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1:03 PM
@MysticMagic dead
@DroidDev life
1:28 PM
Bot started with waiting time set to 15 seconds.
Aha, a new leaderboard!
Nice "Top Words Per User"
> Unihedron (yum - 5 times)
@Unihedron LOL :D
@ProgramFOX :D
@MysticMagic alive
@ProgramFOX impale
1:57 PM
>>viewspells 244282
@SPArchaeologist DroidDev has earned the following spells: Mind Reader
>>viewspells 171199
@SPArchaeologist SPArchaeologist has earned the following spells: Force
>>viewspells 266094
1:58 PM
@SPArchaeologist Unihedron has not earned any spells yet.
@FOX9000 Dracula
@SPArchaeologist van
2:15 PM
@FOX9000 car
@MysticMagic brake
@FOX9000 gear
@MysticMagic mesh
@FOX9000 cash :D
@MysticMagic cow
@Unihedron :P
2:19 PM
@DroidDev dairy
@FOX9000 milk
@MysticMagic love
@DroidDev friendship
>>viewspells 2775391
@DroidDev An error occurred.
@MysticMagic civility
2:22 PM
chain broken.. umm
@FOX9000 !delete!
@MysticMagic Chain repaired.
@FOX9000 humanity
@ProgramFOX hey :)
@MysticMagic lusitania
:2707098 scrub
@ProgramFOX which id do I need to view spells?
the one on SO or the one on MSE or the network profile?
Your MSE id.
2:24 PM
@DroidDev the one I used?
>>viewspells 244282
@FOX9000 city
@DroidDev DroidDev has earned the following spells: Mind Reader
@SPArchaeologist yes, the one I used
YAY! I have the awesomest spell there :D
@SPArchaeologist municipal
2:25 PM
>>viewspells 208463
@MysticMagic MysticMagic has not earned any spells yet.
:D :P
btw, no more spells right?
No. I'll add one more soon.
@FOX9000 officer
2:29 PM
@MysticMagic fleet
@ProgramFOX YAY! :D
@FOX9000 army
@DroidDev marching
@DroidDev are you aware that is 'Shy standard cheer?
(when you start calling the mane six by nicknames you know you are mad without hopes)
@SPArchaeologist lol, this is also expression of joy, but I agree with you. I am mad without hopes
Deviant art agrees with me.
2:49 PM
Bot started with waiting time set to 15 seconds.
@ShadowWizard @DroidDev @SPArchaeologist New spell added!
Ugh, bot crashed.
Something is wrong with the spell checking.
aha, I always forget to return False if a spell shouldn't get awarded
Bot started with waiting time set to 15 seconds.
Now the spell can be earned! @ShadowWizard @DroidDev @SPArchaeologist
3:08 PM
last was marching?
@FOX9000 penguin
(March of the penguins, a documentary movie)
@SPArchaeologist fathom
is the bot suggesting a Penguin is 1.8288 meters long?
@ProgramFOX any hints? ;)
I see you guys, girls, and bot are playing well, nice! :D
@FOX9000 meter
@SPArchaeologist ceramic
3:13 PM
@FOX9000 vase
@SPArchaeologist glaze
@FOX9000 gaze
@SPArchaeologist vacantly
seems we lost the @DroidDev
@FOX9000 house
@SPArchaeologist roof
3:15 PM
@ShadowWizard A hint already? That's a bit soon, isn't it?
@FOX9000 hole
@SPArchaeologist cavity
@FOX9000 cavern
@SPArchaeologist rocky
@FOX9000 Tom
3:17 PM
@FOX9000 stone
@ProgramFOX Tim
@SPArchaeologist apostle
@FOX9000 evangelist
Only me?
@SPArchaeologist four
@FOX9000 fantastic
3:19 PM
@SPArchaeologist arch
@FOX9000 story
@SPArchaeologist headline
@FOX9000 news
seems only me playing.
@SPArchaeologist received
@FOX9000 returned
3:22 PM
@SPArchaeologist I'm working on a Firefox patch.
@SPArchaeologist value
@ProgramFOX purchasing
@FOX9000 price
@SPArchaeologist fluctuate
argh my Ubuntu VM is being unresponsive
@FOX9000 Fluttering
3:28 PM
@SPArchaeologist hen
tempted to reply Scootaloo
but that would be unkind
@FOX9000 Link
@SPArchaeologist fencing
well, just knowing there is a spell is teasing! :D
oh well, I'll wait.... ;)
@FOX9000 sword
@SPArchaeologist that's me
3:30 PM
@SPArchaeologist axis
@ShadowWizard You still have the hints for that other spell ;)
i still have to find a festive avatar
@FOX9000 X
@SPArchaeologist planet
@FOX9000 Globe
@SPArchaeologist gaseous
3:36 PM
Okay, my VM screen is now black, at least it doesn't hang anymore...
@ProgramFOX yeah, I really need to try doing what you said sometime when the bot is here!
@FOX9000 baby
@ShadowWizard like.... now?
@ShadowWizard chick
@SPArchaeologist not enough time...
My virtual machine auto-restarted -_-
3:41 PM
@ProgramFOX I blame @FOX9000!
@ShadowWizard You blame me? No spells for you!
Everytime one use the form "ooooOOoooOOOOoooOOOOOooOO" i ask myself if he was an uo player
Talking about spells, I need to find a third hint for the spell SP got. I would have told the name but that's already public now.
3:44 PM
@ShadowWizard eye
tavern asked for cats, I posted this and they say I am trying to trick them.
seems like normal cats to me
I am back again @SPArchaeologist :D
@FOX9000 Stare
@SPArchaeologist stupidly
@FOX9000 client
3:51 PM
@ProgramFOX any hint ;)
@SPArchaeologist prostitute
@FOX9000 slut
@DroidDev filthy
@FOX9000 nasty
haha! bot sensed my presence and went from civilized to naughty :D
@DroidDev minded
3:52 PM
37 mins ago, by ProgramFOX
@ShadowWizard A hint already? That's a bit soon, isn't it?
@FOX9000 brain
@FOX9000 narrow
@ProgramFOX but, in that case, where are we going to begin? :/
@DroidDev broad
Just trying out stuff.
First hint can be given after 1-2 weeks.
@FOX9000 wide
@ProgramFOX what kind of stuff? :D
3:54 PM
@DroidDev screen
@DroidDev I won't give hints yet :P
@ProgramFOX visa
@FOX9000 card
@SPArchaeologist engrave
@FOX9000 gold
@ProgramFOX :(
@DroidDev amulet
3:56 PM
@SPArchaeologist ornament
@SPArchaeologist round
@DroidDev wheel
@FOX9000 invention
@DroidDev multiplication
@FOX9000 operation
@ShadowWizard haha, hey @SPArchaeologist he forgot ponies. Of-course... :P
3:58 PM
@DroidDev coordinated
@DroidDev Objection! Twily often called the other mane six "girls" so while imprecise it should be inclusive
@FOX9000 feng shui
@SPArchaeologist ya, that's somewhat valid
@SPArchaeologist art
@DroidDev ole
@FOX9000 mole
@DroidDev hare
4:08 PM
@FOX9000 hair
@DroidDev mane
@SPArchaeologist unkempt
>>delete 261079
but I don't know meaning of either of those words :/
4:09 PM
@FOX9000 !delete!
@SPArchaeologist now that's pure cheating
@SPArchaeologist You can now also reply !delete!. That's easier.
@DroidDev he replied twice. one had to go!
@SPArchaeologist ya, ok
@FOX9000 scarecrow
4:11 PM
@SPArchaeologist pat
seems "unkempt" means decading, untidy etc
@FOX9000 path
@SPArchaeologist golden
The Golden Path is a term in Frank Herbert's fictional Dune universe referring to Leto Atreides II's strategy to prevent humanity's ultimate destruction. The Golden Path is the main driving force in the Frank Herbert-written novels Children of Dune (1976), God Emperor of Dune (1981), Heretics of Dune (1984), and Chapterhouse: Dune (1985), and is brought to its conclusion in the novels which complete the original series, Hunters of Dune (2006) and Sandworms of Dune (2007) by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Leto named the necessities shown in his vision the "Secher Nbiw", which is "Golden Path...
@ShadowWizard power
@SPArchaeologist autocratic
4:15 PM
@FOX9000 democratic
@SPArchaeologist MUFFIN!!!
@DroidDev schism
@DroidDev trying to make me reply to muffin? or trying to steal the muffin?
@FOX9000 division
@SPArchaeologist third
gotta go
4:19 PM
@FOX9000 Lupin
@SPArchaeologist pointing
@FOX9000 targeting
@SPArchaeologist communication
@FOX9000 phone
@SPArchaeologist bugged
4:25 PM
@FOX9000 Android
@SPArchaeologist monitor
@FOX9000 screen
@SPArchaeologist ventilation
@FOX9000 wind
@SPArchaeologist ruffle
4:29 PM
will go for now
see you
5:10 PM
Happy early thanksgiving!
Thanks web developer tools, I could delete that gif from my browser window.
3 hours later…
7:47 PM
@FOX9000 furbelow
@JasonC thanks!
2 hours later…
10:05 PM
need to fight the above gif, let's sea...
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