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12:18 AM
~ The Shaman & Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms
2 hours later…
2:19 AM
~ Can't we be a bit moar talkative?
4 hours later…
6:19 AM
~ Wood Wizard
6 hours later…
12:20 PM
~ Not everything is star-worthy...
@KennyBOT shuddup Kenny!
~ Stars get removed under peer-pressure?
12:26 PM
rubbing sore butt
@Shadow go on kick me!
nah, better not raise auto flags here... lol (several kicks raise some flags, no?)
welp, that escalated quickly
@Shadow 3
I summoned a mod when testing how my bot responed to kicks once :]
@Shadow dunno.
12:28 PM
@Zoethetransgirl lol
@YvetteColomb XD (?)
It also explicitly states "A moderator has been notified" or something like that
Zoe, I didn't realise you were princess from in here. What is wrong with my brain?
Well I'm a honored person, I don't kick. I ping!
kicks @Yve
See? ;)
nah, it's fine ^^ I've used a lot of names here with a separate profile pick - it's hard to keep track of it
12:30 PM
@YvetteColomb you were away for too long.... :D
@Zoethetransgirl I want to talk to you at some point. I misjudged you harshly.
I thought you were a bit of a troll. I'm so sorry. It probably explains my attitude
I've only put the pieces together recently
@YvetteColomb Discord
@Shadow tuned (?)
12:33 PM
@FOX9000 stay
@Shadow mom (?)
@FOX9000 dad
@Shadow jake (?)
>>link dad slap
@Shadow Link added.
12:33 PM
@Yve you know what? If somehow I'll change my mind and stay, I'll rename to Shadow The Princess Wizard, just to be reminded what keeps me here (the fun!) what do you think?
@YvetteColomb I don't blame you for that tbh. I'm aware my behavior has been... well, bad at times. FWIW, it was worse a few years ago. I've had to learn a lot - my social skills are many years behind the "average"
@YvetteColomb You can always add me on Discord. I'm online pretty much all the time ^^"
@Zoethetransgirl yep it's that kinda stuff I was judging and for some reason I missed the connection with who you were until today!
I will
@Shadow were you leaving/
12:36 PM
@Zoethetransgirl yet they're not just fine, and I often forget how much you worked on that, and I should know. So a big kudos. :)
@YvetteColomb hehe... well see my profile...
@Shadow get your arse back in here now! drags by hair
we all have felt like leaving, but you cannot go!
@YvetteColomb in case you don't have it already, I'm Olivia#0740
12:37 PM
stuff that, I'm not having it
The only reason I'm still here is I still didn't think of what to say in a farewell post, so decided to make some "grace period" time.
@Zoethetransgirl got it
@Shadow reverse it NOW!
@YvetteColomb hair? Not long enough........... ;-)
@Shadow go to your email mister
12:38 PM
@Shadow pff, just leave it for a couple years ;)
@Zoethetransgirl I did, as teenager! Had rather long hair.
@Shadow I'm on a schedule. I'm giving it 15 more days, then I'm done. I'll see what I do after that when I get there
I gotta go/ work to do
I added you Zoe
great to be back
12:39 PM
Yeah, I saw. Accepted it a minute ago
@Zoethetransgirl absolute time? No turning back?
I won't delete my account instantly. I'll leave it for 6-8 and periodically pop by, but I don't see the point in continuing to stay on the site. The only thing keeping me here is that I want to make sure the community survives, but the community is turning on itself and SE is unresponsive, so I don't have much of a place here
Which really sucks, because I would be in a lot worse place if not for the community here. But yeah, it's collapsing now. :/
@Zoethetransgirl Tavern seems fine. Many core users are still around. To be honest.... nothing collapsed yet, at least in MSE. Is it worse over SO?
SOBotics is pretty affected. Charcoal too
The Meta Room has lost users too
Chat around the network?
I've raised more flags there in the past week than I have in the last year.
Also got into conflict with a mod, but the message got handled properly when someone else raised flags and presumably a different mod stepped in
I'm watching two different feed rooms in chat to keep track of new stuff being posted because there's a lot of nasty behavior
Meanwhile, people in the group the CoC aims to include (me included) see a lot of crap. I know another trans person who takes frequent breaks. It's draining, and I spend too much time on it. Currently, everyone is losing
No one wins, and everyone is pushed away
12:58 PM
Oh... feeling bit bad now for sticking only to MSE.
MSE is the definitely worst
Like my own small ivory tower...
Mainly because this is network-featured and brings a lot of nastiness with it
@Zoethetransgirl how so?
@Shadow Half the mods, significant volume increase
12:59 PM
Tavern is kept perfectly clean.
+ featuring bringing thousands of people here
Not talking about chat, talking about main
@Zoethetransgirl nasty comments?
Nasty comments, nasty answers, nasty questions, some times nasty usernames, nasty "about me"'s...
Combined with a really long flag handling time lets some of these things explode out of control
I still feel it's part of "Let them release some steam" policy which is good, and right away offensive posts/comments are being deleted. Unless you have examples that prove otherwise? @Zoe
@Shadow Without 10k, I can't find it. Some things were posted as answers and stayed for an unnecessarily long time. There was also an incident on MSO...
I've had some offensive comments I flagged take hours to be removed here on MSE
MSO stays on top of it because of the meta room and lower volume in general
All the problems are directed to MSE
1:05 PM
meh MSO was always crappy even before all of... this.
@Shadow There's so many I'm being censored comments for objectively bad post
@Shadow I've seen multiple of those posts here on MSE
@StephanS my rule of thumb: "comment is temporary, and might be deleted even without a good reason". Then I'm not angry or hurt when my comment suddenly vanish, and it's my way of thinking way before this crisis. :)
@Shadow I started a war with one of my mods about that because he was removing 1-hour old comments
Law.SE really hasn't been affected by all of this
1:12 PM
it created quite a few posts in our meta
anyways I heard about a bot Zoe made in the other room
The bot is currently dead
The source is on GH, but I'm not hosting it
I also deleted the account for it. Won't be needing it anyway
I was just interested in knowing about it
@StephanS can find it in the graveyard transcript.
what did it do? how long did it take you to make it?
1:18 PM
It did lots of stuff. Mostly chat stuff
@StephanS well, you can go over this to see what it was used for. :)
wait caprica six was an actual user
I thought it was just an account owned by rlemon
@StephanS no it's a bot
Actual account owned by actual person, used for actual bot. ;)
@Zoethetransgirl this is great github.com/LunarWatcher/NN-chatbot/blob/master/chatbot/src/main/…. Do you enjoy Kotlin?
yeah, I like the language. I haven't used it in a while though. I switched over to C++ recently
1:28 PM
I've tried to avoid it so far by just sticking with java but it seems i'll have to bite the bullet eventually
I might check out Kotlin Native when it gets a bit more mature
@StephanS Avoid C++ or Kotlin?
it's definitely worth checking out though.
There's a bunch of utils for a lot of things, including multi-platform stuff
I've read about that and I've been told if you know java then kotlin isn't hard to pick up
kotlin is built on Java, so most of the classes are the same
There's different mechanics for null and there's some different syntax, but most of it is the same
1:36 PM
I'll have to buy a book about it, but right now I still reading through the docs on AndroidX
1:47 PM
spell check: "I'm still reading through"
1:51 PM
2:15 PM
2:33 PM
~ Not everything is star-worthy...
did I just get burned by a bot or Rene?
@StephanS yourself! @Kenny doesn't say who stars. ;)
Now we know it's you. :D
oh wait
@Shadow ........
Hey those dots itch
you're in Israel
is it true everything shuts down on Yom Kippur, like it's a ghost country
2:49 PM
@StephanS yes, even all TV channels are obliged by law to stop broadcasting.
Part of being Jewish country. :)
I'm fine with that even while not being religious.
that's crazy
It's a day where all the kids ride their bicycles in the empty roads.
@StephanS every religion has crazy things, yes.
And every nation has its own weird rules, regardless of religion. :)
I mean just crazy in that fact that everything stops
@StephanS correct :)
@Shadow blunder (?)
2:51 PM
@FOX9000 thunder
@Shadow torrent (?)
@FOX9000 u
@Shadow m8 (?)
@FOX9000 M16
No associated word found for m16.
2:52 PM
Really?! Such a peaceful bot. ;)
what just happened
oh it's a game
>>continue M16 Galil
@Shadow Galil (?)
>>addlinkexplanation M16 Galil en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMI_Galil
@Shadow Explanation added.
2:53 PM
@StephanS You've just witnessed WAG
my favorite game.
Playing since 2001 or 2002.
does it randomly happen
Back then played in ASPFree Forums Lounge with actual human beings, but these days playing with the bot @ProgramFOX built especially for that purpose. :)
Or with @rene in the past....
@StephanS the only random thing in WAG (with the bot) is the word selection. :)
The bot replies to any single word reply, if coming from someone who joined the game.
@Shadow You're already in the game.
That's how you join ^^
@FOX got more cool commands which are not related to WAG
>>flip @StephanS
@Shadow (╯^□^)┛︵SuɐɥdǝʇS@
2:56 PM
and many many more..... :P
alive, utc, listcommands, help, cat, exec, read, getcurrentusers, ping, flip, doubleflip, xkcdrandomnumber, xkcd, random, randomint, randomchoice, shuffle, detectlang, translate, *translationchain, *translationswitch, *stop, *disable, *enable, *suspend, *unsuspend, *ban, *unban, +delete, *pull, yes, no, *module, define, time, showtime, link, islink, removelink, addlinkexplanation, explainlink, removelinkexplanation, showlatest10, latestword, rmword, reply, retry, continue, *gameban, *gameunban, joingame, quitgame
Take your pick!
2:57 PM
@StephanS Argument parsing failed.
The unique thing with @FOX I never saw in other bot is nested commands
>>cat woof
@Shadow woof
>>help cat
@Shadow Repeats what you said back at you. Syntax: >>cat something
>>cat dog
2:58 PM
@StephanS dog
>>cat {{ping Stephan}}
@Shadow @Stephan
Nesting ^
@StephanS You joined the Word Association Game! Take a look at the tutorial. Run >>quitgame to leave.
2:59 PM
And now for @FOX ultimate power....
>>exec {{read 5983748}}
@Shadow this is @JennaSloan's fault!
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