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3:00 AM
BTW...Green Bay is tearing Indi a new one...granted, it is just pre-season.
LOL my first "Nice Answer" ever comes from a CW on money.se. I'm definitely getting more traction there than on SO.
glances around and notices that all the other bar flies are asleep on their stools
5 hours later…
8:04 AM
Quiet here right now...
It appears the only room with a message less than some hours old is Physics.
Oh and Super User
2 hours later…
9:56 AM
Nice, won two bottles of wine in the friday lottery :)
3 hours later…
1:20 PM
Digg is down :(
Reddit it is :(
1:42 PM
So.. will you get a message in your inbox if you get a reply here?
I don't think so.
Not on meta.stackoverflow.com
So I would have to stay in here then.. :)
You can search for your at replies to your name.
If that helps.
I wonder if that's the correct Michael
or Michael was the search term!
I just did a search for @Michael
1:46 PM
how is this programmed? I think it's awesome
Lots of JavaScript and C# I would imagine.
right, so I found my name at the top in the roomlist. You could search for replies there as well
Ah, that's a better way of doing things.
2:46 PM
@Sam152 the "replies" page on your profile is probably an easier way to do that :)
oh --
Yeah, as @Michael pointed out.
yeah, I should read to the end before answering :)
@Fosco This is what they should have turned "pair off" into.
Proper user of my close vote: yes/no?
Q: Fixing Ignorance As Amazon Links Are Incorrectly Labelled?

Rob WellsAnyone else been visited by the self-appointed link police? Some clowns turned up and put comments in a question regarding books stating that the Amazon links in the question were affiliate links. Pity they didn't look closer, or know what an affiliate link looks like. Those of us hitting amazo...

3:41 PM
Hey, @HoLyVieR and @LasseVKarlsen.
hey @PopularDemand
Huh. That "avatars go to front of list when entering a room or talking" thing is kinda useful after all.
Any opinion on that close vote?
@PopularDemand hey
Another quiet day.
@Michael If you visit your user page, you'll see a recent and replies tab: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/users/147063/michael
@PopularDemand I was talking to myself in here last night.
3:55 PM
Good Morning
good evening
There needs to be a tag for questions on MSO about official lighthearted stuff, like the photo of the keyboard waffle iron or CAPTCHA robot image. [official-humor]?
[alway-friday-in-iceland] is kinda official
or do you mean humor outside of meta?
There is no such thing as humor outside of meta..
it all gets closed..
I thought of [*friday*] as a tag for user-submitted stuff. Seems weird to apply it to things built in to the SE engine.
4:03 PM
@viraptor Special case, grandfathered in.
(Much like the entire "highest voted questions" list.)
→ 2 messages moved to Chat feedback
I would like to point out my undying love to the following channel:
It is where I tell people to get off my lawn
4:18 PM
@Chacha102 I thought you had undying love for this channel!
I have undying love for both...
@Chacha102 Eh, I got nothin' on this one.
Basically 'GET OFF MY LAWN!!!' is a channel where I just yell at people..
It is stress relieving..
@Chacha102 Why do people show up? Is that channel, in fact, also your lawn?
4:24 PM
Ah, dinner soon ready
Ok, someone come up with another funny reference I can put as the description of this room..
@Chacha102 Hot sausages inna bun!
Q: Moderator Feature Removal

Chacha102Please remove the moderator ability described in this chat message. I just don't think it should be available, as it could easily be abused. Shog9: Mods can also come into your house at night and leave your milk out. Some mod abilities aren't talked about much.

So that's what keeps happening
That explains everything!
Is it possible for me to ask the moderators to wake me up when they leave my milk out, so I can get a light snack with the milk before it gets sour?
4:40 PM
@LasseVKarlsen I think you're misunderstanding the point of the ability.
This ability is used when a strongly-worded e-mail isn't enough, but the user hasn't quite committed a binnable offense.
Ok, at least wake up my cat and give him some of the milk then
He haven't done anything to you, I don't see why he should suffer for my transgressions
@LasseVKarlsen Psh, as if the cat doesn't automatically know that the milk is out.
nice image!
I kinda want to star that, but it wouldn't make sense on its own in the "starred" list.
4:43 PM
HA! That's the way to deal with hotlinking...
it could've been worse... a lot worse.
@Shog9 Angelfire used to do that a decade ago. When it was still a somebody.
@Jin I don't think that's a road we want to be going down....
you mean... in the long long ago? The beforetimes?
Back when internet was handed around on stone tablets
Back when "bandwidth" was the width of your bandwagon where you hauled the tablets around
Unless... unless @Chacha102 actually linked to the "PwN3d" image directly. As an artful indictment of us all.
4:46 PM
Perhaps his browser cached it, so he doesn't even know that we're not seeing the same as him
Its a muffin cat?
could be, judging by the url, I would say it probably is
no... no it's not
dang it...
but to us, it's a "PwN3d" image
4:47 PM
if you call her "muffin", i won't hold it against you, but... I will laugh.
Photoshop is da bømb!
I really want to see the Pwn3d image now..
feature-request (that will bring about the downfall of mankind): extend that fancy new direct-imgur-image-hosting thing to the chat.
4:49 PM
Someone go to this page: dropline.net/cats Click like 3 pages in and link a random image
@Chacha102 just open this page in a different browser
I don't like the new imgur dialog. Makes it harder to add images the way I had been. Getting used to a longer process now, but eh.
@rchern How had you been doing it? I had to create a flickr account just for SE images, and maybe I just don't know the fancy shortcuts but it took me forever to get the URL of the raw image I could plug in to the old image dialog thing.
Ooh, +1 @NewMouseoverLeaveAndSwitchIconsForOtherRooms
i just FTP'd images to my webhost, and typed the link into the box
thats what I do
4:53 PM
Most of the images I post on the SE sites are screenshots. I'd do winkey > snip > enter to open up Snipping > drag the mouse around the area I want > ctrl+c to toss the image into clipboard > imaer uploads the image in my clipboard to imgur. On SE, ctrl+g > ctrl+v = done.
you like the new mouse over room icons?
i hate them
i have to stop and think about them before clicking
because they don't make any sense
Ditto. I meant to post to MSO yesterday and forgot. Someone else should so I can be lazy!
you should do it now. With lots of images.
@rchern Wait... what's snipping?
@Popular, anyway, ctrl+g now brings up the imgur dialog, so I have to click to switch to url mode, then click to give the input field focus. Paste in my url...
but wait! SO takes the imgur url I gave it...
and reuploads it to imgur.
On Vista and Windows 7 it is a screen capture tool
4:56 PM
Real men crop screenshots with Paint. Actually Real, Real men use Notepad.
...I'm not a man.
And here I thought Winkey was only good for opening the Start menu.
so there's that.
who starred that >_<
@badp I use a magnetized needle and a steady hand?
@Shog, as I've just pointed out...images are a pain now. >_>
4:57 PM
@PopularDemand And on a Mac you just press Ctrl-Shift-Meta-Alt-Super-Command-Fn-F7 to adjust the universe seed accordingly. Couldn't be simpler.
@rchern then it's time for some GREASE MONKEY
when the site fights you, you fight back
scratch that...
too little coffee this morning
Well, +1 @rchern for giving me a new Hidden Feature of Vista/7 to play with when I get home.
not really a hidden feature.
well, neither is
5:02 PM
Speaking of "hidden features", what exactly is the math input panel for?
i hadn't realized that the new dialog uploaded images that were already referred to by URLs. It kinda makes sense, but I didn't expect it.
@badp poetry
I still haven't found a single application that will accept the output of that program.
(okay, Word 2010 will accept that, as I'm sure you're thrilled to learn.)
Q: Please help me eliminate year tags (and dangling version numbers)

MPelletierThere are currently a few year tags that should be removed (unless the year or number itself is an issue), probably added because of versioning. Years: [2005] [2007] [2009] [2010] Dangling version: [3.5] Many of these are just [product]-[year] without the hyphen or [product][year]. I...

@badp, Word (2007) is what I've used it with.
Q: Interesting books in 2009?

egagaIt's nice to be aware of the current trends in our industry, and I would like to know what books have been released this year that are worth reading. I'm especially interested in books about languages, but I'd like to hear about other kinds of programming books as well. For example, JVM languag...

5:08 PM
oh wait, that's not Gaming. nvm
@badp Actually, this is exactly why I posted the second question.
huh. And "Secrets of JavaScript Ninja" [sic] didn't even get released in '09...
oh, @Arda made me believe list questions are okay on SO
Hmm... Yeah, but generally they should be CW
A: Captcha Bypass.

Popular DemandThis should not be tagged [status-completed]. I just reproed on SO, though I was doing a retag, not an edit (<2k user).

5:20 PM
I can't remember the last time I saw a captcha...
Ya know @Popular, every question you see doesn't have to be pasted. </sarcasm> :P (is just poking fun)
Feature request: "patently bullshit" flag!
Heh, nice. The Chrome dev tools updates the dom tree automatically. Discovered this because the quickswitch and quickleave are generated (and removed) on hover, not just a visibility toggle.
@Chacha102 Today on a SE site
Heh. There's a question on WebMasters that could go on the English SE. (kinda)
5:33 PM
Hm, is the community user bumping questions on SO?
5:49 PM
mutters something about not being good at self-promotion and his dislike for jumping through hoops for recruiters
@GeorgeMarian Speak up, I can't quite hear you.
Yah, being soft-spoken is another issue. Ironically, I didn't have much of a problem with that as a teacher.
Different environment though, after getting used to it there was no nervousness either. Put me in front of a cute woman and I'm a mess.
be right back, thunder
6:26 PM
@rchern you really care a lot about that, huh?
Your question. Which I'm not going to post in chat, since I've apparently hit my quota for the day.
Haha. I was just teasing you earlier. I didn't mean anything by it!
For a moderator, Will sure does whine a lot...
Q: Add the ability to lock a question against edits

Will(Similar to Give Diamond Moderators the Ability to Partially Lock a Post) It would be nice if diamond mods could have the ability to prevent edits on a question/answer. For example, the famous Regex match open tags answer has been (in the not recent past) defaced by a user who decided it was ...

I care that I keep clicking on the damn leave link or on dead space.
6:31 PM
@rchern I know. I'd have used a smiley there if I wasn't so against them.
Aww, smileys can be fun! (:
@Shog9 That's no way to treat a fellow member of the Floating Disembodied Heads Cabal!
Even if his is trapped in the center of some sort of radiant energy field, and not the Great Infinite White Void.
Have I lost it? Aren't upvotes on questions worth +5 not +10?
yes, except on Meta
6:35 PM
I didn't realize MSO was different.
oh... it's different all right
See my favorite FAQ:
Q: How does Meta Stack Overflow work?

Popular DemandMeta Stack Overflow seems to have different rules and user behavior than the "regular" Stack Exchange sites. How is it different? Individual questions answered below: What do votes mean on Meta? Why was my well-written post downvoted? When should posts on Meta be set to community wiki? Why ...

7:02 PM
Wow. I've posted 35 questions on MSO and never noticed the upvote rep difference
@rchern I have added this explicitly to the FAQ now.
I saw. (:
7:21 PM
@rchern, you've won this round....
Ah, I see.
Q: Chat quick* links should be always visible

rchernI'm wondering what the motivation is to have the quickleave and quickswitch icons hidden by default and only visible when you hover over the area. With the icons hidden until you hover above them, this means that if you are moving your mouse there with the intent to switch rooms, it feels li...

@Popular, how often are you clicking the Leave link (on purpose!)?
@rchern ~1/day.
7:26 PM
May I ask why?
(out of curiosity)
Out of curiosity
What is the difference between clicking on the room name and clicking on the switch icon?
Clicking on the room name doesn't switch rooms?
@badp Switch makes it the current window. Clicking the name opens a separate window/tab.
oh. It just opens the contextual menu
7:30 PM
@Popular, Clicking the room name opens up an overlay popup with info and links
Nevermind popups is the part I like the least of this interface
@rchern You may. I no longer wished to be in that room. I suppose you could argue that I didn't really need to leave, but it gets the mini-notification-thing out of the current window, and it's... "semantically correct."
@Popular, I mainly wondered if you were doing it at the end of the day for each room and was going to point out the always visible everywhere leave all link.
@rchern Gah, what was I thinking of? Middle-clicking, probably.
@rchern I see. You're right that there's really no need, since you'll just time out in 10 minutes anyways.
Nah, if you're doing it to legitimately leave, that's cool. I just thought maybe you were doing it to leave all rooms but doing each one individually.
7:34 PM
@rchern But, but, using "all" just seems so cold and impersonal!
I'm not saying nobody ever leaves rooms...just seems much less frequent that it doesn't warrant an immediately available option. All of this is just my humble opinion of course.
I have yet to look at my "other rooms" list and think, "whoa, I don't want to be 'in' that room anymore"
Bear in mind that I'm someone who always has irc open 24/7 though obviously I'm not chatting there.
@Shog9 Agreed. I don't think that until I see who's in the rooms in question.
ah, you're one of those people
@PopularDemand actually, I rarely use "leave" at all; sooner or later, I close the last tab and it takes care of that stuff for me (in ~10 minutes)
7:47 PM
I rarely leave a room. When I do it's usually to restart the browser, or because the PC crashed/restarted.
Q: is it possible to insert a line break in this tooltip?

I__i have a pretty map of the US: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Map_of_USA_with_state_names.svg i would like to implement a tooltip with multiline functionality such as here over the red square: http://www.carto.net/papers/svg/gui/tooltips/ please help me get started on this...

6 days, 23 hours, 50+ minutes left on this bounty:
Q: What sites should have hyperlinking (onebox) support in chat?

Juha SyrjäläSome sites are integrated to chat . What additional sites should the chat support? One suggestion per answer.

already is...
8:00 PM
Then the only worthwile left is instantrimshot.com
oh and sadtrombone.com
especially sadtrombone.com
@badp Your upvote would be appreciated.
It'd be... rad(?) if reputation updated in real time with little +10's floating from reputation scores
(followed by a shower of -2's)
However I think this comment links would be more useful (it's a pity they're so hard to make, however, without GS).
8:04 PM
Q: Stack Overflow's voting system is not entertaining enough

Double WelbogI submit to you the following quartet of indisputable facts: Stack Overflow is for people who are bored at work. Having animations and video games are more exciting (and therefore less boring) than not having animations and video games. Chrono Trigger is the best video game ever made. Downvotin...

That's just for downvotes!
@badp Picky, picky.
Yes, yes, we all love xkcd.
9:02 PM
Yay, a chat system at last (-:
9:33 PM
@MadsElvheim It's very web2.0ey, too.
Nom. Now I'm hungry.
hmm. "Killerspong" name clipping isn't fun. I should change that.. make it match my SO name...
Oh? It's not clipping on my screen.
oh? I must have a horizontally challenged second monitor then :)
9:40 PM
OIC...it's dependent on client width.
Yah, that must bit...how narrow is it?
nvm...it seems obvious that a 5:4 monitor would clip it.
Why don't bounties show up in a question's timeline?
One'd think they'd be pretty important events in a question's life...
19" 4:3 running 1280 x 1024
@George Hopefully I can meet fellow StackOverflow coders here. It's about time SO got its own chat.
@mads agreed
Yup, and I like it. I've met some interesting characters, that's for sure.
9:43 PM
just going to leave the room and see if my name changes..
nope. It has too good a memory. :P
Yah, lots of memory. Have you looked at the chat FAQ?
nope... I'll go have a gander now.
There are a lot of features. I doubt that they're all documented in the FAQ, as things are still changing.
nods I like the question linking feature. Useful if you can convince enough people to discuss it :)
It's being very useful for maintaining betas
1. link bad question
2. ...
3. profit!
9:50 PM
Q: What links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThere is special linking to some sites in chat. What is the full list of supported and integrated sites?

I was a bit bummed the unit testing help room has already been frozen from lack of activity since it was the closest room I could find on TDD. I'm failing miserably at getting myself started on projects with TDD.
How comfortable are you with a unit testing framework?
Also, at this point, activity is still relatively light here. I believe that meta and blog are the only places where chat is mentioned.
well I'm using xUnit and I know how to use it. At least, defining "Facts" / tests, and asserting stuff.
Yeah, I only found out about chat by complete accident.
Why do you think you're failing at using TDD?
I generally just can't get started when I try and use it on a project that's bigger in scope than a class. I get some sort of irrational tendency to just freeze up before I've even begun.
10:00 PM
Do you think it has to do with your knowledge of xUnit or inability to decide on proper test cases?
inability to decide on proper test cases
How well are the requirements fleshed-out?
tsk, tsk WSJ
> "Troll" is a term often used to describe holders of patents who use their intellectual property primarily as fodder for filing infringement lawsuits.
Well not brilliantly, it's a personal project of mine at the moment. A small simple build server that accepts url ping's from github for a project, pulls the latest source down, builds it and emails me the results.
That may be part of the issue. The first place to start looking for test cases are the requirements.
BTW Paul Allen is apparently suing the Internet: online.wsj.com/article/…
right, so I should have a good go at writing the requirements out, since writing solidifies ideas best, then go over it and see if I can see a good place to start.
10:07 PM
Right. You don't necessarily need to have bullet proof requirements (that usually leads to paralysis-by-analysis), but you do need them to be reasonably sketched out.
From there, each requirement should lead to at least one test case of some sort. (That doesn't mean every test case will be easy, or even possible, to express as a unit test.)
The other thing to keep in mind, though you do want to express as many test cases in code, it doesn't necessarily have to be so. Though, you do want to document them somehow.
I see. So like a testing document that details tests that need to be done if they couldn't be automated for some reason. So I can go over those after the automated ones have passed.
right well thanks for the pointers :) Time for me to disappear into the ether.
Glad to be of service. See you later.
pleasure chatting with you :) I can see SO chat is going to be useful for people like me who have no-one locally to quiz about this sort of thing :)
Yup, the real time interaction will be quite useful.
10:59 PM
sigh I feel so cool. I just sent a text to someone and they replied asking who I am. |:
@rchern : Wrong number? :)
Nope, heh.
Another answer on SO with source code. Go me.
Well, maybe. But I was texting to let her know that I got a phishing chat message on Facebook from her. And a minute after I sent it she posted on FB saying not to click the link if she sends it because she clicked it and it was sending it to everyone.
Just give up already. People don't listen anyway (-;

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