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12:01 AM
/. sig
> Erotic is when you use a feather. Exotic is when you use the whole chicken.
ok, userscript peoples. can we get rid of the 90 minute delay when I accidentally type /{unknown command} on the chatbox? ... going to dig into code now I can see I need to submit a diff
Yeah, I was going to take care of that because it annoys me too.
I only lost 20 reps to the cap.
Well, not that one specifically, but the general "this notification refuses to go away forever"
@badp Whew
and guess what we have here:
Q: userXXXX's profile pages do not show the user names.

badp Possible Duplicate: Users with no display name has no display name on user profile Here's an example:

12:03 AM
@badp you actually hit a rep cap for once? (;
A +20 dupe that needs obliteration! \o/
@RebeccaChernoff Actually I already have. Sigh.
That day I earned a full 4 rep.
@badp You crafty SOB, well played. ;)
@TimStone bows
@badp - Are you using an arrow tool, rather than fine quality, hand crafted arrows? For shame!
12:10 AM
@Pollyanna I hand crafted everything else
the arrow tool was required for the hand crafted rainbow effect.
And I thought I knew you!
Also, get your barbs in before I pull my nomination: stackoverflow.com/election#post-4730219
@Pollyanna What's that Davis guy?
badp Who knows! He's never on.
@badp For shame! I even hand-craft my jagged edges...with the freeform lasso tool. And now dinner!
12:13 AM
ok, so showNotification(ul, 10E3); says it should run for 10000 milliseconds, which is incredibly long. Additionally, the two slows are adding another 1.2 seconds. Can we batch update the 10E3 to 5E3?
@Pollyanna stackoverflow.com/election#post-4730060 don't pull yours just cos of all that mess :p
@drachenstern I think you need more formatting to catch the eye.
Either that or I'll figure out what exactly it'll take to hack in a ESC to the showNotification script to allow removing it quickly. Actually, that may not be a bad fix instead
@Pollyanna indeed. I barely played with it. I have at least 24 hours before it'll completely be too late. I'll do it after dinner tonight.
@drachenstern As if dinner were more important. feh!
@Pollyanna you're right, ok, after I leave the office?
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 58 secs ago, by Feeds
Posted by Jeff Atwood on January 18th, 2011

After vetting the new, improved election process on math.stackexchange.com we’re ready for the next big step: 2011 community moderator elections on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I’d make a great community moderator!” — now is your chance to nominate yourself:

Don’t worry — all our excellent community moderators on the trilogy will carry on as moderators. It’s only on new Stack Exchange 2.0 sites with Pro Tem Moderators that existing moderators must run in the first election to continue their terms. …

12:34 AM
Conveniently held prior to [banned user]'s ban is lifted... ;-P
> You've earned the "Fanatic" badge. See your profile.
12:52 AM
Do. Not. Taunt. The. HappyFunBall. You have been warned.
Also, you just lost The Game. You're welcome.
@TimStone - We always knew you were a fanatic at heart - you never really needed the badge to prove it to us!
Naturally. But collecting shinies seems to fit the theme of Gaming quite well, so I consider it a plus.
Q: Netflix Access Control

digitxpLet's say I have this rather, erm, curious brother of mine, and on our Netflix subscription, he's been watching Mythbusters: Biggest Explosions, Clifford's Really Big Movie, Arrested Development etc. none of which I, my mom, or my sister really want to let him watch. But he has the remote/mouse/c...

OK, I was with him right up until Clifford's Really Big Movie
1:50 AM
> I would like to nominate myself as the "anti-meta" candidate.
> I've seen the same issue when doing this with an iOS device. – Michael Petrotta
Petrotta for mod!
Closing questions from an iOS device, now there's some dedication.
@TimStone hey, I do that too! I comment and answer and edit from an iOS device as well (hint: it runs on 3G but has the crappiest 3G specs of any iOS device)
@TimStone: heh, I thought about it. Maybe will throw my hat in the ring.
I hear JonSkeet does it from Android ...
@MichaelPetrotta I did ;)
1:56 AM
@MichaelPetrotta Why not? :)
@TimStone: no reason, really. I have seven days, though. Let me see how best to play you all...
@drachenstern I'm confused what this "groupthink" bit is about, honestly...
It is an iPad, though. The best platform on which to play scrabble.
Why isn't my package here?!? 6pm, what the heck?
@TimStone yeah, you'll notice I'm already upvoted thrice on there ... something to be said
@MichaelPetrotta Did you make sure it's not sitting outside somewhere? Heh, apparently UPS doesn't feel like ringing my doorbell anymore.
1:59 AM
nomination for mod and no questions whatsoever? ... I smell a doubleaccount
Joshua Nozzi, New Market, Maryland, USA
11.9k 1 6 17
@MichaelPetrotta do you have a tracking #?
going downstairs to check now
and no linked accounts as well
Hey, I don't have any questions either! ;)
@drachenstern: still "out for delivery".
Mainly because I can actually use the search, but..heh.
2:01 AM
and not on my stoop
The truck is probably sitting in the line at McDonald's right now. :P
@TimStone still a tad fishy ... that's all I'm saying
"Michael, mentor this person".
Ok. *googles "how to mentor"*
If I had to mentor someone, they'd probably finish more confused than they started.
So then it's to my benefit that I started a tutoring/mentoring program (and have a logo'ed messenger bag for my efforts) at the 2year where I got my AAS CS ?
knows a thing or one about mentoring
2:06 AM
@drachenstern: fill my brain
lol, nooooo, not my secret weapon!
I was actually debating putting some of that stuff in my proposal/nomination, now you guys have cemented that I should
I foresee a complete rewrite by the end of the week
seems pretty relevant, yep
In the meanwhile I have a 40-hour budgeted project to go finish
I'm at hour 10
come on, man! Priorities! Get yourself over to SO!
What's the point of a job if you can't be mod?!
2:08 AM
lol, I know, I know, but that whole paycheck thing is really really nice in the winter when it gets cold
Altho with the time I spend waiting on VS I probably could have it rewritten by tonight midnight
UPS is here! Shiny new i7! runs downstairs
wow, waiwai got onto finn as well ... lol, wow
also, 6upvotes on my "no meta == no elect"
I should really start posting these comments as answers more often >.>
Is it a good thing that I see my name mentioned the moment I come into chat?
lol, I hope so ;)
I had to bail waiwai out last night
the heck?
2:21 AM
Yeah, I'm jealous
did the pick come through for you? I'm a dork either way.
what do you mean the heck? the paste?
no, I clicked the link
It doesn't recognize it as a picture
needs the .jpg extension
thanks, @drachenstern.
2:23 AM
that's for @Jin yes with his baconish?
@waiwai933 Just means you're popular, I suppose
@MichaelPetrotta Nice :)
see michael douglas' face!
and he's the "mature" one.
2:25 AM
This one has to be a fake ...
browsing reddit today?
nah, imgur
scroll down and read the block at the top of the comments
> Comments Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data, ability to repeat discredited memes, and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Also, be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor even implied. Any irrelevancies you can mention will also be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.
Heh. My brain skipped right over that, after "Please use the comments to", assuming it was the standard "be civil" boilerplate.
gifs are fun and only tell part of the story :D
bad @drachenstern
2:41 AM
ok... that's my cue to exit chat. unless someone wants to post a few dozen lines to scroll this off the top.
summons @RebeccaChernoff to nuke it from orbit
damnit, you gotta @me on stuff like that and I will
I can't flag it either
have ya'll tried flagging it?
It's too late now though :P
Yeah I know, that's why I said ya gotta @me ...
I thought it was an interesting story half told
It's... mesmerizing now...
I can't look away
2:43 AM
It was, it's just...animated...and giffy.
It annoys me that pressing esc only kills animated pngs, heh.
lol, did that really deserve a "bad drachenstern"? ... I would've been ok with a smack or something :p
my thanks to the lady then :D
did someone flag it? wasn't me
or should it be a (:
@MichaelPetrotta no, rchern edited it
2:45 AM
ah. flies in, works her magic, flies out
Apparently she's grown bored of our antics now that she has all of that power ;)
If meta is murder
are we murderers ?
2:50 AM
I think so.
Q: Netflix Access Control

digitxpLet's say I have this rather, erm, curious brother of mine, and on our Netflix subscription, he's been watching Mythbusters: Biggest Explosions, Clifford's Really Big Movie, Arrested Development etc. none of which I, my mom, or my sister really want to let him watch. But he has the remote/mouse/c...

he responded
thank you dan :D
I share the answerer's confusion.
@drachenstern I am no closer to understanding than I was before. o_o
2:53 AM
Do you want your (let's pretend and say) 5 year old child watching rock videos with trippy acid visuals that can cause a seizure in an as-yet-not-fully-developed brain?
Is Netflix Parental Controls the right way to decide what that 5 year old sees? What about not giving them the remote?!
pun coon anyone ?
@DanGrossman I think that's the right answer to the question
not again
3:02 AM
shakes head
why was it wrong, @Reno?
these are so lame i cant stop laughing
Laughing is not coming to mind...
3:03 AM
um, Rebecca, save us from ourselves?
@DanGrossman |:
@MichaelPetrotta I was thinking we'd step to the side and point fingers at everyone else. :P
sounds like fun.
Hey hey don't look at me, I quit after we had to call the cavalry ...
3:05 AM
why the ):
That just makes me wonder what used to be there even more...
I've learned to be grateful. That cliche, there are some things you can't unsee? Totally true.
Riddles anyone?
3:13 AM
@Moshe no
@MichaelPetrotta I concur. I won't mention those things I wish I could unsee so as to prevent you all from reseeing them, but I'm sure you're all thinking the same things I am ... or worse :\
@DanGrossman it's like a bad train wreck isn't it?
I have yet to see something I want to unsee, but that's partly because I haven't been able to make it through things like "2 girls 1 cup" without closing the window a few seconds in
@drachenstern: yep. My brain just went to two places, and I'm grateful I never saw a popular third.
@Dan: that's the third.
Did anyone see the episode of Tosh.0 where they film the studio audience watching that clip?
You don't see the video, just their reactions
3:15 AM
@DanGrossman see, the thing about not mentioning those things is not having to think about them ...
You saw it then? Heh.
@DanGrossman I never watched that video more than about 3 seconds ... I've heard there were reasons to finish it, but I couldn't try
:shudders and closes reddit:
dinnertime. later all.
3:20 AM
@drachenstern I've always thought that the response to that is "She doesn't do :("
@YiJiang lol
> You have been mislead by a vocal minority and are using chrome, which is clearly an inferior web browser to IE6. Please switch to IE6 and sign our petition.
damnit, beat me by seconds
@TimStone Definitely man! Save IE6!
3:25 AM
Perhaps more amusing is this one:
> You have been mislead by a vocal minority and are using msie, which is clearly an inferior web browser to IE6. Please switch to IE6 and sign our petition.
@TimStone Wait, they actually have that? Ha!
IE6 > IE9
> Without IE6, a 40 hour web design project might only be a 30 hour web design project. Please don't put me out of work in this economy.
Well the Boston Bruins beat the Carolina Hurricanes. But that's OK, being born in Boston I still count that as a win!
3:28 AM
It was a no-lose scenario, my favourite kind.
The rest of the people I was with were less enthusiastic :-)
@TimStone exactly!
Nothing a few after-game drinks can't solve.
This is true
Now for some video games and then off to bed for me. Catch you guys later!
Enjoy, and good night!
Just when I pop in, everybody leaves
Is it because I smell?
3:33 AM
I'm not going anywhere, if it makes you feel better. I'd sure like to play Forza, but I need to get this work done (finally) first..
...I hope not.
I'm not gone just yet
Q: Why are so many nominations greyed out

FabianOn the election page many nominations appear grey and are locked (no commenting possible), were those retracted by the authors or what happened to them?

I don't see this happening...?
They're now removed, instead of greyed out.
Oh, okay
but it's naturally feedback that's gotta happen :\
question, if you get mod on SO, do you get mod on MSO by extension?
3:40 AM
@drachenstern Moderators on the trilogy sites were automatically made MSO moderators as well.
Sorry, correction.
So SU/SF mods get MSO mod?
Ahh, so new policy then?
But apparently not for SE 2.0 sites
A: Should Stack Exchange moderators automatically be meta.so moderators too?

Jeff AtwoodThe current plan is that only trilogy moderators are made moderators here on meta.so. Because each new site has its own per-site meta (including Server Fault and Super User), that is no longer true. The current list of meta.so moderators will probably be grandfathered in, but we won't add any m...

3:41 AM
@drachenstern It's always been like that, no?
I was only curious about the trilogy
I don' think SE2.0 mods should necessarily be MSO mods
Oh, so new S(U|F) mods won't be MSO mods too then
It would appear only SO gets a special meta, so then I would think that they would work like regular SE2.0 sites
I think Marc is giving a tip of the hat to @RebeccaChernoff, heheh. :P
Err...Damn you ..me...for forgetting I copied a new link
Though I suppose WebApps never had an election, right? Details, details.
RTL control characters FTW!
3:45 AM
Hahah, nice
@TimStone Marc's an elected mod on SO and was well before becoming an employee.
Oh. So he was boasting. ;)
That is pretty impressive, though :)
Q: Undo Vote Arrows UX

chibacityI find the user experience of having to click the same arrow (up or down) to undo a vote counter-intuitive. I would expect to click the opposite arrow to undo a vote i.e. if I have up-voted I would expect to click the down arrow to undo my vote. Maybe it's just me, but this gets me regularly. W...

New rule. If you want to talk about user experience, just say that.
Every time I see UX, I think HP.
I think Unix, which is also confusing
Well, right.
I read it as UX which is entirely confusing ...
3:48 AM
@TimStone Disagree with that, I find clicking on the button again to toggle the state of my vote as perfectly acceptable
@YiJiang I do too
I don't
+1 to the question
I think any arrow click should nullify the previous arrow click and "reset" the vote
I mean, the arrow even tells you to click again to undo...so eh.
> Diamond moderators are human exception handlers.
3:49 AM
My speakers are turned up and arrows have never talked to me before :(
Maybe they're afraid of you :(
They're just shy, move your mouse over them to signal that it's fine, and they'll spill the beans!
I love programmers who don't know that they're wrong and want to tell me that I'm wrong when I happen to know the damned language better than them
A: How do I access a public page variable from the master page?

drachensternDefine a variable in your master page. Give it proper getter/setters. In each page call the master.setter and "pass the variable into" the master page. At the very least you're going about it wrong, but this is what you have to do.

Hmm... there seem to be a bug with how the 10k tools handle flagged comments on mod candidate postings
3:55 AM
@YiJiang I was considering a feature-request to not allow those at all, actually
@MichaelMrozek Possibly, but since it does so right now, and is apparently bugging out, I think I'll just post a bug report
Actually, scratch that... it's a minor interface bug and probably not worth fixing
Wow, the number of candidates is huge. Hmmm...
I wonder if you can use genetic programming to evolve a random number generator from a language subset not including any built-in random number generators
driving my TV over HDMI seems to be warming up this laptop quite a bit
So in other words you want to implement something like a merseinne twister in a bit of genetic? That should be doable
being one of the most advanced kids in the CS program had it's advantages, like getting the effed up assignments that required me to learn all sorts of new algos ... :\
Also, I should be nicer to my OPs when I post answers, revisit link above :|
What are the chances of coming up with that algorithm though? It's so specific, what if it took longer to evolve than the time until the sun consumes the earth?
I was thinking that you would do like DNA, and give it a kickstart
suggest it what the algo would look like
4:11 AM
@DanGrossman You sound just like Hari Seldon—"possible but impractical"
I'm now a Pundit
yawns and runs integration tests
4:32 AM
Would anyone care to comment on meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/75377/…? Is it really going to be a threshold-less 'anyone can edit anything' free-for-all? Who gets to decide whether edits are sensible and should be accepted? Will people with 10K+ (actually, the threshold for editing posts is less than that) be able to make edits as now, or what?
I hope it was coincidence that two people left when I hit return...
@JonathanLeffler That's only the background to the question, the actual feature hasn't even been discussed yet
@JonathanLeffler Read the comments on the question.
It has been hinted to in the past, but I don't recall any discussion questions asked by the team about it
@Yi Jiang: so the question is "what diff format should be used"?
@JonathanLeffler Yes
4:34 AM
OK...I grabbed hold of the wrong information and went flying down the Pub (sorry, Tavern) worried ...
@Marc @balpha Did you guys say that you pushed out the proposed changes to chat notification?
when I didn't need to be worried.
@Yi you tell us.
@RebeccaChernoff Nope.
No highlighting, nor notification
I thought they did roll it out
Well maybe you just need to add a letter (:
4:37 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Holds up giant "Yi" No I don't
Quick Q about elections: Anyone have any objections to me starting a post based on this one?
@waiwai933 Did Meta have one for the last elections?
I don't think there are enough contentious issues with SOFU that would warrant something like that, but that's just me
@YiJiang I was thinking because of the extreme number of nominees, it might be nice to have something to define those users that some people might not be familiar with.
@waiwai933 I thought about it and then thought about the "extreme number of nominees" and realized it would be a circus
In any case, I have some questions I'd like to ask, but I don't want to be the only one.
4:43 AM
@waiwai933 True, true, but I'm afraid it might become a repeat of the nominations page, only messier
Maybe we should have a convention of people answering the questions in their nomination instead of in answers?
So votes don't have an effect and whatnot
I don't have a problem with it but I see it being a circus too
@MichaelMrozek I figured that's what was going to happen before I saw the thread
I was thinking asking for a CW question post, so that each user could post 1 question in the actual question, and then each nominee have an answer post
I would suggest that. "If a nominee wants to answer, they can edit the bottom of their post (or whatever) and use an <ol> to add responses" or something like that
@waiwai933 a circus I tell you
Would the format used in this post be okay?
A: List of questions for candidates in 2010 moderator election

George S.My questions: Would you seek re-election after a certain period of time? (An year/ 6 months). Is homework allowed? Is there any distinction between school and college level homework? Would you close questions proactively, or would you rather wait until somebody flags for moderator attention? I...

4:44 AM
Maybe the nominee should point at what they consider their best answers and/or questions?
@waiwai933 But you don't want one user's answers to be above the others because they got upvoted more, and you'll have ~40 answers, which will drive it into multiple pages
Which might or might not be the same as what the community thinks.
A single CW answer for each question, then the candidates fill in after that with edits
It should theoretically be like the nomination thread itself -- one page, random order, no votes
Maybe not do this and fold it into a feature-request?
4:45 AM
@YiJiang That might actually work
@waiwai933 It worked for Math, I wonder if it will here. If the question gets popular enough, then you could do a feature-req
@waiwai933 It would be better if the election system supported it natively, but if you want it for these elections there won't be time
@YiJiang Math had 5 nominees :)
I say have the nominees edit their own posts
@MichaelMrozek Hehehe, and more contentious issues, too.
No, I'm not sure!
4:50 AM
Ouch, the iPhone version doesn't seem to have that issue
@Tim: yep. Luckily, everything on the board not red functions as "Cancel".
Ah, whew. ;)
Fosco is currently beating me 144 to 49; I'm surprised it hasn't just auto-resigned and put me out of my misery
@MichaelPetrotta 'Cause that's so obvious...
What to have for lunch... what to have for lunch... what to have for lunch...?
4:53 AM
@MichaelMrozek Tim's beating me by over two hundred
@George: I've run into this a few times. First time, "force quit! force quit!"
I mean ... over nine THOUSAND!!!!!!!!
Hah :P
speaking of, I should play in that game
4:55 AM
@YiJiang: spins the wheel Reuben sandwich.
@MichaelPetrotta Delicious.
Where is the latest WoB?
Now I want one...if only I was in Philly where I could have one delivered at this hour..
I realize that's a rather blasphemous question anda ll ...
@MichaelPetrotta Definitely can't get that here. Now where's the Wheel of Lunchtime Menu so that I can spin it myself?
4:56 AM
oooh, me and rchern neck n neck on this game :D
@drachenstern: World of Bras?
@MichaelPetrotta Wheel o' Blame :P
My thanks to the lady for the gift of a TW :D
@YiJiang That's rather unfortunate. The Reuben is clearly king of sandwiches.
not that it HELPED :(
4:57 AM
@drachenstern jsfiddle.net/yijiang/AYPpF/24/embedded/result I've snucked Tim and Josh in there too
As blasphemous as that is.
I have #4 bookmarked
@YiJiang: I spun the wheel for real, in my zipcode. It turned up IHop. Don't listen to it.
@RebeccaChernoff I don't think you want this one, it's OK.
@RebeccaChernoff Because somebody, cough cough used rev. 5-23 for early versions of the WoM
4:59 AM
anybody wanna take over my Sallie Mae?
Ah, wonder who did that. (;
"It's the Server's Fault!" Hehe.

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