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10:02 AM
hehey, I've managed to write a userscript which crashed chrome every time. and all instances of chrome, not just one tab :)
@Nyuszika7H: I had got android bronze badge today
@Benjol just the other day chrome took down my laptop with a BSOD :(
@Benjol name it IE.user.js and upload it on StackApps
@LoïcWolff :)
It's a bummer, I was just about to put it on stack apps. Works fine in FFx
@LoïcWolff >_<
10:06 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Anything that makes @RebeccaChernoff go '>_<' deserves to be starred
@Benjol Can't access Dropbox at work, what does it "autoreview"?
2 hours ago, by Benjol
user image
> Add pro-forma comments dialog for reviewing (pre-flag)
@Benjol Nice :)
@Benjol I see a instead of whatever you're suppose to have inside the template
@YiJiang, where?
10:08 AM
@Benjol <div class="popup-close"><a title="close this popup (or hit Esc)">�</a></div>
@YiJiang, weird, do you get the same thing on so? I copied it from the close dialog
@Benjol \o/
Anyway, protip, instead of doing something.find(...); something.find(...) you can use .end to create giant chained monsters!
@badp, you may recognise some of your creative input in there :)
@Benjol Definitely not on SO, perhaps it would be a better idea to use the HTML entity for that instead of the char literal, might be an encoding problem
10:10 AM
@YiJiang, I know, there's a LOT in there to clean up. Meanwhile, if you have any ideas why it nukes chrome...
@YiJiang which is?
@Benjol Not sure, hmmm... I think it might be the multiplication sign: fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/d7/index.htm
@YiJiang, ok, try now (from dropbox)
@YiJiang ×
@YiJiang @YiJiang, hehe, two bugs in one. That was what killed chrome, apparently!
Do I get a prize for finding a bug in chrome? :)
@Benjol Perhaps, Firefox offers a couple thousand dollars, though only to security related ones :P
10:17 AM
Where does one officially post bug reports for chrome?!
Anything script with the × character in kills it, even in a comment
@Benjol The Google code bug tracker for the Chromium project
Looks like it might already be fixed: code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=66533
Could some of you try this in chrome, tell me if it crashes, and what version of chrome you're using? dl.dropbox.com/u/2835366/SO/killchrome.user.js
@Benjol Extension Install Failure – User script must be UTF8 encoded.
@Nyuszika7H, you have v10?
@Benjol Chrome 11.0.672.2 dev
10:24 AM
@Nyuszika7H, ok, no point reporting the bug then
@Benjol also the userscript referenced in the issue installs correctly and doesn't crash Chrome
@Nyuszika7H, yes, but interestingly, it works for me too, so I suspect they corrected the script...
10:38 AM
@Benjol I do recognize the "Welcome to <sitename/>", which is the bit I cared the most about
Q: How to review? Can we agree on a review 'policy'?

BenjolOn the review page, there is a one-sentence guideline on reviewing. I think that as the number of reviewers increase, it is going to become increasingly necessary to come to some kind of agreement about a standard way to handle the different 'cases' that arise. I'm not sure if 'one question to r...

Q: Pro-forma comments for review [educating users before flagging]

Benjol About This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. Clicking on the link opens the dialog box below, which allows you to select some pre-fabricated comments which might be helpful for educating users before flagging their posts. Note that the dialog only inserts the text,...

11:02 AM
If a guy pee's on a pregnancy test does it turn out positive ? o_O
@Reno the preconditions are false and the behaviour of the function undefined
Ain't CS grand? :P
:D i was hoping for "invalid parameters" sorta answer
face palm sorry i didnt read that
my point is ... we should make a stackexchange for weird questions
ooh, I know that one! "what is meta.stackoverflow.com?"
perfect place to ask those :)
11:35 AM
Well, this is interesting. I'm chatting with my cousin, in well...Romanglish.
Thankfully, he can read enough English and I can read enough Romanian to actually communicate. :D
@GeorgeMarian: Hi, Mate
@GeorgeMarian: I got that badge today
What badge is that?
@Reno heh I like the fact that the title contains quite a disclaimer.
A classic
11:50 AM
So much for thinking that the cat may be happy enough just being in the forbidden room. Oh, no. He also wants attention.
That blog post is hilarious. For some reason, it seems familiar, though I don't actually remember reading it before.
12:13 PM
Oh yay! I managed to crash Firefox. Almost certainly my fault, I tried to make it do something extremely silly :P
I tried to replace the HTML content of an entire Wikipedia article through Firebug's HTML > edit tab, weird things started happening, I tried refreshing, then it crashed
Of course given that the edit HTML option is quite destructive and only meant for editing small snippets of HTML at a time, it's not too surprising Firefox isn't too happy with me messing up the entire DOM
I've had plenty of issues even w/ small updates. Or, the accumulation of several small updates.
12:22 PM
@GeorgeMarian: Sorry my net was gone, now i m back
@GeorgeMarian: android bronze badge
@SankarGanesh Nice, congrats. I don't think I have any tag badges, yet. Of course, I haven't spent much time on SO recently.
@GeorgeMarian: Thanks for your wishes , mate
@GeorgeMarian: what is your hobby
Programming. ;)
Seriously though, I guess I'd call playing video games a hobby.
Though I haven't done much of that lately.
@GeorgeMarian: which programming language you are very strong and in which programming language you feels you need to improve or still to learn more
Currently, my best would be PHP and I'm learning Python. I have a love/hate relationship with JavaScript.
12:34 PM
hmm, i have no idea on PHP and Python and I loveava , Jand android2EE and Android and Struts frame work
But Still has to spend to learn Spring and Hibernate ,
I learned Java in college, but haven't really used it professionally.
@GeorgeMarian: oh , what are the degrees , you had studied, I had finished Bachelor of Engineering and now studying Master of Psychology as part time
Interesting, my undergrad was also in engineering and I have considered doing a masters in psychology. lol
@GeorgeMarian: lol
12:44 PM
Oh, nice. Command completion for git commands, out of the box.
@badp lol
I didn't get the C++ one tbh :(
Yeah, good point. i was thinking object overload, but it seems like a bit of a stretch.
Man, FF's spelling suggestions need some major improvement. "Dissapointed" results in suggestions of "disjointedness" "disjointed" "disappointing" and "disseminated."
12:59 PM
> In the beginning of this year, there are more than a hundred cases of youths rioting in Singapore
I don't know about you, but I don't believe their definition of 'riot' matches up to mine
One man's riot is another's peaceful protest?
Really, they just shouldn't display the section if they can't find anything within a couple of hundred of km of me
1:05 PM
@YiJiang Did you maybe specify you'd be willing to relocate in Berlin?
(From the [new?] SO career )
@badp I don't have a CV there and I don't believe I can be legally employed in erhm... Germany. Maybe.
hm... yesterday I had "80th percentile in Python" at the top of my generated CV
now it's no longer there
@badp they must have done a re-calc. Bahahahaha!
Seriously though, the feature is disabled for the time being
For some technical reason
I thought I read something about it only showing up for passive candidates.
@GeorgeMarian aren't we all supposed to be passive candidates?
1:08 PM
I don't even know where the active/passive switch is
At least everybody who is not actively maintaining a CV? Or has the rule changed?
I dunno. It seemed like I had managed to publish mine yesterday.
I suppose it's nice to tell people 'hey, this site is mostly useless to you since nobody is hiring here on the same continent as you' on the homepage before I get my credit card out...
Granted, the limit on the size of the custom URL was a bit wonky. I couldn't use ../george_marian. So, I went with ../george. :)
@YiJiang if you are afraid of that little bit of commuting, you'll never make it in the industry
1:11 PM
@Pekka Yeah, now where's that teleporter of mine...?
You should be able to make it to Johannesburg in five hours or so, shouldn't you?
You could sleep on the plane
Okay, I stand corrected. Singapore to Berlin is nearly 10000 kilometers
@YiJiang It's free to publish your CV now, but "invite-only" for some definition of "invite."
You could still sleep on the plane
1:12 PM
Well, technically, there's some formula based on activity for inclusion.
And Berlin-Schönefeld should have showering facilities, so no problem
And these days, more and more airlines are offering WiFi.
so the students/no-students filter doesn't seem to do anything
@Pekka Well yes, Singapore airline was just advertising it's new non-stop flights to Johannesburg...
1:13 PM
@GeorgeMarian yeah. Also you can flirt with the stewardesses on the evening flight, so nightlife is covered as well
@Pekka Okay okay, that's quite enough (gosh, I can't believe I'm saying that here)
For a quiet evening, there is the on-board TV system featuring the latest blockbusters
And, don't forget the meals!
Anyway, should I post this as a bug? ;)
1:16 PM
Sure, it seems like there's a bug in there somewhere. At the very least, there should be a message about not finding anything near that location, so here are some random things we thought you may like.
"Perhaps, you may consider relocating to one of these fine locations."
Q: France is not within 30 miles of London

Douglas SquirrelOn StackOverflow Careers, I regularly do a search for candidates within 30 miles of London. I often get matches with candidates who have listed that they want to work in France, and expressly not listed London, England, Europe, or Earth (any of which would legitimately match the search). Please t...

probably the best use ever of [status-bydesign]
> Version 2.0 of careers will include more precise matching and will further enhance the geography data we use for search.
Uh huh...
will != does
shouldn't be related though, so I guess a bug report is indeed in order :)
Those are some great answers.
Hmm... posts on CodeReview.SE is licensed under CC?
1:24 PM
Oh come on. I woke up even earlier with the intention of having breakfast and such before this meeting and it's been moved.
Should I tag or ?
@TimStone You don't have much luck with meetings, huh?
@GeorgeMarian Apparently not. sighs
Q: Careers has some weird definition of 'near'

Yi JiangThe homepage of the Stack Overflow careers suggest that jobs around ten thousand kilometers away are 'near' me: Distance between Singapore and Berlin: It might be a feature, though a better solution to not finding any employers near me would be to not display anything in this section. Or ...

Oh, $10 off all pre-orders of console games on NewEgg, hmm.
1:27 PM
wonders how long before someone here screams SINGAPORE: UNSUPPORTED!
Ok, I'm going to try this sleep thing again. G'night folks.
Did we switch schedules? :P G'night
heh, apparently
@balpha I'm still amused that the graph labeling is [status-bydesign]. When David first threw that tag on there I was like "O_o"
@TimStone: Hi
1:41 PM
@TimStone: I am very happy today, because i had got android bronze badge
Ah, very nice. :)
@TimStone: :)
@TimStone: you are from which country and tell me what you are doing
2:23 PM
Q: What are some good co-op games for Mac?

nucMultiplayer games, played over LAN / Internet

Closing as "not a real question", right?
@LoïcWolff Depending on that site's policy on list question, but in general, yes.
@YiJiang Well, we accepted list for best iPad, iPhone, Widget...
but I don't really think this one fits Apple.SE
@LoïcWolff Tell him not to ask on Gaming unless he wants to get lynched
@YiJiang I'm going to tell him to post on SO, so that they'll bump him to Programmers and then close it :)
2:47 PM
@drachenstern: Hi, Hello
Morning all
@drachenstern: good Morning, Have a Nice day
@SankarGanesh again, that's probably not going to be the best way to go about t'ings in here ;)
Just sit back and participate ;)
@drachenstern: oh my god
@YiJiang but you did that for us already ;)
@SankarGanesh eh?
2:49 PM
@drachenstern: you said sit back and participate, i was keen to chat with you
Also, we don't type each others names on a regular basis, you should install the userscript (link forthcoming) and/or use the little arrow on each message on the right to reply to an individual message.
@SankarGanesh yes, and I'm surely keen to chat with you, but by sit back I mean that you come across as a little too eager. ;)
how to install userscript
Q: SE Chat Modifications

Tim Stone Screenshot Use /command shortcuts to perform common chat tasks: See message history inline: Easily preview replied-to messages: And much, much more... About Legends tell of a prolific Meta Stack Overflow chatter who despised using their mouse above all things. In an effort to keep t...

@drachenstern: ok, hmm, you are nice gentleman
2:51 PM
@TimStone that extension method sure does look like what I was trying to explain to Josh how it should look for integration purposes ... either that means I'm finally catching on to this whole javascript thing or you were looking for lazy :p ;)
@SankarGanesh yeah, pay attention to @YiJiang's post, cos that tells you how to install it in all browsers.
If anyone has the patience to install and try my latest userscript, I'd be interested in feedback: stackapps.com/questions/2116/…
@SankarGanesh I live in the United States, and I do secret stuff.
sure drachenstern, after install , i will come back to see you
@TimStone Rocket science and spying, mostly.
@TimeStone: hmmm, i like your name
2:53 PM
@drachenstern Hmm? :P
@Benjol I'll take a look in a bit. :)
@YiJiang Naturally.
@SankarGanesh Erm, thanks. :)
@SankarGanesh You can start by getting it right :P
@YiJiang :p Aw weren't we all newb at some point yousguys?
Hell, I'm pretty sure I still am a newb
@TimStone thanks, no stress though, I'll be gone soon anyway...
@drachenstern I dunno, my name (like many things) is Serious Business.
@drachenstern it is pretty ironic though, you have to admit :) But you are right, and I appreciate you saying the bits we were too lazy to say :)
2:57 PM
@Benjol eh gone soon anyway meaning bed or are you pulling a "I'm leaving too" </ragequit>?
Nah, home time... ;)
@Benjol I don't have an "auto" link :(
can you screenshot me so I know what it looks like?
try {
} catch {
} finally {
@YiJiang: I have Opera Broswer, i copied this content to a file userscripts.org/scripts/source/76161.user.js
3:01 PM
@drachenstern If you hit the add comment link, you should see 'auto' next to help
if you don't, tell me what browser/version
nm, I see it in the thumbnail (which probably needs to be put in the actual screenshot too)
or debug it yourself :)
@Benjol I was looking in the wrong place ;)
@YiJiang: and followed these steps, i donot know how to replay for the name
but it doesn't show up on stackapps
3:01 PM
@drachenstern will do
@SankarGanesh press ctrl down then ctrl up then up to a message to respond to, then press right arrow
@drachenstern good point :)
@YiJiang Ctrl+up to move up through message but down to move down?
@LoïcWolff no, ctrl-up to get on the message list, up and down to navigate up and down
continuing to press ctrl-up will move you up and ignore the ctrl modifier
ctrl-down is coded to drop you back to the message box (I use that one a lot, when changing tabs for instance)
3:04 PM
@drachenstern Oh, OK. Yeah. makes sence :)
@drachenstern i had got it
@YiJiang thanks for your valuable help, i had learnt a new and wonderful thing, thank you very much, hehehe
Now we just need to teach Mr. Sankar how to drop the formality .. :p ~ I don't know that I could ever survive in a foreign culture, I barely know enough formality to not get beat up here :p
Oh I'm such a barbarian ;)
WTF am I working on today guys? I guess a timesheet and some checkins would be a good way to start the day huh?
36 Hour Free Offer: jQuery Fundamentals Training (there might be some people interested here)
3:22 PM
@LoïcWolff thanks for sharing, looks like all the stuff I already know about jQuery ;)
3:37 PM
@Benjol - what's your script do? And was I ultimately of any help?
@drachenstern what does @Benjol's script do?
@Moshe did you read the stackapps link?
Q: Pro-forma comments for review [educating users before flagging]

Benjol About This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. Clicking on the link opens the dialog box below, which allows you to select some pre-fabricated comments which might be helpful for educating users before flagging their posts. Note that the dialog only inserts the tex...

5 hours ago, by Benjol
2 hours ago, by Benjol
user image
No. I did not.
@LoïcWolff Hm, there's a typo in there. Is that an official thing or a user-generated mockup or what?
@pop which typo, I've seen one too.
3:41 PM
@PopularDemand it's a stackapps script
@drachenstern Oh, I see, it's from your onebox. I didn't realize you were talking about the same thing.
@PopularDemand It's an userscript, from @benjol
@Benjol the third option from the end has a typo" OP providing using..."
@PopularDemand I don't see the typo ~ nm, I see, it's rather a grammatical error than a typo
@drach see my uber slow last post via iOS and safari mobile.
3:44 PM
There's a ] at the end of the user line that I assume is unintentional
That looks really good though
@drachenstern I choose to believe that it was a copy/paste error, which would fall under typography. In any case I created a Stack Apps account and reported it.
@PopularDemand I saw that
But yeah, it does look really good. I might actually end my "no using userscripts" policy for this.
I might make GreaseFari mobile for this.
@PopularDemand the SE chat modification is quite nice too
Q: SE Chat Modifications

Tim Stone Screenshot Use /command shortcuts to perform common chat tasks: See message history inline: Easily preview replied-to messages: And much, much more... About Legends tell of a prolific Meta Stack Overflow chatter who despised using their mouse above all things. In an effort to keep t...

3:47 PM
Or ScriptFari, perhaps.
@LoïcWolff Meh. I thought about contributing to that one back when it was getting started, until I realized that that would mean I'd have to use it.
@TimStone I just looked at WwF ~ Well played ... well played
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 55 mins ago, by Box9
We should do an experiment: when there are 11 people in the room, everyone say one thing each and star every other person's post... 10 instant silver badges :D
3:53 PM
@YiJiang I thought of doing that on SO and SE sites, but some Jeff fellow might not find that funny
Well I'm out, I'm on iOS. Can't star.
Sounds like they caught voting ring fever.
The trick is to ignore the badge till it comes to you ;)
according to: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/s/137/… I'm almost to my c# and asp.net badges :D
Is there any benefit to FULL OUTER JOIN except being more difficult to write and slower than just using a UNION?
@drachenstern Why look at data for that? You get up-to-the-minute tag counts in your profile view
Wait, I just answered my own question.
4:02 PM
@ircmaxell cos it's fun
fair enough
is reasonably close to generalist
@ircmaxell a badge I aim to earn one day ;)
I've got like 12 or 13 tags done
the rest I need anywhere from 4 to 7 upvotes in...
Earning badges is so 2010. Creating badges is in.
suggested one yesterday :-D
and I'm afraid to suggest another that was joked about yesterday, for fear of the implications...
4:10 PM
@mootinator you aboot?
@drachenstern Yes
@mootinator since you know the local customs :p ~ got any good references on Canadian mailing addresses, looking for "gotchas" like, say, extra commas aside from <city><comma><place><postal-code>
@drachenstern Parsing or formatting?
@mootinator specifically a parsing problem (actually @Moshe's) but formatting references make good parsing references.
@drachenstern Can't think of anything seriously different from US aside from the obvious.
4:15 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I am sorry I was unable to attend the Town Hall yesterday; things are very busy with work. I will do that digest hopefully this afternoon. Thanks for your patience!
@mootinator different from the US aside from the obvious ~ obvious meaning things which would be obvious to patrons of the US mail service as well?
@TheRenamedException I think we pretty well kept it organized and clean for you ;)
<city><comma><space><province code><space><space><postal-code> is the "Official" way of writing an address.
@TheRenamedException Unbelievable. @RebeccaChernoff should dock you a week's pay!
@drachenstern awesome, thank you!
@mootinator apparently not :\
> The USPS discourages the use of periods and commas.
Oh dang, they don't have a comma either...
I'm confused now too :p
Interesting tho, a properly formatted US mailing address will be easier to parse, given a few constraints ... hmm ...
"Hyphenating postal codes could cause delays" Heh, I seem to get that a lot from US mailers.
I smell a library that people could seriously use :\ ... too bad it'll be damned near impossible to write correctly. Maybe a really good project to try tho
Anybody fancy writing it with me?
Er, I guess since google geocodes data for free it wouldn't really be in high demand huh?
4:39 PM
@drachenstern :/
4:49 PM
@mootinator: and @drachenstern: i would like to buy laptop, according to you ,which company laptops are best to buy and which model is more reliable according to you
@SankarGanesh completely depends on what you're trying to do with the laptops
@SankarGanesh ASUS had the lowest failure rate, as of last spring, according to my wife ;)
@LoïcWolff: It's mainly for my personal use to do my projects, i had planned to develop my android & java projects using that
@mootinator: hmm, so you got married, nice , many i know how many childrens you have, hahaha, lol
@mootinator: the model number of the ASUS laptop
@SankarGanesh One. That's the reason she doesn't know the current stats, she's still on maternity leave :P
@SankarGanesh how much do you want to invest?
4:55 PM
@SankarGanesh Yeah, I don't have a specific model in mind. I have a Dell. I don't mind it despite everyone and their dog saying they stink.
@mootinator My Best Wishes, for you become a father and i hope you will join in the good father's list to help your child with good knowledge, congrats again
@Shog9 OH MY GOD! what have you done with your hair?
@SankarGanesh yeah, he's got at least one tiny tot running about
@LoïcWolff Like it? Thought it was time for a change...
4:57 PM
@Shog9 forget the hair @LoïcWolff I wanna know what he calls that monstrosity on his chin! That's not a beard, that's a <strike>space station</strike> ... I got nothing
@LoïcWolff Money is not a matter, i want to buy a best one
@SankarGanesh If you were buying it in the US, I would suggest just shopping the discount racks at Office Depot or Best Buy or something. I presume, however, that you're in Bhārat Ganarājya, and I don't know the market there.
So... Did I miss anything good here this week? Major arguments? New features? @MichaelMrozek meltdown? Singularity?
So you gonna tell us what happened there @Shog9 or shall I pretend I'm a regular and have seen a shot of your face before and know what happened?
@Shog9 did you see ragequit-fail on MSO?
@drachenstern I... fell. Not shown in the picture, but right arm was in a sling 'til just yesterday.
4:59 PM
@drachenstern Since i m in india, i can't able to buy in us, i donot know any poeple in us, Then How can i buy

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