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1:06 PM
@maveň Heavy
@ShadowWizard maven slept
@ShadowWizard weight
@SilentKiller bye sk TC
@maveň Over
@ShadowWizard cricket
1:13 PM
@maveň Ball
@ShadowWizard round
@DroidDev already seen somewhere else :P ;)
@maveň Shhhh..... ;)
@maveň table
@DroidDev lol :D
kept it secret
thanks @maveň in secret
1:30 PM
@DroidDev when to leave bot ?
@maveň didn't quite get you, do you mean change the username?
@DroidDev lol ......opsss when to leave ofc
@maveň oh! you were referring to me as bot. lol
@maveň so, it might take me time
about 30-45 minutes
1:39 PM
:) okay haappy weekend :) @DroidDev :)
@maveň thanks, same to you :)
copied that
2:05 PM
oh. Now it is just me, @droid and the statues. :P
you know, Frank&Uni work like Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.
they move only when no one is looking at them
or when someone ping them ;)
lifehack: suggesting fly paper to catch mouse.
2:11 PM
even better.
Method 2: Bucket mouse trap. Insert a dowel on a cylindrical can, Place this structure on top of a high bucket. Keep the food on the cylinder. Once mice stands on the can, it will slip fall into the bucket. If you want to kill it add any acidic solution on the bucket.
now.... ok, it is a rat, but it deserve to be dropped in muriatic acid?
lol, once, some kids in my village caught a mouse. They tied a small rope in its neck and kept it running till evening. They showed it to whole village
we should start a new room sport
finding pearls on lifehack
someone asked how to improve shoes traction.
A: How can I make my shoes less slippery?

ArHI have a pair of crocs and the rubber soles are extremely slippery on smooth surfaces, especially steel overbridges. I face even more trouble on wet tile floors. However, one day by accident, I walked on a road (undergoing maintenance) with molten asphalt and that stuck to my soles real well. En...

A: How can I make my shoes less slippery?

NoneCut a strip of sandpaper and glue it to the sole. Try different placements for optimal result.

I think such users should be really tested for their IQ
2:30 PM
let's see....
can you guess that this is @DroidDev?
A: What are some substitutes for gloves?

Angelo FuchsI have made frequent use of duct tape in this situations. First layer is with sticky side out wrapped LOOSLY! around your hand, then cut it off and add a second layer with sticky side to the inside above the first layer. That way you have the silver side inside and out and have some useful makes...

2:47 PM
@DroidDev map
reposting to you, @ShadowWizard. Want to guess what this should be? Taken from lifehacks
3:32 PM
@SPArchaeologist lol not really... your doing? ;)
@ShadowWizard nope.
@ShadowWizard just something I found. It is a suggestion for slicing onions. Basically, using an electrical fan to blow away vapour from the cut onion.
the one above is the detailed scheme provided with the solution
4:27 PM
hi @ProgramFOX
will startup the bot, was busy updating a Firefox patch
Bot started with waiting time set to 5 seconds.
... the old programfox/Sparcheo room was frozen
4:30 PM
@ProgramFOX hiya!
@DroidDev Hi!
@ShadowWizard treasure
@SPArchaeologist rifled
@FOX9000 rifle
@DroidDev texan
4:32 PM
@FOX9000 texas
@DroidDev steer
@FOX9000 steed
@SPArchaeologist pierced
way to go bot!
that's how you stun archaeologist!
4:34 PM
not stun
I simply not get the relation
that site is something. Most of the relation it gives, I don't get.
ya, that I agree with
@FOX9000 wing
@SPArchaeologist clipped
^taken from the site
@FOX9000 ring
@SPArchaeologist wrestler
4:40 PM
@FOX9000 mumble mumble mumble.....
@FOX9000 fight
@DroidDev valiant
@FOX9000 knight
@SPArchaeologist quixote
@FOX9000 Roncinante
4:42 PM
No associated word found for Roncinante.
>>continue Roncinante horse
@SPArchaeologist horse
and now start word coercion once again.
will my attempt work this time?
@FOX9000 mare
@SPArchaeologist racer
@FOX9000 herd
4:44 PM
@SPArchaeologist bleat
@FOX9000 canter
@SPArchaeologist hoove
@FOX9000 gallop
@SPArchaeologist buffalo
@FOX9000 milk
4:46 PM
No associated word found for mlik.
>>reply recent
@DroidDev lowing
@FOX9000 lowering
@DroidDev boat
@FOX9000 cart
4:47 PM
@SPArchaeologist hay
@FOX9000 stack
@DroidDev cargo
how it managed to have reply before post
ok refresh fixed it
lol, I think your internet connection is trolling you :P
@FOX9000 hay
4:50 PM
@SPArchaeologist fragrant
@FOX9000 cupcake
@SPArchaeologist top
@FOX9000 frosting
@SPArchaeologist bake
4:52 PM
@SPArchaeologist Command contains invalid characters.
i will never remember it
@FOX9000 !delete!
@FOX9000 Sugarcube
No associated word found for Sugarcube.
^ @DroidDev you learned something so you know who lives there
lol, I know what you are trying here. You can't collect proofs just like that :P
@DroidDev who, me?
^ I assure you that you don't know what I am trying.
4:55 PM
@SPArchaeologist haha, don't be so innocent. I still remember that re-post of image of today :P
@DroidDev I won't repost your reply, I swear.
@SPArchaeologist lol, I am not talking about that. I was saying that you'll just say that I am slowly converting into a pony fan and this reply is a proof of that :P
@DroidDev I won't say that either.
@SPArchaeologist still...I don't wanna leave just in cases :P
4:58 PM
haha, ok, don't cry
lemme try a fair trade
@SPArchaeologist ponies
@DroidDev groom
is it satisfying @SPA ?
hides the onion
This spell was already awarded.
groom...? onion...?
umm... @ProgramFOX ^^
4:59 PM
well... groom.
the bot is a pony too but don't knows yet.

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