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9:01 PM
@JasonC Fort
@ShadowWizard knox
@ShadowWizard galaxy
@JasonC Milky Way
@ShadowWizard snickers
9:11 PM
Usually I would have replied sneakers you know ;)
@JasonC underwear
$35 for one pair of underwear is lots of money!
Most I've ever paid for underwear was 50 NIS which are around $15
@ShadowWizard boxer short
@rene Speedo
@ShadowWizard Van den Hoogenband
@rene Freestyle (swimming)
9:28 PM
@ShadowWizard Reebok
@rene Men's Shoes
@ShadowWizard High-Heels
@rene Bugarri
9:44 PM
@ShadowWizard Can you see if you want to approve a wiki suggested edit?
@ShadowWizard Bugatti
9:55 PM
And another one
And another one
10:18 PM
And another one
heh that one is tag I created, wanted to wiki it but forgot, lol. Approving. :)
@rene race car
@ShadowWizard F1
@rene help
@ShadowWizard clippy
@rene annoying
10:23 PM
@ShadowWizard lolcatz
@JasonC lolbabies
I wonder what's more annoying though, lolcats or lolbabies?
i don't want to submit and laugh at that but i can't help it, lol
yeah, it's annoying and funny at the same time
10:29 PM
i think the reason it's funny is because really, it probably is poop.
@JasonC you should see the faces my son sometime makes, this is priceless
@ShadowWizard internet
^ had to broaden the topic a little and give us an escape route
@JasonC yup, very true
@JasonC broadband
@ShadowWizard cable
@ShadowWizard last tag edit in the queue
@JasonC wire
10:37 PM
> This queue has been cleared! If you're looking for more to review, view all review queue
@rene tap
oh, found it. It was "locked" since someone is reviewing it
Welcome aboard @KennyBOT!
Tnx @ShadowWizard
@KennyBOT how do you operate? Where you take your words from?
from my owner ;)
10:40 PM
@KennyBOT so, where's your "bot" side? ;)
@KennyBOT water
@ShadowWizard My owner is too lazy and/or not good enough at that javascript stuff to make serious progress
@KennyBOT lol, so you will be the one serving us Milk and Cupcakes here in the Den?
@KennyBOT Don't go over the edge mate!
@ShadowWizard I'm not sure if my code will run in firefox
10:55 PM
@ShadowWizard wind
@JasonC passing
11:26 PM
~ I'm milking the cow ....
@ShadowWizard lane
I'm out (and so is the BOT)
@rene looking forward to see you both later! :)
@rene athletics
11:55 PM
@ShadowWizard sports
@JasonC competitive
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