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5:05 PM
@ShadowWizard do you know of a thing that
i mean
what i want to do is that i want to code simultaneously with someone else
i mean umm how do i explain it
hey you know google docs right?
two people can edit that document at the same time and you see their cursor with their name on it
so is there something similar for coding things here
5:33 PM
@BerryHolmes never tried one myself, but looks like there are some nice options here: codegeekz.com/12-best-code-editors-for-real-time-collaboration
Hey @ShadowWizard i found kobra.io
That's an amazing article I'll all of them to find which one is the best :)
You'll work with @Hipp on the bot?
Or with @Hex?
No, I don't know python :(
5:35 PM
My friend asked me to teach her code (basic html) but i'll be going to another city
so i'll have to look for some online alternatives
@BerryHolmes ohhh... well, dunno if shared IDE is ideal, maybe best to just talk over Skype, i.e. video calls
Wait, is that the friend you had as avatar in the beginning?
@ShadowWizard Lol, you're a detective
And yes that's correct
:D :D
And what's github?
:o and why do people use it they're all paid options to register :(
Anyway I'll try making an account everyone on stackoverflow has a github account :o I had a bitbucket account once
6:06 PM
@Shadow Github is waaaay cooler than Bitbucket :) and creating public repositories is free! Woohoo!
Why do you want to code in Python ?
@Hexacoordinate-C To make a bot just like chemobot :)
I saw you did some things
I was just trying to run that file, Hippa guided me very well, now I know how to use pip to install packages
6:23 PM
I use WinPython
With Spider
What's that
The easiest way to run Python, Spyder with SciPy and friends on any Windows PC, without installing anything!
This looks cool I need to read more on this
It looks like this :
This is Spyder
I want Spyder too
WinPython is a repository with many different things
I not use all off them. I know the basics of many languages. I'll do more Python this summer during my holidays.
i need to learn python too, how did you learn it in the beginning
6:35 PM
I need to code my own free little sofware to calculate theorical molecule properties
I learnt in openclassrooms.com
@Hexacoordinate-C That would be great!
The lessons are good but if you want to improve your skills you'll have to go on some youtube channels which offer great things too.
Also the best way is to go the the Python Website
Oh, so that's how you've learnt
the python website was a little complex to me
6:38 PM
I started with this lesson. I haven't finished it yet cause of my studies. I did the main first three chapters
But that's another language
I think it exists in English :)
@Hexacoordinate-C I'm done with highschool yay!
Yeah :o I was in highschool
6:40 PM
And what do you mean by you are done ?
That means I'll be joining a university within a month :)
OK well I'm at an equivalent of 4 year of University then ^^
Aha! What's your major?
Next year I'll do a full year intership then I'll be back for my 5th and last year
Chemical Engineering
@Hexacoordinate-C Wow, that's cool, so just one year left for you, any plans for further studies?
6:43 PM
After that I'll be done haha
I want to work now. That's why I'm doing a full year internship in a company next year before to finish and get my diploma
haha finally, I've still 4/5 years to go
When I see what some people do, I think doing a PhD it's a waste time especially in Chemical Engineering
@Hexacoordinate-C So you're going to work at a pharmaceutical company right?
No everywhere on chemistry
:o everywhere
6:46 PM
I do sizing of equipment (distillation column, reactors, pump, etc...) for the industry. That is the goal of Chemical Engineering.
Oh, I didn't knew that, I finished with my final exam just today so I'll have to look up all the engineering branches and choose one (and that's a difficult job)
You need to have strong knowledge in Organic, Inorganic, Organometallic etc chemistry with strong knowledge in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, unitary systems etc
@Hexacoordinate-C Inorganic check, fluid mechanics I love that, thermodynamics wow I can study thermo the entire day!
The fact is that when you do a reactor if you are doing a polymerisation you need to know how the viscosity will vary if you are in Batch but the viscosity depends also on the way you do your polymerisation (Emulsion, micro, mini, no) etc. Then will it be easier or not to carry the heat out ? etc ...
Many things to have in mind to size only a reactor :)
That sounds like a tough job ^
6:51 PM
Well when you have lessons for two years about many subjects you begins to have some skills. I like problem solving
Without challenge I waste my time ^^
Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies physical sciences (physics and chemistry), life sciences (microbiology and biochemistry), together with applied mathematics and economics to produce, transform, transport, and properly use chemicals, materials and energy. A chemical engineer designs large-scale processes that convert chemicals, raw materials, living cells, microorganisms and energy into useful forms and products. == Etymology == A 1996 British Journal for the History of Science article cites James F. Donnelly for mentioning an 1839 reference to chemical engineering in...
Haha that's true, challenges are a must.
If you want I can make you a list of all lessons I had at school these last two years
It will give you an idea of what we need to be a chemical engineer
Even if everything is not useful but we are at least chemists and we have to know chemistry :)
Yeah you can be called a chemist as well..
But I'm more inclined to
Inclined to ?
What does it mean ?
take up either computer sciences (I like coding) or perhaps architecture? (i like designing) or maybe electrical engineering (that's a good field too), and lastly chemical engineering is on my list too.
@Hexacoordinate-C Oops, my sentence got sent halfway and I wrote another one instead of clicking edit
I'm just so confused about what should be my major
6:58 PM
You'll have time to choose
Yeah I've got a whole month so I'll be looking up the field of work and the subjects that are involved
First year :

Organic Chemitry (Cyclisations, Alkane, Alkene, Akyne, Aromatics, Halogens, Organo (Mg, Zn, Cu), Alcohols, Phenols, Quinones, Sulfur derivatives, Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic and derivatives, Amines)
Inorganic Chemisty
Organometallic chemistry
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Mass Transfer
Analytical methods (NMR, IR, UV, RAMAN, HPLC, GC, MS)
Quantum Mechanics and Orbital Chemistry
Initiation of Biochemistry and Biology
Mathematics and Statistics
@BerryHolmes it's for sharing code, but no online IDE afaik
@BerryHolmes heh, actually using BitBucket at work, but yeah will use GH when starting to share my own code. :D
@Hexacoordinate-C The subjects are interesting :)
@ShadowWizard Ah but it'll come handy :)
@ShadowWizard Really :D I thought I'm the only one who uses BitBucket
@Hexacoordinate-C and what's in the second year?
I'm writting ^^
7:05 PM
@Hexacoordinate-C Okay :)
@BerryHolmes suggest it on their meta site... ;)
@ShadowWizard Lolol :D
Minister of Laughs, at your service!
Even if they do add a collaborative IDE feature, they'll probably do it for [status-paid] users
:( didn't work
doesn't work in a statement
7:15 PM
Second Year

Organic Chemistry of the first year as basics + Organic Chemistry (Oxydations, Reductions, Organo (Li, Ti, Cu, Zn), Pd coupling (almost all), Metathesis
Biology + Biochemistry (30h)
Polymers (Generalities, Synthesis, Kinetics, Physical properties)
Orbital chemistry in organometallic complex
Inorganic Chemistry (B, P, Si)
Ideal Reactors
Unitary System (Distillation, Crytallisation, Drying, ...) at industrial scale
Analytical methods (XRC, Atomic Spectroscopy, TGA)
7:22 PM
@Hexacoordinate-C Biology + Biochemistry (30h) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
That is very cool :)
How do you put your text in red-wine boxes ?
and that industrial project - wowowow i really this kind of practical works
[status-red-wine-box] like this
It doesn't work lol
yeah that way :D
7:26 PM
Who invented it ?
shadow wizard perhaps?
[status- ]
That's not fun
A: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

PopsMeta Stack Exchange/(any room): red tags Send a message consisting solely of [status-SOME_PLAINTEXT_STRING] and it will appear in chat like a moderator tag. Doing this as a reply to another message is okay, but other text or formatting will not work. The plaintext string cannot be longer than 50...

It's there from the beginning, so I'd say the original developers of SO... aka Jeff. :)
(or a developer under his direct command)
2 days ago, by Shadow Wizard
@BerryHolmes can put only letters, digits, and "-" there, anything else breaks the status. (so in your case, quote and period)
I don't understand what to do with that
insert coin
"Gaming/The Bridge: minigame Eggs.Asteroids

Send the message insert coin and click on the floating "click me" button that appears to start an Asteroids-esque minigame with user avatars."
7:43 PM
actually never tried it myself
Called for help...

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