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12:23 AM
@ShadowWizard HugFree?
Also 1.8k rep network wide
12:59 AM
Show me the Winter bash ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
Ohayou @UNIKITTY2.0
Ogenki desuka?
gtg, sayonara
5 hours later…
6:11 AM
@ShadowWizard lol, you spoil the bot ;)
@deadlydragon00 sayonara
No associated word found for sayonara.
@FOX9000 fridge
@DroidDev juice
6:37 AM
@DroidDev freeze
@ShadowWizard frozen
@ShadowWizard frozen
@DroidDev That word is already said in the latest 10 words. Please use another. (In case I'm mistaken, run >>rmword frozen and then >>reply 4320632)
>>time 10
@DroidDev Waiting time set to 10 seconds.
6:38 AM
@ShadowWizard breeze
@DroidDev breed
@ShadowWizard weed
@DroidDev roadside
@FOX9000 village
@DroidDev alcalde
6:41 AM
@DroidDev town
@ShadowWizard railway
2 hours later…
8:13 AM
@FOX9000 train
@deadlydragon00 railroad
@FOX9000 road
@deadlydragon00 inn
@FOX9000 hotel
@deadlydragon00 landlord
8:14 AM
@FOX9000 rail
@deadlydragon00 fence
@FOX9000 house
@deadlydragon00 gable
>>time 0
@ShadowWizard Waiting time set to 0 seconds.
8:35 AM
Stats time!
=== Word Association Game Leaderboard ===
1. FOX 9000.........................25725
2. Shadow Wizard....................16033
3. DroidDev.........................10992
4. ProgramFOX........................4645
5. rene..............................3523
6. CRABOLO...........................3100
7. Frank.............................2951
8. SPArchaeologist...................2859
9. SilentKiller......................2692
10. MysticMagicϡ.....................2441
11. maveň............................1871
=== Word Association Game Stats, as of 2015-12-14 07:19:38Z ===
Total of 86458 words in game, 23750 unique, posted over 584 different days by 60 different users in 8 branches. Overall uncouth words percentage is 0.863 (total of 746 uncouth words)
=== WAG Branches ===
Most common words in game: boobs (183), sex (174), me (161)
DroidDev posted 173 links to movies, out of 325 movie links in total
Shadow Wizard posted 124 links to YouTube, out of 219 YouTube links in total
=== Leaderboard by Words Per Day ===
1. Frank.......................147.4
2. ǝpoɔɟoʇɹɐ....................73.8
3. FOX 9000.....................63.5
4. Vogel612&'s Shadow...........43.9
5. MysticMagicϡ.................40.6
6. ASCIIThenANSI................40.2
7. DroidDev.....................37.3
8. maveň........................32.4
9. Shadow Wizard................31.3
10. Unihedron...................26.6
=== Uncouth Users (percentage of total words) ===
1. berserk...............................16.155%)
2. MushroomCloudsPlus.....................9.649%)
3. DroidDev...............................1.719%)
4. Jason C................................1.679%)
5. CRABOLO................................0.806%)
6. maveň..................................0.748%)
7. Shadow Wizard...........................0.68%)
8. ProgramFOX.............................0.538%)
9. rene...................................0.369%)
=== Top Words Per User ===
1. berserk (sex - 93 times)
2. DroidDev (me - 90 times)
3. Frank (tree - 61 times)
4. Shadow Wizard (boobs - 33 times)
5. ProgramFOX (name - 30 times)
6. MysticMagicϡ (water - 21 times)
7. FOX 9000 (wearing - 21 times)
8. SPArchaeologist (pony - 17 times)
9. Mooseman (death - 13 times)
10. rene (game - 13 times)
11. SilentKiller (truth - 13 times)
12. maveň (love - 11 times)
13. CRABOLO (star - 8 times)
14. Unihedron (no, yum - 5 times)
15. ASCIIThenANSI (fish - 5 times)
=== Top Active Users ===
1. Shadow Wizard was active on 553 days in total, 167 max consecutive (between 15/03/2015 and 30/08/2015)
2. FOX 9000 was active on 419 days in total, 205 max consecutive (between 06/04/2015 and 12/11/2015)
3. ProgramFOX was active on 341 days in total, 49 max consecutive (between 20/05/2014 and 08/07/2014)
4. DroidDev was active on 339 days in total, 15 max consecutive (between 19/12/2014 and 02/01/2015)
5. rene was active on 260 days in total, 39 max consecutive (between 27/06/2014 and 04/08/2014)
9:27 AM
I thought you guys changed avatar at first...
@Uni noooOOOOo0O my changes got unsaved? :'(
@berserk lol! Your first winter bash?
no lol, but never saw these hats before.
Are hats different every year?
Stats! \o/
sex will surpass boobs soon
9:45 AM
@berserk yup always different :)
cool :)
@ShadowWizard wow 29 my fav number :D
Hiya @berserk - kun @shadow - sama @droid - san
hey dragon-san!
I need hat :(
Hatching.... Im getting cold :'(
10:06 AM
u already got hat and muffler :3
10:28 AM
hey @deadlydragon00 san!
wassup, I assume you are asleep now
you @ber
need some discussion...
yep, and thanks for making me CoC addict :p
hi @DroidDev :3 Im awake
gimme just 5 mins, need to discuss something with PM
@deadlydragon00 what time is it, at your place?
@berserk haha, thanks. So, what's your kingdom and your x, y
10:30 AM
@deadlydragon00 oh...4 pm here
I played Coc
@DroidDev cool
@deadlydragon00 weather
@FOX9000 gamble
@DroidDev play
@FOX9000 bad
10:30 AM
@deadlydragon00 infidel
@DroidDev umm.. I am in God of Olympis clan.
x and y?
Btw, never thought you will like such games :p
And what do you want to discuss?
@berserk refer to this guy ^
umm.. what?
@deadlydragon00 which clan? cc @Dro
I dont play Coc anymore, its so boring :3
10:33 AM
I ended up to th7 with 5 builder
@berserk switch to map view. you'll find x and y near the bottom bar. Click on that. You'll find you which kingdom you are from and your castle's x and y
how do you get hat?
@DroidDev tnx :3
10:39 AM
anytime :)
I <3 the Do it yourself hat
@deadlydragon00 waiting mode on
@berserk I am thinking of learning JAVA. In order to better understand android. I wanted to get your views on, wether I should learn advanced JAVA or I should keep learning android (which will only give me knowledge of methods provided by google sdk)
@DroidDev ok, will check that.
@DroidDev I will prefer learning android deeply.
Like how it works internally. There are many concepts inside it, like looper, Zygote, yada yada.
I don't think learning java separately will offer much help in understanding android.
10:56 AM
@berserk but, to understand android deeply, and get it to my benefit, I'll have to learn advanced java
umm,, AFAIK, advance java deals with concepts like jframe, servlets, etc which you don't need in android IMO
@berserk oh...sorry, by advanced java, I meant, coding patterns, interfaces, threading, observers, etc etc in java.
11:10 AM
@DroidDev back :3. use the Listener Design Pattern
@DroidDev ah, yeah that will be good to learn, as they are also used in android
interface DragonListener {

   void onDragonBeRightBackListener();

@berserk plus, if I want to develop a library of my own, a functionality that isn't there in android, I will have to be knowing basics of java
@DroidDev I can help you if want
I have the plenty time of the world
11:12 AM
@deadlydragon00 the problem with listeners in java is, we cannot access variables in callback methods that easily. The outer class' variable has to be final, which means no modification etc etc. It really limits many things.
@DroidDev umm.. well functionality is different from concepts, whatever functionality you make, you will make it with the android concepts(means android APIs to be precise) right?
Ofc android uses java, and many of its concepts.
@DroidDev implements it in the object
So, that's why I said it will be good to learn the java concepts used in android.
like, awt frames, jframes, applets, servelets, yada yada will be of no use in java
class YourClass implements Dragon.... {}
then inside your class do something like
I think classes, objects, interfaces, abstarction, encapsulation, etc. are good to master
also, regex (tho global concept :))
11:15 AM
@berserk umm...lets say I want to do something to a listview, and default android doesn't provide that. Then I'll need to do it in java. If I don't know that, then I won't be able to extend listview. Plus, sometimes I feel like I am missing something, because, when I see libraries developed by other people for android, they contain many things that I don't understand.
@DroidDev that the challenging part
@DroidDev Basically, I guess the default listview is made from multiple views in a parent, and adding scroll gestures, and stuff.
@deadlydragon00 yeah, that's a way, but what if same interface is being called by multiple things in a single class. Then, I'll need id or something like that to defferentiate. For example, if a callback returns response from an API and that API is used by 10 elements in single class, then it will be a mess
@berserk that was just for example ('._.)
So, basically basic android concepts were used to make it.
11:16 AM
anyway Reverse Engineer does that everyday
lol, what I meant to say is, you can't make anything out of the APIs provided by android IMO
You can use android APIs to make whatever you want.
but a dragon dont :3 meow
@DroidDev use instanceOf
if(view instanceOf Fab) { doSomething(param);}
@ShadowWizard java coffee? :D
@Dro and ofcourse, NDK is there :)
To provide you fast processing.
@berserk no dude. Think out of box. For example, listview re-uses views. Now, that's basic java
@deadlydragon00 yup, so some kind of id ;)
@berserk that ain't java ('._.)
oh...like Universal Image Library @berserk. That is caching, files, yada yada. That ain't android
11:24 AM
@DroidDev That's includes android GC. (that's is on purpose)
@berserk I never knew that google wrote its own GC for android and doesn't use one provided by java
Android != Java
@DroidDev lol caching is just ... just storing files in app folder, what's java there?
@berserk dude, you ain't getting my point. Ever used reterofit library?
u referring annotations?
11:28 AM
you saw how they use templatized classes in their callback, to directly return you the type of result you want?
yeah, that's a callback
ok listen
@berserk how to get that donut?
I guess these java concepts of callbacks, interfaces, annotations, yada yada are kinda basics, though we skip all of them :p
templatized classes is java. Its simple, but cool concept. My point is, I might be missing lot of things, of same kind, because I just don't know about them.
Advance java is not themz
@deadlydragon00 lol answer your own question with 3+ upvotes.
11:29 AM
and if I know them/or teach myself those things, I'll be able to code more properly in my next project.
@berserk I dont like asking questions :'(
ofcourse :)
so, what do you say now?
but that are not advanced lol
they are basic java concepts I guess
tho we skip them
31 mins ago, by DroidDev
@berserk oh...sorry, by advanced java, I meant, coding patterns, interfaces, threading, observers, etc etc in java.
11:30 AM
@deadlydragon00 lol.. gives dragon-san a donut
@DroidDev lol see how many times I said that only concepts useful in android xD
@berserk pls cut it and share :3
but u said out-of-android concepts lol
>>doubleflip ._.
@berserk ˙‾˙ ︵ヽ('□')ノ︵ ˙‾˙
11:32 AM
so, I should teach myself each and every basic of java, right?
hmm...where do I start?
but dont go into applets or servelets stuff, no use in android
@DroidDev from Kernel
anything @deadlydragon00
@berserk yeah, no intereset in those things either
@deadlydragon00 kernel?
11:32 AM
umm.. interfaces, callbacks, annotations, dependency injections (not sure if pure java concept)
Android Kernel
@deadlydragon00 yeah, that too
You must be familiar how the OS works
reading how android works is very useful
so I prefer study the Android Kernel
11:33 AM
ok thanks everybody
so, what's your kingdom and x, y in CoC @berserk?
lol working atm, will check later
that's such a lame excuse, I can't even think of a lamer one than that
well, i have to complete the app tasks till wednesday
you know what, its been only one week since this project started
@berserk thanks :D
11:36 AM
@deadlydragon00 inwardly
I completed previous week task at time, with many other apps to do ofcourse
<--- does not complete any resume :3
and in this week, the PM included the 70% of the application for the weekly task.
I was like.. WTF
its been a month since I started writing my first resume, until now Only my name is there
@FOX9000 criminal
11:37 AM
@DroidDev guilty
@deadlydragon00 xD wtf
@berserk so, no planning prior to development
dragon-san in troll mood.
@DroidDev umm.. yeah she included 90% of the app at first.
Then I reduced it to 75%.
@deadlydragon00 don't worry, you'll write a full one, 15 minutes before your first interview ;)
I also have to deliver one more app other than that.
Also , have to go bowling tonight at 9 :(
11:38 AM
@berserk why's that. Don't you have other guys in your team?
nah, one app one man
@berserk I don't like bowling.
@berserk so why so much of work on your side?
its fun, there are hot girls at alley :)
@DroidDev awsome :D
No associated word found for awsome.
11:39 AM
I saw once, very bolf.
@DroidDev coz I am senior most android dev.
I tried bowling, got bored
And muk too, but he handles a lot of mgmt.
@FOX9000 found
@DroidDev mussel
@FOX9000 sex
11:40 AM
@berserk coquette
@berserk why don't you handle management?
What? ._.
@DroidDev umm.. dunno really
I don't know what to do with my life anymore.
@berserk How many times do I need to tell you to do that?
I am not sure if I should code more, or go into mgmt.
I don't like mgmt ppl.
@berserk I am gonna fuckin' kill you dude. You are so dense at some times. Let me tell you once again, you have a great opportunity here. Go the fuck into management and make some more money for yourself. You are destroying an opportunity given to you on a silver platter.
11:44 AM
anybody from U.S. here?
@deadlydragon00 nope, though I am not sure about @FOX9000
@DroidDev OW
No associated word found for OW.
@FOX9000 etiquette
@berserk formality
11:45 AM
wow, I never thought I will spell it correct
@deadlydragon00 whenever you screw up the chain, please remember to correct it :)
@DroidDev I will get same money in mgmt.
See, I am not like an employee here.
@berserk I am not sure how to make you understand this. But, you know, after some years of programming, people do MBA and move into management. Go research. You can do it right now. Also, you can try that for once and then leave it if you don't like it.
11:47 AM
lol @dea you removed your hat and muffler, aren't you freezing? :o
but, I am suggesting you very strongly, you better know it right now, your career depends on it, you know
if everybody is MBA what will happen to the world?
@deadlydragon00 Less jobs for people with MBA and lesser pays ;)
brb someone is attacking my stronghold
@Dro I am not sure what to do in near future. I am confused atm.
11:54 AM
@berserk confused between what? Like usually people are confused what to do, this or that
@berserk dont wory, cuz i have no future :)
@berserk just FYI, when you have an experience of 3 years, most companies here won't only be looking for your programming skills. They'll also be asking for your team leading and teaching skills, because you'll have your juniors too.
so, start leading projects, start getting work done. Because getting work done is difficult, than doing it yourself
lol delete it :p
never read that last message
this much left?
12:00 PM
why you signed that?
:4321894 me too. Some problems at home won't let me. This sucks man!
yeah same here
but, you are stuck here for too much of time. This ain't right. You shouldn't have signed that man!
and never read that either :/
@berserk dont delete :(
so, you got'em?
12:06 PM
according to contract, after 2 years.
how many %?
in any case, you've got yourself a deal man! Nice to hear that
haha, then I ain't worried about you anymore. You may continue to live your life like this :P
@berserk dunno man. I've never done a company thing
@berserk depends on how much it is ;)
hmm.. :)
progress is going well, so... :)
that reminds me, I have to do something about my future as well
well, future is never secure
u can't tell what will happen next
well, guess I am mixing up stuff lol
that's just for saying. When you have about 10 millions in your bank account, I'd say, your future is way more secure than mine
12:15 PM
back... wow so many deletes...
lol if you have deleted this message after posting, i would have lol'd a lot xD
@berserk pls give a copy of this deleted message in PDF format
ok Im sad no live in twitch today T_T
even in youtube
12:23 PM
live what?
Live gameplay
for dota 2
never played dota
me too :'(
I wanna play it too..
its ok :)
12:33 PM
1:16 PM
dota?? Toda is "thank you" in Hebrew :D
@ShadowWizard thankyah
No associated word found for thankyah.
@berserk I discourage you to not to follow my steps
@deadly care to fix the chain? :)
teach me Sha
1:22 PM
1. Find the real last word, if it's too deep use `>>showlatest10` command, then search the chat room for the real last word and sort by "newest"
2. Reply to that last real word.
3. Profit.
@deadly ^
alive, utc, listcommands, help, cat, read, getcurrentusers, ping, flip, doubleflip, xkcdrandomnumber, xkcd, random, randomint, randomchoice, shuffle, detectlang, translate, translationchain, translationswitch, stop, disable, enable, ban, unban, delete, module, define, time, showtime, link, islink, removelink, addlinkexplanation, explainlink, removelinkexplanation, viewspells, showlatest10, latestword, lastword, setlatestword, rmword, reply, retry, continue, award, emptyqueue, removespell, gameban, gameunban
@deadlydragon00 Command not found. Did you mean: showlatest10?
1:26 PM
keep trying! :)
@deadlydragon00 Latest 10 words: formality, etiquette, coquette, sex, mussel, found, guilty, criminal, inwardly, thanks
@deadlydragon00 Latest 10 words: formality, etiquette, coquette, sex, mussel, found, guilty, criminal, inwardly, thanks
@FOX9000 party
1:30 PM
@deadlydragon00 abolition
@deadlydragon00 Latest 10 words: abolition, party, formality, etiquette, coquette, sex, mussel, found, guilty, criminal
fixed i guess :p
nice job!
arigato berserk and Shadow sensei
Well done @deadlydragon00 you are hereby granted the title Chain Fixer! :D
1:35 PM
woo :D
I need a hat for that
1:51 PM
I never get any title ;_;
Not even The Flipper :'(
oh and btw @berserk I am playing CoK(Clash of kings) not CoC(Clash of Clans, which you wrote earlier)
I am coming right now to kill you.
a..a...a..a.actually, Clash of Kings is better than Clash of Clans
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