvorak flagged & gone ^^
8:27 AM
@Unihedron, well it does seem to have received one more answer after migration to MSO lol
If we close it again on meta it becomes a rejected migration I assume?
And migrated back to SO?
but not in case of dup.
Actually it's bizarre, I thought maybe a mod had fat-fingered a flag but it was five users.
@rene now need one more cv
@PeterJ Those C/C++ users are weird... they close vote / down vote to the extreme
Keeps the tag clean though...
But they sometimes go overboard IMHO
I wish that happens to the tag.
Let's make a meta discussion about users migrating questions to meta! Such meta!
> migration rejected from stackoverflow.com 1 min ago
@Unihedron find people with enough brain damage to understand regex, have a rebellion chatroom to organizie them and of you go...
Q: Undefined behavior, in principle

thbWhether in C or C++, I think that this illegal program, whose behavior according to the C or C++ standard is undefined, is interesting: #include <stdio.h> int foo() { int a; const int b = a; a = 555; return b; } void bar() { int x = 123; int y = 456; } int main() { ...

^ Star that, it's a rare scenario!
8:43 AM
@Unihedron Isn't that off-topic on MSO? But it could fly on MSE. And if it doesn't try MMSE.
@rene Mmm, MSE.
@Unihedron I flagged that instead. Is that OK?
Sure, as long as- wait, really?
I have no 10K on MSE yet, so I can't tell
32 minutes of peace without low quality posts :)
@Unihedron: Presumably because it mentions this site. — BoltClock ♦ 3 mins ago
cc @rene @TGMCians
8:59 AM
If it mentions beer.se that doesn't make it on-topic for that site...
Was going to tell him the same, but it's locked.
9:37 AM
A: Why are Review Audits not more clear and well-explained?

Andrew BarberInfinite Recursion has an excellent answer, so I won't address those points. The review audits are not meant to be perfect. They are meant to be good enough to get people to pay attention. Most of them are incredibly obvious, in my experience. Some require a moment to think about (which is the p...

10:04 AM
user image
(cc @mehow)
Very funny @uni. The lazy question that upset mehow has been deleted due to moderation.
Q: Is there a working chrome extension to block annoying users?

Stian .I've seen many feature requests to block users, and they are all rejected. For instance: Add the ability to ignore users I'm not asking about that, but what I would like to know, is if someone knows of a chrome script that will block comments, questions and the works for trolls, unhelpful, unco...

@Unihedron Those badges can't be true...that screenshot is a lie
@rene It's obviously photoshopped..
Obviously @rene. Look at the username and answer text, they are all part of the joke. It's a satire.
10:12 AM
Don't you all love weekends when you can troll around the tavern a bit....
:2402470 That's exactly the point, users gets [famous question] badge even though their question gets downvotes and flames, as long as it attracts viewhits.
@InfiniteRecursion What is that user asking? To fix the script?
The careers 2.0 banner too: "Highly paid, competitive benefits; That one language you didn't learn." :)
Yes, he wants a working script. If someone can fix the existing one, or write a new one, both ways he is fine I think @rene.
Erm... are we going to do anything for the international programmers' day?
10:23 AM
I like the "I agree" banner on the top @Uni. The person has covered every part in great detail, and it's funny. It's the nicest criticism of SO that I have seen till now, unlike the lazy blogs where people rant about how bad SO is. This one is the best.
@InfiniteRecursion :D
How do you want to celebrate @uni?
Maybe someday when you start pursuing a career, you can join the SE dev team and help them make the internet a better place for programmers :D
10:45 AM
Based on the title Is Hazelcast's split brain recovery merge operation transactional? you would almost think: migrate to medical.se
gone ^^
@JanDvorak, that is the third time today I've had a spam link in my clipboard and you've beaten me to pressing Ctrl-V by a second.
@PeterJ Jan is our warrior here. He never misses a spam post. One time I caught a spam, but he beat me by a nose.
@Unihedron except when I'm not here
10:51 AM
Not sure if anyone else spotted it but a few days ago on Drupal.SE I saw the worst title ever for weight loss spam: "Wanna look like Mr. Bean?"
in Room for Low Quality posts, 2 mins ago, by Sam
Low quality (possible): Please answer the process of this computation!, by user175721, on math.stackexchange.com.
vlq | off-topic: context
@Unihedron after r#2 and a title fix-up it could be treated as a decent question
@JanDvorak it does need a fix up, and include the skill level of OP.
11:35 AM
How do we write strikethrough text in chat?
@InfiniteRecursion ---text---
the first or last - has to assert a word boundary \b
so a---strike--- won't work, but a strike b will
Thanks @uni :)
@Jan are you sleeping?
12:08 PM
in Room for Low Quality posts, 1 min ago, by Sam
Low quality (possible): HLSL compile error.please help!, by user3497014, on gamedev.stackexchange.com.
vlq | cv-pls
@Unihedron I didn't see that on the real-time tab
@rene which? the spam?
No, I didn't imply that Jan missed the spam, just curious whether he's still here
He also just fell from the shelf.
@Unihedron I have the realtime tab open with the spam script
12:18 PM
Hey look a low rep gold badger, just like the one we saw in the picture I linked :)
Success, again. :D
Yes, the precision ratio is improving @Sam :)
lol (maybe wtf) someone just upvoted that last spam link I posted.
I've added that spam's title to my bot's regex.
12:30 PM
1:17 PM
soo... it's a moderation streak for the weekends?
Welcome to Stack Overflow. Questions here should show research effort or attempts. Please take a tour. — Unihedron 7 secs ago
@Doorknob OMG Int Day; in the code? Is this even Java?
tempted to flag vlq just for that..
goes and flags all Java questions as VLQ
1:53 PM
^ Tagged with xcode. Wat?
flags all xcode qs as spam
2:21 PM
@Unihedron POB ?
is there a way to see all the recently deleted users and the blocked users?
i think no..
@TGMCians Primarily Opinion Based
@AvinashRaj what?
ah ok
@TGMCians personally offended, ban pls
2:22 PM
@AvinashRaj No
@AvinashRaj depends on what you mean but you can find users you chat-blocked
no the max priv is on 20k
I'm getting chat throttled for speaking too quickly in world association game :(
2:24 PM
i think more would be come on future.. @Uni
@Unihedron take a break
@AvinashRaj "Future"? SO has been around for a while now. There are tons of users well over 20K. I don't think adding the feature to see deleted users actually adds anything to the site.
There isn't any point to having a "wall of shame", which is what you are asking for
@Andy vlq
@AvinashRaj Don't assume. :)
SO loading slowly?
lag spike gone
I'm using firefox browser. Is there a way to get a notification sound when a question arrives under a particular tag?
@AvinashRaj make a userscript.
2:31 PM
That's probably the response you'll get if you post it on SuperUser anyway.
Q: Question inadvertently kicked into limbo. What to do?

thbI asked a C/C++ question yesterday which appeared to interest several users. The consensus however was that the question was valid but should be migrated to Meta. Unfortunately now, on Meta, the consensus seems to be that the question may be valid, but belongs on the main site. Hardly anyone s...

cc @rene @TGMCians
@AvinashRaj By default configuration, there's no sound playing when you get feedback in the active tab. write a userscript to do that.
(cc @sam)
@JanDvorak kaboom
I think it would be helpful for many users ..
2:34 PM
@AvinashRaj Yes, write it and post it on Stack Apps
@JanDvorak Noted, I'll add "we lost" to the list...
Forge modloader :)
No one will recognise me. Awesome.
@Frank Hi Frank
@Unihedron Hey, where's J Musser????
2:36 PM
@Frank he's dead. I burned him.
@Unihedron Oh no!
while burninating the tag.
I guess we're mortal enemies now.
@Andy vlq
@Frank Are you his friend?
2:37 PM
@Unihedron twin - look at the avatar.
How do you make those red things?
@Frank --[status-closed]--
I've gone and stumped the bot in the den, again. What a dumb bot.
It gets tiresome to always make it form links.
2:40 PM
have you seen the picture I linked earlier @Frank?
@Unihedron Might not have
5 hours ago, by Unihedron
user image
@Unihedron Ha!
Ha Ha
cc @AvinashRaj ^ :D
'WTF look at my points'
We need to make you a mod @Jan :P
Adds "six pack" to list..."
@Sam it's six-pack
@Unihedron Adds "six-pack" too
@Unihedron then I wouldn't be able to spam closevotes without people hating me
2:52 PM
already got six-packs
I have six packs
so, MSE still has no mods
@Braiam But it has staff.
@Unihedron did everyone actually mean to use no-repro?
It's funny, but it's confusing
2:57 PM
@JanDvorak no, pre-edit it was no-repro, now it's book-rec
doesn't matter, it's a terrible question, close it
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