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12:06 AM
That last statement is pure, unadulterated horse hockey puck. I got question banned on meta by Morton's fork; stand idle and be repeatedly serially-downvoted into oblivion, or delete my own posts and hope for the best. (Onlly one person was in-astute enough to do a quad instead of a triple but the repeated volleys were identifiable, just not provable.) Yes, I raised a controversial question much like DragonLord's; then the senior members around here gathered up their friends and obliterated me for daring to be impertinent and heretical. — Pieter Geerkens 2 mins ago
Can someone look into Pieter's deleted questions on Meta?
@ThiefMaster, @Zypher?
It definitely looks like he does not deserve to be question-banned.
See also this question:
Q: Question banning Meta users is silly and broken

Pekka 웃This user appears to have been question banned because of two unpopular Meta suggestions. (He says so in Chat) Look at the two contributions that appear to have gotten him banned. How is this system not broken? Why does the team insist on keeping the question ban active on Meta? Why can't real...

2 hours later…
1:56 AM
Can I ask how this was off-topic? I removed all references of Minecraft, my use-case for Docker, and flagged it for reopening
Q: Java Instances on Docker

Ian CarrollI was wondering: Is it possible to commit to an image a container with Java that would run a JAR file? I was thinking that I could have it run a script at startup that installs Java and downloads the JAR, and then runs it.

@IanCarroll what the hell is docker? Why would that be a programming question? It looks like you really just want to ask on arqade
IOW: We have no fscking clue what you want to do here, and it doesn't really seem on topic for programming questions.
Give some of us without an extensive background on minecraft some idea of what this is, besides "lemme haxor my own mc serversssss"
12 hours later…
1:37 PM
I don't know what the issue is. Docker is so popular that the question is in the top 10 Google results for 'java docker'.
2 hours later…
3:53 PM
The Stack Exchange network has caused me to feel weird about using the words "problem" or "issue" in my e-mail subject lines.
@jadarnel27 Just use "pr0blem" instead
Haha, that would probably confuse people a little bit =)
4:08 PM
Of course, this usually results in me improving the quality of my subject lines, so...mission accomplished, I suppose.
4:48 PM
@mootinator "Java Docker" sounds like a Javadoc generation tool you would use when programming on a boat.

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