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12:00 AM
Our porch is covered in hail. o.o
@jadarnel27 Hahah, thanks. It was relatively painless. Even more so now that I have beer.
@TimStone Where's the digest?
nvm, found it
animuson wants more syrup for waffles
@animuson RENAME!
also, hang a waffle on your nose
I don't have a waffle o.o
12:37 AM
MAKE ONE!!!!!!
I think we have a waffle iron somewhere though
Then eat it :)
I could hold it grinning evily
That too
I doubt waffle irons can be hung on noses (unlike sunglasses)
1:07 AM
Is it possible to earn tumbleweed twice?
I think I'm getting my second one *sigh*
@TimYiJiang Yes, it's awarded multiple times, just not on the same post. :)
And no voting on the tumbleweed I'm growing here! I want my shinies!
@TimYiJiang Which post?
1:22 AM
Wow only 7 views? Those tags don't really help it out much though
I could tag it and have it gather a few more views before somebody else edits it out :P
@TimStone Haha - Sorry for that :P I actually do have a gravatar pic in my network profile... gravatar.com/avatar/…
@Lix You ba...it's OK, I fixed it. :P
@man - Dig in :P
@timS - great job with the digest BTW... When the event was happening it was simply impossible to keep track of all the questions and answers being flung around... Had to just put my head down and answer one by one :P
1:32 AM
Lix the waffles
Thanks! It's relentless, to test your resolve ;)
1:50 AM
This is rated PG? gravatar.com/avatar/…
Yes, I guess...
Ratings are self imposed, so there isn't much you can do about it anyway
2:02 AM
Ha! The Australian online retailer Kogan imposes a new "IE7 tax" on all IE7 users: http://www.kogan.com/au/blog/new-internet-explorer-7-tax
@TimYiJiang Why is the link being created as http// without the colon? That's annoying...
@animuson That's... odd
Gah, how do you find message source again?
Hmmm, weirdness.
How would it do that... o.o it shows the colon in the text, but it's gone in the link!
@TimStone Please explain.
He typed http:// I guess, then pasted the link which already had http://
I know! The link was http://http//www.kogan.com/au/blog/new-internet-explorer-7-tax/
2:06 AM
Yeah. It's actually because of an extension acting up I think.
Is the tax higher if they're using IE6?
The tax is calculated by 0.1% for every month since IE7's release
1 hour later…
3:12 AM
Did Jeremy participate in the town hall chat yet?
3:31 AM
I'm starting to wonder if @JeremyBanks' nomination wasn't entirely serious...
I uh...may have also had that thought.
Same here. It's just... I don't know
If he's elected, according to what he say, he's going to override community consensus
I think that is, to put it politely, batshit insane
3:56 AM
@TimStone Ah, beer. Ye olde panacea.
I never was much of a fan of beer when I drank.
Now whiskey...that's a different story =)
@Shog9 Do you have to be there to participate in the chat, or can you post message replies later?
@jadarnel27 Ah, yes...I'm a bit afraid to make a habit of that, though. :P
Q: Answering Town Hall Chat sessions that you could not attend

GillesSuppose you're a candidate in a moderator election and you could not attend the town hall chat nor post in the chat room until after the digest has been posted. What is the proper procedure to answer the questions? Is it ok to edit the chat transcripts to add your answers (in which case the THC d...

@TimStone Haha, indeed. I made a bit too much of a habit of it for a while.
@jon I think we should analyze the data again and predict what would happen if such a change was instituted, per my answer here meta.stackoverflow.com/a/136065/1Jeff Atwood 8 hours ago
Jack and coke (or equivalent) is my non-beer drink of choice when I go out though.
@TimYiJiang TO THE DATA!
4:01 AM
Does the data explorer have enough data to do an analysis on Jon's proposal?
@TimStone What's "Jack"?
Jack Daniels, whiskey.
I just noticed, SE is now appending a rq=1 query string behind links from the related sidebar
@TimYiJiang Would I have shouted "TO THE DATA" if it didn't?
Community bulletin is cb=1
(the answer is yes, because I haven't thought about what data you need to determine if it's available or not)
4:03 AM
@TimStone Ah, yes. The good stuff. Whiskey sours are good also.
@TimStone Hehehehe
@TimStone I think you would need vote times, at least. To determine rep-cappage.
Oh. I guess that's in there. "Votes.CreationDate"
It's just set to 0:00 of the day the vote was cast.
Which should be sufficient for those purposes.
Oh, gotcha. That would still be wicked complicated though.
(to my very tired mind at the moment, anyway)
hangs a piñata in the middle of the room and walks away
4:07 AM
waters his tumbleweed to see if it'll flower
You think it's going to survive an entire week? xD
Yup. As long as you people don't vote it up or something
It's not a huge issue, but I would like to resolve this minor annoyance
Well it has to have low views too :P
pulls every 3rd letter off of his laptop keyboard
Ah, that's better.
If the question does get tumbleweed I think I'll ask Komodo support directly
4:10 AM
pt, px, same thing. Except not.
Actually what I linked is quite old and may not even be relevant, you can ignore me. :P
Odd, in version 7 the XRE folder doesn't have the chrome folder, so I can't find the userChrome.css file
> You need to make a sub-directory "chrome" in the Komodo profile's "XRE" folder.
D'oh! I actually need to create the folder first
That's just silly
Hey, Jeff Atwood helped close that asp.net question from earlier. Neat.
4:23 AM
@ManishEarthwantsmorewaffles see Tim's link
When you UNION the results of two selects together the database won't deduplicate the results for you, right?
Hey, that link worked @TimStone
Do you want the rep, or should I self answer it?
Go ahead and self-answer it, you did the hard work of actually testing it. :P
@TimYiJiang It will deduplicate.
If you don't want that, UNION ALL
4:50 AM
@Shog9 Yeah, I saw it. Thanks :)
5:30 AM
@TimYiJiang: You killed the weed! You murderer!!!
@animuson Shush, you're not the one to suffer from the indignity of having to endure oversized autocomplete boxes
I love it when things work, it should happen more often...
No, if everything works then @TimStone has nothing to do! Break all the things!
@TimStone why aren't you a mod yet, I'm getting tired of the confusion...
He doesn't want to be a mod.
5:42 AM
@animuson but things should get to the point of working so he can break them!
5 hours later…
10:54 AM
Hiya folks.
@animuson Since he works on SEDE and Chat digests/etc, he sounds like an SE employee many times.
(probably is one, we just don't know about it)
11 hours ago, by Tim ManishEarth
Waffles is leaving :(
See my MSO profile
linky link
That's why I "want more waffles"
11:20 AM
"ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS." ... to quote Orwell — waffles Feb 25 '11 at 2:10
1 hour later…
12:22 PM
@ManishEarth How's it going? Have you suspended anyone on Chem yet? =)
@jadarnel27 Nope
Just the usual unilateral closing, comment purges, etc etc
Just kidding ;-) That's probably rather a good thing. Well-behaved community.
@jadarnel27 Make an account on the site and we'll see about that
@jadarnel27 Either that or tiny community
Ah, that's quite possible.
@ManishEarthwantsmorewaffles MWAHAHAHA
@jadarnel27 I think that socks/etc crop up on places like Gaming, Math, ProgSE, and SOFU
OK, we do have a case of two people sharing an IP, but we haven't acted on it (no need to yet; we shall watch 'em)
12:36 PM
What is the translation for “random” in German? - I'm not sure you can translate everything that random says into German, that's an overly broad question.
@ManishEarthwantsmorewaffles Right, the heavy hitters.
@TimStone We should probably start by translating most of it into sane English =)
<input type="search" name="search" id="search" class="user-search" />
@TimYiJiang My first thought was "Better go check that that isn't on Data Explorer." It is not.
search is now a valid type under HTML5. name is of course for the server. id is to connect with the label using the for. user-search class is because there are now more than one place where I need to have an input element to search for users, so the JavaScript autocomplete code need something to select
12:47 PM
Ah ha
Well that seems reasonable then.
Doesn't make it any less ridiculous though
Why can't the browser just submit the id as name?
That'd be madness!
By specifying name, at least you know what you're getting.
The only reason why there are two attributes is because of radio buttons
No other sane form element should need to have the same name
Well, except for those array fields
12:53 PM
You can have the same form more than once on the page, though.
(or a similar form that submits data to the same place)
1:07 PM
So if I understand this article about how Google handles leap seconds correctly, within the w seconds the server is 'lying', each second is stretched such that in the end the cumulative difference between real time and server time is the one leap second
1:48 PM
Q: How to read “E = (mc)²” compared to “E = mc²”?

MeysamAccording to one of the questions already asked on EL&U, “E = mc²” is read as: E equals M C squared So my question is how to read “E = (mc)²” so that it's not mistaken for “E = mc²”.

The funny thing is, where I come from people just say "E equals bracket M C squared"
2:09 PM
@TimStone Isn't German the language that has a word for everything? Maybe each post random makes is just his attempt at a translation from one obscure German word.
@PopularDemand Good point, bro. <obscure context-less reference>
"context-less"? You used a reply. When you mouse over your message, the system highlights the context for you. And more importantly: "bro"?!
@PopularDemand: Bro, i have updated the question now, you can see it now. — Haps 5 hours ago
That was the missing context.
What up, Brostopher Walken?
2:19 PM
That was the first thing I thought of, and I was desperately hoping it wasn't the missing context.
I'm not your bro, friend!
I'm not your friend, guy!
I'm not your guy, buddy!
floats away on an iceberg to work
Hey guys, reddit is this way ------->
Haha, South Park references.
2:21 PM
@TimYiJiang Huh? All I see is a blank white space, devoid of value or conte... oh.
(Disclaimer: I've never visited reddit.)
@PopularDemand Really? Never?
Not that I can remember, anyways. I may have ended up there once or twice while following links from chat or blogs or something.
Huh. Me neither, actually. I've just seen people talk about it.
Can't blame you for not wanting to visit it if all you see are the default subreddits
Protip: If you decide you want to visit the site, you'd probably want to create an account and unsubscribe from the some of the really bad defaults like r/politics, r/atheism and r/gaming
People talk about it like it's a mix of nerd jokes, unsupported opinions from Internet blowhards and links of varying quality. That's just... not interesting to me.
2:28 PM
@PopularDemand The smaller subreddits are more focused and have a higher average quality of discussion than your typical forum
Gotcha. Maybe I'll check some of those out later, then.
3:09 PM
A: Posting links to questions on Hacker News and programming - Reddit

Won'tAs long as you add "/1228" to the end of these links, its perfectly acceptable.

Oh that Will. What a character.
3:20 PM
Grrr. I get so tired of people harassing relatively new users about accept rate, without providing any indication of what "accept rate" is.
@jadarnel27 Hey now, this naming thing... is hard, okay?
What is more offensive is using K&R style indents for CSS. Seriously?
Hahaha, indeed. I just saw that in an asp.net question on SO.
I just think that's...odd. To have classes for stuff like that. ".bold { font-weight: bold; }" was in there too.
Yeah, technically speaking class names should be semantic (ie. they describe the content) instead of describing the style, which is what the CSS itself is meant for.
If you do the latter you're just repeating yourself without adding meaning to your markup
In theory at least. In practise, well...
3:34 PM
@TimYiJiang Ah, that's exactly it.
I was having trouble putting into words exactly why that seemed so off to me.
3:51 PM
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 8 hours ago, by Jeremy Banks
@ErnestFriedmanHill Having some of my oldest answers deleted was what originally led me to discover Meta Stack Overflow, and from it the podcast. Though I'd been on the site for a long-time, I always thought that moderators's decisions seemed fairly arbitrary. These deletions were responsible for me eventually becoming an enthusiastic user who appreciates the reasoning behind (most) community policies.
Hear that folks? Not only does deletion fix broken windows and keep the floors spotless, it also creates engaged, informed meta-users!
Pfft. Undelete ALL the lists.
I'm so confused. So is Jeremy for or against deletion, then?
Yes. Without a doubt.
Got it. Thanks for clearing that up =)
3:57 PM
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 8 hours ago, by Jeremy Banks
@TimStone My primary role would be to undelete posts, as that would be the reason for my election. I would search undeleted posts on my own and I would also respond to requests for undeletion from users. I would generally avoid proactively casting cast binding close votes unless the situation was extremely unambiguous or I thought the post would receive too little traffic for community moderation to be effective.
Welp. That's it, does anybody want to do the honors before I do? Because I really can't see a moderator that does nothing but go through and un-delete stuff all day long as his primary duty
What, cast a binding un-nominate vote?
@mootinator He actually stands a good chance of winning, you know. Not to un-nominate him, but to pre-empt the shitstorm that will occur if he does win
@TimYiJiang So what's your plan?
Meta post:
4:03 PM
@Shog9 Yup
> Eeeek! Who undeleted my shameful past?
@TimYiJiang That's what I was thinking. Just curious.
4:17 PM
I've got the question written out. I wonder if I should pen down my thoughts in the question itself or as a separate answer
I think I'll run in the next SO mod election on a powerful "edit all posts to include my favourite pasta recipe" platform.
Also "Delete all new questions, they're mostly crap anyway".
@Pekka I would totally support that. Totally.
@TimYiJiang yeah. And "burninate all new accounts"
I'm going to bed now. If that question does not gain at least 10 downvotes by tomorrow morning I would be disappointed.
@TimYiJiang I'm not so sure. I suppose it's a fair question - even though I support undeleting stuff (as long as the archive isn't forthcoming),becoming a mod is not the way to implement your views.
Anyway, good night!
4:29 PM
@Pekka Aye, I was been sarcastic. I made the question as neutral as possible. I'm saving up my vitriol for the answer :P
4:46 PM
@PopularDemand Good call.
@TimYiJiang Do the honours of adding those answers to the digest? Well, I suppose..
raises brow at Wont's bounties
pokes @JeremyBanks
The 'add comment' button seems to be broken on IE mobile 9
Hmm, you can "make my video 3D" when uploading videos onto YouTube. I wonder what it does
3 hours later…
7:58 PM
Will we count down to the elections starting? :-P
We should put a huge timer on the elections page...
LOL... @Jeremy nominates <30 seconds before the end of nominations, withdraws ~1minute before the end of primaries. NICELY DONE.
golf claps
/me is done.
1 hour later…
9:11 PM
I gots Subway!!! Hahahahaha
@Shog9: Why can't I manually dismiss the orange boxes in moderator elections? Why do I have to wait!?
@animuson huh?
what orange boxes?
When I vote for someone, it pops up the orange box "You have cast your [first/second/third] vote, you have [1/2/3]votes remaining"
If you click on it, it doesn't dismiss it, you have to wait for it to fade away on its own
9:17 PM
Yeah, this is true. Guessing no one cared to make it more complicated. It doesn't cover anything important.
@animuson lol
That's classy right there.
He's waited 4 days
to say this.
I mean, at least he just put it as a comment.
@Pekka Oh, lol. He created an account for that? Awesome.
Bird, bird bird, bird is the word. Bird bird, bird, bird is the word.

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