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12:03 AM
@lostsock Firstly, it protects my cambium layer from the elements. It also controls the gas exchange, and helps moderate the internal temperature.
Q: Are questions about cartoons on-topic?

Niall C.We've had a couple of questions recently about identifying plants from cartoons: What is this carnivorous plant? What is the flower just above the groom's left breast? Are these questions on-topic?

@Braiam ?
@Braiam What kind of online homework program is that?
@Frank I'm glad people haven't been posting these cartoon ID questions.
@Frank that's good to know, so the bark really does kinda act like clothing in a way
12:08 AM
@lostsock Yup. Short lecture , though, sorry to disappoint.
@CareBear a very bad one
@Braiam Well I can see that. I wanted to know the brand, so that I'll avoid it myself. Do you have any idea of why it rejected the answer? Something with "sec" not entered correctly, e.g., in keyed in instead of picked from the palette?
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 20 secs ago, by Patrick
@Braiam It's unfortunately a very common program in school. I forget the name of it though
@Braiam Found it via Google image search: it's MyMathLab, and this screenshot was big on reddit back in the day.
12:32 AM
My new sock on GL so that I can see how it looks to new users. :P
@CareBear Yeah... MyMathLab is very annoying.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELP ME FIND A MANGA! on anime.stackexchange.com
12:53 AM
How did seth write his name upside down?
@Frank He's smart.
@hichris123 But how is it done?
@hichris123 I saw that, but it wouldn't work in my username thingy.
@hichris123 I mean J. Musser
There was an error.
@Frank Ah, hmm... maybe it doesn't like the period? Or the space?
Okay, that's probably it.
It was the period.
@hichris123 thnx
No problem. :)
Oh look! An evil person on the shelf!
Down he goes
1:17 AM
105 5
I should edit 7 posts so I can flag spam twice.;]
@Frank ... eh, some might see that as an abuse of the system.
@hichris123 Ah?
@hichris123 Yeah, kind of a dumb joke.
@hichris123 That would be abuse of the system.
1:23 AM
So that motherboard’s more than a little screwed. In related news: Stack Overflow now runs on 8 web servers.
1:43 AM
2:26 AM
in englishkeeez
"No! No, no, yes?"
"No! No, yes, no?"
"Yes, yes, yes."
(That's wrong! No (emphatically), amirite?), (You're wrong! The answer not no, it is yes, amirite?), (Correct! It is true that the answer is yes)
*the answer is not
2:56 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Installing Wireless Drivers on Yoga 11s on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 56.2563: Installing Wireless Drivers on Yoga 11s on askubuntu.com
3:18 AM
@bjb568 You are lucky that @Jan is still asleep and didn't see this :P
@InfiniteRecursion You may have woken @Jan up.
@InfiniteRecursion Hey!
@bjb568 Let me check...@Jan are you awake? :D
@Frank Hiya
nope, owlhead is still asleep
3:24 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Mankind is also gender-specific if you're nitpicking, but I've seen many women that are part of mankind. And they can work man-hours, too! — Camilo Martin 1 hour ago
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 71.9736: help! i want to hidden article on drupal.stackexchange.com
Submitted "object of memory" essay. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be about a computer, but oh well, nothing else to write about.
3:36 AM
@JSBᾶngs test along your name jsbձոգչ
3:59 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: JAVA GUI USING NETBEANS DRAG AND DROP on stackoverflow.com
@CamiloMartin: And the point is? Do the female members of this community like me need to live with such words in the "help-center" just because there are tons of gender-specific words in the world? — Infinite Recursion 38 secs ago
4:15 AM
Night all.
@hichris123 Night
^Any idea why Smokey missed this muscle spam? @Uni, @ProgramFOX
@bjb568 eugh
@InfiniteRecursion now I am, thanks
5:04 AM
@Inf @Pro It seems that they misspelled supplement as supplyment.
Which pronoun do we use to refer spammers?
LQ Put me out of my misery (facepalm) stackoverflow.com/questions/26396432/…
@Unihedron: "they" is a safe pronoun for spammers. "Those bastards" probably also works.
It appears that some throttling has been implemented, as reported first by @bjblostsock 1 min ago
Can't move messages to trash on chat SO from mobile..
5:22 AM
> the trustworthiness of your neuron layers
^Exemplary English :P
1 hour later…
@InfiniteRecursion I think the question is itself not related to programming
@DroidDev I feel the same, so I have cv'ed it
@InfiniteRecursion flagged
@InfiniteRecursion what should I flag it for?
@DroidDev off-topic -> simple typo?
@DroidDev The question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced (the answer indicates it was a typo by OP)
A: What is a good resource to brush up on classes in python?

zhaoyPlease see the reason the moderators gave for closing the question.

^How did it get 2 upvotes? o_O
@InfiniteRecursion erm, the upvotes were for the original answer before edited?
7:30 AM
@AndrewT. Thanks, I forgot to see the edit history
Morning @Sam @Pham
@DroidDev Morning
^^ spam
@JanDvorak actually, too high (score, not accuracy). It should be 50 for the worst quality
Low Quality A (100%): dobro dosli brze osli fala sto ste sa nama, by lok, on webapps.stackexchange.com.
translated from bosnian: welcome fast hake fala what have you with us
7:57 AM
Should be a question :p
^at the bottom for those wondering
Hey guys
@hichris123 flagged and gone
8:12 AM
Need some advice. Just noticed that somebody has opened up my profile and s/he has gave downvotes to 5 top of my answers.
just wait
Don't worry about that @HashemQolami
Does this count as serial downvoting?
@HashemQolami it should be detected by the system, yeah.
8:13 AM
Might @HashemQolami. If you are correct. And if so, the system will catch it
Q: What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

Cody GrayI just noticed that I lost a bunch of points from my reputation score on Stack Overflow, and I used the "reputation" tab on my user profile page to try and track down the cause. During my investigation, I noticed there was an unusual event of type "reversal". In the normal place of a question ti...

Thanks, I've real the topic already. But am not the limit of number of voting to be counted as serial voting.
*am not sure
8:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS CRASH REPORT? on apple.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak flagged and gone
@HashemQolami Nor are we. It's not public information. But check back tomorrow. The system, if it kicks in, kicks in at 3am UTC.
8:44 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I'm not a moderator :(
@Bart Thanks. Perhaps I should let it go. Haters gonna hate.
Almost 22k ... you can stand to lose some @HashemQolami ;)
@Bart That's true :) not a big deal
9:02 AM
I am not sure, but isn't this question off-topic?
yet again??
this guy asked the verbatim same question on Codereview..
I told him "you can't be here, and SO won't take your question, because it doesn't meet their quality standard..."
--> verbatim repost + small comment
and now self-deleted again...
and his meta-questions aren't shedding any good light on him either..
He's digging himself the hole.
Ah, him again. Familiar name.
Making Excuses Guy...
Bleach is a pretty decent cleanser
still SPAM
9:28 AM
@Bart Hope you placed your order before it was nuked
that was fast - 2 minutes
@Uni: It's noise, please remove it entirely stackoverflow.com/posts/26400940/revisions
@JanDvorak closed
@InfiniteRecursion if you're comfortable with your browser's developer tools, post a screenshot with the colour changed as an answer :)
@Stijn +1 for referencing HamZa's story.
If only CSS background-color supports alpha..!
it does
@AndrewT. try rgba
9:56 AM
@JanDvorak Oops, thanks
@Pham the one who post spam seeds yesterday
now answered with a spam answer
If this comment answers the OP's question, isn't it a duplicate? Not entirely sure on the subject matter.
10:01 AM
@Pham blank page?
@Unihedron Huh?
Ugh, browser issues.
@Stijn done
Nevermind. OP was referring to another comment.
We only have 2 chat sites; chat.stackoverflow and chat.stackexchange, right?
10:04 AM
oh, yeah, forgot that I am there... >_<
server side spam filter should soon learn to stop packers and movers from delhi and pune
seems to use origin as a part of its heuristics
but these spammers have a lot of origins
smart spammers
Bad Tag Used Q: [object] | JavaScript get inputname and put in autocomplete, by Boris, on stackoverflow.com.
10:34 AM
(also, nuke the answers, pls)
@AndrewT. no, for mine 50 is on the fence between spam and not spam.
@hichris123 oops, I stand corrected :x
What's difference between != and !== in js?
I'd assume one is not == and the other is not ===.
But, I'm not sure.
no its my real name — ali hussnain 2 mins ago
Spam A (100%): We are specialized in refinancing and low fi..., by user21955, on money.stackexchange.com.
Your edit removed the problem description from the question @SilentKiller stackoverflow.com/posts/26402705/revisions
11:09 AM
@InfiniteRecursion edited in Question from title
Spam A (100%): Do you need a reliable and genuine loan help..., by Mr Scott Utah, on money.stackexchange.com.
Low Quality A (100%): I want to convert to 3D from 2D, by Rashed, on gis.stackexchange.com.
@Pham nice
11:23 AM
if anyone suggests migrating or crossposting to CR, I'll ... try to be polite .....
@Vogel612'sShadow isn't it CR-worthy?
It's pseudocode..
@Vogel612'sShadow lol, I am feeling tempted to suggest it :D
and the while (true) e.printStacktrace() makes it slightly broken, too
@InfiniteRecursion may I politely remind you of the standard migration rules and the cr help-center then?
@JanDvorak If it weren't pseudocode and not broken it would be good to go, though...
but this guy would die a thousand deaths...
I've once spent 5 hours answering a single question on CR
11:28 AM
@Vogel612'sShadow thanks
@Unihedron put it this way 1 == "1" ~ true; 1 != "1" ~ false; 1 === "1" ~ false; 1 !== "1" ~ true
If your code weren't pseudocode and not broken, it might be better suited for code review. You can try fixing it and posting the question there. Please make sure you read the code review help section to see what kind of questions can be asked there before posting. — Infinite Recursion 22 secs ago
or rather: the same difference as between == and ===
11:31 AM
@InfiniteRecursion splendid comment ;) If he crossposts I'll give you a short update so you can watch the nuclear shroom
@Vogel612'sShadow I love shr... no. Vait. That doesn't sound good.
just if it's a verbatim copy..
@Vogel612'sShadow ohh , what did I do...I send the OP towards a nuclear disaster :'(
@InfiniteRecursion "If your code weren't ... not broken"?
quickly @inf, edit "not" and make jan obsolete
11:34 AM
@JanDvorak Ohh no...not again!
@Braiam done :D
btw, someone in CR chat said, this question might be a better fit for SO, if it had an introductory paragraph...
I know it's out on CR, and Programmers would probably nuke it....
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: G77 PACKAGE INSTALLATION on askubuntu.com
Please don't use comments for chatting. There's the Stack Overflow Chat for that. (You need 20 rep to talk, though). That being said, I have flagged this post for a moderator cleanup ;) — Vogel612 9 secs ago
heh, cool, got 3k on mse
@Braiam congrats..
11:39 AM
needs to link more to his metaQ from other metas
@Braiam Yay!
@Braiam congrats
@Braiam Congrats!
@SilentKiller reading you message here, I thought it was WAG going on and was about to reply to "Congrats!"
@DroidDev lols.. concentrate on room too. :D
11:42 AM
@SilentKiller oh! I left my concentration at home today, by mistake :P
Oops. Home..
I do it everyday. That's the only way to keep posting messages in SugarcubeCorner :P
@InfiniteRecursion I know... SuperCollider & Mobile .... and, urgh
Out for dinner :)
12:03 PM
this person is not being nice
Without posting code we cant help you.....so Bye Bye ...and never come back to this site..... — Manish 6 mins ago
flagged not constructive
never come back to this site is it nice? >_<
@InfiniteRecursion but he expresses our opinions soo well :-)
@Unihedron I flagged as rude or offensive
@JanDvorak That is extremely offensive behavior towards a new user, I will flag for mods if he keeps up the bad manners
Everything is cleaned up now, both my flags on that post marked helpful
ok, user needs mod-handling - this and this
Just flag any contribution of his and explain it @InfiniteRecursion
@Bart done :)
12:15 PM
Doing the same here
Done. That should do the trick.
12:58 PM
@DroidDev it should not be Too-Broad as it was asked on Aug 24 '11 when Android development was new.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 65.5780: Opening a corrupted Illustrator .ai file on superuser.com
markdown fail xD
It's about scripting for a game instead of programming, no?
also, that
his comment..... :-|
@Unihedron Your comment is the only worthwhile one yet.
'morning all, btw
1:18 PM
You're correct. Visit Game Development or Arqade. — Unihedron 1 min ago
@Unihedron I don't think they'd like that either — Jan Dvorak 51 secs ago
g2g soon, sorry
Low Quality A (100%): Thank you @nwaltham, this is very useful., by user267232, on superuser.com.
1:24 PM
@JanDvorak have fun ;)
1:42 PM
@Unihedron why is the chain a 2 hours chain now???
It's my fault
let's keep it that way for now..
1:53 PM
that answer there is possibly SPAM stackoverflow.com/a/26405891/1803692
@Vogel612'sShadow No link, and they mention they are a developer of the product. Doesn't fit the close description This answer is effectively an advertisement with no disclosure.
@Andy but I think it's awfully close.
@JanDvorak Command not recognized. Please delimit commands by double colons
@Andy ah, darn, flagged anyways
and good morning!
1:57 PM
Low Quality Q (41.4%): What is the best way of testing web service gateway?, by Abhishek Sharma, on stackoverflow.com.
how to fix that^?
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 51.5871: Stack Snippets Sandbox: Try It Out Here! on meta.stackexchange.com
or unclear
@hichris123 fp
@hichris123 fp
2:15 PM
@Unihedron Looks like you got a legit answer on your GL question. :) And it wasn't me!
@Frank :O
@Unihedron I did a major edit, though.
I like meta spam cause I can flag and dv.
2:21 PM
@Frank don't downvote spam
@JanDvorak The dv will get reversed when it dies.
Downvoting spam dilutes the information about the number of flags needed
@JanDvorak figures... but I like spam to go at -10 sometimes.
spam gone at -5
@Frank I don't. -10 means people don't know how to handle spam
2:24 PM
@JanDvorak As long as they flag it...
why isn't this question down??
Q: What is the best way of testing web service gateway?

Abhishek SharmaI am very new to web service world. Here is the my problem: I have a set of servers running in UNIX and a gateway(running in tomcat) which uses some wsdl files. The gateway converts the soap request from external client into the api transaction which is server understandable format. The gateway ...

@Frank :D
Spam flag + downvote is alright on active sites to get it away from the front page quickly. It'll still get enough flags in no time.
Low Quality Q (63.6%): moving text marquee tag is not working in joomla mosule manager, by user2384317, on joomla.stackexchange.com.
2:37 PM
The OP has an 4-in-1 profile image, @lostsock likes such profile images :)
They are the next best thing after animated gifs as profile images
"best" ....
Low Quality A (100%): ****** ** ** ** ***, by KOTYAR, on movies.stackexchange.com.
@Pham clean
Any mod around? Did the deletion of this answer get rid of the flag I cast? Or was it still handled?
2:44 PM
@Bart well is it marked helpful?
then it's considered handled....
"considered" ...
It was an "other" type flag
So did a mod handle it, or did the system say "probably the flag is handled now"
I've had an active flag after an answer was deleted, so I'm not sure.
It's best to ask a mod if you don't see relevant meta posts.
Ah, timestamp on the flag handling suggests it happened after deletion. So I guess it got handled by a mod
When in doubt, hover.
2:50 PM
When in doubt flag it out?
/me places a mod flag: is my previous flag handled by mod or by system when the post is deleted? pls mail answer at <email>
Dilemna: should one listen to the glasses or the peeping eye? Both have different views
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