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12:00 PM
@malviň nope, not anymore... he's not working for SE for a while.
@ShadowWizard just readin the same ;)
in case you missed, last word :)
@ShadowWizard yeah I did :P
@ShadowWizard cord
@malviň guitar
12:04 PM
@spa alive ?
@ShadowWizard pedal
SharePoint keeps @SPA busy
@SPA is being kept busy by SharePoint
Kept busy by SharePoint, @SPA is
@malviň bikes
@ShadowWizard stunts
@spa for u
@malviň umm...did you draw it yourself? :P
12:08 PM
@DroidDev bot is alive o_O
@DroidDev nope I m poor in it ^^
@DroidDev most boys do
do what?
@DroidDev poor at drawing
@DroidDev wondering how u got so silly
Is code is the culprit
12:12 PM
@malviň if I told you the counts of things I am doing right now, you'll get it :P
@SPArchaeologist tanks
@DroidDev hoopss
anyway...I was pretty good at drawing, but, haven't done it in years, so don't know my skill level at present
@DroidDev then don't do ^^
@malviň dangerous
@malviň are you talking about drawing? I mean, are you saying that I shouldn't do drawing? Why? :/
12:15 PM
@DroidDev it may got furious now :xD
all r not mortal here ^^
please be simple with your words, I can't divert much attention
anyway...in that case...I think it should be better...
@ShadowWizard help-vamp
lol gone :D
@malviň vampire bat
much better
@SPArchaeologist its so cute <3
@ShadowWizard blood
12:25 PM
@malviň sucking
@spa don't take it wrong again xD
@malviň this will used as an evidence in court.
no evidences ...no traces :D @spa :P
@ShadowWizard boobs
even if I am not present, I just kick in at perfect moment
@DroidDev yeah
12:29 PM
@DroidDev @malviň I promised, remember?
@DroidDev spa call us uncouth
@SPArchaeologist I can't listen them :(
Jan 17 at 9:49, by Shadow Wizard
@maveň is way less innocent
@malviň not something to be proud of
@SPArchaeologist I havn't :/
@DroidDev pretty
12:35 PM
@SPArchaeologist I m bit more innocent than @DroidDev
@malviň means nothing. For each uncouth level Z there exist a word Y such that @DroidDev wag reply to Y is uncouther than Z
@SPArchaeologist lol
but I encapsulate the words
he don't
@SPArchaeologist rest ur will's ... I won't do them anymore
12:51 PM
I leave for a moment and find boobs waiting for me in the Den
now what shall I do with them...... :D
@SPArchaeologist I fear you're going to post this lots more - hope you have patience! ;)
and I saw what you wrote @mal up there, good for you! :P
@malviň face
1:07 PM
@malviň well...for me, I just want to enjoy everything the way I like....
hmm.... let's see how well it works....
                      /`.`, ,'` `-'-._ ``.
                    ,'` ,;-'  _ ``    ._ `\
                   /` ,;'  ,'', _  ``  `  `\
                 _/`,'' _,' ,'   `.` `  ` `/
                 \_' _,   ,'      | f\ ` ` |
                  `.; ```/         \| `.`   |
                   '.`--'\  .'"    ;|  |` `/
                     `.  `.  <6    <6   /__/'
                       `- |      (    /-''
                          ;\   ._.  .`
not bad :)
new job ads filters seems to working good
@ShadowWizard off
@ShadowWizard well...she has nice eyes :P
@DroidDev turn
@DroidDev yay!
@DroidDev lol, I'm sure that's the only thing you checked.... there were others but too NSFW even if only ASCII :P
@ShadowWizard lol, I'd like to have a link then ;)
@ShadowWizard rotate
@DroidDev ascii-art.de/ascii/xyz/xxx.txt browse at your own risk!! :)
@DroidDev motor
1:23 PM
@ShadowWizard lol, that's pretty good art there
@ShadowWizard engine
@DroidDev yup, very talented people, and you can tell they're mostly males... probably young :D
@DroidDev fuel
@ShadowWizard ahah, and also probably with no other work ;)
I am very very sick and irritated by people trying to justify themselves even when they know that they are wrong. People include tester and my junior
@ShadowWizard petrol
@DroidDev sadly enough, this is true for most people :(
@DroidDev patrol
1:30 PM
@ShadowWizard car
@DroidDev back seat
what I promised to you, @sha & @DroidDev?
umm.... what for @SPA? The ASCII art? You can retaliate by posting pony ASCII art :)
paste do not keep spaces. no time to fix now
and after all.... why ASCII?
@SPArchaeologist you have to indent it all with four spaces to make it a code block
@SPArchaeologist because we are all geeks, duh! :D
1:46 PM
@ShadowWizard you? geeks? since when?
@SPArchaeologist since ever... decided to simply embrace the fact since a young age and be done with it :-)
@ShadowWizard still, not much informed on tipical subjects like Doctor Who or such
@SPArchaeologist nope. I spent my time on other things, I'm afraid. :)
(plus my memory isn't that great, don't remember much even from the things I did watch)
2:08 PM
@SPArchaeologist the fact that I can speak and understand english makes me geek enough back in my village. You know, I am country geek ;)
tiny Shadow returns to the Den, a muffin tied to his chest, dongling behind him
@ShadowWizard plants a big shard of blackrock in the middle of the room
@SPArchaeologist going around the blackrock, carefully
> Another property of blackrock is that it can block the ethereal waves which enable magic. This means that a big enough amount of blackrock will disable any kind of magic
In that case, absolute answer to blackrock: Hirashin No Jutsu!
just travel through time and space ;)
2:24 PM
with the Shrink spell broken, the tiny wizard grows up and the familiar Wizard appears. "thanks, I wasn't able to undo the spell in my tiny form". :D
2:40 PM
@ShadowWizard passengers
@DroidDev airplane
@ShadowWizard luggage
@DroidDev discworld
beware, it can devour gods!
@ShadowWizard Galactus
wrong reply @SPA
(last word in chain is still discworld)
2:57 PM
@ShadowWizard link :P
@DroidDev Zelda
@ShadowWizard pony (ask @FlamePrincessϡ)
@Fla I ask you ^
@SPArchaeologist obsessed (you are)
@DroidDev shoes (common obsession for women ;))
3:03 PM
@DroidDev 10 million Fluttershys , last phrase
was that a WAG reply?
I mean, that is why I am not replying...
no idea...
@DroidDev you mean mine? no, just a reply to you. Listen to the last phrase in the specified song.
3:12 PM
so shoes are the last reply
@SPArchaeologist I asked for smartphone from my colleague, headphones from another one and now its buffering
@ShadowWizard kuribo
@ShadowWizard no longer
@SPArchaeologist haha, you could have just said that, instead, you made me listen to a song
@SPArchaeologist kuriboh
lol mini status WAG in Tavern :D
3:49 PM
@ShadowWizard winged
@SPArchaeologist horror
@ShadowWizard SharePoint
4:07 PM
@SPArchaeologist PowerShell
@ShadowWizard Yaaaay! :D
@ShadowWizard It auto-restarts every hour.
and it also has a global exception hook so it restarts on any unhandled exception
(yes, I know I should add an except hook too)
@SPArchaeologist Well... I'd say Pony is a spell too. At least, it behaves exactly like a spell.
@ProgramFOX if it does nothing like other spell do then it must be a spell :P
4:29 PM
Bot started with waiting time set to 15 seconds.
4:57 PM
Got to go, shutting down bot.
@ProgramFOX Bot terminated.
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6:54 PM
@ProgramFOX oh, good... how complicated would it be to add this to our dear @FOX9000? :)
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