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12:45 AM
Why is the top bar on Meta all unbolded and lacking in separators?
I don't know, but it disturbs me and should be fixed immediately.
1:01 AM
Feeds! shakes fist angrily
1:14 AM
That bastard.
1:27 AM
post edit lags and is bogus
JS postback re-fills already edited post content
only for me?
3 hours later…
4:07 AM
GENTLEMEN! My face is without beard and void.
And now it seems cold in here.
Why would you do that?
I haven't shaved my beard off in three years
It has been quite some time for me as well.
Now that I've seen what my face looks like under here, I think it's going to go back into hiding for six more weeks of winter.
And then for several years after that.
2 hours later…
6:30 AM
Heh, the only time I have facial hair is when I don't have to go into the office for an extended period and I get extra lazy. :P
7:15 AM
puts out a plate of bacon to lure in @Jin
3 hours later…
9:50 AM
@jadarnel27 The only reason to do that is when it gets too hot in the summer.
2 hours later…
12:00 PM
I just starred my own project on GitHub so that it'll so 1 star instead of 9 star. Yay.
Uh, I mean 0 star. Stupid typo.
12:39 PM
@TimYiJiang: That's like high-fiving yourself or liking your own facebook post :p
Yup. Forever alone.
2 hours later…
2:30 PM
2 serial downvotes and 6 serial upvotes, looks like i am on target of somebody :( reputation
Most likely not
Most likely yes , unless you are moderator
Only on dba.se
@animuson I noticed that yesterday too, and decided it was plausible that it's a by-design change.
Just wondering. What's the policy on copycat answers?
2:37 PM
Someone just reposting an existing answer in the same question? Delete.
Define "copycat answer" please?
Someone copying an answer from a dupe: delete + close as dupe
On the branch question, we first had a "copy-paste friendly in C#" answer. And now there's 3 more of them in Go, VB, and Objective-C.
Why not link the question
A: Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array?

Andy MReally interesting subject, I gave it a try in Objective-C : I generated a random pool of values but in my case, I'm using this very same pool for all my calculations. This way, I'm sure that I compare the different calculation methods with the exact same data. This code has been run on XCode 4...

Technically, they're all non-answers. But they contribute something. But do we need one in every single programming language?
2:49 PM
@jcolebrand Interesting site, after all DB is base :)
@TimStone bacon? what is it you desire?
@Lucifer yeah, bad jokes
No , really i mean it, i asked mostly tricky DB questions while taking interview
is that a new change in meta.stackoverflow site ? my name, review, chat everything is in regular font, which was previously in bold format
14 hours ago, by animuson
Why is the top bar on Meta all unbolded and lacking in separators?
Tim seems to think it's a bug; I'm wondering if they're just trying out a new style.
@PopularDemand Yeah, I noticed this too
3:01 PM
Looks like font-weight is being set to normal explicitly in the header links CSS now.
On the main site, it's explicitly bold.
Its bold also on superuser.com
@Lucifer @PopularDemand @TimYiJiang the Meta change is intentional... the main site should have changed too. I'm not sure why the change didn't make it on main sites... investigating
may be most famous cache bug :P
@Lucifer this is very odd... main site 'n meta use the same .less file...
3:09 PM
@Jin Something to do with the NY -> OR switchover?
@TimYiJiang hmm I'm not sure. the last product build was about 20hrs ago. I'm looking at the source code.. I don't see how it's not on production live site...
but we'll figure it out :)
but yeah, re: change.. i'm making tiny incremental visual tweaks to the trilogy sites... baby steps
@Jin Just wait till the "Eeeeeek, why is my header link not bold anymore" posts start appearing
@TimYiJiang i'm already frightened. I curled up in the corner in fetal position as soon as I checked in the last changes.
@Jin *starts handing out pitchforks*
3:12 PM
@TimYiJiang Oh, no! They're taking away our italicization, too?!
it's hard to make design changes to a popular site, really. doesn't matter if the changes are for the better or worse.
I've left SO alone for the past 2 years even though I got many requests to "re-design" it.
I think for the most part, SO's design works fine, for the purpose of the site. That's why I haven't done anything to it.
were you SE developer ? @Jin
@Lucifer I am a full time SE employee. I'm not a dev, I'm a designer
He is the SE designer?
3:15 PM
in my experience, there's this perpetual struggle of users have of wanting something new and fresh while keeping things familiar...
Ehhh, Once you get an interface that works, unless you can make it work better, leave it alone.
For example, the ribbon works better. The type-to-have-magic-work works better than using a mouse to go looking for applications on a start-menu/finder.
@jcolebrand that's why I haven't touched SO much. but the tweaks I'm doing, even though it's visual, but it's not really just for a "pretty" purpose.
right now on SO, look at how many elements are bolded.
I know what you mean
there's not a good, consistent visual hierarchy going on. If you emphasize everything, then nothing is emphasized.
Never particularly looked, but most of the main ones I care about seem to be
And I wonder if you could go with a different font for the purely numericals
3:17 PM
i'm dreading any type of font changes on SO... people will notice for sure :)
Sure they will
Q: Question title font has changed

DragonLord the FieryThe question title font has changed. It is no longer Trebuchet MS but is now Helvetica. Is this normal, or is there a problem? Edit (11/22/2011): The font was reverted to Trebuchet MS. Why was the font changed to begin with?

But I would rather have something a little cleaner and larger on the numbers
There we go. (@TimStone I'm not cheating! I don't know how this happened!)
3:18 PM
last time i changed the font on SO...
@Jin yeah, like this: who gives a ****?
@PopularDemand Congratulations,
@jcolebrand apparently, a lot of people...
Apparently so
Sucks to be them
most of the changes(really, just typographical, white spacing etc) I wanted to do for SO, I did it on our Beta theme.
3:20 PM
Jin, you know I like what you do. So you keep being you, and I'm going to support you.
@jcolebrand awww thanks! I'm not always right you know?
Bah, you do the best you can with what you have
Why is NiNite seemingly hung up on CutePDF?
3:42 PM
If a question is converted from community wiki to non-community wiki, bringing its answers with it, will answerers get reputation for votes that were cast while the question/answers were community wiki?
Obviously I am asking this question because it just happened to me. A "yes" answer would be worth +96 precious reps. I haven't got them yet, but I figure this would be like undeletion and could take a little while, if it were to happen.
3:54 PM
Not that I'm aware of.
4:09 PM
do this answer sounds like a comment to anyone?
thanks @flagger, mod, or first-answers-reviewer
@Jin Nooooooo!
@PopularDemand You are cheating, you have five of a kind!
@TimStone you're my favorite SO user
@Jin traitor.
@RebeccaChernoff you're my favorite coworker
4:17 PM
@Jin \o/ Is it because I bribe you with so much internet bacons?
I'm finally doing something stereotypically Saskatchewan.
Time to migrate millions of pictures of tractors to the cloud!
@mootinator Nothing of interest?
@TimStone yes. pixel loot bribery always works on me
4:18 PM
Nothing of interest also works.
It's a good thing we're called "land of living skies" or we might not have enough room in our clouds.
41 mins ago, by Jeremy Banks
If a question is converted from community wiki to non-community wiki, bringing its answers with it, will answerers get reputation for votes that were cast while the question/answers were community wiki?
After performing a manual recalc (yay that they're still possible), I did get the reps.
After 40 minutes they hadn't automatically been restored, so I'm not sure if they would have been. Maybe this is one of few places where the system doesn't automatically sync up.
De-CWification is a pretty rare event, so I could see it not having been accounted for.
I'll ping Nick "All your rep are belong to us" Craver about it
4:30 PM
Okay, cool. Mainly just curious; I agree that's it's a rare unimportant edge case. (There aren't very many CWikied questions around to be un-CWikied.)
Are emergency sirens still going off at SE HQ by the way? I wanted to ask David about something, but it's not middle-of-emergency-recovery urgent.
@TimStone no, though though the office is not fully open. if you're asking about what I think you're asking...yeah, blame it on the hurricane and wait til next week.
I think David is off today. Aside from that, Manhattan is still pretty chaotic
and yeah, he's out today.
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, that was my plan anyway, thanks!
@balpha So I've heard:
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 15 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
And now I will leave you, having shared the tweet of the year. I need to kill the neighbors cat so I have something to eat tomorrow.
4:37 PM
Now, time for lunch.
Uh-oh, there's a 2 year old shuffling sideways toward me while keeping her eyes on the TV.
I might have to deal with that when it gets here.
Oh, there's a bowl of halloween candy beside me. Whew.
3 hours later…
7:53 PM
Any mod (SO) around?
Or developer/employee?
mod yes, dev/slave no
8:20 PM
I suspect stackoverflow.com/questions/13202053/… was a compromised account, the profile looks legit enough. In that case, maybe the rep-hit of the spam-deletion should be reversed?
(Can it be at all?)
And yeah, doesn't look like a user who would post something like that.
1 hour later…
9:39 PM
Seen on the dev hangout:
it's all happening again!
Unless you're intending to taunt us with /files/ we can't see. :P
stupid chat maintaining proper security on uploads
I can see it.
Trust me, you don't want to see it.
You were right!
9:45 PM
@JeremyBanks You misspelled ":O" there.
Is he using a Hangout plugin/feature/thing? It seems to have a lot of stuff, but I haven't used it much.
Is it my browser or did the fonts used by SO just change?
10:05 PM
Q: Why did the top level menu font change

bluefeetI noticed that StackOverflow was looking somewhat different today but I couldn't figure out what was going on. Until I compared an already open tab to a newly opened tab. Did the top level menu font change from bold to non-bold or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Already open menu: New wi...

Is that what you're referring to, @DanielFischer?
@Shog9 Ahahah
Indeed it is, my dear @Pop. Thanks for the link. I should have known it would already have been asked on meta.
@PopularDemand That gravatar business does happen, by the way.
Although I'm not sure it's exactly how they describe..
But, that question was asked before my browser displayed the change. Caching, probably.
Questions like those make me want to open up Fiddler/WireShark. But every time I do, I realize I have no idea how to use either program.
10:13 PM
@DanielFischer Probably. We were actually talking about it in chat earlier, and animuson even brought it up yesterday. (It rolled out on MSO a bit earlier than it did on the other sites.)
Indeed. Then I set a bacon trap for Jin so I could complain, and we found out it was and fists were shaken.
Oh, right on. So it's just retrieving the code 304, not the entire actual image.
Yeah. I could see it being problematic if you have trouble reaching gravatar though.
I thought chat handled this a bit when it did the "loading..." business next to messages on page load, but that might just be for the reps/name information.
Oh right, and also gravatar sizing I think.
10:49 PM
Ooh, happy hour. If I was a normal person, I could be wrapping up my work week right now instead of sitting on a closed toilet with a laptop.
any chess fan or expert using logic want to help on how to validate any chess position?
it is as same fun as preventing users to input invalid data.. but with chess pieces
It's like validating a phone number, but insanely complicated.

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