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12:01 AM
I'm sorely lacking a good Indian food place in this area, unfortunately.
@TimStone None around here at all. Good hour's drive to find one.
1 hour later…
1:29 AM
@AnnaLear I am not worrying about it either, i just wanted to know the reason
3 hours later…
4:41 AM
hi what does that mean on the reputation page: rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 0 days
answer accepted != upvote right?
5:27 AM
@rekire right
that explains my zero :)
6:02 AM
6:19 AM
@jadarnel27 Not yet, I side-stepped to working on a different bit of functionality. You might not find this as exciting though since it's not forward-facing. :P
2 hours later…
7:57 AM
@luc - hey man
8:27 AM
@Lix Hey, :)
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
To report a bug in careers.stackoverflow.com one should just post a question on meta?
The gibberish screen did not show up after a reload, so I guess it was a temporarily issue. Thanks anyway.
2 hours later…
11:34 AM
Where can I post about a useful special usage of stackoverflow?
11:51 AM
@balpha - Who works on careers? Just wanted to leave a compliment for them. Mobile UI is well designed.
@Lix -בדקת על הקיץ?
@Moshe I'll pass it on to the careers team :)
@Balpha Bitte, Danke.
(Still remember some German, although I never got very far and I am definitely rusty.)
1 hour later…
1:12 PM
I'm looking at looking at the markdown of this post, and I still think the markdown is correct. Yet the post is not rendered correctly.
Can someone please check and confirm that this is a bug in markdown rendering and not a mistake in how the markdown is written?
I think it might be the same as this problem, but I'm not sure:
Q: $ signs prevent code blocks from ending on MathJax-enabled SE sites

SzabolcsIt looks like on StackExchange sites that have MathJax enabled, certain placements of $ characters inside code blocks can prevent the code block from ending. Here's an example post where this has happened. Please see the longest code block: the middle should be text, but it is rendered as code....

Howdy Panama.
1:31 PM
@Szabolcs hmm, that's an issue at the edge between markdown and latex, I have no good idea how to fix this in general (I've fixed that particular post though)
the example in your meta post should be fixed though
@balpha Thanks for fixing the post! I'm wondering why no one noticed this back in January when the question was posted. It's possible that it broke later.
@jadarnel27 whats up?
@ALL -- Undelete if you can: stackoverflow.com/a/10834385/561731
@balpha I remember what was wrong with the JavaScript side of things, but what caused the problem with the rendered view?
which of the problems do you mean?
also, remember that we try to make the JS and the server side behave identically, even when it comes to bugs :)
Hi all
wrong window
1:39 PM
hey @ama :P
@balpha I think it was more that I didn't realise there was a server-side component of the MathJax renderer, which it seems like there indeed is.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Livin' the dream. You?
@TimStone it's not about the renderer (which is indeed client-only), but there's a step which happens in both versions that prevents latex from being interpreted as markdown.
Oh, duh.
2:28 PM
I see you're making the assumption that I've been human all along. You should totally dr01110010 110001001110 10001ry jQuery.
2:50 PM
@balpha Are you still around?
Am I supposed to be able to sneakily get to the /broken-links page on Stack Overflow?
waffles finished the not-a-crawler, huh?
@balpha Right. I thought it wasn't enabled on SO (since there's no link to it on /review)
2:54 PM
there is for me -- let me check the permissions
But that page loads for me. I just didn't know if that was supposed to be turned off and someone accidentally turned it on.
@balpha Oh, ok. I only have the usual 4 tabs.
how'd you get there then? just try stuff? or is it linked somewhere?
It was turned on on Meta for a while (I could see the link).
So when I went to the /review page, it defaulted me to broken-links, even though that is not visible anymore =)
(Presumably because it was the last thing I picked)
2:58 PM
@jadarnel27 Sure, just throw that Hacker badge opportunity away.
hm yeah, the displaying of the link is hidden behind a if (Current.User.IsDeveloper)
@PopularDemand Ack, I totally forgot about that! =P
I figured I'd bring it up in here, rather than drawing a bunch of attention to it by posting on Meta (in case it really is a mistake).
since you can't do anything -- except getting a "dev only not implemented yet!" alert :) -- it's probably not a huge problem
thanks for noting though
I'll ask Sam when he's up
@balpha Haha, I didn't try to review any of them, so I didn't notice that =) No problem.
The real WTF there is that localhost works just fine for me. Geez, fix that not-a-crawler.
3:26 PM
My pulldown drawer works, yay!
Time to tweak the table view.
@TimStone I feel like I'm on a roller coaster of emotion right now. I don't know how much more of this I can take.
What's character &xD; represent?
3:56 PM
@jadarnel27 I should be done with this feature either tonight or tomorrow night, actually. SUSPENSE!
4:11 PM
@Moshe I want to say that's a CR
Hi all
Hey @balpha are these SEFlagNotifications logs new?
That happens in all rooms I goto
that's Josh's userscript, not us
/blame Josh, but not new Josh.
4:23 PM
Josh who?
Which userscipt is doing that? (I have so many I forget which ones I have....)
Yay for being the not-blamed Josh!
The one called SEFlagNotifications?
It seems as if it is in your code.... unless I am reading the Dev tools wrong...
@TimStone yes
4:25 PM
...That's what the userscript is called. >_>
You're reading the dev tools wrong, the script is injected into the HTML, which is where it says the messages are coming from.
@TimStone lol I have no such script, I am looking in my chromw extensions
dumb me....
I do have that...
A: External notifications for moderator flags via email and/or SMS

The Unhandled ExceptionI have plans to make a Unicorn script which will notify you via your SE global inbox and chat when flags are posted. I have the plan hashed out in my head and briefly mentioned it in the Teacher's Lounge, however, have not started on the code yet. However, this would only benefit you if you were...

Hmmm ok cool. thanks
again I have waaay too many extensions that I don't remember about
Oh, that reminds me. Did you get the memo about your reply link script @balpha?
uhm, no?
4:30 PM
I've disabled it a while ago, it's not really necessary anymore with tab completion
Q: add / show x more comments and add comment links showing together

George DuckettI'm seeing this quite often now, where I'll view a post with a number of comments (not always a lot) and both links are visible and stay there. Clicking on either one doesn't remove the other. Not sure what causes it; it happens intermittently, possibly when someone posts a comment as I'm loadin...

Yeah, I agree. Geoff said he was going to mention it to you once you got back though, but I wasn't sure if he had.
ah no, I didn't see that. but yes, that would happen
I can probably fix that, I was a total JS noob when I wrote that, so I used a probably absolutely unnecessary hack that would cause these issues with realtime update
4:44 PM
Hmm, I just got an inbox notification for amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA's messages to me.
That's odd.
Q: General Review, Wheel of Fortune Game

NealThe Demo for what I have made is located here: http://jsfiddle.net/maniator/H5LKy/180/ Basically I am trying to make a Wheel of Fortune type game. Is there anything I could improve on in the code? var WOF = (function() { Array.prototype.randomize = function() { this.sort(function(...

@jadarnel27 Indeed
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Hmmm, the spinning still doesn't work in IE (9 for me). It just makes the wheel very small, then zooms way in to it.
5:03 PM
@jadarnel27 yea its broken in IE: stackoverflow.com/q/10806007/561731
I added that to the CR post
Good call. What an annoying piece of software, that Internet Explorer.
5:20 PM
@jadarnel27 it is... :-(
wishes he could continue testing his bloody work
Do you know any js?
@mootinator why can't u?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Someone decided to replace a remote dependency somewhere with a broken version and my IDE decided to download it.
@mootinator haha YELL AT THEM!
1 hour later…
6:42 PM
I'm pulling data from an API. I supply a start and end date. The info goes on a calendar. What's the best way to load the data so that the user gets the data they need and so that I don't load too much at once (kills performance) and that we eventually get all of the data we need?
7:27 PM
I don't think some people get the point of an enumeration.
If you have a value called 'DAY' and the system internally uses 'DY' you don't change both O_o.
@mootinator Wait, what? :P
@TimStone And it wouldn't be so bad if that, yknow, actually caused a compile time error in Groovy.
7:42 PM
@PopularDemand I demand the ability to upvote revisions for this!
Hahaha, that is fantastic.
I...I love lamp.
8:08 PM
Oh, @jadarnel... I love lamp too! And I love chair, and table, and oddly-shaped rolling shelf/desk thing!
@Shog9 Do you really love those things? Or are you just saying that because you see them in the room?
I'm extremely fond of my chair. To be perfectly honest, table has been a bit of a pill lately (but shhh - it's right here)
But lamp? Ah... My halogen lamp buzzes cheerfully, reminding me that it could be yet brighter, if i were to only unthrottle the power that waits at its base.
Its shadows are short, dancing across the floor and then disappearing as I walk calmly by... It is my friend of ten years, my companion across two states and a thousand miles, twice nursed back to health and conqueror of countless moths. Computers are soulless machines, humans fickle, but in the cold of winter at dead of night, my lamp shines bright by my side.
I'm speechless.
That's just trolls. In another part of the world, random is celebrating.
8:23 PM
To be fair, the article does point out that Chrome is still supported, just not "recommended."
Someone in another chat is telling me that Chrome was never listed. I'm postponing the ragefest until this is cleared up.
Will my tickets for the original time be honored at the rescheduled ragefest?
@PopularDemand Weather permitting. If not, refunds will be issued within 6-8 weeks.
CNET is claiming that there's speculation that Facebook is moving to purchase Opera...which uh... >_>
@TimStone That rumour has been going around for a few days.
8:27 PM
I'm strongly expecting it to come true.
I am also expecting it to be the end of the world.
I guess the shareholders' brows aren't raised enough.
@Shog9 That is epic.
Man, I really dislike Hibernate and the way it makes me bastardize my data model.
@TimStone There's a joke here involving "parents" (in the data-structure sense) and the literal meaning of the word bastard, but I'm having trouble working out the details.
So if you could just laugh as though a clever joke were made, that would be great.
8:41 PM
Can I laugh awkwardly to stifle the silence?
I mean, sure.
@Crickets, you're up.
9:03 PM
chirp chirp
10:00 PM
@JeremyBanks facebook is getting so close to seeing me click that delete button it's unreal
10:30 PM
@awoodland Aye. I was in the midst of writing an overdramatic post to leave on my page while my deletion was processed, but then the ragefest had to be postponed.
10:59 PM
Facebook's that site where you go and see people you know like a yearbook online, right?

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