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12:20 AM
IIRC rand's suspension on Puzzling ended in August 2016, so he's narrowly missing the window for this election.
2:10 AM
@bjb568 AD/AS, all you need.
What's with the red...
Good for the eyes.
Not for mine
I concede that cat vision is different.
2:15 AM
Can't wait for macro to be over with, I've taken way too many exams this year...
Are y'all planning to graduate college in 3 years?
(re: loading up on AP credit)
@hichris123 I'm taking eight, I was going to sign up for nine, didn't realize that there were multiple makeup days depending on the exam.
@Gerry Probably not, most "selective" colleges only accept a handful of AP credits so it's not like it matters.
@Gerry My future is foggy, ask again in 4 years.
2:18 AM
@bjb568 Yikes, I thought 5 was bad.
Hopefully I'll go to a college that I'll want to stay at.
Unless you get somewhere where you get to do something cool outside of classroom, with people you want to work with... May as well save some $$ and go to a CC for two years.
Sitting in a classroom is about the same thing everywhere.
I've realized that.
Sans anybody to do cool things with now, I'm going to try to write an AI that makes or analyzes music over the summer and publish a paper about it.
I finished grading final exams in one of my classes... two students got their money's worth, one already knew everything about the subject, and the rest would be better off investing in lottery tickets.
2:25 AM
(It was not a large class).
(Okay, maybe 4-5 instead of 2. It's a temporary effect of grading.)
2:46 AM
@bjb568 Life is about setting goals and figure out how to acquire the resources in order to achieve them.
Eh, maybe. I'm happy when I don't set goals too tho.
if you don't have any goal, accumulate enough resources until you find your goal is okay too
@bjb568 that's because you are young
but you wouldn't be young and in good health forever
2:48 AM
nothing to be sad about
that's exactly why you should set goals or start to accumulate resources, like the squirrels
I am telling you this because it's the mistake I have made in my earlier life
@Telkitty Do you remember all of your resource bunkers? Or are you just getting happy sometimes about finding some nuts again you already had forgotten about?
I have to make sure no other squirrels steal my stored resources, which is bloody hard
Squirrels (the other ones) could become a plague :-P
At least forgotten bunkers will be helpful to grow further nut trees, so that investment wasn't in vane.
3:15 AM
If I have time, I would start a new question on physics 'under which apocalypse scenario is a bunker going to help your chance of surviving another 10 years'
play Fallout series
If surviving and evolving is as easy as in the movie cast away, I really don't know what humanity has been doing in the past 5000 years
3:40 AM
The interest in strings is waning, while arrays remain strong, after experiencing rapid growth in 2013.
Java Arrays in particular, I suspect.
all those data mining is supposed to achieve a goal assume?
not sure what goal a few graphs is going to achieve or prove.
Also, for-loops are considerably more popular than while loops. Hiring an experienced for loop developer should be relatively easy.
3:44 AM
Normalhuman bot, producing useless facts since 2008
My undergrad thesis is about data mining, then for the next 15 years, I watched painfully as part of the world revolved around data mining with nothing significant been produced.
@Telkitty data is 'cool'
@JourneymanGeek data ARE cool
Because R
data is uncountable.
3:58 AM
(stolen from Joel, unless he stole it from elsewhere)
data ain't cool
@Shog9 hence the quotes.
data interpreted appropriately can be useful. Also, makes pretty graphs.
4:02 AM
And of course, a big discussion at ELU, Is "data" treated as singular or plural in formal contexts?
SO Trends... Google Trends...
yes; graphs are cool, and results are cool, and results that can be represented in graphs are extra-cool.
<-- currently looking for an excuse to post a directed graph illustrating some sort of result
Teenage Mutant Bacon Sandwich
(but the only graph I look at a regularish basis, is my reputation ;) )
4:04 AM
mine is phone's battery graph :(
Usually, you have an intuition about something, then you use data to prove your theory
I can trust my phone battery to go on all day
@Feeds Notably, all are examples of Trochee fixation
Other than definition of a sandwich
"sandwich" qualifies
4:08 AM
@Gerry I never noticed "an hypercorrection" in title text until now. Neat.
@HyperNeutrino You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
Are there two different Smokeys?
Oh well, free flags ;)
@HyperNeutrino might not want to engage the troll tho
Ya :P
4:49 AM
I'd have commented there, but you'd probably have gone "who the hell is this guy" ;p
this guy as in you?
(I'm not really a skeptics regular, or anyone of importance ;) )
Well, I have seen you around on Charcoal HQ before :P
Not often!
I'm not a Skeptics regular either :P
4:52 AM
I usually do freerange flags
Not often, but enough that I remember you exist :P
I'm a PPCG regular and I used to be an SO regular :P
Might see me on meta or SU mostly
(and a bunch of assorted, seemingly random chatrooms)
I see. :P
7:26 AM
I really need to get that discussion gold badge
2 hours later…
9:56 AM
@HyperNeutrino the privilege is set per room, so.. being a privileged user in one room doesn't mean being privileged user in all rooms
10:16 AM
@ShadowWizard If you're curious meta.superuser.com/questions/1024/where-did-molly-go/1025#1025 is the old user whose posts I come across quite a bit
and feel terrible about deleting
2 hours later…
11:58 AM
just learned how windows 10 by default distributes updates.
Not really sure that I could trust that ideas as safe.
12:52 PM
9 messages moved to Chimney
@HyperNeutrino There's only one smokey but the privileges are per-room or per-chat-server or something. Just ask somebody in charcoal hq to give you privs here in the tavern.
@JasonC Per room
Yeah you got nothin'
drops mic
@Shog interesting side effect of the top bar change on SO is that people review less suggested edits these days. I didn't see the queue being full for years, and I took a look now, the edits are pending for 2-5 hours, where before they were all reviewed within minutes. Wonder if you considered this when removing the suggested edits count from the top bar?
Probably many long time reviewers simply think the queue is empty, since there's no number there any more.
I wonder if it will reach the point where edits will take days to review, like on the smaller sites...
(on Health it takes over a month until a suggested edit is approved, actually.)
@JasonC what happened to MOM?
there's a live feed from iss up now it's pretty cool (youtube.com/watch?v=RtU_mdL2vBM). the astronaut was messing with the camera a few minutes ago.
maybe he'll show his face again
aw maybe he went back inside
1:11 PM
@JasonC Oh, alright. Thanks.
@JasonC walks away angrily
> NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer will take a spacewalk outside International Space Station starting at about 8 a.m. EDT (1200 GMT) and lasting about 6.5 hours.
so they're out there walking around they'll probably end up back on camera at some point
i think jack fischer might be holding the camera
oh no maybe he just tied it to something
This isn't a sandbox... what you trying to do? @Hyp
1:17 PM
I know this isn't the sandbox.
I'm asking on Charcoal HQ if I can get privs over here for Smokey
Because I have privs there but not here, so I'm giving my chat id for here and someone I think is making a PR for that
you don't need to explain yourself, shadow is just a cranky old man
So you post here for people on other room to see? That doesn't sound weird at all. :D
@JasonC unimportant cranky old man
1:19 PM
@JasonC let's go for a fist fight, see who is cranky old man then! :P
Zimmer frame fight!
unimportant, STUPID, cranky old man
You can be a cranky old man and hit hard.
and ugly too
but not FAT
1:20 PM
but you smell funny
I was always proud being not FAT
@ShadowWizard I misinterpreted CalvT over there :I I was told to give my user id on the Tavern but that means my meta chat ID, not posting it here lol
@ShadowWizard FAT32 or NTFS?
@HyperNeutrino on MSE (and SO) it's the same.
@JasonC How do you know how he smells like?
1:21 PM
@M.A.R. 64
@M.A.R. he got sensors in my room
smell sensors
Very elegant sensors.
they're iot-enabled
Oh. lol Okay.
That reminds me of FeelReal VR
1:22 PM
0/10 did not disclose affiliation
opening perfume bottle next to @Jason's sensors so that he gets a smell boom
lol: Ocean, Jungle, Fire, Grass, Powder, Flowers, Metal
that's weirdly similar to the settings on those "relaxing noise generators"
wtf is "powder"
faithfully recreating the scent of cocaine
1:25 PM
now with VR enhanced visualization!
oh man
@M.A.R. you got some?
@Elephant considering that the more you played, the more psychedelic the world textures became... LSD Dream Emulator already attempted that too.
@ShadowWizard you want some? Come get some. Punches Sha
@Derpy that's a crazy game
1:32 PM
@Jason can you please scrape the Den (full scraping) and share the data somehow, e.g. XML file on Google Drive? I want to re-calculate WAG stats, and prefer not to scrape it all by myself. (Both the time it will take, and unneeded load on the servers)
@M.A.R. thanks! Just what I needed. :D
@Elephant even crazier, from the Wikipedia link...
> An open source, unofficial fan remake, titled LSD Revamped, is under development for Microsoft Windows and Linux.[2][3] The remake, remade in the Unity game engine, was updated to include various new features, including mod support and original areas.[3]
That said....
so there is no end to the "crazy game" list.
@Elephant compu-lsd.com
is this...... A SEQUEL?
1:48 PM
oo, incoming great games
nope, tried some who is. Probably someone managed to buy the old domain / url the game used
so... sorry, seems it is just a fake site after all.
we will still have to wait for media-molecule Dreams
@ShadowWizard Nope. Because I started doing it just now, then my PC locked up, then I rebooted, and Eclipse erased the entire un-backed-up source file.
And now I have no more scraper. Because awesome.
Well it's not as bad as it sounds I still have all the hard parts of the code, but I need to redo the main file.
@JasonC whoops. Sorry about that! cowers away slowly
Guess I'll do it myself, and put in Google Drive for others, or future use. :)
2:03 PM
My bad for not putting it in source control
Lemme see if recuva finds a copy somewhere
any tips for the format? @Jason
I just used a csv
Which I recommend because it's a lot of data and low overhead = good.
XML will be huge
@JasonC good point. So CSV with every line as one message?
Don't you remember the csv I sent you last time? I thought I sent you one about a month ago. Same format, I did uh... one sec...
I had good results with one line per message
When I remake this I'll add stars.
But that seemed to be enough info to recreate everything.
Oh and also message type (there's three: one-box, system, and regular)
Damn, 2 hours left on data recovery scan
@JasonC how you get message type from scraping?
2:10 PM
And I have a feeling it won't get it unless I get lucky and there's a really old version laying around, because the file right now is the right size but full of 0's. And I have an SSD with trim support. So, meh.
It's implicit in the structure of the html
@JasonC oh, thought there is some hidden attribute I missed
@ShadowWizard The chat has a div, transcript. Each of its child nodes are messages. Ones with class monologue are either normal or one-boxed. Ones with class system-message-container are system.
Then for monologue if there's a child node with class onebox it's a one-box, otherwise it's not.
I can send you the raw transcripts through April 17
Save you some work
@JasonC Well, for my needs I don't need it, but good to keep it in mind. :)
@JasonC hmm.... yeah, won't cause any harm. Thanks!
It'll save you a ton of time with throttling.
Gimme a minute to compress them
@JasonC plan to request one page every 5-10 seconds, won't it be enough?
2:15 PM
Yeah but I'm sending you 1104 days of transcripts.
That's 1.5 hours of scraping at 5 second intervals.
whoa. :)
You just need to get April 17 thru now, that's what I was doing when my PC died.
Also, remember to disable macros when opening the .xls file that he will send you or you may end up as a new addition to his botnet.
WTF?! (aka plz delete anyone who can)
@ShadowWizard LOL
2:18 PM
How do you think @JasonC manages to find the time to do all the scraping otherwise?
@Derpy can they be added to .csv as well? ;)
Well I'm just giving you raw html. It's the actual transcript pages. The rest is on you.
Going for shoppings, will be back later. Looking forward to get the pages! :)
@ShadowWizard dropbox.com/s/6mekma1ckqpdmal/721.7z?dl=0 - And delete 2017-04-17.html, that file is corrupt. I didn't notice until after I compressed it.
2:30 PM
@ShadowWizard lol. I flagged
and that one is just. plain. strange
and is it just me, or is it rediculously easy to repcap on MSE?
@JourneymanGeek It's ridiculously easy to rep-cap on meta.SE. That doesn't mean it isn't just you
It's always you.
2:33 PM
I posts my answers, I get my votes, no?
Also I know it.
So you can't fool me.
I know @Sha's your sock.
@JourneymanGeek It's pretty easy.
Heck, you've even created a very localized voting ring
Turns out it's actually probably not that hard to rep cap anywhere, you just need to shotgun enough crap. meta.stackexchange.com/a/295373/230261
@M.A.R. heh. That's my equivilent of imposter syndrome.
2:36 PM
It's exceedingly difficult to actually lose rep.
@JasonC hah. On SU I've gotten about 87 over almost 7 years, and several thousand questions. Here I have 12 over 173, most of the time I ignored MSE unless I wanted to complain about almost half of them over a relatively short period of time
There's so many numbers in that sentence.
@JasonC Yeah. Confirmed, he's Gerry's sock too
@M.A.R. I can't be everyone's sock
Also, damn, SSD+TRIM = file recovery scans will never work. Sigh.
2:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek So Gerry's your sock?
@JasonC back when I was doing forensics...
@M.A.R. Everyone's shog's sock
and we're all figment's of Tim Post's imagination after that head injury
damn. he's got a pretty vivid imagination.
maybe he can imagine that i have a girlfriend
@JasonC it's 1080p
@JasonC essentially the papers on whether data recovery is possible from SSDs, least 3-4 years ago were... entirely contradictory
the nsa knows the answer i'm sure
2:43 PM
A: What is the theory behind securely delete files on a SSD?

Journeyman GeekAnnoyingly academic papers disagree on how you can usually destroy data. There's a few things worth considering. Traditional disk sanitisation techniques are designed for hard drives - these write data more or less sequencially and are 'simpler' than the modern SSD. Generally treating a SSD like...

who knows, some weird quantum physics style echoes of data that they can scan with recovered alien technology or something
@JasonC beat you with a wrench until you tell them what you want to know?
an alien wrench
Actually... no
i just got an amusing image of them disassembling a ufo at area 51, then using the parts as blunt objects to smack people with.
2:45 PM
chat one-boxes the real link and you get the mouseover when you do it
ah yeah
It's blasphemous to post an xkcd without a tooltip.
Actually, I really should just report your message for that. flags
2:48 PM
I miss being a chatmod ;p
piling on flags to pressurize Haney to nuke Journeygeek man
I'd be able to ninja edit it otherwise.
is there an animal that goes "erf"
Dogs sometimes do
2:49 PM
i feel like it would be dog-like, but dumber
dogs make the damnest noises.
@JasonC its kinda the "I cannot be bothered to even bark at you" sound
the funniest dog sound is that half-hearted long, vocal cry+howl sound, i can't describe it. but it's hilarious.
My roomie goes from woof, to multiple barks to woof, to chewbacca sounds...
a friend of mine used to have this huge dog, like bigger than a person. his name was Dog. and we discovered one day that every time we played the theme song from all in the family, no matter where he was, he would just start howling. it was awesome.
he's a lovely dog.
2:51 PM
he'd do it from half speed to double speed playback. but not when it was played in reverse. we did a lot of experiments.
lol. Those are awesome. Also utterly impractical.
i know haha
My granma has a GSD. Big goofball.
@JasonC most people here live in flats
another friend had a big one named Hank who would stand up real slow and hug you.
there's literally a list of a dozen approved dogs..
@JasonC My gran's dog does that. Then realised it was my brother, not me, then tried to hide under the sofa...
2:53 PM
lemme look at pics to see if i can figure out what kind of dogs Dog and Hank were
i think hank was a white great dane
Is that like a great white shark?
and dog was a mutt but part corso probably
mutts are the best dogs
some day, i will have two of these, and two of these. and a huge ass plot of land. some day.
more likely i'll have a mangy cat and live in a cardboard box under a bridge
I think my dog basically has ruined everything not a terrier to me.
3:01 PM
i think i saw a pic of your dog; is it one of those curly haired terriers or a short hair
better way to phrase that question: what kind of terrier
hm, straight, somewhat silky
mutt. White schnauzer mom
dad's unknown
boston terriers seem to be popular in nyc for some reason
unless you're a little japanese girl. then for some reason you probably have a yorkshire. </stereotype>
There's a local yorkie
she used to be extremely high energy
we had some westies too, adorable but not that bright
i'm partial to beagles
my mom used to own a dog grooming place, she named it after my childhood dog.
but she sold it, which has always made me sad. still has the same name but the new owners don't have her charm.
3:06 PM
she was always doing like, suburb things. like little booths in the dog park and special events and crap.
lol. our usual grooming place loves ash.
it was a do-it-yourself grooming place. it was awesome actually. they had groomers on staff but the owners would come in and give the dogs baths and stuff and not have to worry about the mess. it was very popular.
they took the picture of our dog off their web site finally
haha, there he is on the top right‌​, archive.org immortalizing the hilariously geocities style small business web site.
also it looks like somebody's washing some kind of terrier
looks like a very cross yorkie
3:12 PM
my mom has an infamously poor eye for good pictures
We have a self service dog wash at our local dog park
isn't it fun? people seem to get a kick out of washing their dogs. good bonding.
i want to open a self service cat wash, just for the comedic value
I'd like to link their webpage but self playing videos...
also, their condtioner smells damned good
Lol what: luckydawgsalongrooming.com/… accidental awesome find
3:17 PM
oh man
aw it's kind of a letdown
#12 is pretty good
@JasonC heh. those are pretty bad
@JNat cross site spammer: stackexchange.com/users/10689812/mahmood-mehar?tab=accounts posted couple of spam on MSE now, probably more on SO in the past...
@M.A.R. nah, I'm no sock!
@Jason thanks, looks good. Just to make sure, you handle cases like this? (i.e. days with many messages, where there are multiply transcript pages)
So @Journeyman how was your third day at work? Better than the first? You got the hang of things? ;)
3:37 PM
@ShadowWizard all gone
Public holiday
so awesome. Just not work
2 more days this week
at least I think its a 5 day week
still no paperwork done
Blogger (blogspot) interface is amazing. Under a post from 2015, the timestamp is "Posted by Gerry at 5:40 PM". Seriously.
@ShadowWizard I'm still convinced that unless my actual boss turns up and is awesome, the cultural fit... just isn't there.
least so far
Of course, as the sole IT guy, I suppose I can (eventually) inject some sanity into things
since the other IT guy (so far) seems to be primarily handling facilities.
also, I donno why I've been so negative so far. I'm usually a lot more positive about these things.
I do note though, I typically had some pretty competant folk getting me onboarded, so.... there's that
here... er...
not yet anyway
in theory I don't even legally work there
no contract's signed
erf. Yeah, wee bit whiny. Its kinda frustrating.
I've been chasing HR, and my current temp boss.
3:58 PM
@ShadowWizard yes i always request /0-24
so each of those is the full transcript for the entire day
@JourneymanGeek On the bright side, you'll have more opportunities to earn The Workplace rep.
To begin with, ask what to do if you are hired without any contract or onboarding.
yeah, probably
and maybe keep looking
4:57 PM
i don't know what to eat for lunch. i'm ordering food. somebody suggest a random type of cuisine.
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