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3:08 AM
@Moosebot f*cking no ._.
7 hours ago, by FOX 9000
@ShadowWizard moonlight
@FOX9000 twilight
@maveň dim
@FOX9000 bulb
@maveň plant
3:09 AM
@FOX9000 root
@maveň pruning
@FOX9000 Frank
@maveň rhine
@FOX9000 wtf
No associated word found for wtf.
3:10 AM
@FOX9000 bra :P
@maveň tight
lusty bot :3
plz don't spoil me :xD
@UnicornsAreVeryVeryYummy morningszz ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
@FOX9000 pant
@maveň pair
3:11 AM
@FOX9000 buttons
@maveň calico
@FOX9000 mew
@maveň sound
@FOX9000 voice
@maveň encrypt
@maveň tape
3:12 AM
@FOX9000 leak
@maveň pumping
@maveň tablet
@FOX9000 ill
@maveň springfield
@FOX9000 grassland
@maveň brown
3:13 AM
@FOX9000 tea
@maveň clipper
im having
@FOX9000 holder
@maveň runner
@FOX9000 huge
@maveň chunk
3:14 AM
@FOX9000 meat
@maveň sauce
@FOX9000 chilly
@maveň cold
@FOX9000 redbull :D
No associated word found for redbull.
3:15 AM
as expected
@FOX9000 now I am sure u haven't enjoyed your life
1 hour later…
4:39 AM
@HackerKarma yup even wizards need to sleep sometimes ;-)
@maveň wings
@ShadowWizard dragonfly
@berserk haha, same for me :D
With @Exp even more funny!
5:10 AM
Yes, I completely agree ... you need sleep. Now I have to sleep.... Catch u later....
5:46 AM
@maveň lol, if you say that you have enjoyed your life because you drink cans of redbull....I must say, I think otherwise....
@FOX9000 fly
@DroidDev flown
1 hour later…
6:58 AM
@DroidDev msg was for silly BOT not u sir ._.
@maveň ok, principle :P
7:12 AM
lol @dro ;)
throws a sun on @mav @sil and @Dro
@DroidDev what abt this
@sil ur looking silly in new look :P
@maveň btw which one new look ?
catch sun and throw on @sha back :D
mooning @Sil
7:26 AM
@maveň Can't tell. Reason for that is written in last lines.
@ShadowWizard isOnFire
@FOX9000 away
@DroidDev edging
@FOX9000 fun
@ShadowWizard tease
7:44 AM
@FOX9000 eve
@DroidDev ariel
kills @berserk
resurrects @berserk because he's still useful
8:00 AM
kills both @Shadow and @berserk
anyone here familiar with hardware / formatting windows?
raises hand, but not all the way up
wanna take a look at my issue? :X superuser.com/questions/945600/…
lol, -2.... isTakingALook
yeah not sure why the downvotes
I've spent about 10 hours yesterday trying to solve this error... tried all solutions I found on google so far
or maybe you even know another place where I could ask?
8:19 AM
Windows 8 suck
big time
@Pra ^^
I would just wait a bit to get Windows 10 which 99% won't make any trouble
well atm I can't even start my pc
I don't want to wait so long with 0 access to my pc
So put Windows 7
it's x10 times better than 8
hmpf I guess
I'll have to download it again.... I'm on limited monthly bandwidth
and I already used 30% of my monthly limit in 2 days trying to fix this
@PraxisAshelin no DVD from friends who already got it?
don't think so
8:21 AM
well, download less porn ;D
either way I'm also not going for a 2h drive to pick up that cd
@Moosebot I... don't give out privileges to bots, just in case something goes wrong with them. cc @Mooseman
@ProgramFOX Yes, I'm alive.
8:22 AM
good :)
lol, @Pra, I must tell you, that once a guy came to tavern and asked about fixing his network problem. We threw about 10^12 wikepedia links on him :P
that's fine
I can either tell them "I already tried all solutions listed here" or "thanks, will try this"
then just directly ask the question. Not many people there though....not sure if someone will know the answer
I'll try again later
still not sure why my question got downvoted tho
maybe because it's Windows 8.1?
@DroidDev i have firewall issues. :P
8:28 AM
@PraxisAshelin lol, dunno about SU, but I think your problem is not totally clear. Adding some screenshots might help...
@DroidDev I can add a picture taken by my phone xD
well I get a clear error message tho
@PraxisAshelin yeah, anything that helps. But, I am not sure that it will make your question a good one. Alternatively, you can try network chat on SU and ask them for help. They might also tell you what's wrong with your question and in process you might also get an answer
@SilentKiller lol, you can ask a question about hacking
@pra have you tried to install 8.1 with Disk ?
@SilentKiller no I don't have a disk, and no cd-writer either
@DroidDev ohk then tell me how to hack @ber's system and show that @mav had done that.. ;)
@PraxisAshelin no one have that in your circle ?
8:36 AM
Welcome back @Pro
Thanks! :D
Had a good time?
good! :D
@SilentKiller well I live an hour drive away from my friends and family.
8:37 AM
@PraxisAshelin maybe you didn't seem to try hard enough, dunno :/
@ShadowWizard should be a try-hard next time
@PraxisAshelin so...you live in jungle or something?
@DroidDev no x)
@PraxisAshelin any neighbours?
8:41 AM
NO ;)
even if I had a disk, the license is only good for 1 activation no?
@dro @pra is talking about license. :P
@PraxisAshelin how 'bout you find a crach online. I forgot the name of software, but it makes every windows genuine once you run it
@SilentKiller driving license?
@DroidDev its Windows Loader :P
@SilentKiller nope, something else
8:46 AM
am using this one and it always helpful.
I have never used one, but, I had one and gave it to many and it was always helpful too
that's good and you should share with others (me) :P
lol, as I wrote above, forgot the name(but it was something similar to Asphalt...(though asphalt is a game)) :P
@pra no negatives now.
@SilentKiller :D
9:20 AM
@ShadowWizard Well with @Exp, it is gross :S
@maveň baby @sil
@DroidDev But reanimated people don't die, so now @Sha is dead and I am alive! \o/
9:42 AM
@ber help me in Virtual jewellery AR. :P
@nic is not pingable anymore! :(
so the help is CV giving me too preview frames too fast want slow down.. ;)
You wanna slow down the camera?
phew I was un-noticed..
according to ma boss. :( "bahot imporved hai. bas ab ye fluctuate hota hai na usko slow kardo. thoda hi kaam bacha hai ho jaega. bahot a6a ho gyaa hai ab to.. :/"
9:45 AM
how to convince him it depends on FPS. :(
well, he is appreciating your work I guess...
hm.. well you must do something about fluctuation
but slowing it may not be the solution
Can you post some video so that I can see what is happening?
i can but
don;t want to record my self with jewelry :/
record your friends xD
yes best use of colleagues
I am g..g..getting p..p..pings from t..tavern..
S..sil, is it b..b..bart?
s..someone t..t..tell m..me
9:50 AM
@berserk No, it was Sil who pinged you :P
lol it was you..
almost died D:
@Pro @Pro you back @Pro @Pro
@ber @ber you front @ber @ber
@dro @dro you left side @dro @dro
9:51 AM
@SilentKiller WA means?
oh okay
whats app
no message
17 secs ago, by berserk
oh okay
27 secs ago, by berserk
17 secs ago, by berserk
oh okay
in Tavern on the Meta, 3 mins ago, by Bart
@SilentKiller I wonder why he is so scared of me
@ber @ber @ber check check check
9:58 AM
lol that video
@berserk not anymore, think he's finally over it :D
10:14 AM
@SilentKiller ??????
@SilentKiller LMFAO totally missed that one xDDDDDD
@SilentKiller ('._.)
@berserk @SilentKiller u own a baby ._.
10:20 AM
@mav you wokey ?
on the other, but same note, exactly how does one own a baby? :/
10:44 AM
@ProgramFOX Fair enough lol but don't we all know that @Moosebot is flawless? ;)
@Mooseman kill @ProgramFOX
@SilentKiller No bots on mobile
mean he is from mobile
@Mooseman doesAgree
11:32 AM
>>xkcd 1001
11:53 AM
hey @Sil, that changed id struck again
in Java and Android era on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Vandana Srivastava
bhai can you help?
lol :D
4 hours ago, by FOX 9000
@DroidDev ariel
@FOX9000 surf
@DroidDev roller
@FOX9000 coaster
11:56 AM
@DroidDev ride
@FOX9000 bike
@DroidDev cranked
@DroidDev cowgirl
@berserk love
@berserk sex
11:56 AM
@DroidDev relation
>>time 599
@DroidDev Waiting time set to 599 seconds.
@FOX9000 ship
599 seconds? Why?
@DroidDev boat
@ProgramFOX I thought @berserk was going to play....
>>time 0
12:02 PM
@DroidDev Waiting time set to 0 seconds.
@ProgramFOX goat
@DroidDev sacrificial
@FOX9000 ritual
@DroidDev buddhist
work ;_;
12:03 PM
@FOX9000 monk
@DroidDev scholastic
@berserk hey, any progress on ffmpeg?
Not yet.. need to deliver this project by today.
Gonna work on demo in the evening.
@berserk ok, I'll wait for your message on progress ;)
okay :)
12:26 PM
@SilentKiller I am and also know how to make others wokey :P
lol am not agree on the last one.
@SilentKiller agree or wagree? ;)
lol no no this one agree wonly. :D
wso wsup w?
wondering wif w@sha wis weating wyolo
12:32 PM
thank god its not wlmao
wonly "wo" starting words with "w" :D
@Sil 's logic xD
@SilentKiller I think it'll take me a while to process what you've written
12:34 PM
I love woranges \wo/
though not sure that even after that, I'll be able to make any sense out of it
i don't mind with that @dro :D
@berserk is speechless
raining here since morning
so, today we posting new sentences which totally don't relate with previous ones?
12:35 PM
@DroidDev *wones
12:53 PM
@berserk wnope, wcosts wtoo wmuch wso wonly wonce wa wweek wor wso
50 mins ago, by FOX 9000
@DroidDev scholastic
haha @sha was quick in figuring it out... slowpoke @Dro
@DroidDev OCD
No associated word found for OCD.
@berserk too easy! lOl
@Pra any luck yet?
1:09 PM
>>xkcd 979
@ShadowWizard with?
@PraxisAshelin your hardware problems
@DroidDev oh I'm at work right now. I will try out a few more things tonight
@PraxisAshelin all the best!
1:22 PM
I can totally related to that xkcd comic tho
@PraxisAshelin every single one of us can ;)
@DroidDev ok I'm glad I'm not the only one that's constantly running into these umpossible errors
@PraxisAshelin lol, sometimes, I search for something and google shows up with 4 results which are written in (maybe) chinese....that's the moment when I re-read my search terms and laugh back at myself and then my problem ;)
1:28 PM
@UnicornsAreVeryVeryYummy nothing, you say
@DroidDev damn you ruined the train..
@berserk nothing, you say
@DroidDev damn you were supposed to say Sup
@DroidDev same here
1:52 PM
hey @berserk when you feelin' alone
@Shadow ^
I already tried this stuff.. like hands free orgasm and ASMR.. what am I doing with my life xD
@Mooseman kill @berserk (for killing me)
@Moosebot kill @ExplosionsPlus
@Moosebot kill @UnicornsAreVeryVeryYummy
1:54 PM
@UnicornsAreVeryVeryYummy Bleach.. o(posted o to just make bot ignore this message.. @Sil may use wo instead)
@berserk ErRrRr Ok
hi @ShadowWizard @SilentKiller @UnicornsAreVeryVeryYummy @berserk @DroidDev @PraxisAshelin @ProgramFOX @FOX9000 @Mooseman @Moosebot
@PraxisAshelin hi
1:56 PM
@ExplosionsPlus already posted some messages so maybe little late for hi, but Hi
>>cat Hi {{ping {{getcurrentusers}}}}
@berserk Hi @Unicorns @Are @Very @Very @Yummy, @ExplosionsPlus, @berserk, @DroidDev, @Praxis @Ashelin, @FOX @9000, @Shadow @Wizard, @ProgramFOX
>>cat Meow {{ping {{getcurrentusers}}}}
1:58 PM
@ExplosionsPlus Meow @ExplosionsPlus, @berserk, @Unicorns @Are @Very @Very @Yummy, @FOX @9000, @Praxis @Ashelin, @DroidDev, @Shadow @Wizard, @ProgramFOX
1 hour ago, by Shadow Wizard
@DroidDev OCD
Don't ping much, otherwise bot ban.
>>cat {{ping ExplosionPlus}}
@UnicornsAreVeryVeryYummy @ExplosionPlus
1:58 PM
@ExplosionsPlus I'll rekt u
@PraxisAshelin Want more emoji?
@PraxisAshelin *I'll wreck you
RED ALERT! @Sha @Sha den is out of control.. people are fighting @Sha @Sha
@berserk :p
@Mooseman kill @Moosebot
@Moosebot kill @Mooseman
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