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12:00 AM
@Shog9 I think @Zypher owes me a favor after so rudely changing my name... :-)
Need something pinned?
Yes please :-)
Should be at least something with his name in it.
Yeah... maybe like
I really think drachenstern could use some unicorns!
Yes. I suggest pictures.
12:03 AM
That's much more appropriate, thaks @Shog9 and @PopularDemand
@Josh Here, he can have some get-well cash:
Uh, so there's definitely a bug in the image uploader, WTF?
zombie unicorn
goes off to blame balpharc
12:07 AM
That unicorn looks happy enough...
So are we picking one, or what?
@YiJiang re OpenTTD screenshots:
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
I just realized shift+F2 will generate an almost 2 gb large screenshot in 1.2_02. Half-finished huge screenshot test code.
I now figured out what was wrong in OpenTTD with my airport
for some reason one stopped accepting passengers
...my airplanes only transfer passengers
so yeah, that was a slight problem
suddenly, income.
12:21 AM
I likes income
funnily enough this happened because an UFO landed on the feeder service, breaking it
...I don't think I'm going to fix it
bought a phone off ebay
previous owner was good enough to wipe account settings and such before selling it
@Josh I had the bad idea of turning disasters on expecting something more interesting than UFOs landing on railtracks every year
neglected to delete photos, video
12:23 AM
@Shog9 uh-oh
fortunately, she's reasonably attractive
@badp This is strange :-)
@Shog9 Was she into sexting? :|
Ok. I am headed home. I expect to see the unicorn room full of well-wishing mythical creatures and freehand circles by the time I get back! :-)
@badp apparently
12:24 AM
I hope she was of age at least.
if not WIPE IT NOW
ok, later everyone
it'll be wiped very shortly, as I'm tearing the phone apart for parts
'later, Josh
ok, I've waited long enough... TIME FOR BACON!
hey folks
you reckon a question about WebDeploy 2.0 configuration is stack overflow or server fault material?
Any SO mods in the house?
@Pekka it's friday, probably in the pub
12:37 AM
@Kev yeah :)
Greets, and all that.
Well, anyway, if anybody sees this prior to checking the flags, there is a number of questions that need locking. User is pissed off and deleting all his questions.
Q: PHP PayPal Subscription with IPN

please delete meHello, I am trying to learn how I can add PayPal Subscription to my existing PHP app using ipn and looking for a good article that explains the ins-and-outs. In my app, users can register for a free account and then they can select a membership type and rate (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)....

hi george
Hi George
@SHog how's the bacon?
@pekka - what's his beef?
12:40 AM
@Kev I don't know, there was some PayPal question of his rated -6
There was some disagreement whether it was on-topic or not
That apparently made him lose his temper
Some of his questions have 20-30 revisions now because users roll back his deletes :)
But it pollutes the revision history so it would be better if a mod just put an end to it by locking them
summons @RebeccaChernoff Though she's probably busy doing work or something silly like that. :P
@pekka he seems quite determined, that's quite a temper :)
@Kev Yeah! Guy's serious.
Strange, used to be a nice guy
But well, that's the way people are sometimes
Unfortunately so
12:54 AM
@badp Not entirely sure what's going on there...
@YiJiang It's must have circled the entire world and went ways it wasn't supposed to as a result of a UFO
Q: Put an end to rollback wars

badpIf a question receives n (say, 5) rollbacks within a hour, raise a moderator flag and lock the post. Alternatively, if an edit by a new user (say, no edit approving privs) makes an edit to a post of his own which decreases its quality score "too much" (say, by more than 100), put it in the edit ...

1:04 AM
@DanGrossman Is that accurate, or is everything between order and delivery time just all made up?
From watching it a few times, I think it might be real
I think the names are fake, though
@DanGrossman so sophisticated, just wait :P
@badp good job
Hmmmm... 'Patent Pending'
1:07 AM
'delivery expert'
> Delivery Charge: $2.00 Any Delivery Charge is not a tip paid to your driver. Please reward your driver for awesomeness. Our drivers carry less than $20.
@DanGrossman If Chuck shows up instead of Brian, there's going to be hell to pay.
Look, a Farmville clone for pizza. Dominos has an interesting checkout process.
My rep ends in 420! Yay!
@Pekka Suspension
1:19 AM
@badp Aww, but we almost broke 100
@TimStone There you go
\o/ throws confetti
@badp the madness is over!
Now somebody has to un-community-wiki them all :)
I'm sure the 'dev' menu has an option somewhere called "Unfuck this question"
@badp ahahahaha!
1:25 AM
Why do we have so much stuff pinned?
@TylerChacha Blue unicorns decided to.
You don't want to anger unicorns do you.
bah what are you geting on about @Josh i have 5 mins till i need to shutdown my laptop
@Zypher mmyers did it for me, thanks :-)
1:34 AM
@TylerChacha please keep the unicorn room pinned, drachenstern is in the hospital and he could really use some unicorns
@badp It's called delete :)
MMMMmmmmm, unicorn pizza....
ooo i now know what i'm ordering for dinner
dominos fail, no marinara sauce for the bread sticks!
-1 star for Mike and Brian
bah pizza hut's breadsticks are better anyway
1:39 AM
very true, but there's no pizza hut that delivers here
and nothing beats papa johns for chain pizza
but they don't deliver to my house :(
nor is there a papa johns that delivers here :/
and i'm waaaayyy too lazy to drive the 3 miles
i want my food brought to me like a roman emporor ... preferably by bikini clad concubines
that would justify the $2 delivery fee
ok @Zypher @TylerChacha unpinned the unicorn message and isn't repinning, would you mind pinning:
6 mins ago, by Josh
@TylerChacha please keep the unicorn room pinned, drachenstern is in the hospital and he could really use some unicorns
kthx :-)
1:41 AM
exactally! alright gotta run train is about to stop @josh i'll try otherwise it'll have to wait till i get home
Thanks! later!
its coming down tomorrow..
your high?
Why would I be high?
27 mins ago, by Tyler Chacha
My rep ends in 420! Yay!
1:45 AM
no... I am not high
420, 4:20 or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) refers to consumption of cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture. The date April 20 is sometimes referred to as "Weed Day" or "Pot Day". "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is a song by Bob Dylan and the opening track of his 1966 album, Blonde on Blonde. Multiplying 12 by 35 yields a result of 420, and the song's chorus repeats "Everybody must get stoned." The most popular current belief is that the term was allegedly coined by a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, United State...
wasted, or any other form of intoxication..
@TylerChacha Seriously? You're whining about a pinned message? |:
Intoxicated people can't spell intoxicated.
@RebeccaChernoff Yes. I am whining about a pinned message.
@RebeccaChernoff You aren't?
It just seems odd coming from you, that's all.
1:48 AM
@RebeccaChernoff got any unicorns for drachenstern?
@TylerChacha Thanks. I think 24 hours is enough time for him to see it again. I don't know if he'll be back on by then or not.
2 hours ago, by drachenstern
Going to a hospital in Shreveport tho, not the one where I am now
2 hours ago, by drachenstern
So I'll try and get on once I get situated
Wait .. @dra is in the hospital? thought you were joking..
damn the internet and its sarcastic tendencies..
@Tyler Nope, he was admitted tonight after a CT scan.
@TylerChacha Nope, not joking sadly
1:57 AM
3 hours ago, by drachenstern
NPO for about 27 hours now :/
@Pekka oh, man... It was so good. BLTs are my favorite.
Dear Google, When I have moderate safesearch on, and I request images of a unicorn riding a motorcycle, please do not show me images of a naked Obama riding a unicorn. Sincerely, Pollyanna.
@Pollyanna And I thought nothing could be worse than the image of a mouthful of bacon grease you instilled in my brain earlier. You just proved me wrong.
When did the ask question page get the "feature" of pre-populating the boxes with the text from any other ask question page you happen to have open? It kind of gets in the way of constructing carefully considered question to only be able to work on one at a time.
I think someone wanted drafts...
2:02 AM
They started "saving" the drafts of your posts some time ago.
But you can only have one draft at a time.
drafts would be fine. draft is a pain.
So that sounds like a consequence of that feature.
I've got 10 e-mails in drafts in GMail
If nothing else, it needs a way to opt out.
I believe it is using HTML5 Local Storage. You can always turn that off..
Update: at LSUS in the process of being triaged. Nearly 30 NPO (which SUCKS)
2:04 AM
Oh? Or I could switch machines....
Also, going to the university hospital maybe not the smoothest idea, but they should have the most knowledgeable staff
Ouch, that's a long time without food.
They're letting you drink water at least, right?
@drachenstern What happened?
He ate a bagfull of thumbtacks. In retrospect, we shouldn't have egged him on.
2:06 AM
Nil per os (alternatively nihil/non/nulla per os) (NPO) is a medical instruction meaning to withhold oral food and fluids from a patient for various reasons. It is a Latin phrase which translates as "nothing through the mouth". In the United Kingdom it is translated as nil by mouth (NBM). Typical reasons for NPO instructions are the prevention of aspiration pneumonia, e.g. in those who will undergo general anesthetic, or those with weak swallowing musculature, or in case of gastrointestinal bleeding, gastrointestinal blockage, or acute pancreatitis. Alcohol overdoses that result in vom...
@YiJiang I don't know.
So is that per medical orders or per bureaucratic slowness?
But I shouldn't joke..
Anyway, just noted that Programmer's elections just started. Is there a list of concurrent elections I can get access to?
@Poll not yet, literally getting triaged in right now. Showed em my CT and they got to moving faster
2:10 AM
BTW the draft is not local. I'm seeing it on two different machines. OTOH one is a Cr-48 and both are using chrome so maybe Google is just doing a really good job of making local not be.
Yeesh. Reminds me of our fourth delivery. Nurse checks wife, then calmly presses the blue emergency button on the wall, rattles off a million things, and instantly a team appears and carts us off to the next room.
@BCS - Sounds like HTML5 local storage then. I wish I could partition my browser for times like this - have two different gmail accounts open at once, for instance.
sounds scary
It was interesting. I went out to get some water during the labor, and saw about 10-15 doctors and residents and technicians standing out in the hall. Apparently they didn't have time to pull her records, and so didn't know what to expect for this delivery. Everything went about as well as could be expected, but it's always worrisome to seem them working a little faster than you know they'd like to...
Hmmm? Local storage is local to that single machine
@BCS Tyler was right, both
Yay paperwork :/
2:14 AM
@BCS Yup. I've more than once started drafts on my phone and finished them on a PC.
What do you use on your phone?
At least I carry all documentation with me like SocSec, business card, DL of course, so all the typing is facilitated.
Did someone change the chat (on mobile maybe) .. I've got a green menu button, used to be red.
oh, but it works via IMAP as well, so long as the draft gets saved in the drafts folder
@drachenstern quick, call a dr - you're color-blind!
2:16 AM
@drachenstern, click it (:
Oh, I thought you were talking about SE
Hmmm :)
Just realized I have no idea how to bring up a menu in chat.mobile
@RebeccaChernoff NO DON'T CLICK IT!
I have an armband. That's progress :D
2:19 AM
Or don't I suppose. But it means you have a @lert.
I saw that
I was vaguely replying to @Josh (;
quite confused about what everybody is talking about here
I figured you were but was kind of responding in general anyways
Yeah, well I figured you figured I was!
2:22 AM
is still quite confused
@YiJiang about what?
The conversation above
I'd call that a successful conversation.
I found a new thing on mobile chat, I'm in the hospital, and MSO has an obsession with unicorns and bacon ;)
2:23 AM
@drachenstern Sounds about right
One of those things is unusual, one is new, one is normal
So ready for some ice or something ;(
I know Josh. I'm a big boy, I'll survive
Ok gonna turn my iPhone off for a bit, check back in later
see ya
2:33 AM
Q: Radio Buttons for Edit Summary?

MehrdadI don't know about others, but I'm a relatively new user to SO, and I'm just (simply put) too lazy to type in "improved formatting" or "fixed grammar" on my posts after I make edits. Why not just put radio buttons on the bottom for common items, and have an "Other" button so people can document ...

^^^ ok, that freaked me out
(then I remembered that this guy goes by his last name now)
2:48 AM
'sup moot
catching up
Heh. I sent an email to the gregory brothers (autotune the news) suggesting a video for them to songify (the 1950's LSD housewife experiment) and they replied. I figured they get too much mail to reply to most. Sadly, they think that video would be hard to work with given the poor audio quality.
3:08 AM
interesting javascript...
May you live in interesting times, often referred to as the Chinese curse, is reputed to be the English translation of an ancient Chinese proverb and curse, although it may have originated among the English themselves (or Americans). It is reported that it was the first of three curses of increasing severity, the other two being: *May you come to the attention of those in authority (sometimes rendered May the government be aware of you). This is sometimes quoted as May you come to the attention of powerful people. *May you find what you are looking for. This is sometimes quoted as May y...
Today is a historical day
All IANA IPv4 addresses have now been allocated. There are 0 remaining.
@Shog9 There's... no Chinese equivalent to that, AFAIK
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 10 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
Leck mir den Arsch fein recht schön sauber (English: Lick my ass right well and clean) is a canon for three voices in B-flat major, K. 233/382d, long thought to have been composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during 1782 in Vienna. Authenticity In 1988, Wolfgang Plath, an editor of the Bärenreiter Neue Mozart-Ausgabe (NMA), presented evidence that the composer of this piece, as well as K. 234/382c, was in fact Wenzel Trnka (1739–1791). That Mozart might not be the author of K. 229, K. 230, K. 231, K. 233, K. 234 was already mentioned in the NMA in 1974. It...
@YiJiang yeah, that's what the article says. However, "Chinese curse" has become something of an index for "interesting" in the way that "The Special Olympics" has become an index for "special"
I want scenes from Miribito framed as paintings for my walls, the backgrounds they drew for this show are beautiful
3:21 AM
@DanGrossman WHAT REALLY?
o_o whatd i do
11 mins ago, by Dan Grossman
All IANA IPv4 addresses have now been allocated. There are 0 remaining.
oh, yeah
always freaks me out when I suddenly see the grid between the pixels in an LCD
shatters the perception of solid images
i think i borked the google tv
now the question is... can i reboot it without getting off the sofa
@DanGrossman great. Y'know, I never noticed that before on my monitor, but now I can't not see it.
haha, ctrl+alt+delete works, even though it's definitely not running windows
3:35 AM
Linux, right?
I'm not 100% sure, but I heard it's running a custom Android OS
there's supposedly a hack to add the Android Market to its menu
oooh and I just found out there's an app for my phone to control the google tv box
holy cow it .. nevermind, it worked great for about 10 seconds now it's acting all weird
some day, some day all my devices will play together without fussing
...and then, they'll come for you...
"With the Android version, you can even speak your search."
for over 60 years of history, people have yelled at their TV, and nothing's happened... today, finally, I can yell at my TV.. and it listens
whoa, whoa
Devices attached to a TV over HDMI have full control of the TV?
this is kinda scary since I didn't know it was possible
my phone has no Infrared transmitter yet has full control over my non-internet-enabled TV, everything from inputs to volume and power
i cant believe this app is free
3:58 AM
How is your Google TV not internet enabled?
the Google TV box is, the TV it's connected to isn't
ah, i got it
yet it's the TV's native settings that are being changed
it's just doing it all through the HDMI cable
so your google box can adjust volume on the TV? That's wild!
Now I gotta find out if there's a way to do stuff like that through a normal video card's HDMI output...
Only 4 more upvotes till a bronze in regex...
@ircmaxell here you go:
Q: Java regex for HTML "<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> " parsing

vaibhavI am new to regexps, can someone help me in getting a regex for parsing the tag <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> with all the possiblities?

not that bad
How is Dra doing?
5:15 AM
I just spent a good 15 minutes searching my house for the source of an alarm... Only to find that it was a cell phone loudly asserting that its battery was dying.
you should change the audio file for that to repeatedly say "i am a cell phone whose battery is dying"
It's an old LG feature-phone (which I must admit, grudgingly, is probably the best phone phone in the house); I'm not even sure it's possible to change that tone.
I'm just shocked at how loud it was - I was upstairs, wearing headphones, and still heard it over the air pump across the room, downstairs stereo, computer whine, and furnace.
5:25 AM
I guess we can't pretend you don't do work now :P
In other news, improvements to my program + the power of my desktop apparently is too much for Java to handle, heh.
Somehow I've managed to cause the JVM to leak so bad (only on this machine) that it goes through my 12 GB of RAM in a few minutes. Good stuff.
@TimStone Wow, that is...
5:27 AM
12 gb you say? Gosh...
@YiJiang Yeah...I was a little surprised too. :P
> Algorithms are for people who don't know how to buy RAM.
I don't like that quote one bit
Well, considering the memory controller is on-die, each CPU only has direct access to half that ram
so if your process (single process) uses more than half that, you might be better off reducing the memory footproint
gah i'm being guilt tripped by my broke friend to help her out with a presciption that apparently she'll die without
send her to an ER? they wont let her die
and they'll be happy to bill her later =p
5:32 AM
yea apparently that's where she came from ... something about needing the full script to get rid of the bacteria ... since you know the ER can only give you two pill of anything
pity post on reddit for donations?
ehh ... she succeeded ... just no open pharmacies right now
not like i can't afford it ... sigh i guess i'll just ahve to recharge my current anger at her for AFTER she survives
So... @Zypher...I'm gonna need to borrow some money...
this comment has been removed by the Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc. HR bot we apologize for the inconvenience
5:37 AM
the 30" monitor wasn't good enough :(
Well it doesn't count until it is delivered.
Emily's on the case
Don't let her get you on that technicality. :P
This is so weird... sometimes the script grabs two copies of the statistics instead of one
@YiJiang Really?
5:41 AM
But only the Meta, activity and badge information
I'm not sure if it's a template error or a concurrency issue
Hm, I can't get it to do that for me, but I guess it's pretty random eh?
I think it's more likely the latter - a call finishing earlier than expected or something, producing the function call twice
@Zypher rchern would like you to send me a 30" monitor as well. She told me
@TimStone It is, which would indicate it's probably a concurrency issue, since it's dependent on the network condition to mess up the order of the calls
....I'll need three.
5:44 AM
sure i'll just need a 4000$ deposit
@TimStone that will be a 20000$ deposit
@Zypher Take it out of @RebeccaChernoff's paycheck
@YiJiang Ah ha
@MichaelMrozek you think i have more power than i do
@Zypher Maintain the illusion man, maintain the illusion.
5:45 AM
@Zypher UPDATE salaries SET amount = amount / 4 WHERE username = 'RebeccaChernoff';
hahaha, not in that db
yea ... i guess look at the success @RebeccaChernoff had a convincing you guy she didn't haz teh codez to internal SOIS stuff
actually come to think of it ... you guys are prophets
Where's my damn precognitive badge?!
How many things do I have to predict?
Six calls to timeline instead of three - yup definitely what I suspected, I'll see what's causing this
Maybe... more than one call to init? But it isn't possible... hrm....
Looking at the script, it really doesn't seem possible to get two calls, unless init gets called twice, which would only happen if the button is pressed twice, which is definitely not the case here
5:53 AM
@RebeccaChernoff YES M'AM!
@DanGrossman .....
God, that's the second time compiz crashed this hour
6:13 AM
@YiJiang It's because you're not using enough animations. Crank it up to 11
@MichaelMrozek It's been pretty stable for the longest of times, not sure what's happened that's causing this
@YiJiang Try using more firetext
@MichaelMrozek That really isn't helping, ya know :|
I don't actually have any insights into debugging compiz problems, I didn't use it very long
@YiJiang remember, this is @MichaelMrozek you're talking to.
6:23 AM
Didn't we go over this like 12 hours ago?
13 hours ago, by Tim Stone
The results so far suggest that the worst thing you could do would be to listen to @MichaelMrozek :P
Damn you, off by one error.
yawns Hmm...
I...am a genius:
Is the patent office open this late?
Erm...explain the genius here...?
@RebeccaChernoff I invented an amazing cat toy. I can't get into the details or you'll just copy my invention, but it involves rope, and a random stuffed thing I found in my closet
I'm guessing he tied the cat toy to the lamp fixture. Won't be laughing once it comes down, though...
6:34 AM
@Pollyanna It's tied to the base of the fan. It seems secure. So far
@MichaelMrozek Eh, been there done that. Heck I just loop a shoestring onto a doorknob or table leg and call it good.
You should tie it to a fan blade, and turn the fan on. Then video tape it, send it to youtube, and get nasty comments about animal abuse.
Though I also may or may not <del>torture</del><ins>entertain</ins> my cat with a RC helicopter.
@RebeccaChernoff This is version 1:
6:36 AM
Out of curiosity, does anyone here have a deep, abiding love for XML?
Ooops, I meant to sign off as Pollyanna before signing on as Tyler. It's so hard to keep all these sockpuppet accounts straight.
I went into the sandbox to test something and discovered this:
Not sure what was going on there, but I approve
Hey, I passed @PopularDemand in meta rep! Victory

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