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1:00 AM
@bjb568 Do you want Zephyr to watch this room? Right now, it is posting messages from around the network to this room
1:19 AM
@Andy It could. But it would be more useful if it found unclosed questions and poked the tavern randomly.
So… studied history for 3 hours. Sitting on a 69 (:), test tomorrow worth 40% of grade.
is this NAA? looks NAA to me, but I am always confused about NAA stackoverflow.com/a/21280200/2821954
@bjb568 what kind of history?
@hichris123 "Modern" (we're review stuff that isn't modern) world history.
@AndrewT. I... think?
@AndrewT. I'd VLQ.
1:32 AM
@bjb568 ... what is modern? 1900-present?
@hichris123 Starting 1750.
converted to comment. Thanks all.
I think it should be more like… 2005.
@bjb568 what? That's weird.
@bjb568 ^ Our periodization.
@bjb568 Are you asking that Zephyr look at previous close requests and repost the request if they aren't closed at each check?
1:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: A QUESTION ABOUT UNIVERSE on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector apparently, it was a response to a negative-score-answer by John?... wut?
@SmokeDetector NA...Q?
This is not even a question, let alone a coherent question. — Erik Kowal 22 secs ago
1:45 AM
might be a question, not on ELL certainly...
@bjb568 It depends on your time scale; when do you start?
@AstroCB What time scale?
@bjb568 1750 could be considered modern if you start 2 million years ago.
@Braiam Unclear what you're asking.
For those of us that haven't had a history class since the pyramids were finished, what happened in 1750 to make it a cut off year for history classes?
@Andy Industrial Revolution
I think
1:58 AM
@Braiam That's it.
And 600 AD/CE is a cutoff because of Islam.
1450 is fall of the Ottoman Empire (1453).
Sorry; fall of the Roman Empire.
@hichris123 The Western half did.
@AstroCB ... I thought the Roman Empire fell by 600 CE...
@AstroCB that Roman Empire, huh
aha, you meant Byzantine @AstroCB.
2:03 AM
@hichris123 The Eastern half lived on as the Byzantine.
> answer not found
@AstroCB Well, yeah, but they were two different empires... ish.
@hichris123 Technically, not.
2:05 AM
Constantine created Constantinople to preserve the Roman Empire from the raids of the huns in the western half.
All of the western half's wealthy residents moved to the eastern half, so the western half just kind of collapsed.
And the western half is what's typically called the "Roman Empire."
So yes, and no.
@hichris123 Very next review was to an answer on one of my old questions.
@Andy ahaha
Is chat bugging out for anyone else?
@hichris123 yep
2:10 AM
in The Garden Shed on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by J. Musser
On this question, I wanted to remove and , and add and .
@AstroCB True, but they're called two different things, so thus they must be separate. :P
@hichris123 yes.
in The Garden Shed on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 3 mins ago, by J. Musser
There is a bug now where I can't retag. It freezes the window and I have to close it. Other editing is fine.
oops, got those quotes backwards.
looks around suspiciously Is @animuson lurking?
@hichris123 I don't see any fake cat ears - no
@hichris123 I heard that if you say his name three times he would
2:17 AM
@Braiam I thought that was Shog...
Q: Physics!!!! Please help me

Caleb LindseyA device known as Atwood\'s machine consists of two masses hanging from the ends of a vertical rope that passes over a pulley. Assume the rope and pulley are massless and there is no friction in the pulley. When the masses are of 20.9 kg and 10.1 kg, calculate the magnitude of their acceleration,...

@hichris123 Yes, a fundamental concept that plagues questions tagged both and .
2:26 AM
@AstroCB lol
@hichris123 Oh my: stackoverflow.com/…
@Unihedron you hit the jackpot!
2:48 AM
... or should I just flag for a mod to do it?
3:14 AM
@hichris123 Shog doesn't lurk, he just don't watch over your shoulder
4:09 AM
4:49 AM
from 20 minutes ago
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Skin Care Meta new post for use on meta.stackexchange.com
^ Spam
5:05 AM
meta spam gone
drupal spams both at -4
5:45 AM
all reported (pieces of?) spam here are gone
1 hour later…
@SmokeDetector /ignore
spam gone
7:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ISLAMIC FINANCE WACC on quant.stackexchange.com
@Stijn no idea, but I haven't got cv's yet.....
flagged, though.
cheers :)
8:14 AM
@Stijn voted..
8:40 AM
Is it "hover something" or "hover over something"?
the latter IMO.. (not that I were a native)
@Vogel612 was my thought too, thanks for confirming :)
8:52 AM
@Stijn you can hover your mouse over a button
cursor *
Unless, that is, your mouse is virtual
▲ down
9:35 AM
@bjb568 Yay, you get +2!
9:49 AM
Yay someone upvoted my answer
10:06 AM
Morning everyone. Wanted to ask a quick question. Does anyone know if there is a place where one can create a test chat room to learn controls and such? or I should just create one and eventually delete it if it doesn't match my needs?
@SPArchaeologist we can't delete room. only mod can delete.
@SPArchaeologist You can make your own room. It probably qualifies for automatic deletion anyway. Check out the help pages too.
@Unihedron good to know. thanks.
@Unihedron Can it be renamed after creation?
yup you can
thanks that is enough for now.
10:26 AM
I want to learn to write a userscript!!
@Unihedron Make one that takes away the comment restriction where you can't post a comment less than 15 characters. There is already one, but it won't download.
@Unihedron Writing a userscript would be awesome.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: olive oil for baby skin care on drupal.stackexchange.com
I can't even do one to change the page title. I'm starting with a zero here. :P
10:41 AM
@SilentKiller What did you flaj?
You mean flag?
yup flag = flaj. ;)
gtg, c'yall
spam at -5
Be right back... Keep up with the flags!
10:49 AM
@JanDvorak Offensive I guess then.
11:12 AM
Flagged the comments for offensive / not constructive, as well
@Unihedron they're from the same user
Yeah I noticed.
11:32 AM
11:43 AM
12:00 PM
Ola! Es un hermoso día!
uh oh... Waiting for stackoverflow.com...
hmm .... who plugged the UPS into itself again?
12:12 PM
12:18 PM
@YiJiang こんにちわ
english, please
reverse summoning from den complete
looking at good neighbors @Pham, @Gham and @Sam sitting together in tavern
@JanDvorak I think so
it tries to answer the question
But it should really be an edit, it's not a solution
that question, however, seems OT to me
@Unihedron it gives the new location of the files, which the OP considers a sufficient answer
it's a self-answer
@JanDvorak ah, ok
and now I'm back to 14600 rep
12:43 PM
Today's Listening | Dubstep / DnB
@JanDvorak and yes .. virtualstore has been around forever.
+1'd that
Almost didn't recognize you @GnomeSlice
1:00 PM
damn you, findbugs plugin..
@JanDvorak closed
@Vogel612 I love that plugin. It keeps reporting circular dependencies.
@Unihedron well.. It's "installed" but doesn't show up in my eclipse...
Maybe it got .... eclipsed?
badum, ts
1:14 PM
The yellow bird still isn't anywhere in sight. I am really starting to think someone ate it.
Happy Meal?
@SPArchaeologist maybe she'll show up when you hide the barbecue equipment?
@Vogel612 I have muffins, the barbecue days are a thing of the past.
@SPArchaeologist hmm then maybe I should stop my dog from drooling and running all over the place
1:20 PM
@Vogel612 On the other hand Twilly has broken all the quills she use for writing so....
Who uses quills nowadays anyway??
@Vogel612 everypony does
Is this a healthy voting habit?
@SPArchaeologist and don't forget him:
@Unihedron definitely looks like a quality-interested user
@Vogel612 Cool. That's me, so.
1:26 PM
@Vogel612 That only shows that nobody is not a pony. Which only shows that you are a pony too.
Which also only show that you should like cupcakes
wondering what @SPArchaeologist is
@DroidDev Darker than Black was definitely not the best Anime I have seen, but .. It's okay ;)
Wait, darker than black was an anime reference?!
@Vogel612 I never saw a single serial of that, but searching something related to anime, I came across this picture and found it interesting enough for me :)
:O gasp of realization
1:30 PM
@DroidDev I am slightly disappointed
@Unihedron I only realized it after I had that picture as my avatar
head and shoulders dropping, saddened look in his eyes
@Vogel612 you should ask @SPArchaeologist, but, if you were hollywood fan, you'd never get disappointed :)
sniff really?
@Vogel612 wait until he/she/pony comes and say something clever
1:36 PM
@DroidDev I can't say for sure what I am but I can ensure that I am insane if that is enough for you.
@Vogel612 Wonder what was SO bad that it deserved a downvote.
@LynnCrumbling confusion ensues
I mean.. seriously, to garner a downvote from that user, you'd have to not be in the other 99.56%.
I've had Shadows of Mordor since Wednesday morning, and have yet to play it. Being an adult is super-lame sometimes.
'ello @jadarnel27
1:39 PM
@jadarnel27 is that one out? time to understand how much about the nemesis system was true and how much is just buzzwords.
@jadarnel27 We got Betrayal at House on the Hill and Werewolves of Millers Crossing over a month ago and we have yet to play either.. and it makes me sad.
@SPArchaeologist that was not so clever, if compared with what I expected from you :P
@SPArchaeologist Haha, I'm looking forward to finding that out as well!
@LynnCrumbling Yikes!
@DroidDev never wanted to be
@jadarnel27 I can understand not playing Werewolves, since that requires umpteen million people, but come on... betrayal is 3-6.
1:46 PM
Haha, right.
You should really get on that =P
But hey...Shadows of Mordor only requires one person (me). So I've got no room to talk, @LynnCrumbling.
@JanDvorak did you see this? stackoverflow.com/questions/26160312/…
@jadarnel27 working on it :)
2:17 PM
\o/ Finished history test. I think I did well.
I studied for 3 hours last night. It felt weird knowing what I'm talking about.
@bjb568 :O
I'm proud of you!!!
2:31 PM
@Stijn tell them they're being dumb then....
@Stijn ("preview" != "rc1")? :)
@LynnCrumbling tech preview is not a RC no, IIRC the consumer previews are RCs
@Stijn <failed_sarcasm>
if that wasn't a question ignore what I wrote :p
aha :p
@Stijn ("preview" != "OEM Release")? :)
This coffee is not strong enough.
@bjb568 How are you supposed to learn to think spontaneously if you walk into an exam knowing how to answer the questions?
2:41 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Hi, could you drop at the Sugarcube Corner? @DroidDev was asking for the price of the Infinite Recursion BBQ
Is there a SE where questions about economics are correct? More specifically, questions about theoretical economics?
Personal finances and Money doesn't seem to allow such things
@NateKerkhofs this was closed due to lack of activity: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/1618/economics
@LynnCrumbling Terrible teacher. Making learning materials too helpful.
@bjb568 hahaha
2:46 PM
history was one of those classes where I thought "cool stuff, but do we really have to take tests for it?"
is this ot? same behavior could be repro'd with no code. seems like putty is doing something special. either way, there's no "code to be fixed" here. stackoverflow.com/q/26163232/656243
Is one of the fundamental laws in the world that all substitutes must be old?
@Unihedron According to the allowed topics, you're not allowed academical questions on economics
3:08 PM
Can mods merge user accounts / investigate account duplication?
@Vogel612 Yes
@Andy thanks ;)
Anyone else having slowdowns across the network?
Not I, said the (real) Josh.
@Andy Yes, I have.
3:22 PM
@Andy My stylesheet for CR didn't come through right now..
@Andy yeah, on and off for the past few hours
okay CR's css is down for me and load-times are ... increased.
@Unihedron Off topic
@Andy VLQ overrides OT for that one..
> Don't migrate crap
3:33 PM
@Vogel612 Meta has Blatantly off-topic (this question has nothing to do with the software that powers the Stack Exchange network)
@Andy aaah.. forgot :(...
@Andy It's unsalvageable by editing so it's VLQ.
@Unihedron I am with andy here...
Eh, ok.
I flagged both, so.
I'm going home, bye!
3:43 PM
@nicael pro tip: Post the question link as only thing in a single message for it to be oneboxed.
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 7 mins ago, by ItachiUchiha
^ Left comment to try CR.
4:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected, Phone number detected: +91-9950211818 Online lo!!ve vashikaran specialist on english.stackexchange.com
once again he tried (gone)
after 6 minutes :(
just before I arrived
@SmokeDetector delete
4:32 PM
@TGMCians too late
@Undo have you removed me from this privilege ^^ ?
@TGMCians it's over 2 mins, smokey can't delete past that point
ah ok
looking at the realtime tab is always depressing...
I guess "general software" is a cop-out here?
I feel enlightened. I now realize the limit as h approaches 0 of the reciprocal of h times the average of f between x and x+h is f(x). In other words, the integral from x to x+h of f(t) dt all over h is f(x).
5:17 PM


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math qu...
@bjb568 I'm sorry, what?
@Unihedron calculus. Or maybe precalc.
I know calculus, just not used to text form outside the formulas. :o
In other other words, if you take the slab of a function, if the slab of function is small enough, the average of the function between the bounds of the slab is the value of the function there.
now you're making stuff up
5:38 PM
Typically for very small values of "the slab."
6:35 PM
Who wants to help me sanity-check something?
@Shog9 sure
Sam was first. Thanks Sam!
You're welcome.
I had a physics teacher that was like that - he'd ask for volunteers, and everyone raised their hands because the demonstrations were always really cool. But they always involved pain of some kind, like demonstrating a pendulum hitting you in the back of the head.
6:38 PM
@Shog9 So, you just needed to kick me?
I'd posit that, being @Shog9, you need more than one person to help you sanity-check something. Due to your general lack of sanity.
@Sam yup - just wanted to make sure I wasn't giving out misinformation:
Anyone in the room can see the user being kicked, @Lightness - their icon hops up and floats away. Assuming that folks are kinda expecting this under normal circumstances (they're misbehaving, right?) it'd then be trivial to check their profile if you're interested. Oh - and there's already an owner-only notification; it's just shown only to the owner doing the kicking. — Shog9 ♦ 1 min ago
Oh, ok.
Although, I ended up going with a sanitize command rather than delete.
Is it command privileged users, or owner privileged users?
6:50 PM
Privileged users or owners.
I requested for it
@TGMCians Is that your way of hinting to get on the list? :)
I can say yes :)
proposes elections for privileged users for command access of the bot
@Unihedron thinks that'll be too complicated, unless someone wants to help, hint hint
6:53 PM
Time to learn C#! :D
I probably added c# in dislike language list in my stackoverflow careers profile
I had troubles deciding whether to choose "Open for hire" or "I like where I am".
Gtg, my pizza has arrived :D
6:57 PM
Enjoy your pizza!
Thx. Enjoy your new command ;)
Not much to sanitize though...
7:33 PM
@JanDvorak voted..
+ dv
7:36 PM
The Three Musketeers are once again united.
jumps over Uni
@bjb568 And you achieved this enlightenment without dumping your homework on Math.SE, which makes it even more impressive.
Anyone going to make a slot machine that hits jackpot when you get Sam Gham Pham on one line?
7:46 PM
lol :D
That idea is golden
@Unihedron and then we could have a bonus round to win double the jackpot if you can save @bjb568 from the @Frank
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