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2:50 AM
I am going to this hard core camping trip, we need to bring tent, sleeping bag, stove, first aid kit, food, water / water filter. & I plan to bring a few more stuff, now I know what turtles/snails feel like, except they don't carry stoves with them
3:01 AM
They don't bring first-aid kits either, although sometimes I'll bet they wish they did.
3:12 AM
they don't move around in a herd like we humans do either
and they catch their own food (all natural, not some sun dried, perserved stuff), living in good quality homes not in some flimsy plastic things
They're also much tastier.
I wouldn't know, I have never eaten a human before
Well, I wouldn't recommend eating a whole one. Can't be healthy
4:11 AM
Hard to find fit, health people who have a well balance of fat and muscles and fed on all natural ingredients.
SO is also probably the last place to find such people too - no hard feelings to all the software developers
9:29 AM
Modeling data is hard. Time to break out the Godawful Folder Of Miscellaneous CSVs.
4:20 PM
Do moderators get extra reviews now? The close vote review stats show Bill the Lizard having 50.
Or perhaps there is some other criteria that allows for extra reviews.
4:46 PM
@jadarnel27 He was jealous of the top spot. He's cheating his way to the top.
5:06 PM
Hi, do you think that this is an issue that has to be solved? meta.stackoverflow.com/q/167725/205508
@John Not really. See my answer.
@jadarnel27 Review limits don't apply to mods.
If mods were limited to n < 100 close votes per day on SO, things would be... difficult.
5:47 PM
@Shog9 Ah, I didn't think that exception would apply to doing things through the review queue. Thanks for the info.
6:10 PM
6:29 PM
I am confused by the new Google Hangouts app.
7:05 PM
I can't seem to understand how adding symbols in your username on SE works.
Can anyone elaborate a little on that pls?
@phpNoOb What symbols? Diamonds denote moderators, those are really the only symbols. You can stick random unicode in if you want, you just type it normally
No I means, like differenct characters, like Japanses chinese... Because, when I type it, it says, it can not accept such characters and so on... @MichaelMrozek
Q: Initial non-ISO646 character refused in display name

RosinanteI tried to set my display name to: نصر الدين تهريب الحمير That is composed entirely of letters and spaces, Unicode-wise. Yet the profile editor rejected it on the grounds that it wasn't composed of letter and numbers and/or didn't start with a letter or number. So, either the message needs to...

@phpNoOb There's a meta post about it, but it doesn't give much info. There's no trick to it, just some characters work and some don't
I found a post on it. thanks
@Shog9 Thanks. I waited for an answer from a moderator! :-)
7:11 PM
this explanation is what I don't understand.
So, if I wanted to change my name to NOOBఠ_ఠ it won't let me
That is the problem
These are the unicode categories: fileformat.info/info/unicode/category/index.htm
You can use symbols from: Ll, Lu, Lt, Lo, Nd, Pc, Lm
Sorry, but how does entering Ll, Lu, Lt, Lo, Nd, Pc, Lm generate ఠ_ఠ symbol?
You can't use those symbols, they're not in the list of legal characters (I assume, I don't actually know what they are). I linked you to a list of unicode characters; you can only use ones from a few categories. There are lots of other categories, but you're not allowed to use them
this is weird, because I just changed my profile here
php Nఠ_ఠB, 31.7665N, 35.2338E
477 3 8
SE is weird sometimes.
It works on some sites but not others? I don't know what the issue is then
4 hours later…
11:31 PM
I have a question regarding the "linked" posts.
On Meta.TeX, I asked a question with some linked posts:
Q: Tag synonyms and how they work

WernerThere are a large number of questions on meta that deal with tag synonyms, requesting a merger via so-called synonyms. To name a few: Should {accepted-answer} be a synonym of {accepting}? Make {dashes} and {comma} synonyms of {punctuation} Make {external-images} a synonym of {graphics} ... H...

However, the linked questions include a post that is not contained anywhere within the post:
What's going on here?
@Werner links work both ways
the first question is linked to by the second
@Shog9 Of course, thanks.

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