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12:04 AM
Only took 12 minutes though. People who really don't know how to use their computer can easily take twice as long.
the hell
The problem with area51.
I don't have time to participate in a Smugmug private beta this week.
Meta question troll: "Are Flickr questions on topic?"
12:20 AM
@jadarnel27 Oops.
[Microsoft Imagine Cup IT challenge right now!] (imaginecup.com/Competition/…)
Did the link markdown syntax change?
@Moshe I think you just have a space between ] and (.
Oh. Derp.
Winky face?
12:48 AM
@Cleanupcareerdevelopment what have you done?
1:00 AM
@LeviMorrison Just spreading the WikiLove (after seeing this question).
Hmm, you can undelete answers to migrated questions. I wonder if this lets you keep the rep...
@Cleanupcareerdevelopment Well, somebody just manually deleted the migration stub.
2:08 AM
Is it one upvote or two on an answer before the system marks it as "answered"?
I could have sworn i'd seen it on meta, but i can't find it.
2:31 AM
Just one upvote, I think
A: Unexpected Results From Clicking The Unanswered Button

Robert CartainoThe answers you are seeing do not contain any up-votes. The question is not considered answered until either an answer is accepted or one of the answers receives an up-vote.

2:48 AM
@Cleanupcareerdevelopment You have just beaten the Internet. Corngranulations =)
3:48 AM
@Cleanupcareerdevelopment How the...?
Q: What markdown formatting features are available for Bounty remarks?

Rob WAccording to the community FAQ, backticks and inline links are available for the bounty remark. What other formatting features of Markdown are also supported on Bounty remarks?

Surprisingly, it's all allowed (at least for now).
(That laugh reminds me of Professor Oak.)
4:02 AM
That was fun while it lasted.
@Cleanupcareerdevelopment I imagine this is not going to be allowed much longer =)
@jadarnel27 Probably not.
It could be the beginning of something beautiful.
4 hours later…
8:01 AM
5 hours later…
12:43 PM
@mootinator Please update the chat user script
What user script? :o
loves user scripts
he's showing up in our error log; he must still be running the version of the chat modifications user script that broke with the jQuery update
I can break the SE chat with user scripts? :O
In a very annoying way, yes.
12:53 PM
@TheUnicornWhisperer well, the user script causes broken requests to the server, and since it would be good to know if chat is broken and creates these, they're logged
Oh, I see.
is still a user script padawan
No worries, generally if you avoid doing crazy things that rely on specific implementation details that can go horribly, horribly wrong in an update, you'll be OK... :P
I wonder when I will finally feel comfortable answering questions on Meta Stack Overflow. Currently it feels a bit like playing Russian roulette. You never know when you write total bollocks and attract a shitload of downvotes. :D
In other words, Meta Stack Overflow is intimidating.
gogo 26 GB copy over USB!
1:22 PM
@Chris Thanks.
Oh, hai @jrg. o/
Welcome @TheUnicornWhisperer.
oh wait... its an Octavian! Did not expect to see you here
I'm Octavian by the way. :D
Yeah i figured it out. ;D
I'm in here quite often actually. :D
1:31 PM
Did you hear the good news? AU is having moderator elections shortly.
nothing on meta yet, but since The Great Overlord Said So, It Is So.
I see.
Mhmm, sounds very interesting.
!!! A wild Octavian appeared!
No, I'm the unicorn whisperer now. :D
1:58 PM
A: What sites should have hyperlinking (onebox) support in chat?

The Unicorn WhispererI propose oneboxing support for the Android Market, more specifically for Android apps on the Android Market. This is the relevant part of an app URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=org.droidstack I guess the most important data is the image, title, author, price and the short descript...

Up-vote to save one unicorn's life.
2:19 PM
humbly prays to the great overlord @balpha to hear his and the others prayers Oh great chat overlord, please forgive us our constant pinging and multiline-markdown formatting attempts. We, the humble folk of StackExchangia beg you to grant our wish and implement Android Market oneboxing support. Thank you great chat overlord.
nice weather today!
has something changed with the "interesting questions" tab? They're actually interesting today!
That must be a bug. Will fix immediately.
2:29 PM
I wondered if there was a new secret sauce in the "interestingness" mixture
@balpha Thanks @balpha. Didn't think of that.
Double mention!
Top score!
@mootinator It's alright I have prayed to him to forgive us our constant pinging.
3:16 PM
I just noticed that there are "share on G+" buttons on SO now. Is that incredibly new, or am I just slow?
(I guess the two are not mutually exclusive)
@balpha Thanks. Please post more info when it is available.
@jadarnel27 Oh neat, I can get rid of my bookmark to inject that into the page now.
@mootinator Oh good. So I'm not crazy. It wasn't there before =)
3 hours later…
6:05 PM
@Moshe Why do you need Balsamiq if there is Pencil?
6:26 PM
I just reinstalled Balsamiq yesterday.
Suddenly Im hearing about it everywhere :P
I mean I used it myself and it is not bad but I still don't see any real advantage in using Balsamiq over Pencil.
It has a more hipster-y name.
I mean, Pencil? How dull can you get. (Pun intended.)
Oh I see, sounds legit.
lol, I love how the chat only shows The Unicorn for my name when I post only one comment. :D
Hrmph. Time for my old man juice.
6:34 PM
Have you ever had someone say "One of the advantages to rewriting your application from scratch in [different language/framework] is that it has [feature you're either using or the application doesn't really need for reasons you're aware of because you wrote it]?" It's kind of agitating.
I know what you mean, I always have those discussions with myself.
It always ends in an argument with myself. Then both sides get pissed. As a result both sides decide to go sleep because it would be wasted time arguing with each other.
Next morning they are good friends again.
It isn't easy.
I don't mind that they want to rewrite it so their whole "enterprise system" is "more consistent". The whole thinking there is any other conceivable advantage to re-doing a year worth of work done by a non-idiot.
This sounds like you'd be working for AVL.
6:41 PM
I probably don't want to know.
Oh no, it is a huge international company.
Well I am with a company with IT/IS staff I could count on one hand which got bought by a much larger one; it's just the sort of thing which goes with the territory.
6:56 PM
Q: Why did a moderator convert my accepted answer to a comment?

Parag BafnaA moderator just converted my accepted answer to a comment. Why was my accepted answer converted to a comment? EDIT1: screen-shot of Question: EDIT2: I have edited my answer but now i am not able to flag it as undeleted?

What a hot topic.
I only wrote my answer because I disagreed with Adam's more than would fit in a comment
I totally agree with you.
2 hours later…
8:51 PM
This is interesting:
Q: > is closing html comments without a -- delimiter

MartinIf I try to put something like this into a question or answer <!-- <br>s are important here --> the first > after the "br" is matched to the first < before the "!--", resulting in this being displayed: s are important here --> This happens in both previews and actual po...

Much confusion
Only because of poor communication.
Yeah, it's pretty hard to ask a question about something that, by definition, will be hidden
Plus "comment" is an overloaded term here
I'm surprised at how vehement people are getting
@balpha Ooohhh, so HTML comments are officially unsupported.
How will we write answers within answers now? :O
9:07 PM
I've used comments in some longer answers to remind me of what I might want to write at some point in the future if it seems worthwhile
Living on the edge :)
I'm just disappointed the OP fixed his typo from the first revision. Makes my "braks it all up?" comment not make much sense =)
Not that things that I say or type generally make much sense to begin with.
The solution is to not use comments for cracking jokes? :)
Hahaha, true!
9:34 PM
Oof, brain is melting.
@mootinator Not gonna lie, that doesn't sound fun at all.
Put your head in the freezer, works for me and the other guys I'm always arguing with.
I just spent most of the the day writing a functional spec from existing software, and I'm not even remotely close to being finished.
Yikes o_O
It's amazing how much longer these things are when you've implemented all the actual requirements once :P
1 hour later…
11:14 PM
Huh. When did Google+ sharing get added?
Q: Soooo... LinkedIn is the new G+?

Farseeker Clicking the LinkedIn logo loads the Google+ sharing.

Apparently Server Fault still has images for LinkedIn, though
A: Any plans supporting Google+ for link sharing in the near future?

Geoff DalgasWe have implemented Google+ share links on Stack Overflow and will be rolling these out to the rest of the network very soon.

Oh, and it was even on the front page, too
Sorry :/

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