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9:10 AM
A: The Many Memes of Meta

ProgramFOXMeme: GIF of fox jumping in the snow Originator: TGMCians, in chat Cultural height: TBD Background: TGMCians posted the animated GIF of the fox jumping in the snow in chat, and later, the image was posted several times and some people even added it to the "about me" on their profile. The fox G...

9:25 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Supplement by hoots estes on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 88.3613: Muscle Building Supplement on meta.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 true
spam ^
@SmokeDetector tpu
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
9:28 AM
morning @cVplZ
looks like you already had your coffee :D
Why doesn't my 125 score question show up in this list meta.stackoverflow.com/unanswered ?
@cVplZ caching?
@cVplZ because it was answered?
9:31 AM
It's not unanswered
It has upvoted answers
oh, nevermind, but those answers suck
As the description states: "questions with no upvoted or accepted answers"
The question is not just about stopping spammers, as @cVplZ has already reminded. It is unfortunate that the discussion is being hijacked this way. — Krumia Nov 8 at 1:09
@cVplZ All the three users who answered you question have only posted one answer each on MSO ever. They chose your question to post their solo answers, you should be proud!!
9:35 AM
so it looks like they changed the unaswered sort by questions.. it use to show any question that didn't have accepted answer.
@cVplZ All three contributors are special, and these are their solo answers, be nice <^>
9:42 AM
> please purge all the comments on this post, all are too chatty
flagged the comments on the question
Also, the question above the spam sucks
@JanDvorak Closed
@InfiniteRecursion the post will be deleted by roomba in like 9 days
@cVplZ only if they remove the comments, post containing two or more comments is not eligible...
@InfiniteRecursion that's a different roomba
9:46 AM
@cVplZ so confusing :/
@InfiniteRecursion that only applies to the ones > 365 days meta.stackexchange.com/a/92006/244519
@cVplZ ok, so if no one edits this post in the next 9 days, then roomba will delete it...
editors....please stay away from that post :P
@InfiniteRecursion @JanDvorak is watching your edits !
my edits?
Why should I ignore your edits specifically?
9:51 AM
specifically ignores the question asked by Jan Dvorak
started again..
Oh noes, Jan is on to you @InfiniteRecursion. Run ... fly ... flap ... whatever you do
@Bart There's no point. I can fly better than her.
runs to another site
Nothing escapes the owl's eyes
9:52 AM
at -8, right?
9:58 AM
gone gone
@cVplZ The user exists and has accounts on SU and ELL
No posts yet though
10:18 AM
two ids of same user. :O
need to merge the account
he only has 1 suggested edit on each account, but both go to edit the other's account post
raise the issue to meta?
@AndrewT. can i other flag for that? or does the user have to?
I'm not sure about that one. But it doesn't hurt to try custom flag it
10:21 AM
@cVplZ sure you can other flag that...
after all that's an exceptional case. Mods will still inform the team....
because mod-merges are no more
TWO STARS....!!! ^
That's why aliens won't talk to us....
nice work @cVplZ, you found lots of naa's
@InfiniteRecursion yep. Is it worth it to post NAA's here? Like does it still need the 6 recommnend deletion in the LQ queue? No matter how many NAA flags it gets?
@cVplZ It needs 6 "Recommend Deletion" task decision to be review-deleted. You will not see review tasks which features posts you've flagged as VLQ / NAA.
(doesn't apply to standard close type flags)
10:52 AM
@Unihedron ok, so I shouldn't post here then, since if others flag it, it just locks them out of queue, and will likely take longer than to be deleted
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Unihedron Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
10:55 AM
Wow, how did this go from largely positive to a now negative score? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/277314/…
@Bart @JasonC ...
@Bart The answers probably did help
@Bart ohh yes, I wanted to post an answer to that...will try to write something now.
@Bart That's his only negative scoring question on meta.SO, here's his only one on meta.Se meta.stackexchange.com/questions/165933/…
11:02 AM
Oh boy ... I shall step away ... did that last night on another question and that was also a good choice. :)
It's always wise to step away
Q: Is an edit that changes mobile links to desktop links a meaningful edit?

Nate KerkhofsSome websites, like Wikipedia, use an m. prefix to distinguish between the mobile and the desktop version. Mobile users often automatically get the mobile version when navigating to the desktop version, while desktop users usually don't automatically get switched when visiting the mobile version....

damn, it takes up more than half the height of my screen
how is it on mobile?
Get a bigger screen @cVplZ
11:10 AM
I can cv on MSE after a few days
sweet, I have nice new real estate on @infs page
But no stars ... MUWAHAHAHAah...ehm
@cVplZ You noticed just now? xD
@InfiniteRecursion maybe @nicael can give you a 500 bounty?
11:12 AM
@cVplZ I can earn my own repz :D
Excuse the dark, it's late
@Bart reality check - you don't get stars nowadays
@InfiniteRecursion Congrats!
@Unihedron not yet...in future
11:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I have enough interest on my previously received stars to keep me going for a while.
@Bart me too
so @cVplZ can save his stars for his retirement :D
@Bart right. I am still in hundreds of stars of debt to @Bart
Btw @InfiniteRecursion ---> 6 stars for me, 5 for you ....
@Bart Yay! I am giving the veteran a tough competition.
Aug 31 at 19:36, by Bart
Are you becoming my nemesis @InfiniteRecursion, is that it? ;)
11:18 AM
@Bart Ohh...today I understood the meaning
Your prediction was fairly accurate in that case
If you ignore the ones that were wrong, my predictions are always fairly accurate.
....... Hey.
^^^^Uni and Jason C get all the stars...so one of them is your true nemesis @Bart...not me
2 days ago, by Frank
wonders how many times taverners will star reposted pics
In August, I didn't know that you get all the stars
11:25 AM
You would expect you already know what recommendation/off-site resource questions are: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/254393/…rene 16 secs ago
I once overlooked a field with some rabbits and said to myself I would be amazed if a fox would come out and grab a rabbit, 5 minutes later that was exactly what happened...
I once looked at a gif of a fox diving head-first into snow and said to myself I would be amazed if he did that again, a couple of seconds later that was exactly what happened...
11:36 AM
In the Tavern - Rabbits : 0, ProgramFox : 1
@Bart --->> 6 : 6
@InfiniteRecursion So ... it has come to this.
> The fox is actually caching a mouse buried beneath the snow.
Poor mouse being cached...
now uni have to operate PC using keyboard only. ;)
Mouses are so overpowered. All PC coders uses trackpad.
@Unihedron on the plus-side: in case of misclicks you can blame caching....
11:46 AM
Ah, my API and libs proposal got closed as duplicate of Programmers.SE.
I guess only programmers can build libraries and apis.
Random poll: Should I post this as a meme?
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Infinite RecursionMeme: Bart Originator: Bart, in chat Cultural Height: TBD Background: Bart, his smiting stick and his stars are legendary in the Tavern: MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! Usage: ★ it

> Usage: If Bart posts a message, ★ it!
Aug 15 at 16:07, by iStimple
@InfiniteRecursion @bart is star-sided (as in only can see his stars)
^That's for your next nemesis, so that they know the context @Bart :D
12:04 PM
what about Tavern Mafia @Inf ?
@Unihedron If I had seen that earlier, I would have found your green online editor in an instant :/
@Unihedron whats that +1 for ?
@SilentKiller downvoted answer was removed, point redeemed
12:09 PM
@Unihedron okay..
@Unihedron I have inverted colors :D
It would still be more popular than if I take Shog's parody football pic and post it as a meme, lol.
@Unihedron That image made me smile
12:15 PM
Mee too
Yay, I'm halfway to getting a Yearling badge!
12:39 PM
@InfiniteRecursion unpopular.
12:50 PM
asking for recommendation -> stackoverflow.com/questions/27039968/…
please close before more stupid comments/answers are added
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 89.2468: I want to buy tv & Monitor choose me best one on electronics.stackexchange.com
1:48 PM
found a bug, even there after refereshing
desktop notifications are disabled, but still getting notifications
@DroidDev restart chrome
@Unihedron will I have to do this everytime?
@DroidDev no, you disabled desktop notifications, it doesn't apply the change immediately, it's not how it works.
@Unihedron oh! ok, thanks :)
1:54 PM
@Bart very unpopular. I wonder why? :/
But am sure, future users and future nemesis will find that answer useful. :)
@Andy oh! only if it was a gif, I'd star it thousand times :P
2:31 PM
@Andy YAY!
@JanDvorak already on hold :/
wait, it's already closed
queue cleared! time for a beer.
What's the rule for "lacks usage guidance" again? The tag wiki rejection reasons lack it. Is that for excerpts only?
2:47 PM
@JanDvorak done
@JanDvorak I think there are customs reasons, no?
@Braiam I mean, if we were supposed to use that reason, it surely would have been there?
3:13 PM
clears throat
Q: Do we want hats?

bluefeetI'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this but last year, Stack Exchange ran Winter Bash 2013, in which users earned hats which they proudly displayed upon their gravatar. There was a leaderboard of hat earners that looked something like this: Well we have the option to do it again ...

bluefeet you should handle this first ^^
@TGMCians why do I need to intervene?
3:41 PM
I got a hat :D
@InfiniteRecursion here you gobluefeet ♦ 22 mins ago
@TGMCians: I added the goggles to Bart's meme. Thanks for reminding me.
Wonder what took us so long to acknowledge Bart's memesness. — Shadow Wizard 49 mins ago
Ooh, the image is linked to my gravatar .... the things I could do now :)
Go ahead...have fun :)
chat.SE is down?
3:50 PM
@Braiam It's just slow for me...
do anyone know who is the responsible of the winter bash related stuff?
ask your trusted mod
3:53 PM
I know what you are thinking @spa, and no, nobody will tell you how to get the secret hats...
@Braiam no, I want to know if @Benny wanted to hint something or if I have no hope of seeing My Little Hat not even this year.
There's always hope
that was the image I photoshoped last year.
let's keep hoping
An angel hat please!!!
bluefeet gave me a witch's hat for the time being :P
wants a pixelated hat
3:59 PM
an angel hat for the angels of SE please!!
@Braiam tp why
@Unihedron recommendation
@Braiam should be easily salvageable by clarifying...
meh, low views and stuff
4:10 PM
Yay a fox!
@bluefeet The result is predictable, but the thread quickly became a mess. You posted two answers (yes and no) which I assume were supposed to be voted on. Instead, there are people posting their own answers in addition. So, it's impossible to tell how many actually support Yes or No, since votes may be split between synonymous answers; and at the same time some users may have upvoted both. Not to mention that some also downvoted some of the competing answers...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii yes that was the point of my 2 answers. I knew it would devolve into this, but thought we'd post it anyway instead of just making the decision
FWIW, if you are really dedicated to running a fixed-option poll, locking the question is the only way to ensure that happens.
Generally, not a good idea
4:21 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Doesn't matter, I think it's going to come anyways, everyone likes hats!
@Shog9 drama, drama, drama
who needs soaps when you gots meta?
while we're at drama...
@Unihedron as I said in my opening line of the question. It was more, let's get the community involved
I like to cause drama, see:
It's all about the hats, about the hats, not capes!! sung to the tune "All about that bass"bluefeet ♦ 4 mins ago
NBD, but if you said explicitly what the users should do in the thread, they might have followed.
4:23 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I doubt it
no matter what I said in the question, people would probably post answers
Those unruly programmers. :-/
For badges!\
We had a structured poll in Math, even though @InfiniteRecursion found the big red message kind of rude...
(I don't see anything rude in a noticeable banner.)
4:24 PM
The real reason why MathJax isn't enabled everywhere
@Rafflesiaarnoldii You don't spend a lot of time on MSO do you? :)
I have a Fanatic there... and now also a Reversal, thanks to Shog9.
shouting in big bold red text is rude.
11 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
user image
Meh, it's Math, should had saw it coming.
Totally would downvote the entire thread if I had the rep.
As I told you earlier, rudeness does help grab attention, but it's usage us morally debatable.
4:30 PM
I can just imagine the uproar if I had restricted the post on MSO
Oh, so you thought about doing that @bluefeet? Really? TEH OUTRAGE. TEH ANGERRR
Yes @uni, I would downvote too. I don't care what the post is about, or what the authority of the poster is - shouting is rude, and nothing justifies rudeness.
@Bart I thought about saying the decision was already made to opt out of the hats, just to see the reaction. :)
insert evil laugh
@bluefeet a little bit of troll inside everyone is ok
4:33 PM
@bluefeet I daresay you might not have lived a peaceful life after that..
I was SO very tempted
Well, at least you didn't just implement a new feature, pretend to ask for feedback and then prevent people from leaving "-1 because..." comments ... talk about evil @bluefeet. :p
I am learning from @Shog9 though, so just wait
it will happen
@Bart I hear you want drama?
4:35 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow :D I think we already have enough of that.
@Bart really? you can always have more drama...
@Vogel612'sShadow sure, just add an orange banner at the top of the site, linking to the hats question until December 1st ...
instant drama
Go check the hats post...so much drama on a whore-hat. Someone ban the word "whore", it's silly.
@InfiniteRecursion wait ... what?
@Bart revision history..
4:39 PM
@Unihedron Lol, well spotted! :D Thanks @Inf for editing!
On that revisions page, didn't there used to be arrows that indicated you could expand/collapse a revision? Did that disappear with the redesign or has that always been in my head?
@Andy ohhhhh nice spot
yes there were arrows..
A: Do we want hats?

Shadow WizardYes! And I want Twilight Sparkle secret hat!

^ lovely hat <3
4:42 PM
how did twillight sparkle hat ever get 4 upvotes??
I will get the name of the ones who dared clicking the down arrow here. I will. — SPArchaeologist 23 mins ago
shall he come..
I upvoted it, it's beautiful.
@Vogel612'sShadow Oh good. I'm not crazy.
A: Feedback Requested: Stack Overflow design update

AndyOn the revisions page, there are arrows missing that indicate a revision can be expanded/collapsed. Is this intentional? Meta: Vs. SO

Well ... you're not wrong ...
4:52 PM
Congrats on the two MSO gold badges @bluefeet lol
Jin fixed the colors of some of the comment classes.
Now MSO comment threads look much like MSE. The color insanity is spreading.
Oh maybe it's intentionally in black, as opposed to gray vote counts on low-voted comments. You can never tell with Jin.
@Unihedron ha, thanks
5:11 PM
@Bart Because it got a lot of initial "Yeah, -1's are annoying!" before people actually thought about it and realized what problem Shog was actually trying to "solve".
It did get a few reversals out there, though.
you've been cornered @inf
5:27 PM
@Bart Timezones. The number of folks to actually encounter the block more than tripled overnight. There are thousands of people who leave comments like that occasionally, but several hundred who do so frequently.
My block was just a test though, so false positive
> - Attempted: +1 This is a great question, even if it technically doesn't precisely belong precisely here. Let us not be pedantic to the exclusion of common sense.<br>**Posted:** This is a great question, even if it technically doesn't precisely belong precisely here. Let us not be pedantic at the expense of content which is both valuable and relevant. I clicked the upward pointy thing.
I never expected this to become an actual block, just a warning
@JanDvorak It was already implemented as an actual block before the discussion even started.
5:30 PM
On the plus side if people keep coming up with funny workarounds at least we'll have something to laugh at.
@JanDvorak As much as I hate it, there's no support for comment warnings in the system and building such would require way too many dev+design resources for something so trivial.
Given the way comment posting works, I'm highly skeptical that could even be done without ending up more annoying than a block.
If blocking doesn't produce good results, then there's no point in doing anything.
> - Attempted: What have you tried? Posted: Have you tried anything? (no)
@cVplZ: Good thing SE doesn't have this rule - Do NOT bite the developers
@Shog9 People already know what they want to say before they start typing.
Please keep bringing those attempted/posted pairs. They're interesting.
5:33 PM
@JasonC yeah, and usually blocking it doesn't have much of an effect. That said... This is nice:
> - Attempted: what have you tried? Posted: what have you tried already? what do you mean by 'data so inaccurate'?
Heh, you should just feed them automatically into chat when spam is quiet.
@JanDvorak I'll post a full set as an answer to my question either tonight or tomorrow
@InfiniteRecursion Oh you are here also :P.. /me hidesTGMCians 10 mins ago
@Inf ^^ :P
@Shog9 Be sure to bias it as heavily as possible to support your test.
Maybe throw one or two in that don't support it just to appear to be honest.
5:36 PM
@TGMCians I am everywhere :D
Not bothering to filter by blacklist type, since frankly I think the reactions to the WHYT and LMGTFY blocks are interesting too, and I don't think we've ever had a public discussion of comment blacklist results before.
(Kevin did some analysis on the "Problem" block at one point, but that's post titles)
@InfiniteRecursion Oh yes I forgot that you are most active member on MSO :)
I've hit the "What have you tried?" block many times.
I still meet bitlyzed lmgtfy comments every once in a while
@SmokeDetector fp
@Shog9 Why don't you just create a full list of all attempted/posted and say "if you guys are interested, here it is"?
5:37 PM
@JanDvorak Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
> - Attempted: lmgtfy.com/?q=%22dagger+2%22+example+google<br>**Posted:** This is one -> github.com/square/dagger/issues/302
@JasonC what do you think I'm doing?
I'm just quoting here from the document I'm building.
> - Attempted: lmgtfy.com/?q=Quartz<br>;**Posted:** So there's this thing called Google....
@Shog9 Hand picking a few examples and adding a few paragraphs of your opinion for "discussion" is what I think you'll be doing.
@Shog9 so you guys use dagger for android app ?
5:39 PM
@Shog9 it is slightly less rude ;-)
In a weird way those two lmgtfy "posted" ones are a little less helpful, lol.
Maybe you should just replace the link to google.com, heh.
^ I like
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 92.7513: Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again? (Vigenere cipher) on puzzling.stackexchange.com
Whether you believe it or not, I've little interest in continuing this argument for the next n years if the tactic doesn't actually work. In particular, stuff like this is concerning:
> - **Attempted:** -1 in power 0.5 is i. So why can't you do that?<br>**Posted:** Regarding (-1)^2 doesn't exist:
-1 in power 0.5 is i.
-1 in power 2 is 1.
So why can't you do that?
Why is this math discussion on SO?
5:43 PM
programming is just math without all the obnoxious Jax
@Rafflesiaarnoldii There are plenty of places where a quick math lesson is needed on SO
-1 want moar jax
There is plenty of ajax
yeah. A jax. One. One is all you should ever need.
If it was $(-1)^{0.5}$, the filter would pass it. Just saying...
5:45 PM
Tell that to catholics. They need three gods.
I'll leave that to the Witnesses
@Shog9 I've little interest in continuing this argument - You had interest in this argument?
@JasonC I hope you don't mind
@jadarnel27 Lol; another easter egg: google.com/search?q=recursion

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