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@ShadowWizardWearingMask Interesting definition of "asked for"
6:37 AM
you asked for it ...
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~ The Hands of a Wizard
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@M.A.R. well once grateful, always grateful!
in Tavern on the Meta, Mar 13 '18 at 16:21, by M.A.R.
Daily thanks to @Sha for the daily ping
@QueenieGoldstein hmm?
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~ Can't we be a bit moar talkative?
on the link posted right above it,

**i have updated the post, so might have to lookup edit history
meh, my Chrome didn't even blink and I have super slow computer
I think? It did cost only $200
(including Windows 10)
Intel i3-6100 CPU 3.7GHz, with 4GB of RAM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I think you mean $2000 ....who's giving 3.7Ghz and 4GB ram at less than 400$?
I remember i5 costs around $5000
@QueenieGoldstein renewed HP computer, actually.
And no, my work computer is a beast, i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, it cost around $2000
Probably it doubles if you buy DDR
1:24 PM
I have a very old PC, but it's still a beast lol, intel core 2 duo, 3GB ram, but optimized by me ;)
1:40 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask sad, Panda is gone :(
@QueenieGoldstein nice (!) :D
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Maria (?)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask epistle (?)
1:44 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask mythology (?)
oh noooo
>>review Kenny
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Command not found. Did you mean: alive?
!!come back
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Yes, I'm alive.
@rene Kenny is dead... :(
Didn't survive the death of chat...
1:46 PM
Famous last words ^^
Interesting that FOX wasn't affected, didn't even have to restart
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Command not found. Did you mean: utc?
alive, utc, listcommands, help, cat, exec, read, getcurrentusers, ping, flip, doubleflip, xkcdrandomnumber, xkcd, random, randomint, randomchoice, shuffle, *stop, *disable, *enable, *suspend, *unsuspend, *ban, *unban, +delete, *pull, yes, no, *module, define, time, showtime, link, islink, removelink, addlinkexplanation, explainlink, removelinkexplanation, showlatest10, latestword, rmword, reply, retry, continue, *gameban, *gameunban, joingame, quitgame
hmm, the socket still works
Maybe kick from room first? ;)
It did work for FOX once...
it can no longer post, I guess due to its authentication cookies being revoked
(it got stuck, kicked him out, and he got back)
@rene hope it's just because the short outage?
(and not something more serious and less temporary)
1:53 PM
~ 💩
and we're back
Only one, but hey.. better than zero.... :D
~ Is there anything left?
1:55 PM
I did feed you...
Such a waste. :P
!!feed 100 sheep
~ I bloody hope 100 sheep is edible ...
Should sustain you for a while, Kenny.
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@rene remind me again what's the sort of the users? ^
oh, currently in room first, then by name only.
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~ In the Shadow of Disgrace
@Wasabi ping pong
>>cat {{randomchoice {{ping pong}}}} {{ping {{randomchoice Was Wasa Wasab Wasabi}}}}
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muy bonita!
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doesnt work for integers
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hmm, {{}} are for return values
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this is concatenation...interesting
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This looks like a phone number lol
~ WUT?
@QueenieGoldstein Yes, I'm alive.
I have placed a bounty
on a question...
...because it concerns my beautiful cacti are dying because of this foul mold that spreads continuously and ruthlessly from pot-to-pot from even 22 feet away, with a wall in-between.
Here is link, if anyone knows how to save my plants :(
Q: What is soil mold and how to kill it

WasabiI used neem oil spray on a succulent that had mealybugs. 5 days later, This fuzzy, stringy white mold appeared all over the soil. It stunk, and I hated it. I sprayed the mold with neem oil, and the next day there was more. The succulent died because of the mold 3 days later so I got rid of it. I ...

Bounty = 50 rep
>>cat mold {{randomchoice {{randomchoice is is_so}} stupid horrible mean bad painful sickening horrid waaaaaa}} {{randomchoice mold_sucks_ .}}
4:16 PM
@Wasabi mold waaaaaa .
>>cat mold {{randomchoice {{randomchoice is is_so}} stupid horrible mean bad painful sickening horrid waaaaaa}} {{randomchoice mold_sucks_ .}}
@Wasabi mold bad .
>>cat mold {{randomchoice {{randomchoice is is_so}} stupid horrible mean bad painful sickening horrid waaaaaa}} {{randomchoice mold_sucks_ .}}
@Wasabi mold mean .
>>cat mold {{randomchoice {{randomchoice is is_so}} stupid horrible mean bad painful sickening horrid waaaaaa}} {{randomchoice mold_sucks_ .}}
4:16 PM
@Wasabi mold mean mold_sucks_
@Wasabi You're already in the game.
>>cat shhhhg
@Wasabi shhhhg
>>cat shhhhhhhhhhh
4:17 PM
@Wasabi shhhhhhhhhhh
@Wasabi How wet is the soil?
@Wasabi it's suuuuuuper dry.
The soil is for ucculents and cacti
That's good, but that doesn't it make it mold-proof ;)
4:21 PM
I hadn't watered them for 3 weeks so when they looked like they were pleading for water, I gave them a little bit. Then mold came. How mean.
I just noticed the comment where it says you moved the plants... did you touch the soil while doing so? I know I had to learn not to put a thumb on the soil when handling plants at the garden center, and just touch only the pot...
The mold is spreading to all of my succulents and now I'm sad. I'm also battling spider-mites and scale insects. I also just had to say bye-bye to some succulents (4) with mealybugs because the mealybugs killed them. That also meant bye-bye to $24.99
No, I did not. I am quite reluctant to touch mold or the soil.
I'm absolutely sure that I haven't touched the soil. I am aware not to touch the soil.
Do you have a picture?
@Wasabi That's good. It's something not many people know and I've had to explain to quite a few people that they might've made the problem worse!
It's only on the soil, or is it also on the plants?
Eh-Ehrmmmm. No. I can scrounge for one (take a picture) in a while.
That would probably help :)
4:26 PM
It is only on the soil, but you know if you have succulents, a natural process of each leaf is that when the water in it s used up it turns brown and shrivels, and then pops off. It is supposed to happen. Now when there is a shriveling leaf that has come off, mold will infest it like crazy. the only concern is that sometimes the mold will infest a leaf when it is still on the plant. Yikes.
The mold can cover 1 square foot in 6 hours as I have noticed, and it can spread to other succulents 22 feet away in under 48 hours.
@Wasabi Okay. You can prune those leaves before they fall off. Also, keep the soil clean from such leaves, as it will only spread and make better conditions for mold :)
@Wasabi That sounds more like a horror movie than mold XD
Okay. But how to get rid of it?? I tried 1 [art hydrogen peroxide to 9 parts water and it worked. It caused the mold to sizzle and disintegrate. But then here's where the problem starts... The mold has come back in under 14 hours and it is worse than when I sprayed it with Hydrogen Peroxide. It's like the mold will never go away.
And you're sure it's mold and not just more mealybugs?
mealybugs look kinda moldy
Yes. I just had to say bye-bye to 4 succulents and $24.99 because of mealybugs. I'm sure they aren't mealybugs. The fuzzy spots aren't nests because I can sorta see through them, because of the distance between each fuzz strand- disgusting. Blech.
Hmm. I'm really going to need a picture to even guess at what kind of mold it may be then... XD
4:37 PM
I can't show you the one that is suffering the most due to the fact that it is absolutely choked by mold, so it is unsafe to take it out of it's place in lock down. Also the smell of that much mold makes my nauseous. It also makes my brother nauseous.
Having to say bye-bye to succulents sucks. I had to do that when one of my favorites got mealybugs. My bedroom (don't have my own place yet) is very drafty and whatever plant I put in is guaranteed to get lice, mealybugs or mold in winter.
@Wasabi Yeah be careful. Breathing in too much mold can be seriously bad.
I could show you my infected cactus. It got infected this morning. Aww I know saying bye-bye to mold is sad. I had to remove the nests from the succulents and it ended up making the succulents look like four little sticks. They then got more mealybugs and then root rot and then stem rot and then mold. the mold then started eating the brown rotting sticks that was all-that-was left of the mold. it was so sad seeing those succulents that way.
And I don't know when, but recently this morning, I literally just found out that the first succulent that I ever got 2 years ago is now infected with this horrible mold.
I don't know how to do cry-face symbols, so I'll just do <crying face>
I tried to grow my own acorn into an oak tree bonsai: It went great for three years and I thought I had finally found a plant that would survive my bedroom... and then it got mealybugs and mold and whatnot... Sometimes it seems when things start, there's no fixing it :(
Oof. Do you want to hear a more fun dead succulent story?
4:42 PM
I know Gardening is hard. Sure
So, I gifted my little brother a cactus, one that had a little santa hat and some googly eyes glued to it, for christmas.
A few months later, and he hadn't watered it once, and it was brown and dead.
At least no mold or mealybugs.
So what does he do? He sleeps in the attic and put the cactus on the washing machine that's there too, so he can take it downstairs whenever he goes downstairs.
I feel bad fr your acorn. But did you get it to sprout? How big did it get?
Of course he forgets.
So when mom starts doing laundry, apparently she managed to snag the cactus.
4:44 PM
Needless to say, that load of laundry went straight into the dumpster: Tiny needless embedded everywhere!
I managed to save my favorite shirt, but it took me hours with some tweezers.
Oh no.
We can laugh about it now :D
Luckily, it was mostly underpants and socks, so easily replaced. But she threw in my shirt and another shirt because otherwise she'd have to wait for a load that included shirts....
4:45 PM
So how big did your acorn tree get? I've never tried to grow an acorn tree. Is it fun?? How long does it take for the acorn to get large... Could I just... pick one up off of the ground?
@Wasabi I found the acorn already sprouted when cleaning weeds from some plants in the garden center I used to work. I put it in a pot, and I got it to grow to about 40cm high before I started pruning it. It grew 3 branches before dying.
Maybe I have a picture somewhere...
I could grow a tiny bonsai-acorn tree because at my grandparents's house at Nasushiobara, Japan, (rural, rural countryside) there are many 6-foot tall bonsai-acorn trees. I could grab an acorn and hope that works...
They have like 20 square miles of land and they literally have their own mountain It's nuts
@Wasabi I do know that acorns need to be outside for 'winter' to be able to sprout in spring. So you could get one, plant it in soil, but then keep the pot outside for winter :)
they have a shrine up the mountain that they go to rarely. My grandfather's father built it. Then if you go another 300 feet up the mountain there is an ahem an ancient shrine that was built over 300 years ago that my grandfather takes care of every 6 years or so, but it is so cold up at that height and the shrine isn't perfectly stable, so he doensn't let us see it. My mom, who came from Japan and grew up with them (obviously) had been to it...
Can't find the pictures anymore...
4:50 PM
...but she had only went to it when she wasn't supposed to. On her way home she got lost, so her dad (my grandfather) found her. She got in crazy big trouble.
My dad has never seen the shrine, and neither have I. There are no pictures of the shrine... only paintings.
You see, my grandparents' last name is Kawashima. Keeping your last name on a property of land is everything in Japanese rural culture (because in the big city, all of those precious Japanese habits and cultures have been lost to industrialism and big buildings and apartments.)
So the Kawashima last name has owned that property for over 400 years. No joke. I don't have any pictures, but there is an old barn-shed thing next to the Japanese-style house my grandfather built. It is full of old 400-year-old pottery and 350-year-old plows. Amazingly, many of the ceramics are from the Heian Era!
That sounds like an amazing place :D
(The Heian era is (was) the Era of Japanese rulers, huge Samurai houses that look more like temples today, and... the age f the Samurai. Like Masamune and stuff.
Yeah it's great to visit! There's just all of the creepy-crawlies like walking-stick-bugs and praying mantis.
I hate praying mantis. One time when I was visiting their place, I woke up to find a praying mantis 2 feet drom my face with it's arms up like this '\o<>o/'
I freaked out. It was nuts. My mom just squished it.
Hahaha okay. Perhaps I'll stay away, I'm not big on the creepy-crawlies :D
but then again... was it watching me the whole night? and if I had slept in for a couple more minutes, would it have whacked me? (Mantis Whacks things with the spikes on it's arms)
Yeah. It's fun. There are the occasional stink bugs in-between the windows kind-of-thing. But there's something with bugs you can't miss...
only about 2 night in 1 year, during mid-summer, there are fireflies everywhere at night. it's absolutely amazing.
It's like a billion floating greenish-yellow dots. I tried to put one in a jar like classic, but my grandmother gave me a stern look and said "だめ!!それ は かわい、ね。" Which meant "No! Respect the fireflies. They bring a joyful sight! It is scared and it can't do anything against you. Let it go." I was like 12
I felt oops.
So how do I show you the soil mold?
I'm not sure how to put in an image
5:14 PM
Are you on mobile or pc?
Chat on PC has an 'upload' button.
Oh yeah. I just realized now that you mention it.
I'm on an under-powered PC
I'm experiencing a delay... I have to use my phone and send it to my PC since my PC does not have a forward camera...
I honestly don't get it. why not have a forward camera? It'd make things so much easier. (Laptop)
5:30 PM
Those white dots. It doesn't look bad on this one, but if I could show you the sickly most-affected one, It has a thick white layer all over the dirt and the white fuzz is completely drowning the fallen leaves...
Haha wait- I meant the fuzzy white dot.
not the white pebbles.
It's that fuzzy white thing about right here on the picture:
Horrible representation of a rectangle
the X is roughly the location of the mold on the second image
Awwwwww I can't upload the images into the question because they are over 2 MiB
Got the pictures into the question. That should help people know what it is.
5:53 PM
Yeah that should help. I'm not sure what it could be...
Never seen that one before...
It isn't all over that one yet.
Sorry for the low def picture. I have also never seen it either.
Not to mention the occasional potworms
... are you growing any succulents?
Used to grow quite a few, and like I said, I used to work the garden center I learned a bit about all sorts of plants and molds etc. there.
Mostly from when people came to 'return' moldy plants.
It's 'too much water' soo many times.
I have 6 growing right now, 4 infected with mold, 1 infected with spider mites (also one of the ones infected with mold) and 2 that are leaves trying to grow. I've lost 4 succulents due to potworms, mealybugs, and this weird mold stuff... not to mention the root rot infection and stem rot infection, which was not caused by over-watering frankly, but rather infection, I presume.
Yeah. I think the first one was too much water possibly... But now it's just spreading to dry soil and I'm going to go nuts.
If I water the soil once in 3 weeks the mold comes
mold = mean bully
mold = bully. mean bully
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