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9:51 AM
this guy
this guy
and this banned guy
are all the same person
he asks a lot of questions, most of them low quality ones
I dont know how many more accounts he's got
5 hours later…
3:16 PM
@Reno how do you know this?
4:04 PM
@drachenstern I follow android questions closely :)
I see
you can check his signature to confirm (Thanks in advance Tushar)
this was for @random
this guys has asked so many questions but never learnt how to edit the wall of code that he posts
anyways ban evasion with multiple accounts calls for an IP ban
2 hours later…
5:39 PM
Per Shog9's suggestion, I am going to flood this room with posts that I think need to be either migrated to Programmers.SE, or, if they have no value there either, deleted.
A: Moving from Employee to Business Owner smoothly

Jon BMy biggest concern would be your employer claiming ownership of any intellectual property you create while employed by them. Here's a nice short answer: talk to a lawyer. It will cost you a little, but could save a bundle in the long run.

Q: Secrets for burning the midnight oil

rjarmstrongTommorrow is the deadline, boy did it come fast!!? It's twisted but some of us have procrastinated just a tad as the thrill of an all-nighter makes things sharp and real- it must be the adrenaline. But how do you keep your mind on the game as the hours slip away and your eyes burn and squint? D...

Q: "Mentor" a senior programmer or colleague without insulting

Adam DavisI don't have great social skills. Like many programmers I know, social skills are something that is worked on and developed over time because it's not a natural and 'inborn' trait. When a computer is doing something wrong, you can tell it so and 'fix' it so it'll work correctly the next time. ...

Q: What is the most frustrating programming style you've encountered?

JaredParWhen it comes to coding style I'm a pretty relaxed programmer. I'm not firmly dug into a particular coding style. I'd prefer a consistent overall style in a large code base, but I'm not going to sweat every little detail of how the code is formatted. Still there are some coding styles that dri...

Q: How to respond to something like "But Amazon does it?"

John IsaacksI am the sole programmer for an eCommerce website. Sometimes I am asked to program something that I do not know how to do. If I respond that I cannot do that, I am usually told something like "Well if Amazon (or some other huge site) can do it, why can't we?". If I say something like "They us...

Q: Best way to relate code smells to a non technical audience?

Ed GuinessI have been asked to present examples of code issues that were found during a code review. My audience is mostly non-technical and I want to try to express the issues in such a way that I convey the importance of "good code" versus "bad code". But as I review my presentation it seems to me I'v...

Q: I sold my source code to a client, can I now re-build similar code and sell to someone else?

So we built a website and software for a client, charged our fee and handed over the code. The client then got a request from another company about the software. The client passed on the request but said since they owned the code they would need to recieve money for it. I'm thinking there are 2...

Q: Best Practices to End a Software Project.

Matthew SposatoSeveral projects I have worked on have satisfied all the requirements, yet for some reason lingered on. Typically what happens is that the client is spending time with their new product and is asking the vendor (consultant) to modify such-n-such "just a little". Or perhaps they realize that altho...

Q: What Things are Most Conducive to a Productive Programming Environment?

Jonathan SampsonMany of us have worked in multiple environments over the years, and have found that some are more productive than others. In many cases, it's not directly related to the abilities of the developers, but instead to their environment. I myself have experienced this, being in places where I seemed t...

Q: Advice for Managing a difficult client.

Chris JonesWe are agile software developers, and we have a client Pm who will not accept any drop in functionality when we do a delivery. It’s a key requirement in agile software development to deliver to timelines not functionality. It seems impossible to manage his expectations - he seems a bully and wil...

Q: Design for future changes or solve the problem at hand.

NaveenWhile writing the code or during design do you try to generalize the problem at the first instance itself or try to solve that very specific problem. I am asking this because, trying to generalize the problem tends to complicate the things (which may not be necessary) and on the otherhand it will...

Q: When should I tell my boss that I'm thinking about looking for another job?

BeachRunnerJoeI'm thinking about looking around for another job, but I don't know when I should tell my boss because I would like to see what kind of opportunities I can land before I even mention it. The reason I'm reluctant to tell him right away is I'm afraid he'll begin the process of replacing me. If I ...

Q: Best Development Methodology for One Person?

EliHi All, I spend a lot of time working on projects in which I am the sole developer, project manager, designer, QT person (Yes, I know... Bad!), and sometimes I'm even the client. I've tried just about everything for planning projects and managing myself, from just sitting and working freestyl...

Q: Change management's mind?

Jack M.As a programmer working in an insurance office, I have a nasty little management hierarchy which is making programming much harder. At current, our IT department rates a three on The Joel Test, which worries me. I'd like to fix this, but management enforces an insanely aggressive release schedu...

That's all I can stomach for now. Enjoy!
@statusdeclined Just voting to close as off-topic. Topic already exists on P.SE, so it would be closed as a dup if migrated (and the answer both places is pretty much just "talk to a lawyer", which doesn't say much about its applicability to either site.)
@statusdeclined this is just a GTKY question. NaRQ or off-topic, dealer's choice.
@statusdeclined Voted to migrate... There's a good bit of overlap with some existing P.SE questions, but given the quality of the answers here I would hope it could be merged.
@statusdeclined GTKY. Voted for NaRQ.
@statusdeclined This is borderline... Almost reads like a rant, but user did seem genuinely appreciative of the answers. Voted to migrate.
@statusdeclined This seems like a perfect P.SE question to me. Voted to migrate!
@statusdeclined There's probably a way this could be seen as on-topic, but... "get a lawyer". Voted OT.
@statusdeclined I hate these "best practices" questions. Voted NaRQ.
@statusdeclined GTKY disguised as a list question. NaRQ!
@statusdeclined I could go either way on this, but... NaRQ for the discussiony bit.
@statusdeclined Not a great question, but does seem appropriate for P.SE.
@statusdeclined Solid career question, voted to migrate.
@statusdeclined I just hate "best" in the title of subjective questions. So I voted off-topic. If i had it to do over again, I'd do NaRQ.
@statusdeclined Not programming-related, not really even programmer -related, possibly too localized... Voted Off Topic.
6:12 PM
@Shog9 - thanks for your help -- you're the best!
@statusdeclined No problem - first time I've bothered to use my close-vote quota in a while, good to not look lazy for a change ;-)
Hey, it's The Closing MAN
You've come to the right place, @Will... ;-)

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