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4:48 AM
Bot restarted after crash.
Bot restarted after crash.
2 hours later…
6:33 AM
lololol @Sha @Dro @ber @Yve @Uni @Pro @TIPS just you look at this.. thank you SO i guess?
6:56 AM
@sha can you have a look at my /reputation for 2016-06-12?
-- 2016-06-12 rep 0 = 23925
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
3 280282 (-2)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
3 280282 (-2)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280296 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280299 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280282 (10)
2 280305 (10)
2 280299 [4]
3 280282 [-2]
-- 2016-06-15 rep +198 = 24123
It looks like I was rep capped but a later down vote brought me under 200 rep. Shouldn't that [4] been re-calculated?
I waited for an extra day to let any scripts pick-up this inconsistency
I assumed the rep cap is calculated for the whole SE day
But none of the MSE posts on the subject seem to mention my scenario.
If this is indeed wrong, how do I report that? Is this worth yet another my rep-cap is wrong post?
@ClemensHimmer nice! That's the silver version of Unsung Hero, now go get the gold! :D
@Bart Den is first again? :D
@rene actually I've never grasped it myself... if you can't find it in the posts on MSE then yeah, no harm in yet one more. :)
I don't rep cap that much, so didn't bump into this myself.
It apparently was ...
Cya @Bart!
@Bart OK, I will be careful with pings. /cc @Dro @ber
3 hours later…
9:47 AM
Poor @Bart
Let's song @bar @ber song @sha
@ClemensHimmer if you are talking about negative rep, happened with me too... :(
@berserk I think he refers to the badge, but only @Clem can say for sure...
10:15 AM
@ShadowWizard My life. Making figures since 2012.
10:26 AM
@JoErNanO so... Quit? 😉
@ShadowWizard @JoEr's don't quit. They rage.
10:45 AM
the combination of both was what i found funny @ber @Sha
I also edit on Travel.SE.
And add tags.
But that's a part of my life I actually am not angry about.
@JoErNanO oh, a new specie? :-)
@ShadowWizard An improvement over the @Sha's. Who spend their time peeing and doing nothing much.
@ShadowWizard @JoEr's pee and get angry at things.
Much better.
11:04 AM
@ShadowWizard Subspecies. Can interbreed with humans.
@rene This happened to me too.
Reached 200, then a downvote got me to 198.
And it was never recalculated IIRC.
11:37 AM
@TIPS did you post on meta or contacted the team? I still can't find a good ppst that explains this but moaning over it isn't accepted afaict
I thought I found a dupe.
It's last year's Winter Bash though, so I don't fully remember.
@Rene maybe take a look at [bug] [rep-cap]?
Maybe even @Sha showed me the dupe, dunno
@TIPS Ok, I will do that tonight
Don't mention it
@rene Waiting to see how many edits it will get you to get it right. Oh aha
sorry ;)
Ok, I have to push some software to production, I'll be back later ...
2 hours later…
1:20 PM
1:30 PM
CC @Sha
Hey @Mag, this chat sometimes contain NSFW content, not sure if you know.
1:49 PM
lol @Sha today we sorted out the old electronics where i work, and a coworker just kind of said "fuck it, throw this away" to about 80% of stuff, and she said i can keep what i want, we'll trash the rest. now i have 15 old ethernet-cables and three switches, one of witch is a strong 1000gbit industry one :DD
smells like giant LAN-party to me lol
2:17 PM
i.imgur.com/R2Y9PAo.png since you're in the mood @Clem
Hullo @John! Welcome to @Sha's den!
@ClemensHimmer yay! Do you play counter strike?
hmm, guess the LAN party starts...
>>ping ber
@berserk @ber
>>ping me
@berserk @me
2:20 PM
@berserk No latest words in memory.
runs away
@John hey, what brings you to this humble place? ;)
@TIPS lol, I just had a pizza for lunch today.. great minds eat alike! :D
@ClemensHimmer wow, that's nice... always feel good to use things you never paid for..... :P
(e.g. I don't pay for my phone, so it's fun to use ;))
@TIPS messy with pee? That happens when you sit in one spot all day. ;)
@ShadowWizard When I didn't pay for an eraser in elementary school because the teacher gave it to me because I was a good boy I felt like a god . . . and then two days later I lost the eraser.
2:28 PM
@TIPS haha... so you paid for your own erasers? Not your parents?? :D
My daughter keep bringing things and losing them. :/
@TIPS think @Mag knows that, he/she isn't new here... at least not very new... but always very silent... D:
@TIPS hey, that's where @ber lives!
@TIPS might be, I once looked into it but gave up really understanding.
@JoErNanO peeing is important. Not "nothing much". insulted :D
Dat time again
Writes server
Writes client
How to do client with no server
2:52 PM
@berserk not really, no
@ShadowWizard i won't really use it that much, but yes free stuff is always good :D
@TIPS is that funny? idk man
3:47 PM
@Unix why no server? Your server. ;D
New server
I'm trying something to allow me to render videos faster
@Unix how much faster?
how powerful is a macbook * 4
Is this related to Blender? Or something new?
Oh yeah I was reading bridge transcript
Nasty stuff
It stereotypes unikittes
3:53 PM
Saying unikitties are bad
All that stuff
And they're not bad?
It's bad
unidoggy is back?
like past transcripts
3:55 PM
> The suspension period ends in 5 days.
wow, that's soon!
any user with "uni" was nuked
@Unix your socks?
some innocent user as well
his name was about the universe
When you'll be back it will be a problem.... :D
I'll join
4:28 PM
4:42 PM
Is this a secure password hash?
Uh, maybe? How is it generated?
Using a 2048 byte salt
And dumping it into pbkdf2
how many iterations?
1000000 iterations and 512 key length
hmm right
should be secure enough
Of course, if you can get higher without losing performance, you should go higher.
4:47 PM
My computer is already dying
What's the use case actually? Desktop application or web application?
web app
@Unix let me guess, the actual password is... "sharmin". :D
@Unix Web app? If your computer is already dying now, I'd go with less iterations, because you can get multiple password inputs at once. Also you don't want to get DDoS'd using your password functionality.
@ShadowWizard um no
4:49 PM
Well I'm rendering a blender thing
With about just 1 trillion frames
blender password?
ah, I guess that steals your performance also
Well @Uni you can always buy a stronger computer... or add CPU... and memory.. etc :)
stops everything and gets back full cpu
right now blender sends me to almost 100% cpu
@ShadowWizard sets up donatetounikittysohecangetanewcomputer.com
5:01 PM
Is it normal that it uses so much CPU, or do you just need a stronger one?
I might need a stronger one
Computer specs:
Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2940 @ 1.83GHz
A: Why is part of my model not being rendered?

TARDIS MakerThere are a lot of reasons why this might be happening. While these may not be the reasons for why it's happening for you, it's a good place to start. Render visibility disabled in outliner This is one of the most common reasons for something not appearing in a render. Just make sure that t...

actually I wonder, does Blender use your CPU or GPU to render?
Lol back at that time I didn't know what cycles or BI or transparency was
@ProgramFOX It can't even find my gpu
Intel bay trail
It only supports nvidia as of now
5:12 PM
then get an NVidia card :P
5:23 PM
@Unix kickstarter?
@Unix don't feel bad, great many people try really hard and fail to find g-points. /cc @ber @Dro :-P
@ProgramFOX be generous and send him one... ;)
meh I'll sleep
it's 1.35am
When you wake up?
How come your parents allow you to stay up so late, @Uni?
5:37 PM
@ShadowWizard programming
They check up on you that you really do programming? ;)
hmm... trust...
but I did up a signup system
1 hour later…
6:44 PM
Hello ShadowWizard, you asked: "What made you think this is the proper place to ask this question? – Shadow Wizard 36 mins ago" ... my answer: folks on stackoverflow are very vindictive about asking the right question in the right place so I googled around for a bit to find a forum that might be right for me to ask a question and I thought that http://meta.stackexchange.com/ was such a place.

I'm surprised that for all the folks that voted down and jumped on the delete it band wagon, even taking the time to ask a rhetorical question ... not one person had the time to offer guidance on a be
I'm not sure that expert SO~ers understand that visiting each and every individual help center for each stackoverflow sub site is quite challenging and links that say here are the rules to "my den" are still not helpful in selecting the right place to post next
isn't this your article? http://odedcoster.com/blog/2010/07/28/getting-good-answers-on-stackoverflow-part-1-of-n/

Out of all these, the only error I made was not knowing where to post:
Tip #2 – Be polite
Tip #3 – Ask one question
Tip #4 – Descriptive title
Tip #5 – Write in English
Tip #7 – Stay on topic
Tip #8 – Do some research
@pulkitsinghal I haven't seen the question you mention; what was it about?
It might have been off-topic for Meta.
The article you link, is written by Oded, not Shadow Wizard.
yup i get that but i don't get why new users are looked down upon rather than helped, not sure if you can reach this deleted one: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/280377/…
thank you for the correction on the article's author
I can't; not enough rep. But based on the title in the URL, it was indeed off-topic; Meta is for questions about Stack Exchange, that's why it got closed.
I haven't seen the full question, but based solely on the title, perhaps post on Open Source Stack Exchange? (if your question was about open source, of course); link: Open Source
good to know, wish they had just led with such an easy to understand answer
thanks @ProgramFOX
no problem
3 hours later…
9:35 PM
@pulkitsinghal well, if you wanted to ask where you can ask that question, you should have tagged it with .
And except some venting you still haven't explained why you thought your question was on-topic because that is the only thing we like to know so we can proved better guidance to the next poster
10:16 PM

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